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  1. As far as I know, the answer is no. Corruption kind of exist in COC, though not under that name. Now I see why it's a COC hack.
  2. I wonder which COC7 rules you‘re going to use in your game, cause in my opinion these rules are highly customed to low fantasy settings. Seriously curious!
  3. P246 - left sidebar crush should deal 5d6 damage, and grab should deal 1D6 damage + 10 con
  4. Browsing recently on the new BRP website and saw the Italian version of BRP SRD available for download. https://brp.chaosium.com/brp-downloads/ Is it a official translation by Chaosium or a fan-translated version? Just trying to make clear if a Chinese Srd is possible just like the Italian one. BTW, if i want to publish a rpg written in Chinese based on the BRP OGL, do i have to translate all my content into English for possible review by Chaosium?
  5. volume 2 - page 196 - left sidebar wrong half and one-fifth value volume 2 - page 249 - right sidebar the highlighted part should be deleted volume 2 - page 250 - column 1 missing right parenthesis
  6. Volume II Page 240 - Column 2 spells missing Page 241 - left sidebar since regular sanity loss is 2D4/2D10, it should be 4D4/4D10 when doubled. P244 - left sidebar should be Zathog instead Page 241 - column 2 Zathog here is both mindless and intelligent.
  7. Recently I went back to read occupation section from the 1920s Investigator's Companion. It's fun and provides much differentiation in character building stage, which is highly similar to the Experience Package in 7e investigator's book. I kind of think that expericnce packages actually derived from that. Is there any chance that the 1920s Occupation would get a official upgrade, maybe fully converted into experience packages for 7e players? Also my friend shared with me the Supplement book Cthulhu 2020 published by KADOKAWA, Japan. The book is a mess overall, but it provides
  8. Volume II - Page 179 - sidebar missing page number & right parenthesis without peer Volume II - Page 183 - sidebar missing attack number (might it intended although)
  9. Volume II - Page 119 - col 2 east should be eat
  10. And about pronunciation, Just can't figure out how the name pronounces like this. Is it a mistake or it really makes that sound?
  11. Volume II Page 154: PROFILE: AHTU: f should be if Page 156: PROFILE: THE BLACK WIND: Should be "would prevent death and halve the daily CON loss." Page 160: PROFILE: KRUSCHTYA EQUATION: should add a right parenthesis
  12. Don't know if it's meant like that, but Pharol is the only Lessor Old One without "If reduced to zero hit point…" in Armor section.
  13. The new edition no longer has conceal as a skill, so should it be stealth or sleight of hand?
  14. Volume II: Page 54, Sidebar Scoop (mnvr): each round 1D4 investigators or other humans are scooped up by Cthulhu's flabby claws or face tentacles to die hideously. Scoop (mnvr) 100% (50/20), damage 1D3 people killed So 1D4 or 1D3? (btw its 1d3 as per core rules) Page 57, sidebar "Attacks per round" Should add a "N/A" after that. Page 20 & 174 Pharol is a GOO in the catagory list, but LOO & UE in his own entry.
  15. Volume I: Page 131 Main entry of Star Vampire "If the correcting binding is known, they may be controlled to serve;" "Correcting" should be correct or corresponding Volume II: Page 116 Main entry of IOD "The deity is mentioned Prinn's De Vermiis Mysteriis as a dangerous entity with insatiable hunger," should insert an "in" after mentioned. Page 117, In the right sidebar Paralysis (magical wards or forms or protection may reduce the difficulty of this roll) might should be "magical wards or other forms of protectio
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