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  1. I'm glad we can all agree on an average of one wang per slain foe, at least. Well, that would be per slain male foe, assuming no gender complications, so really, I suppose we can't agree on anything. Though, seeing as, unless I'm mistaken, that's a depiction of Babs herself, I don't think she's necessarily beholden to a reasonable number of... implements, or foes slain. Either way, I'm not sure fashion sense is a big reason for initiation into the cult.
  2. That's also how I interpret that snippet, although two things should probably be considered: 1) There are various levels of initiation into the cult and we should probably not conflate initiates and Rune Lord-level folks, and 2) You could read that rule as referring to children born before initation into the cult (which would probably apply mostly to those who initiate pretty late into the cult, but for a cult like BG's where revenge is a major theme, that may be the case more frequently than average). But then you would expect a clarification that they can also not conceive.
  3. Yeah, to be clear, I know that, as I've mentioned in a previous post. What I mean is, previous rulesets have included a requirement for celibacy, and the overall lore around Babeester Gore makes it pretty reasonable for someone to houserule things that way for their Glorantha. It's clear that there is no hard requirement for complete celibacy in core RQG or in the upcoming cults book, at least for initiates.
  4. I agree this seems very lenient if this is a geas acquired during the game (getting a geas that prevents you from doing things you used to do regularly is literally the point), but I got the impression it was during character creation, which seems not quite as bad. Even in that case it seems fiddly to me compared to either letting the player pick a different weapon bonus, or rerolling the geas. I don't think the different steps of character creation happen chronologically to the character in the order you run through them, so it makes sense to let the player choose skills that are mostly consi
  5. I think the deal with the write-up in Storm Tribe is that it takes something very extreme, that sounds like the type of taboo that a hermit shaman, or maybe a secluded high priestess, would have, and applies it to a wider cult. If something like those restrictions were exceptional cases (then again, Babeester Gori are not a large cult and are thus somewhat exceptional... but not that much, seeing as every Earth Temple in several cultures is supposed to have at least one and ideally a few) that derive exceptional power from such stringent requirements, then that wouldn't really raise an eyebrow
  6. All of that makes sense: there's a difference between prohibition on marriage and a celibacy requirement, but they could be seen as two steps on the same "scale" of requiring initiates to forgo some worldly "entanglements", and celibacy would make plenty of sense for Babs, to be fair. I don't think her requirements would be as stringent as Humakt's, but a strong death rune and similar oaths probably make it difficult or even undesirable to maintain close relationships while carrying out one's obligations. I imagine Babeester Gori might still maintain significant kinship ties though, seeing as
  7. My impression from various tidbits is that "just shacking up" is common and not in itself frowned upon as long as it's not taboo (incest, breaking an oath) or highly problematic for some other reason (inciting a feud, for example). However, never marrying, without some ritual reason, might be seen as immature (the old Orlanthi proverb "Sex is easy, marriage is hard") or inviting trouble (jealousy, cheating, heartbreak and so on). Specifically long-term unmarried relationships where people live together, I think I've seen some mention of that in Jonstown Compendium stuff (Dregs of Clearwin
  8. That's interesting. No marriage and no child-rearing, but no explicit celibacy requirement. I assume relationships involving Babs initiates must be fairly unusual, but obviously not incredibly so, given that rule about handing offspring over to the Earth Temple. Pretty close to what I would have house-ruled I think, and it leaves a lot of space for interesting role-playing if someone wants to go there. Really looking forward to that book. Thanks a lot for the reveal! That said, Jeff, I'm a bit curious to know if the discrepancy between the RQG requirements and those in the upcoming book
  9. That's true. Referring to "priestesses" is a plain old mistake on my part. As for different interpretations of Babeester Gor, Your Glorantha Will Vary and all that, but I guess my knowledge of Babeester Gor is more influenced by write-ups like this one, and Babeester Gor's appearance in some of the heroquests in King of Dragon Pass, where the emphasis is pretty strongly on the bloodthirsty (or at least very openly violent) aspects of the goddess.
  10. I've had the RQG books almost since release, but an opportunity to actually play hasn't really cropped up until recently, so I'm currently making some sample characters and toying around with the rules in anticipation of actually introducing some friends to the game. It came up while making a Babeester Gor worshipper that the only listed requirement for initiating to her in the RQG rules is to be a woman, and there are no additional requirements (aside from the usual relevant cult skills) to advance to Rune Lord status. I'm not exactly a longtime fan of Glorantha, but in my few years keeping a
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