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  1. It is a very nice review, too. Thanks for sharing it! The one for Odd Soot is also very nicely done (and very flattering).
  2. Ubiquity dice can be substituted for coins, too. They are geared for binary odd/even rolls. Odd = failure. Even = success. The official Ubiquity dice are further designed to statistically represent the rolls of many dice with few actual dice.
  3. All of which usages have made me twitch. /laugh/ My favorite feline species is that of the Chanur series. I think the author did an excellent job of translating cat behavior into a sentient high-technology species.
  4. I find it amusing that your group took the meaning of the word "race" in the Traveller rules to be the corrupted meaning used in D&D (i.e., to mean "species"). This comment is not meant as a criticism. It is just a plain statement of amusement from one who has always been a bit pedantic about word meanings.
  5. I heartily recommend Clarence Redd's excellent "M-Space" for consideration as a D100-based Traveller-like rpg. It is an update of his BRP-based "Space" (if I recall that title correctly), but now based on The Design Mechanism's "Mythras Imperative" subset of their "Mythras" rules (with which it is also compatible). His web site also hosts a short document about easily converting Traveller adventures to "M-Space". One does not need to buy either "Mythras Imperative" or "Mythras" for the game..
  6. Sweet! It looks clearly stated to me.
  7. Then add an appendix with all of the skills and traits listed together so that one can more easily and efficiently reference them.
  8. Mythras is essentially a rebranded RQ6 with some errata applied. They can be considered the same thing for all practical extents and purposes.
  9. It is a beautiful thing and well worth the wait.
  10. I apologize for my offending post. I've not changed my mind, but I understand why folks have taken offense.
  11. No bug up my ass, except for a growing hyper-sensitivity to the inherent dishonesty of modern marketing. My posts (I am the same person, different handles due to G+ rules about pseudonyms when i registered there) were an attempt to urge the Chaosium marketing away from what I perceive to be untrue statements about their product. Mr. O'Brien's statement about distinct features may have been true in 1981, but now there are many games that hold the qualities that he claimed to be distinct to Runequest Glorantha. I'll not belabor my point. It is clearly not shared by many others. I hope R:G sells well and that many folks enjoy it and Glorantha. I expect to own a copy if it, too.
  12. Unfortunately, those points do NOT make RQG distinct among other RPGs. They did when Runequest first came out, but not now. Folks can play in Glorantha using Hero Quest. The other three are also properties of Mythras, Open Quest, Legend, Revolution D100, etc. I understand that you are promoting your wares. RQG is worth promoting. The features that you mention are worth having attention called to them. Please be a more honest in your marketing. Please don't make claims that are not true.
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