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  1. Dagger-axe can be mounted with a spearhead, maybe they use that, would solve the problem?
  2. Well, I'm not looking for ways for this possible queen to rule like men, especially like orlanthi men. Orlanthi are useless. They don't even make decent arrowfodder since they fly or teleport away when the going gets tough. I'm looking for an equal opportunity for her to command priests and worshipers
  3. If an orlanthi king can command priests and worshipers, why not an ernaldan queen? Ruling queen, not some stupid barbarians consort
  4. Suppose a tribe (or a city in Esrolia) elects a ruling queen who worships Ernalda. Would she join some special subcult of Ernalda, like Orlanth has Rex subcult? What kind of special rune spells would she have access to? Same kind as Orlanth Rex? Thanks 🙂
  5. Seems to me celibacy is out. This babster is about to become a mother, that's the reason I asked about Ernalda. In my view, she might become a god talker of Ernalda + rune lord of Babs, unless Jeff plans to forbid it. And yes, becoming a good healer + a great warrior is her plan Edit: A bit more about this character. Her most important runes are Earth 95, Death 95 and Harmony 80. I guess a typical babster is a cruel and merciless serial killer, but this one wants to be more like a paladin if you like (but Glorantha, not D&D), so she needs something balancing, that would be being a healer of Ernalda. She thinks horrible deeds can be redeemed with good deeds. Yes, a weird concept indeed 🙂
  6. Many thanks 🙂 She can be a damsel in distress, seeking protection (and sex & spells) from multiple husband-protectors, and a valiant protector herself for a damsel in distress 😄
  7. Is it possible for an initiate of BG to be also an initiate of Ernalda? Rules say one rune of 50+ is enough, that would be Earth, but if the babster has death/fertility 95/05, would that close the door? Thanks 🙂
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