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  1. Yes. Imagine it as an introduction.
  2. Yes. You ask the spirit to cast the spell. Yes. You need only cast a control spell once, then it's yours. Note that some enchantments may also have a control spell included in the mix, and/or be one use. For an example see GM Screen Pack, Adventure Book, on page 108. Yes.
  3. All of the Shamanic abilities are personal, so not transferable. The shaman can maintain Mobility on themselves indefinitely. Remember to have Spell Extension at level four, assuming it was their first ability would have cost (1 to 2 = 1, 2 to 3 =2, 3 to 4 = 3) 6 characteristic points. No. Note that the Shamanic Abilities list is not inclusive, there are many other abilities possible. A version of Spell Extension that works on others should have restrictions on who the targets are (such as the shaman's assistants only) or cost a point of POW to form a permanent bond with t
  4. The shaman can also move and fight, but any other action (such as spell casting) still requires a concentration roll.
  5. You need to look at Active / Passive spell terminology on page 247. Yes, Bladesharp - Touch, Temporal, Passive: Yes, Boon of Kargan Tor - Touch, Passive, Temporal, as above. After 2 minutes - Sleep - Ranged, Temporal, Passive Yes, Mobility - Ranged, Temporal, Passive This is the first active spell you've mentioned. The caster can't go on a scouting trip as they need to concentrate on the spell, the other person could as they are the target. Likewise the range of the spell needs to be increased for it to work at a range of greater than 1
  6. Yes, the person who bound the spirit can use the spirit's magic points and spells: and If you have a binding enchantment with a spirit in it that you didn't create: Unless there are conditions that prevent this, casting a control spell on it will give you control over it. Yes, see above. Yes If it is a cult spirit, yes you would need to cast Command (cult spirit). If not you'd need an appropriate Command spell or the spirit magic, Control (entity).
  7. RQG page 150 The GM should decide whether to: reroll the location, or pass on to an adjacent hit location
  8. You may find the Miskatonic Repository Additional Guidelines helpful (even though not writing for it): https://support.drivethrurpg.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005848483-Miskatonic-Repository-Additional-Guidelines
  9. The internal search uses the database, Google searches the pages, so all the replies will be included.
  10. Please check the Corrections and Q&A posting: Vostor Son of Pyjeem Seven Mothers Summon Elemental (type) Dismiss Elemental (type)
  11. FYI HeroQuest the RPG and HeroQuest the board game are unrelated.
  12. No. Waha is present in nearly all the tribes. The RQG version of Alter Creature is basically the same as the RQ2 version (See Borderlands classic, page 29) The RQ3 version were two different spells, Fix & Release Intelligence and not connected to the Covenant.
  13. Alter Creature (page 10) No No, see below. Yes No No No No No No
  14. Yes, the weapon is semi-material This one is a bit more complex. It's a discorporate spirit using spirit combat for everything until the GM decides it switches to its Elemental Form. Then it's embodied (medium size) and switches to normal melee, and can use an engulfing fire elemental attack or its weapon. As an elemental, it has no DEX and so any engulfing attack happens on SR12. Yes and physical armour would help. As with all encounters, alway look over the creature and get a feel for its melee tactics (if needed). Here, its main tactic would appear to be stay as a spiri
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