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  1. Few cults have minor Holy days (only Ernalda in the rules book). Orlanth, Humakt and Daka Fal do not have minor holy days.
  2. Only with spells specifically protecting against Madness such as Fearless, Inviolable, and Logical Clarity. (Likewise a darkness elemental's Fearshock). Yes. Resistance rolls can be augmented with an appropriate rune, passion or skill. The difference is that you need to be in contact with the Lune, where the spell is ranged and must pass through any magical barriers. It's not automatic, you still have to roll POW vs POW to produce an effect.
  3. There are three Theyalan scripts. All three are described in the Guide to Glorantha, page 36. Reproduced here for your reference: This should answer you questions.
  4. Yes. you need to follow up with casting Command Cult Spirit, page 323: No. A cult spirit is sent by the adventurer's god. If a Zorak Zorani has a fire elemental and you are a Yelm cultist, the ZZ's fire elemental is not sent by Yelm. Command cult spirit will not work. Command a cult spirit is like negotiating with an allied spirit, the magic is normally good enough to persuade it to do what you want, but other times the spirit has its own agenda.
  5. I've emailed the GM to ask they they fill in the missing info.
  6. @coffeemancer We've three RQG games on Sunday - Trouble at Days Rest - 1 space left https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online/schedule/sessions/cda05692-1c2f-44b2-a185-92f536864b6f Flowers of Ronance - 1 space left https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online/schedule/sessions/cda05692-1c2f-44b2-a185-92f536864b6f Roubando o Olho (in Portuguese) - full but join the waiting list. https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online/schedule/sessions/24b43edf-9499-439d-8dbb-448c59fa8f7a please check timings y
  7. Has the spoiler tag gone? I can't seem to get it to work.
  8. No. It specifically say in the possession section that if you do budge the spirit: No. Once an appropriate spirit has possessed a person it becomes corporate - it has a body. Page 366: Only others can rid someone of possession. page 372 says: Then 358 says Depending on the type of possession, Yes. See dominant & covert possession on page 371 & 371 and the Bestiary. Yes, plus appropriate MGF roleplaying. No, replace the INT and POW. Go for MGF as always.
  9. They are only available to a single cult in the writeup. Currently: Lantern - Yelmalio Sleep – Chalana Arroy The upcoming Gods book covers this in more detail, provides more spells, and in some cases some background:
  10. yes. Sunset to sunset. For worship on a holy day - yes Doesn't need to be extended, except in size. Sanctify lasts until dispelled. yes. Yes. In an Ernaldan worship ceremony, Yes. On a minor holy day Ernaldan initiates receive (page 315) Associate cults get no Rune points restored on Ernalda's minor holy days (page 315): Associate cults are (page 293): Aldrya, Asrelia, Babeester Gor, Barntar*, Chalana Arroy, Choralinthor*, Gata*, Good Shepherd, Mahome, Maran Gor, Minlister*, Three Bean Circus, Ty Kora Tek, and Voria*. If Ernaldan
  11. If they are not actively acting as an assistant shaman (page 353): they do not get the returns in the following paragraph, including the +1. There will obviously be a roleplaying opportunity with the shaman mentor...
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