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  1. @Ian Cooper's old website is now hosted over at https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/ian-coopers-red-cow-website-2006-2010/ Here you will find the book that was the precursor to the Coming Storm & Eleven Lights:
  2. Twitch.tv is a live streaming platform. They allow you to watch live for free, but you need to subscribe to twitch.tv to watch any replays (it also then removes their adverts). We can't change that, it's how Twitch works. So you don't need to subscribe to their pay-to-view service, we transfer our video's to our Youtube a few days after. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChaosiumInc/ If you click the subscribe button, youtube will let you know when a new video of ours goes up.
  3. Up on chaosium.com: https://www.chaosium.com/beyond-the-wall-pdf/. If you purchased this from Chaosium.com or DTRPG please login to your respective accounts to download this update.
  4. There will be an update to the Chaosium and DTRPG PDF releases of the Gamesmaster Screen Pack soonish: Artisan Adventurer sheet (updated to 1.0.1 & Form-fillable) NPC sheets & Squad Sheet (Form-fillable) RQ Players Pack (bookmarked) --- Creating NPC guidelines will be available in future products. Jeff has just today posted on FB, look at the Facebook July 2020 Highlights for the link, as the replies aren't included - here's the gist: Remember that NPCs don't have to follow the rules when you create them. There are lots of threads with guidance on NPC creation:: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/12012-question-for-rq-gm’s-about-npc-creation/ https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/9151-npc-enemy-sheet/ I personally use a generator card: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/12012-question-for-rq-gm’s-about-npc-creation/?tab=comments#comment-183921
  5. Two new additions of note: Old Glorantha.com Forums (2013-2016) Find out what was being discussed before the forums moved here. @MOB’s old website (1999) Scenarios, notes, writings or just looking for Sun County errata? It's all here.
  6. It's actually in the rule book: Page 248: My emphasis. If you are casting a spell that has its own magic points, the boost is separate from any points needed for effect. There is no "dismissal resistance" or "size" for spells. Casting Sword Trance boosted with 5 magic points for +50%, at the same time you could boost it with an extra 3 magic points. Using Dismiss Magic as an example, each point of Dismiss Magic cancels 2 points of spirit magic Rune Magic or sorcery, or 1 point of Rune magic. so Dismiss Magic would need 3 rune points (2 points cancels the boost, 1 point cancels the rune spell 1 point, 2+1=3 Rune points.) Without the 3 point boost it would cost only 1 rune point to dismiss. Be aware that in the text of Sword Trance, the term "boosted' is used to refer to increasing the spell effect and that I am using the term "boost" to refer to the rule on page 278.
  7. If I'm not mistaken there are only two spells that are not common that this would apply to: Axis Mundi & Discorporation and neither are given to associate cults.
  8. You have answered your own question: again, you have answered your own question::
  9. Sadly, @Jason D as the line editor of RuneQuest already has a huge to-do-list and only has occasional time for this thread: MELEE WEAPON STRIKE RANK page 57: 3+2+2=7 and 3+2+3=8 MISSILE WEAPON STRIKE RANK Vasana's Saga Vasana’s DEX is 11, giving her a DEX strike rank of 3, If she uses a Composite Bow with a rate of S/MR: Page 211: If prepared (arrow in place for first attack), can attack on strike rank 3 and 11. (1st attack on DEXSR 3, then +5 preparing arrow second + DEXSR 3 so attacks on 11. A third attack is not possible.) If unprepared, can attack on strike rank 8 only, a second attack is not possible. (+5 preparing arrow + DEXSR 3 first attack on 8. A second attack is not possible.) SPELL STRIKE RANK page 254: Vasana's Saga Vasana’s DEX is 11, giving her a DEX strike rank of 3, If she casts prepared Disruption (1), she attacks on strike rank 3. 3+(1-1) = 3. If she casts prepared Disruption (1) boosted with 15 magic points, she attacks on strike rank 6 of the next round. 3+(1-1) +15 = 18-12 strike ranks = 6 (see below). If she casts Bladesharp 4, she casts on strike rank 6. 3+(4-1) = 6. LIMITS ON STRIKE RANK Page 194: SIZ and DEX Strike Rank Modifiers table and the Strike Rank Modifiers table are both found on page 193 and on the GMs screen. If you wish to discuss this, please open a new thread, I'm happy to add up a few numbers if you have examples.
  10. You have answered your own question.
  11. I'm unsure to what you are referring to, but it would seem to be the July 4th 2019 Gamemaster Sourcebook Preview judging by the page references. If so this text was incorporated into the GM Screen Pack, Adventurer Book page 121-123. No. No. Everyone hopes they have found a powered crystal and so prepares as such, setting aside a week of time (or longer to augment the POW vs POW roll) to do the ritual. At the end of the week the GM says either roll POW vs POW or you have just stored a magic point. A clearer version of the text might say:
  12. Yes, but the INTx5 is situational and maybe changed by the GM. Down could be x4, x3, x2, x1 or even no roll: page 366 It's a GM call.
  13. For those of you not aware, Jeff did a series of design notes in 2016-2017 on designing the new RuneQuest. The aricle links have been collected here: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-players-book-print/designing-the-new-runequest/
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