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  1. This is an adjacent to this topic as it connects, at least in my mind. With the UGE out, I won't lie I was disappointed there wasn't a conversion appendix or something for user with CoC 7e. Does such a thing exist out there in the wider world? A one pages that shows how to convert back and forth? Might be a great aid for such a project as this. Peace, love, geek. Bear the Gen-X GM
  2. Interesting idea, but that's already pretty close to how the new Star Trek Adventures game is, so why bother with BRP then? While a good idea, it's too simple for my tastes, I want more skills, but not as many as FASA or LUG had 🙂
  3. So the big hold back for me is not wanting to have too long a skill list. I'm looking at the rq_scifi.doc and even there I find there are too many kills. Often what I feel is needed is less open skills and more specialties. What I don't know and can't seem to find an answer to is this; does BRP have rules for skill specializations?
  4. I do not mean to be insensitive, please. With Steve's sad passing, is this project shelved for ever? I've had folks ask for Superworld stats on my Patreon, but I can't do that without their being an OGL or some sort of official arrangement to say the least, but also I was very much looking forward to this product. Again, all respect to everyone touched by this event, and I mean no disrespect. BE HEROIC!
  5. Beam Me Up! So I am back lol Looks like this is happening, should I post my stuff here as I go? Who wants to see me hack a BRP Star Trek system together? Cheers!
  6. So customization is a big thing for my players, from class abilities that require choices, to Feats (or Talents) that allow them to focus or specialize. Magic is not the solution I am looking for, which I need to make clear. I am not looking to have every character have magic. Now I like BRP and Magic World (and CoC 7e) but my players didn't enjoy it, as they wanted more "wow" from their characters. That's all. Simply a matter of taste, something I find Sabre RPG is doing a good job of representing. 🙂
  7. You and me both mate, you and me both. I agree, but the one thing I would want is more customization beyond just skills and magic. Open up some "abilities" like the dreaded Feats (make them optional rules) so players feel special. I tried running BRP for my D&D players and to be honest they loved their characters, they loved the universe, etc... but they didn't care for the system (yes we were using Magic World). When queried why, they general consensus paraphrased was "I feel like my character isn't that different mechanically from any other. Naturally YMMV, but at it's heart Magic World is a fantastic system, I'd just like to "punch it up" a bit with some extra stuff (Pulp Traits are a good start to be sure!), and some Wow factor! Oh and CoC 7e rocks as a core system. BE HEROIC!
  8. So I see that Cthulhu Dark Ages 3e is not available, but there is the Keeper Rulebook (7e) and the Investigator Handbook (also 7e) and there is a Cthulhu Dark Ages character sheet. Do I just need the Keeper's Guide? Does anyone know if that will work with the Dark Ages sheet? Thanks in advance! BE HEROIC!
  9. Right now I am looking at Pulp Cthulhu Talents (very nice), but those are more like Feats from D&D, and while I will use them as they rock, what I am looking for are more like "special abilities" and less "powers". I think some of you are looking at "Powers" which is what all these magic systems would give. I am not seeking that exactly, more like Talents or cool abilities that give the non-magic players cool stuff to since they don't do spells. 🙂 Hope that clears it up. BE HEROIC!
  10. Thanks for the links. Yeah I tried the PDF, sadly thin serif fonts are just brain burning for me, I know I am in a very small minority on that one. I do have Mythras Imperative but on a quick scroll I didn't see any powers, what section are they in? Thanks for taking the time. 🙂 BE HEROIC!
  11. I feel awkward saying this but I can't read Mythras, your font choice isn't compatible with my eyesight and I get a headache every time I try to read more than a page or two. It is something I've had to deal with all my adult life sadly. I'll see if I can find something to assist, or get on the players to review it for me. Who is Luther Arkwright and where can I find his stuff? When you say there's quite a lot available, please tell me more! 🙂 BE HEROIC!
  12. That's sad news friend. I think using PP to power "Abilities" like that is just a level of wow that makes the game even better, and gives the non-magic people things they can do. Guess I'll have to think up my own 🙂
  13. So I picked up Blood Tide (PDF) as one of my players is doing a sword bravo in the Albana campaign, and I love how Stunts are powered by PP. Other than SuperWorld, what other BRP games have cool stuff like that power by PP? I think having it be PP is just elegant and really capitalizes on something every character has. Any and all suggestions/links are welcome. BE HEROIC!
  14. Can we all stop this conversation? Please? I just wanted stats for BRP games, not a bloody debate about the nature of humanity.
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