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  1. Open Quest Companion, especially if it supports multi-genre usage. I'd like to use it for Sci-Fi. River of Heaven looks interesting but also seems to be hardwired to its setting. So "generic" adaptability is a feature I'd like.
  2. Greetings! First time poster, though a long time lurker. I rarely post on any forum as in most cases it would end up being a me too situation. However, in light of all the changes at Chaosium etc. it has put me in a spot where I am unsure which d100 I want to use. I voted either Magic World or RQ2 at the time the pole was introduced. Now I am uncertain. I posses a bad photo copy of RQ2, plus MQII, & Magic World, plus have pdfs of OpenQuest 1 & 2Basic. I have in the past owned RQ3,MRQ I & the BGB. I have also at one point owned Harnmaster 1-3 (which is another d100 derivative for whoever did that family tree!) as well as FASA star Trek. I really love the mechanic of percentiles and the more simulationist style of the rules coupled with characters based on skills rather than levels (though it has its place). The problem is the fracturing of the game system as singular identity. As with jux above, I would love for BRP Essentials to become a catch all basis for all d100 gaming with character creation rules, equipment for ancient/medieval, modern and futuristic and a unified Powers System which simply has a different names & sources depending on setting. Ie. power source can be the gods, from within, Psionics, superpowers, the Force etc. My wish at this point would be for what i listed just above plus with the skill style of RQ6 etc, while keeping the skill list concise. A varied but concise multi genre equipment list and powers. It needs to be a book where I can pick it up and play any setting right out of the gate. Supplements to enlarge on various genre/setting specifics. Now much of this has been stated from the Powers that be, yet there is already the fracturing with RQG. My impression is that RQG is BRP Essentials with a Glorantha focus rather than a variant ruleset but that doesn't seem wholly clear. For many here it seems we associate RQ with fantasy BRP rules but not necessarily with Glorantha. Perhaps a firm statement from the Powers that be stating RQ is BRP Glorantha and Essentials for Generic/Homebrew fantasy,modern, futuristic. Do i really need CRQ2 or RQG if what a really want is a more generic ruleset for multi-genre use? Will that be Essentials? I don't feel like I need all of those!
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