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    RPG gamer since '80-'81 or so. Started with D&D blue box & played many others over the years. Been on a long hiatus from pnp games but getting back into them. Enjoy collecting & reading as much as playing to be honest.
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    Not playing anything atm, but setting up a D&D5e Mystara campaign. Hoping to try out Starfinder & recently picked up RQG.
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    South Carolina,USA
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    I'm just an old guy that loves reading & gaming.

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  1. Was 12 or so I think when I started with D&D. Something like that. Was already a gamer but that was my first RPG.
  2. Be willing to bet a LOT of folks from our age range started with the old D&D blue box! lol
  3. I look forward to getting into some RQ combat shenanigans! It does look like a fun system! Just saying it's not exactly the system for someone whose idea of fun combat is being the 10th level Warrior in magical Plate Mail with 150 hit points plowing through a pack of 20 1Hit Die goblins with 4 hit points each & not taking a scratch because they can't even hit you...This is most definitely not that! I'm glad of it too. Not saying those systems aren't ok when level appropriate challenges are set up by the Game Master. Just saying they often tend to fall into ruts where it's all about fighting & nothing else. May as well be playing a wargame in many instances. Practically are in many cases when using mini's. lol Love that combat is fun in RQ but has serious consequences. Makes people realize that maybe drawing a sword isn't the only way to handle things. Makes the combat more exciting & memorable though when it is needed though I bet!
  4. Thanks for the replies. Really makes me feel welcome! Did pick up the Bestiary & Glorantha Sourcebook as well & very pleased with both. The GM screen is actually arriving in the mail Monday & look forward to it after seeing some rave reviews regarding the outstanding quality. To be honest, outstanding quality looks like the standard for Chaosium these days! 😊
  5. Haven't done any pnp gaming in years. Looking to get back into it; I recently picked up D&D5e & started working on an alternate Mystara based campaign. Then I stumbled across & purchased RQG...have a feeling my D&D is getting back burnered. lol The setting is so rich that I feel like anything's possible but likely to start out with the quick start scenario just to get my feet wet. Planning to pick up The Smoking Ruin & likely to grab pdf's of old classics & convert as well. Really impressed with the quality of everything I've seen so far & regret getting such a late introduction to Glorantha. Better late than never though!
  6. Have yet to actually play RQG but DM'd other games extensively in the past. Have ran some pretty lethal scenarios before & my main thing is just having good pre-game communication with the players. Always let them know in advance what they were getting into. Asked them to keep in mind that a hammer is sometimes; but NOT always, the solution to a problem. After being fairly warned, if they still choose to leap headfirst into the Dragon's maw screaming "I'll kill it from the inside!"...well, the results are on them. lol Myself; if someone wants to play a combat heavy game focused on fighting & not much else, I'd just choose another system or heavily modify this one. Just from looking at it though, I'd prefer to leave things pretty much as they are. Looks like this game does what it does like not much else! Plenty of really decent games let you bang, slash & beat on things to your heart's content. Not much else immerses you in the world like this one though. Even the mechanics bring you further into the feeling that this is a "real" & unique setting far removed from the standard & often shallower fare available. Just my humble opinion of course. 🙂
  7. Just arrived. I feel welcome so far! Hopefully that won't change soon. lol 😁
  8. Hello. Old gamer but new to these forums. 50 years old & been a gamer for about 40 of them. Started with blue box D&D & moved on from there. Been away from tabletop gaming for several years but regaining interest now that I finally discovered all the online tools available now. Heard about RuneQuest & Glorantha back in the day but was too broke & too invested in D&D to look into it. That's no longer the case & upon discovering RQG it was almost a no-brainer to check it out. Amazed by the quality of the work & look forward to learning more! Familiar with Chaosium from playing some CoC back in the day & glad to see they have only gotten better! Picked up the Sourcebook & bestiary as well. Very glad I took the plunge.
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