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    I started at high school with Dungeons&Dragons Red Box set, and never stopped playing RPG since then. I run the Great Pendragon Campaign for 2 years, with a peak session with 18 players... I'm working, well I've no time to do it, on a Crusade/Pendragon Campaign.
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    I'm running the Odyssey of the Dragon Lords
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    Turin, Italy
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    I've a son, his name is Arthur.

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  1. Hello everyone! Is there any chance someone has developed a form-fillable player's folio, or character sheet? Because I have been asked this afternoon to run a one-shot adventure with Pendragon 6th to a group of medieval sword-fighters, and I'd like to use something different from the starter set adventures, which some of them has already played out, in particular I'd like to threw in the field some new knight or lady. Thank you in advance for any suggestion/help
  2. Thanks radmonger. But what's your counsel? Is a good idea to purchase the Universal Game Engine or not?
  3. Hello everyone there! I'am approaching Runequest and Glorantha, but I discovered only some days ago that the Dungeon Master's Guide to Glorantha has not been published up to now, since all the mythology stuff has been given precedence. So, since I am a huge fan of Pendragon System, and there I am resigned to have to wait some more time, I was wondering if getting the Universal Game Engine could help me in both role-playing systems, since I'd like to run a campaign with them as soon as possible. Thank you
  4. Thank you Joerg! That link is awesome! Actually, yes, I am more used to D&D and Pendragon, which brought me here. I'm reading the books, still trying to learn. Hope to start game mastering soon
  5. I'm absolutely new to all this. I'm still reading RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, but I found this morning a reference to Dungeon's Master Guide rules for alternative creation of the adventurer's characters. But I can't find a specific book on the shop which is or is similar to a Dungeon's Master Guide. Can you help me undestand? Thanks
  6. But tomorrow means, perhaps, after midnight today? Sorry, you midnight will be 6 in the morning in Italy... so see you tomorrow!
  7. Thank you for the ideas, but at what price do you think it would be fair?
  8. Hello guys, a couple of days ago, one of my knights asked me if he could build an irrigation system as a manorial improvement. The second question was how would it cost and the third what effects it may have on the manorial income, hate landlord, glory and so on. I took time to answer, since I could not remember any kind of that idea in the Book of Manor or anywhere else. What do you think would be appropriate? I was thinking about an investiment cost in between 6-8 Libras, with a maintenance cost of at least 1. As for the effects, I suppose it could give a hate landlord reduction of 1 or 2 points and, perhaps, a Fate reduction of 1 or 2 points every winter phase? Thank you in advance
  9. Thank you all very much for the hints, the suggestions and the counsels. I'm thinking about starting my new campaign in the 415, mining fully inside the Book of Sires, which is rich of informations and clues. Perhaps I'll make a new and specific post on the forum to tell the tale of the campaign.
  10. I have got the Book of Knights and Ladies, but it's the Nocturnal edition. And I plan to use it to create the knights on friday's evening. But the question is if, after making the name-correction Spiritual instead of Pious, are there any other relevant changes I should mind of?
  11. I am not so smart in searching the forum, thank you very much 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Hello everyone! I am waiting to receive my new 5.2 Pendragon Core rule set, but on friday night I'm going to start a new campaign. So I tried to search here if there was any topic discussing what's new on the character creation from 5th edition and 5.2 edition of the game. Thank you in advance for all the infos.
  13. Well, hello to all here! I've been reading the first part of the Starter Set and, as you all, I'm very excited of the new Pendragon 6th edition. It would be great to imagine a Crusades supplement, I mean playing the Crusades Historical period with the knight-rules system of Pendragon... I am deeply curious of the new magic rules, since I was working on some home-rules in order to reintroduce that in KAP 5.1 I believe that making different volumes for GPC is a good idea, if you see it in the chance to choosing which period you are more interested in playing... And, let me end my comment writing "More Faeries, please!" after reading of volumes dedicated to many details (court adventures for example) I would love to see a volume dedicate to the Enchanted Britain... I dream an Italian version of all the products, but I know it's a dream!
  14. Hi everyone! My first post, so I beg your pardon, but is there a publishing date for the Ultimate Version of Pendragon? From what I have read, you are making a great job! Thanks
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