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  1. Thanks, I'll look into those for sure. I just ordered a hard copy of Advanced Sorcery, so going to look into that as well 🙂 BE HEROIC!
  2. Hey, So I think I posted or asked this before but I cannot find that thread so I am considering the other one dead and starting this one. As some of you know I am working on a setting (Codex Albana) that I will publish in the end, in its own time, no rush. While I am working on the stuff I need to get in order for all this and start playing, I am at the point of deciding how magic works in my world. As such I am looking for recommendations for how to do the various magic systems as laid out below. Please feel free to suggest every and any BRP compatible magic system you think wo
  3. A friend of mine, when we were competing in tournaments, went to deliver a spinning back kick, in retrospect we assume her opponent thought she was going for a spinning hook kick, and ducked causing her to lean right into the blow and was KOed on the spot. Ultimately there aren't a lot of "random" shots in a melee. I dislike random hit locations for non-missile fire. BE HEROIC!
  4. Agreed 100% You are talking to Captain CODA! LOL, I loved that system and regretted it's demise 😞 This is in line with Greville suggested as well 🙂 I think there is a system in here, just need to figure it out. BE HEROIC!
  5. I'll be the sore thumb on this one but this is where I am heading the more I dive into both. I LOVE Magic World, but there are aspects of CoC7e I really like as well. That said in the end my BRP game will look a lot more Frankensteined than calling it MW or 7e or Pendragon, etc... I am at the BRP buffet right now, picking what I like. Also I JUST ordered my copy of Advanced Sorcery today 🙂 Watching this thread with great interest. This is interesting, I have CoC Dark Ages as well, but I like a LOT of what MW brings as well, including the Demon/Elemental summoning/binding
  6. If I publish you get a credit in "Additional Material By" I hope so, many miles to go before it is ready Cheers!
  7. Sorry to Raise Thread, but figured here would be better than starting a new one. What existing BRP compatible magic systems do you think would best cover Artesian magic as presented in the comics? HUGE fan and really hope the Known World is released as BRP compatible
  8. This is bloody brilliant mate! Thank you so much, this is exactly the king of thing I was looking for Is this your creation? I want to give credit where due. Cheers!
  9. So I am trying to use the Spolier Tag here and it isn't working... Help?
  10. A little primer I've thrown together for my players and happily share with you here. It is a bit more narrative than the other stuff, but ties into it the timeline, the questions about the setting, and the mini gazetteer. I've done my best to proof-read for mistakes in both the grammar/spelling and the previous in world information. Albana Primer Albana, originally known as Érend by the Éfrani tribes that call it their home, is the largest of the Pendric isles. It is neighboured to the north by Dáinn, home of the Sea Kings and their Rhosmanni raiders, to the west by varied natio
  11. So I've removed the rules hack I was looking at, as it wasn't able to be hidden and was just too big to keep on screen with out the spoiler function working anymore. Also I will be changing it and continuing my hunt for a Corruption mechanic that is workable for me. Stay tuned for that stuff to come.
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