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  1. Yes post here for now.
  2. KAP forums will be here soon. The Nocturnal KAP forums have had a bad spam attack. Post in this forum for the time being.
  3. Been here a while: https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/68-pendragon-prince-valiant/
  4. If you've purchased through Drivethru, you'll get the usual product update email when your pdfs are updated. Until then the chaosium site pdfs will be the neater..
  5. All products have a unique code: Chaosium Pendragon Product list CHA2701 King Arthur Pendragon 1st edition CHA2701 King Arthur Pendragon 2nd edition (Never made) CHA2702 The Pendragon Campaign CHA2703 The Noble's Book CHA2704 The King Arthur Companion CHA2705 The Grey Knight CHA2706 Tournament of Dreams CHA2707 Knights Adventurous CHA2708-1 The Boy King - 1st Edition CHA2708-2 The Boy King - 2nd Edition CHA2709 King Arthur Pendragon 3rd Edition CHA2710 Savage Mountains CHA2711 Blood & Lust CHA2712 Perilous Forest CHA2713 Pagan Shore CHA2714 The Spectre King CHA2715 Castle of Bones (Never made) CHA2716 Pendragon Fourth edition CHA2717 Beyond the Wall CHA2718 Land of Giants CHA2719 Lordly Domains
  6. I don't have my physical third edition any more need a bit of help... In the physical book there are two colour maps Color Map of Logres between pages 16 & 17 Color Map of Salisbury between pages 144 & 145 is any one able to confirm that this are the same maps that are in the 4th edition (physical copy)?