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  1. John M. Greer is one of the authors! Yes, please!
  2. I fell in love with the AS&SH setting when I first saw it and backed its second edition Kickstarter project (mainly to get the new map). I made an aborted attempt to run Monster Island two or three years ago. For it, I placed the island in AS&SH's world, using a large island (Thorgunna's Island) on the map that is towards the edge of the disc. The characters were a circus troupe that ran afoul of the Khromarium authorities and booked passage on the first available ship...which just happened to be going to the island on a supply run. Alas, I was too stressed out from work and the campaign soon fell apart. I will get back to it one of these days. It whispers to me in my dreams. Now that I'm retired, I may even finally do something towards that conversion. I'm not making promises, but I also can't shake the desire to do so.
  3. I hope they keep some pre-7th Ed. edition available. I know there is dissatisfaction among some regarding changes made for 7th Ed. We'll see.
  4. It makes no business sense, to me, to continue to sell an older edition when the focus is on the newer edition. 7th ed. is the current version and the edition for which content is being written and updated. I think 6th ed fans have been lucky to have been able to access digital content for so long after the physical content went out of print and was replaced. I am surprised the older content has been available for so long after 7th Ed. was released. I suspect that this may just be a case of dealing with things in an order of priority wherein killing 6th Ed. content has just not been as important as publishing new content. They just finally reached a point where someone could devote the time and energy needed to take care of these loose threads.
  5. There was a big Internet outage sometime in the last few days. That site may have been affected.
  6. /laugh/ I initially read that title as suggestng that you are going to use OpenQuest in your Gor setting. I agree with you about the effort put into it and also offer "kudos" to Newt and his co-conspirators.
  7. Agreed. They have funky shading that makes some of the text more difficult to read than is necessary.
  8. I am highly impressed by the amount of information in this book and the rich vibrant setting that it describes. I've read a lot of game system supplements for a variety of rules systems. This one stands out for its content and the degree to which it draws this reader into the world that is being presented. The authors of Mythic Babylon and The Design Mechanism should be justifiably proud of what they have created and presented to the gaming community. The Design Mechanism has a reputation for excellent, detailed and imagination-stimulating settings for Mythras. Mythic Babylon strikes this reader as quite possibly the best, so far, in that illustrious catalog.
  9. I just purchased a copy of the slipcase set from my local store. It is a gorgeous set. The books look great and are of high physical quality. Each page is a delight to peruse. However, my initial experience of the text leaves me disappointed. While skimming the book for the first time, I flipped pages, enjoying the layout and pictures and the presentations of the creatures and deities. Unfortunately, EACH of the few times I stopped at random places to read the text, I encountered textual errors. Some of those I saw at random are such that I was reminded of using a spell checker w/o actually reading the text in a critical manner. For example, A Leviathan has a Combat action called "Thrash (mnvr). The description says, "...trashes the victim...". Is "Yolanda" really pronounced "Yo-land-RAH"? (Volume 2, p. 253) I also found a glaring error in the description of the Courtiers of King in Yellow, pallid dancers. They are described as having robes that develop razor edges when they initiate their "dance of death". Yet, in the stat block description if their characteristics, under the Combat section, we are told that the robes only turn into razors when they courtier is NOT engaged in the dance of death. [See attached example images.] I am glad to have the books. They contain lots of great information. I look forward to digesting them and using what I find in them. I am disappointed, however, at buying yet more expensive RPG books that appear to me to have not been given the eye for textual detail that they deserve.
  10. Thank you for doing this. That price should help. I already own a copy of MW's pdf. I suspect lowering it to $9 or $10 could also have worked. Some companies are tending to ask far too high a price for pdfs these days (I'm looking at you, Modiphius!). I just bought a copy of the AS pdf. I hope the lower price does garner more sales.
  11. It will exist if you create it. What do you expect to gain by reducing the number of rolls? What do you expect to lose? I don't perceive the need, but I'm not you.
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