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Traveller to BRP conversion 1.0.0

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Stefan Matthias Aust's excellent conversion of Traveller to BRP.

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Just d/l'd this and took a look. I'm a long time Traveller and BRP/RQ/CoC fan, so I really couldn't help myself.

First impressions:

1. The work is clearly an older document. It's based off of older game references and standards.

2. It's very short, a grand total of 9 pages.

3. There are several aspects to Traveller that the author doesn't address [Social Status, racial details for aliens, etc.]

4. Careers /Prior Experience

5. Age. One of the hallmarks of the Traveller game is that the characters are fully grown adults. Magical teenagers never save the universe in Traveller.


This is a useful starting point to converting Call of Cthulhu into Traveller. The list of skills is handy. But it is based on older editions of CoC and Traveller both. But make no mistake, this is only a starting point. A referee using this still has a lot of work ahead of him. This isn't to say that I don't like the document. I think a lot of groundwork was laid in converting two very different systems. But it's best to look at this with reasonable expectations. You'll not be able to jump in and play immediately with this, but you'll be a lot farther down the road with it than starting from scratch.

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I heartily recommend Clarence Redd's excellent "M-Space" for consideration as a D100-based Traveller-like rpg.  It is an update of his BRP-based "Space" (if I recall that title correctly), but now based on The Design Mechanism's "Mythras Imperative" subset of their "Mythras" rules (with which it is also compatible).  His web site also hosts a short document about easily converting Traveller adventures to "M-Space".   One does not need to buy either "Mythras Imperative" or "Mythras" for the game..

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IIRC, Mythra Imperative is available free for download at DriveThru.

It's one of the reasons why I'll likely base a home campaign on it. Free rules are free rules after all.


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