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  1. I just purchased a copy of the slipcase set from my local store. It is a gorgeous set. The books look great and are of high physical quality. Each page is a delight to peruse. However, my initial experience of the text leaves me disappointed. While skimming the book for the first time, I flipped pages, enjoying the layout and pictures and the presentations of the creatures and deities. Unfortunately, EACH of the few times I stopped at random places to read the text, I encountered textual errors. Some of those I saw at random are such that I was reminded of using a spell checker
  2. Thank you for doing this. That price should help. I already own a copy of MW's pdf. I suspect lowering it to $9 or $10 could also have worked. Some companies are tending to ask far too high a price for pdfs these days (I'm looking at you, Modiphius!). I just bought a copy of the AS pdf. I hope the lower price does garner more sales.
  3. It will exist if you create it. What do you expect to gain by reducing the number of rolls? What do you expect to lose? I don't perceive the need, but I'm not you.
  4. Moorcock wrote/read some text bits on the Hawkwind album "Warrior on the Edge of Time". He was definitely involved with the band.
  5. I, too, bought the black box in the late 70s. I enjoyed creating sub-sectors and characters. I understood that world/sector generation was the way to create the sandbox for actual play. I recall the heady way in which the slow unfolding of worlds and societies created that sandbox and I looked forward to seeing the adventures unfold as player's directed their characters through that world. Alas! LIFE happened (in a somewhat cruel and uncompromising manner) and I was swept away before I was able to get very far. I recently found evidence, in my boxes of old notebooks) that some adventu
  6. Yes, please. My copy is the GenCon preview from many years ago.
  7. "Turning" should still be considered, even if only as a vector change. Accelleration/decelleration would come into play as a means for changing vector. So, the mass of the vessel would factor into how quickly they can change orientation prior to changing vector. E.g., the Millennium Falcon can change vector much more quickly than an Imperial Cruiser, perhaps allowing it to escape the chase by "out turning" its adversary. So, I guess your "handling" stat covers that. So, never mind. Don't read this post.
  8. Another update: The new Chronicles of Future Earth will not be based upon any flavor or evolution of BRP. It will be Fate-based.
  9. I dropped my ballot off a few weeks ago. Now, more than ever, every American must vote.
  10. Thank you for the clarification! May you have much time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  11. "MoO"? Congratulations for making the needed changes and finding your way out of the bad times!
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