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    Playing RPGS since 1982 with most time spent GMing RQ / Heroquest and Call of Cthulhu. Ran a long running CoC PBeM set in Australia in the late 90's fighting against Y'Golonac (cryptically named G'Lark Hag in the game to create some mystery for the veteran players). Authored a Twilight 2000 article published in Challenge Magazine plus a collection of pieces accepted but never published by Tradetalk relating to Thanatar.
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    Runequest Glorantha (and DnD5e)
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  1. Also, you don't have to make them roll ever but you can reduce their passion if they play against it. They can't have their cake and eat it.
  2. I see it as a thirst for knowledge, which is not what the truth rune brings to personality as written. Some people (low in Love knowledge) watch a "historical" film and take it as seen. Those with a thirst for (high love ) knowledge will read up on what actually happened. Yes there is an element of the truth rune here but it depends on the intent. The truth rune aspect would be seeking to disprove the veracity of the film. The love for knowledge passion would be finding out just for the sake of finding out more because films usually only scratch the surface. Subtle difference I agree. High love knowledge people will be constantly learning, exploring, critiquing, curious ( in my games). Truth rune people are straight forward, straight talking people. Not very good at office politics and diplomacy. They don't have to be super knowledgeable (e.g humakti). Also, the truth rune, imo, would not have a relationship with feelings about knowledge being destroyed but the passion most definitely would have a problem. The library burns down: The high truth rune lady comments"the library burnt down. Thousands of scrolls lost. Two hundred years of records lost. That's going to be a lot of overtime." The love knowledge passion guy is just weeping and beating his chest.
  3. Love it. Like Tarantino and his orange balloon. But I can definitely see the subconscious having a hand in writing and other art, which is perhaps more apparent to other people who are more sensitive to such than the artist. Some people do have a gift with reading people (masters of Insight (human) with a decent augmentation from the man rune). But it's curious that it was a balloon of the Air rune colour floating on the wind in the film. 🤔
  4. Yes, agreed. I had meant someone in the RW though, unless it's being left deliberately "open" to allow us to find our own personal Glorathan truth(s).
  5. Yes, that's a good shout. I think the presence of past and future moons is part of where I was trying to get to. The Sourcebook says that the present owner of the Moon Rune is The Red Goddess (previous unknown). Although someone must know 😉 I work on the basis that "ownership" doesn't mean exclusive use of it though.
  6. Nice one, thanks. That explains a lot!
  7. I agree that it cannot be that only people with an elemental affinity exclusively show preferences for the associated things. But that is not to say that the reverse is not true. I did wonder about the Vingans though. Red Goddess subverting Orlanth with femininity... ? 😄
  8. I think this might be a red herring. Shargash's principle element is Fire/Sky so the associated colour would be Yellow. Orlanth is blue in the pictures but the colour associated with Air is Orange... I don't appear to be making my point very clearly. There are game mechanics that directly link some of the associations with the rune. Weapons listed: these can be inspired. So there is some sort of metaphysical association/link/ connection between Moon and curved weapons. Personality is listed: character personality will skew towards this if its a primary affinity. So again there is a direct interaction between the rune and personality. Despite no direct mechanics I have assumed that the other listed associations are similarly actually linked in a real sense otherwise why not make those references in the cults section rather than the rune section of the rules? E.g. Colour: No direct reference that I can find that establishes whether this colour association is metaphysical or not. Is the design intention that this is a middle world conceit or a universal truth? Are those strong in the force moon drawn/attacted to/in some way influenced towards the colour red? The importance of this is in the question: has the rune been affected by The Red Goddess' ownership of it? And that extends beyond just the colour. For me the implications of this are profound. Perhaps I am looking for profundity where there is none. I'm looking for the cause and effect here. It's no coincidence surely that the crescent horned sables are the ones who aligned with the lunars. There must be some sort of runic influence (pre-disposition) at work there. AFAIK they were not moon cultists before, so is it because the moon rune has different associations now and they had a new-found affinity - or again is that just a conceit - or were they always moon cultists? If the Red Goddess has changed the rune through her ownership then what does this mean for an individual who has affinity with it?
  9. So, are you suggesting that the associations listed are not intrinsic to the rune? That red is adopted as the colour for the moon by the cults and by people arbitrarily?
  10. Your question is essentially the same as mine. Mine is can people measure it? I assumed they could. Not accurately. The Rune Inspectors won't be going round with e-meters measuring your runic affinity to two decimal places. However, runes are associated with material things like weapons, animals and colours. So, I thought people would "see" runic affinity through behavioural manifestations. I have always taken it that affinity with a rune brings with it an affinity with the associated things. If you have strong affinity with moon you are drawn to wear more red, you produce artwork with a relative red presence, you are attracted to red things. You like the curve of a sabre over a broadsword. You appear mystically philosophical. That's not to say it's that black and white. Personality is way more complex than a spectrum of runic affinity interactions. But I figured someone with moderate to strong affinity with the moon would have moderate to strong affinity with the colour red. And this would be visible. I thought runic affinity would show based on the fact that it affects personality and if it shows then it has a presence. And where that thought takes me is what would Moon rune affinity look like - in game mechanics terms - before the apotheosis of The Red Goddess, and again after she falls? What would be the associated colour? Weapons? Personality? Are the published associations core moon runic associations or corruptions by The Red Goddess' ownership of the rune? And if it changes what happens to those people with the affinity at the moment it changes? Did an affinity with the colour red bleed into/out of their lives? Does the physical presence of manufactured red things increase/diminish in society at these junctures? And ultimately I get to the question: if it shows like this how would cultures view this? Would they trust that person who often wears red if red is intrinsically and universally linked in real terms with The Red Goddess?
  11. Thanks, I see the meaning is different to how I read it. I think there would be an awareness within a community of the presence of runic affinity within individuals, but I want to clarify my thoughts on that to explain why. Overall, I still think I have an underlying question though (one that I haven't overtly asked yet). I might be back after a reread to get you to help me understand something that troubles / confuses me about this.
  12. Can you expand on this a bit, Jeff? Published material states that "Outside the Lunar Empire [the moon rune] has hardly any presence at all..." [Starter Book 2], reworded slightly in the sourcebook: "Outside of the Lunar Empire, she has little recognition..."
  13. the third spell is less likely 😄
  14. yes. I've had characters affected by both Mindblast and Madness. The spells got thrown about in the White Bull campaign too (See series 2 Episode 9 for example).
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