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    Played DnD in late 70s, then Traveller, Universe. Life took away from gaming for a few decades. Returned to RQ6 and a voracious exploration of what's happened since 80s.
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  1. I dropped my ballot off a few weeks ago. Now, more than ever, every American must vote.
  2. Thank you for the clarification! May you have much time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  3. "MoO"? Congratulations for making the needed changes and finding your way out of the bad times!
  4. Indeed. How important is the decision? Like combat, do you just blow the mooks off or build drama and tension through an extended combat. Is this the group deciding to stop to rest for a few moments or a point in the evolving story where the decision has a major effect on What Happens Next and calls for High Drama.
  5. I started to knee-jerk apologize for misreading/misunderstanding. Changed my mind. Does the week link drag down or does the strongest lift up? It is probably contextual, sometimes one, sometimes the other. Perhaps that is a contest in and of itself. Weakest vs Strongest to see which has the greatest influence in the moment.
  6. The lowest POW+INT would probably be better. Weakest link and all.
  7. Print on Demand via Drive Through RPG (dtrpg).
  8. Or as they look in Kult: Divnity Lost.
  9. Indeed. Cthulhu has been done to death. Leave it out of Aquelarre. One should be able to do much with the Christian mythology, especially as it saturated the minds and lives of those who existed in the covered era.
  10. Looks like I will live without them.
  11. I got my pdf for this and other Chaosium books via Bits & Mortar. Will this update be pushed to that venue, too?
  12. I hope those books make it into English some day. I know about Google Translate. I just want to read them in my native language without the "on the fly" translation that will then require editing and translating into actual English. Oh! What might have been had not one particular man passed away.
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