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  1. Sadly this item is a no-find it appears. Not for sale anywhere. Does anyone know the author and maybe he would be willing to do a direct purchase? Everything I read about it says this is amazing stuff 😞 Thanks in advance for any and all help on this one.
  2. So I have a question for you all, and your opinions are welcome. Some of my player's are balking at a human's only setting. They aren't looking for dragoborn, but they want dwarves, and orcs, and elves, and hobbits etc... I am not sure I really want to add these peoples to the world, and if I was going to I would want to expand that out to include other "non-human" races from beyond northern Europe, if that makes sense. You know instead of having elves all over the place, they would be isolated to the nordic realms, hobbits to the island of Albana (England stand-in), etc... So I ask you, if you were creating this world, what would you do? Cheers!
  3. Interesting item. Apparently nigh impossible to find 😞 I'll keep looking 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂
  4. Long time no see. So this campaign is picking up finally, with players in the pre-production phase. I had this climatology map document commissioned (it's a Google slide-show) and it does a wonderful job of breaking down the weather and biomes of the Known World map. More to come!
  5. Outstanding mate! I have BGB and Magic World, so I'll take a look. 🙂 Your DIY template is awesome, but I'll probably take a look at Mythic Britain as that skews towards the kind of campaign I am running! Again thanks 🙂
  6. Hey there, So I am using CoC Dark Ages for a fantasy campaign I am running, set in my own world. I wanted to make cultural templates for the characters, along the lines of; people from this realm tend to have these skills, etc... Has this been done already that I can adapt? Any and all links/info would be super appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Beaming into the thread... So I might be doing a FASA Trek setting campaign, but using BRP (maybe CoC7e) and I was wondering, how to adapt the skill list from FASA to BRP... Here is the FASA list; Note that skills with a * require a specialty/sub-skill selection. Any thoughts?
  8. You know I only ever played V&V from FGU and read Psiworld. I'll have to take a look at this! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  9. I am the odd man out I am sure, but I vastly prefer MW and CoC 7e to Mythras. Setting aside my old man eyes hate the font they used, I just find it has too many fiddly bits. I prefer a more steam-lined experience 🙂 That said, all power to those who love it, which I know are many 🙂
  10. Just to point out, as I've seen it come up a couple of times, I wasn't proposing D&D Classes and Levels, I was merely looking for experience and input on using a single 20 sided die vs. a percentile die in the game. 🙂 Great discussion thus far, I am seeing the passion and the interest.
  11. While I am sure there will be potential for a country-by-country break down of BRP in the history of Europe, I will concede the point that perhaps it was over represented by fans in the 80's and 90's as to it's popularity there. Something that has always been a way to claim "elitism" or "cachet" in North America from my youth was for folks to claim the much-more sophisticated and thereby intelligent Europeans embraced the item over us ignorant and commercialized North Americans. So moving forward, I stand corrected, and ultimately don't care what the numbers for Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and remaining parts of the EU are. 😉 Back to the topic at hand my Europeers? 😄
  12. Sorry for the late replies, got distracted by work and by my HEROIC RPG project. Yes I am aware that Sweden is not Europe lol But up until 5e, BRP was more popular in most European nations than D&D, at least anecdotally. ;) The quote about Cthulhu also explains the preponderance of dark fantasy rpgs that come out of Europe as well methinks ;) You know I had all but given up on this and then your post got me excited. I believe I will give this a try in my next campaign. :) Cheers!
  13. Is this a legit print copy or did I get scammed with some sort of POD thing?
  14. Thanks, I'll look into those for sure. I just ordered a hard copy of Advanced Sorcery, so going to look into that as well 🙂 BE HEROIC!
  15. Hey, So I think I posted or asked this before but I cannot find that thread so I am considering the other one dead and starting this one. As some of you know I am working on a setting (Codex Albana) that I will publish in the end, in its own time, no rush. While I am working on the stuff I need to get in order for all this and start playing, I am at the point of deciding how magic works in my world. As such I am looking for recommendations for how to do the various magic systems as laid out below. Please feel free to suggest every and any BRP compatible magic system you think would match something outlined below. For the record I currently own the Big Gold Book and Magic World (Advanced Sorcery is on the way), but I will purchase any PDFs/books that I think would be good to have, based on your suggestions here. Let's begin. Black Magic: When we think of the "evil" witch, this is the kind of magic we are talking about. Rituals, voodo, Satanic stuff. Evil magic that corrupts, requires a benefactor (the devil, the queen of the morning sun, etc...) and is very very not polite. Certainly could be pact magic, mixed with potions, charms, hexes, curses, etc... Divine Magic: Essentially miracles, blessings, etc... the real holy roller stuff. Magic from "God" as it were. Only the favoured can cast it, and perhaps there is a tremendous amount of ritual involved. Could be seen as a form of pact magic. Hedge Magic: Let's call this white magic, or the like. Beneficial witchcraft. Nothing devastating, just the kind of peasant magic that the "wise woman" or what have you would use to benefit a community she/he/they are part of. Low magic to be sure, and probably very subtle. Sorcery: This is the most powerful of magics. This is where we get the true abominations of life. Think when Melisandre sends the blood homunculus to kill Renly. Essentially powerful, deadly, and corrupting. This is where the corruption mechanic will be on display. It would almost be considered the opposite of Divine Magic. Dusty old tomes (and tombs lol), rituals, sacrifices (hey those MP gotta come form somewhere after all), summoning physical horrors, etc... This is the magic of Conan's Hyborean World! Summoning/Binding Magic: I think this one is pretty straight forward and would be best represented by the system presented in Magic World/Stormbringer, but I want it to also be able to bind more than just demons and elementals, but also angelic or celestial beings. Think this scene in Artesia (image below) where she is looking at the room with all the bound magics everyone is wearing, and that's what I am looking to emulate. Willpower Magic: The rarest form of magic in the world as it literally involves the user forcing reality to do their bidding. No spells, not rituals, just pure, raw willpower. I like this idea laid out in this post a lot for it, but is there a better option? Wizardry: The other super rare for of magic. It is what we think of when we think wizard. Spellbooks, studying, remembering, casting, etc... That's all I have for now, but certainly would be open to other magics as well as the world expands and different people have different techniques (Rune magic, Blood magic, Shamanism, etc...) So please, share with me what you think would work for the above styles of magic and I will happily dive into it all. BE HEROIC!
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