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  1. Trotsky this is...brilliant. Gorgeous. I would LOVE to include this in the book. Contact me and we will work something out!
  2. What foul witchery is this?!? To whom--if anyone--it may concern, I have just learned moments ago that "Six Seasons in Sartar" has gone missing from the Jonstown Compendium. Personally, I blame Blue Moon agents. I have messaged DTRPG about it. On the author's end it still reads as "active and on sale" but if you search for it, you ain't gonna find it. Hopefully all will be resolved soon!
  3. I hate to come late to a party!!!! Really, there should be some sort of magic that alerts authors when people are talking about their book. I wrote, edited, and yes (sorry) illustrated "Six Seasons in Sartar." As you probably already know the hardcover is out and available, LOL. Like i said, a month late to the party. GAZZA, thank you. Really. That made my night tripping across this by accident. You are right about the stat block thing; you can just give things a CR and go from there, like Broo CR 3. But yeah, RQG is still detail oriented. If any of you like, go back to DriveTh
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