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    Played DnD in late 70s, then Traveller, Universe. Life took away from gaming for a few decades. Returned to RQ6 and a voracious exploration of what's happened since 80s.
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  1. It looks to me like they should find a different word than "fanaticism" since the meaning has shifted over time and usage. Or, provide a definition of the word with the spell to remove confusion. In other words, tell the reader EXACTLY what the rule designer means when s/he uses the word "fanaticism". [Ah, I was on page 1 of the thread when I posted, didn't see there is a page 2.]
  2. Nephilim retrospective

    I'd back an English translation project for the latest edition of the game. You betcha!
  3. Hardcover crowdfunding

  4. Hardcover crowdfunding

    When will the crowdfunding project begin? How shall one participate?
  5. Cthulhu by Gaslight?

    A while back I found a book listed for over a thousand dollars from an Amazon Marketplace Seller. I messaged the seller asking, "Over a thousand dollars? Really? Do you honestly expect to sell it for that?". The listing soon disappeared from Amazon.
  6. The Company in print from DTRPG?

    Thank you for keeping it available, Newt! I got the pdf in a Bundle of Holding offering awhile back, if I recall correctly, but could not find the print version until recently. I find Lulu to be a very difficult site on which to find things for which one does not already have a URL. I just bought a physical book. Though, I didn't notice the hard cover option until after I had placed the softcover order. It would be nice of Lulu displayed all formats for the one book on the same screen. I may buy another hardcover copy in the future. Again, thank you for maintaining its availability and I understand why it may languish for some time longer before it receives the updates and tweeks that it deserves.

    Bloody Dagda teenagers and their science experiments. /sigh/

    ETA for the physical book?
  9. Hacking In Magic Systems

    BRP *is* D100. -Edit- OK. Knee-jerk post on my part. I guess by 'D100' Archivist meant Revolution D100.
  10. Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

    Modiphious has its own house system, now: 2D20. I would not be surprised to see Chronicles published using it.
  11. Missing Professional Skills

    Confidence men/women.
  12. M-SPACE Starship Design

    "...dropping a decently sized city into a star system every four years..." Calls James Blish's "Cities in Flight" series to mind. Old Earth cities (e.g., Scranton, PA, New York, NY, etc.) leave Earth and travel between the stars at sublight speeds via Spindizzy propulsion, anagathic drugs extending the lives of the citizens of the cities. They visit star systems and perform contract labor for which the cities are specialized (e.g., mining, smelting, manufacturing, etc.).
  13. It is a shame that this game seems to have disappeared into the aether.
  14. AEON:mageworld™

    I am looking forward to seeing what you will have wrought.
  15. Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?