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  1. Recently I went back to read occupation section from the 1920s Investigator's Companion. It's fun and provides much differentiation in character building stage, which is highly similar to the Experience Package in 7e investigator's book. I kind of think that expericnce packages actually derived from that. Is there any chance that the 1920s Occupation would get a official upgrade, maybe fully converted into experience packages for 7e players? Also my friend shared with me the Supplement book Cthulhu 2020 published by KADOKAWA, Japan. The book is a mess overall, but it provides in the occupation section some real up-to-date options, such as Youtuber or Idol. These settings might seem a little strange, but do call the ancient horrors up from their cold dead graves to year 2020. Will there be a official supplement set in 2020 lovecraftian country, or at least America?
  2. Volume II - Page 179 - sidebar missing page number & right parenthesis without peer Volume II - Page 183 - sidebar missing attack number (might it intended although)
  3. Volume II - Page 119 - col 2 east should be eat
  4. And about pronunciation, Just can't figure out how the name pronounces like this. Is it a mistake or it really makes that sound?
  5. Volume II Page 154: PROFILE: AHTU: f should be if Page 156: PROFILE: THE BLACK WIND: Should be "would prevent death and halve the daily CON loss." Page 160: PROFILE: KRUSCHTYA EQUATION: should add a right parenthesis
  6. Don't know if it's meant like that, but Pharol is the only Lessor Old One without "If reduced to zero hit point…" in Armor section.
  7. The new edition no longer has conceal as a skill, so should it be stealth or sleight of hand?
  8. Volume II: Page 54, Sidebar Scoop (mnvr): each round 1D4 investigators or other humans are scooped up by Cthulhu's flabby claws or face tentacles to die hideously. Scoop (mnvr) 100% (50/20), damage 1D3 people killed So 1D4 or 1D3? (btw its 1d3 as per core rules) Page 57, sidebar "Attacks per round" Should add a "N/A" after that. Page 20 & 174 Pharol is a GOO in the catagory list, but LOO & UE in his own entry.
  9. Volume I: Page 131 Main entry of Star Vampire "If the correcting binding is known, they may be controlled to serve;" "Correcting" should be correct or corresponding Volume II: Page 116 Main entry of IOD "The deity is mentioned Prinn's De Vermiis Mysteriis as a dangerous entity with insatiable hunger," should insert an "in" after mentioned. Page 117, In the right sidebar Paralysis (magical wards or forms or protection may reduce the difficulty of this roll) might should be "magical wards or other forms of protection" Lifeforce Drain "once paralyzed, a victim mat be drained" mat should be may or might, "Alien technology or magic may allow the brain to be removed and placed in another host body, although this is not with its own risks." Should be not without instead of not with. Page 124 Main Entry of Lilith "Certainly, such human contact has worked to effectively mask Lilith's true from and identify from human perception." "true from" => "true form" Page 148 "The Horned One may appear without horns (and may be addressed as the Dark One), and appear more akin to the Black Pharaoh, but dressed as a 17th-century highway or traveling man or woman, or dressed in a modern suit)." Should have one more or one less parenthesis. Page 150 Combat statistics of The Horned One It says that the avatar can use a "death touch" attack Attacks per round:1 (unarmed, weapon, horn gore, death touch) but the death touch is never mentioned elsewhere in the book.
  10. Maybe it should count like this: four claw attacks, one body bash, adding up to five attacks per round. The problem is that, almost all monsters are able to perform body bash, thus all monsters should have one more move (bash) per round, which obviously is not what the rule wants.
  11. Thanks Mike for such nice explanation of rules! But it's Yaoguai instead of yaoguia. Book I, Page 38 Main entry of Chakota "The CON and POW equal its STR, while DEX is always 1, and its Move is always 4." the number should be 15 as per the statistics listed below, not 1
  12. Book I, Page 16 "Some monsters may, like Mythos deities teach or otherwise impart the knowledge of a spell to a human" Should add a comma after "deities" Book I, Page 106 APP of Spawn of Nyogtha's human form is (2D6+9)*5, which will possibly exceed the human limit of 99 (with a maximum of 105) Is it meant that monsters with human form don't have to comply with human limits? Book II, Page 20 & Page 45 On Page 20, Byatis is listed as a "Great Old One", but in its own entry it is marked as an "Old One". Book II, Page 20 & 23 Abhoth used to be an "Outer God". I looked back into 6th and 7th edition of rulebook and they both said that Abhoth is Outer God, along with Daoloth and other entities. Is this an intended change or a mistake? Book II, Page 200 "Smash 80% (40/16), damage 12D6 (see above)" should add "(muvr)" after Smash On Page 10-11 of Book I, smell is emphsized as an important element for building up horrific and scaring atomsphere. My problem is that, do investigators have to pass any skill roll to detect the smell of monsters (or maybe to tell it apart from scents from daily life)? If yes, what skill is the most appropriate? (Spot hidden?) And on Page 12. "In Ireland, a ghoul might be considered a banshee, a grogoch, or a pooka, while in China it might be thought of as a mogwai." In China we use the word "Yaoguai"(妖怪, yokai) more often than "moguai"(魔怪). People would scream "妖怪啊!" and flee in panic if they see something alien and otherworldly, such as a ghuol or a deep one. We also use "Yaojing"(妖精, usually meaning Evil Spirit"). Yaoguai is often strange and alien, but Yaojing is usually more intelligent and human-like, both in mind and appearance. 狐狸精 (fox spirit), for example, can use magic tricks to shapeshift into, and even have babies with human. As a conclusion, "yaoguai" is better than "moguai" as in this case.
  13. I noticed that some of the Blessings have negative effects. Are they meant to be bestowed along with other beneficial blessings? Also it seems strange that Nyarlathotep does not have any possible blessings.
  14. Book II, Page 26 Under " TYPICAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: APHOOM ZHAH", it says that Aphoom Zhah uses a "Ice Touch" as special ability, but then a "Flame Touch" when it comes to combat status. Maybe these two should align with each other? Also these two sub-entries have different con damage, the Ice touch deals 1D10 damage and 3D10 temporary con loss and the Flame touch, 1D10 + 1D6 CON (might be due to the version update) Book II, Page 66 Light Aversion: cannot stand to be in brigth light as it causes 1D4 damage per round. "brigth" should be "bright" Book II Page 219, 242 both pages have "retch" mispelled as "wretch" Book II Page 220 Aura Generally, most will feel a deep loathing or revulsion, and some may wither or feint while others cannot look away, eyes fixed upon the horror before them. "feint" should be "faint", and "wither" doesn't seem to fit into this place either.
  15. Book I, P13 last paragraph of 'SANITY AND THE SENSES' "adrenalin" should be "adrenaline" Book II, P85 Aura "Any truth about Ghatanothoa lies within secrets, within secrets, obscured and hidden." The second "within secrets" seems redundant.
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