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Package template for Revolution D100 1.0.0

About This File

This template allows anyone to create his or her own package for Revolution D100. A package is a series of rules configurations which adapt the core rules of Revolution D100 to the game you wish to run by removing unsuitable options and making generic skills, traits and powers more suited to the genre or setting.

You can use the package template either as a checklist of things to do before starting a game in your own setting, or as a guideline to creating your own game world. Revolution D100 is OGL, so if you have created a package you can either share it freely as open game content, or even sell it as a commercial product. We encourage you to do the former, but the latter is indeed possible, with ot without the involvement of Alephtar Games.

A good setting relies more on a fascinating description of the fictional or historical world it is about than on the rules, but sometimes having the rules interspersed with the narrative can be confusing. If your setting is already well described in a novel, a comic book, a movie, a TV show or a series of historical essays - in other words, if you are already envisioning the world you wish to roleplay in - then a package that tailors the game rules to your imagination is all you need to start playing. And this does not prevent the author from adding more narrative at a later time and growing the package into a full fledged game supplement.

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