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  1. Given the text, the effigy in this instance was the general of the Lunar army (a specific individual can be targeted per the spell). He was drawn to attack so his army followed. Any bonus was about him only. The spell result is specific: +20% bonus in overcoming the magic resistance of or defending against spells cast by the enemy. So if you summon Dark trolls, it works against those trolls summoned, no matter the number.
  2. Yes. The +20% bonus only applies in overcoming the magic resistance of or defending against spells cast by the enemy represented by the effigy. Yes, and the third most common one: Holy days where the true nature of chaos is revealed to remind good Orlanth worshippers what the problem with chaos is.
  3. Summons of Evil part 4 You are correct in saying Vasana's Saga gives us a glimpse of how the Summons of Evil is used in practice. The full circumstance isn't there. It reads like she is doing a real world heroquest. The ritual is taking place right by Snake Pipe Hollow. Chaos is always nearby. They make weave a torso from handy flexible poles (cut from hazel or willow) and add half a dozen branches for arms and add a few for legs, they then carve some chaos runes on it. It looks crude - but it's chaos. They then do the summons and a huge chaos spirit embodies the effigy which s
  4. Summons of Evil part 3 Yes. Depending on the form of the effigy it could be a telmori or a wolf spirit. There's a lot of room for creativity here. Wolf-headed person or wolf. Yes if you run the ritual long enough. Yes. Yes. You may also attract heroquest enemies... KIng Bryon uses it to summon the Lunar army for the Battle of Auroch Hills in 1622. Possibly. Depending on it's abilities. If the effigy is destroyed quickly, there is still a chance that the enemy will show: Preparation. See also grappling, subduing
  5. Summons of Evil part 2 Yes. Maybe. You only want to destroy it if you don't want the physical summoning to end. You might want to keep it alive for days to make sure you enemy appears. No. It has STR and Hit points, so it's an embodied spirit, manifest inside the effigy. It does however have spirit powers. Given the power of the enemy summoned (4D6+6 and 5D6+6, or more...). I'd give it representative powers depending on the form the summoners made: Bite, Chaos, Rune Magic, Spirit Dart, Spirit Weapon are all good candidates. The GM should craft an appropr
  6. Part 1. As a starting point, the Summons of Evil first appeared in King of Sartar in 1992, and has appeared in many publications since then. You can find the original text and a list of references to other publications that describe the ritual in use in context of an adventure or detail from Gloranthan history here: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/the-summons-of-evil
  7. Just a reminder about posting files, making stuff to refer to in your games and distributing it to your players is fine, but as soon as you put it on a public server such as this or a public discord server: Please read our fan material policy : https://www.chaosium.com/fan-material-policy/ Copyright and trademark laws protect our property, and mean that people are generally prohibited from using our logos, images, or other trademarks or copyrighted content without our consent. This Fan Material Policy grants you permission to use some of our intellectual property under certain circum
  8. You might find this helpful: Plunder items & More Plunder items
  9. For a hand held torch, probably 20 mins. This is dependant on wind and of course you could have bigger ones that are harder to carry. If you're interested look up rushlights. Remember, ENC is not an actual weight: Torches (5) ENC. That is using standard notation from the rules 5 torches = 1 ENC. They'd normally be wicker, but other resinous tree branches, fat dipped bones, and other localised materials would be available. Bronze / clay lamps (4) ENC. 1C fills the lamp (that's the load). 2 hours. For more detail: Clay lamps have a volume of around 20-30m
  10. Yes. My emphasis: In summary, Heal 6 immediately repairs 6 hit points in that location. stops the bleeding of any wound or severed limb restores a severed limb to the body if all parts are available FYI the wording was identical in RQ1 & 2, RQ3 didn't allow reattachment of limbs.
  11. There's a small bit in this article: https://universitas.uni.edu/archive/spring06/carolrobinson.htm
  12. This is correct. Max weapon plus max db twice Note I set the mace to D4 damage so I could see it against the other rolls: This would appear to be the case, I would expect 4+6+6. Note however this error will have little effect on the game as a 1H mace would actually do 8+6+1D6, so 15-20 not 20 damage, with no armour protection. The target is likely to be dead or incapacitated anyway.
  13. Scotty


    This is corrected in the upcoming gods book: and to further clarify: Odayla Associate cults: FOUNDCHILD Members of both cults participate together in the same Great Hunt ceremonies and the cults are often combined.
  14. Most of this is subsumed into the relevant adventurer skill, but yes if you train them. Your GM may wish to rule that they get experience rolls too. Bound spirits, skills, and only a 5% POW gain roll if they receive a POW check through normal means per: Embodied spirits like Allied spirits in animals, can improve skills by experience where appropriate and have a normal POW gain chance if they receive a POW check through normal means. This is also an MGF question too. If a player has an investment in an animal of some kind that is part of their everyday world then yes of co
  15. Thanks for pointing this out, it had slipped through. Yes, page 61, it's not in Bold, for page 60, the table is correct.
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