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  1. You might also consider Zweihander Grim & Perilous. It is a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition retro-clone. PDFs at DTRPG and physical books (possibly the best produced books on the market) available at major book outlets. I would not call it "rules-lite", however. So, maybe not...
  2. Assuming you are referring to rsanford's "The Second Way Draft", they are for Magic World, a sort of compilation of rules written over the decades for Chaosium's Elric/Stormbringer rpg versions. "Relevance" is in the eye of the beholder.
  3. Congratulations on the license acquisition! No wonder I was unable to guess during your hint dripping. I've never heard of this property. /chuckle/ Good fortune to you and may this be the gateway to success that you hope for it to be!
  4. Don't avoid Dresden based upon one person's opinion. The novels are excellently written and tell rousingly good tales. Any story can sound unappealing if presented in a sufficiently simplistic manner. Star Trek is just a series of idealistic sci fi stories. See?
  5. I was thinking Lost in Space, but that is more than 40 years old. Then, Atomic Robo, but that is not old enough. The "hints" are too obscure for me. Just tell us and stop with the annoying games.
  6. Chaosium does charge shipping. Go to their website for more information.
  7. We also live in a time wherein we are far more jaded with respect to "horror" than were folks in Lovecraft's time.
  8. Realistic? It would depend upon the person experiencing the encounter, but, in general, I think the CoC sanity is not terribly realistic. It is, however, a part of the fun. So, it being a bit over the top serves the game experience. I see the Weird Story sort of sanity to be part of the experience that the stories seek to deliver to the reader. Porn is not terribly realistic, but it tends to be done the way it is done because of what "consumers" are perceived to want as an experience. I like how Traveller 5 handles Sanity. Players don't know their characters' sanity rating until the first time that it is threatened. At that point, dice are rolled to determine the rating and the first test is performed. (Sanity in Traveller? It is most commonly used to show the effect of long trips in confined spaces, but can also be affected by "non-ordinary" encounters and the effects of chemical agents (ingested, breathed, etc.) or other causes that arise in play or in the GM's twisted imagination.)
  9. I see Occultism as sort of a mitigating discipline against the effects of encounters with the Mythos. It establishes a framework of ritual knowledge and understanding as well as preparing the character through interactions with non-Mythos non-human entities. I could even see a grounding in Occultism as enabling one to have one's SAN not be as vulnerable to Mythos encounters due to an existing body of experience with similarly non-ordinary entities. My perhaps erroneous understanding concerning the sanity-damaging affect of encounters with Mythos elements assumes the person is suffering SAN loss due to how completely divorced from their ordinary understanding of "reality" the Mythos element tends to be. Someone well grounded in Occult practices already knows there's shit "out there" that can/will mess one up, that defies "common sense". Therefore, the effect of an encounter with Mythos is somewhat mitigated.
  10. Actually, I was breezing through the forum and misread the statement that prompted my post. Coming back I see how I misread it. I do still think there is much more to occult studies that is reflected in CoC, but that is not a significant issue.
  11. The writer of that original skill description is/was clearly ignorant of actual occult studies.
  12. How does one now obtain OpenQuest 2 Deluxe? It appears to have been removed from DTRPG.
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