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  1. I've found Norman Davies' "God's Playground, A History of Poland; Volume 1: The Origins to 1975" to be useful. I just don't have the time currently to work on it.
  2. Sutekh

    Renaissance Settings

    An obvious but overlooked setting would be Renaissance Italy. The political and papal intrigue. The lntercity-state wars. The arts and learning. I think it's highly underused setting.
  3. Sutekh

    Renaissance Settings

    I would go with first five, then three.
  4. How about something in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the height or twilight of the golden age? Political Intrigue in the Sejm/parliament, numerous wars and freebooting in Zaporizhia. Mind you, I was working on this myself for a while, but got sidetracked plus I found enough military history but very little social history i.e. what daily like was like in the Commonwealth.
  5. Sutekh


    Something British between the Glorious Revolution and Seven Years War based mainly in London. Though I will most likely wait until "Mean Streets" is released and run that. In the meantime I collecting useful ideas and material for the period.
  6. Sutekh


    Yes, that certainly helps. I guess I failed my perception roll for finding that description. Thanks again. Seth
  7. Sutekh


    Hello, Stupid question, the bayonet is listed on the close combat weapons chart on page 89/90 in the Deluxe addition, but it isn't listed in the description section. So would its use fall under the Close Combat skill or Close Combat (Polearms) skill? Thanks!
  8. Sutekh

    With Fire and Sword

    Thanks, I'll look into those books. I'm waiting to finish each book before I watch the movie based on it. I've watched 1612 though.
  9. Sutekh

    With Fire and Sword

    I have started to read Sienkiewicz's trilogy and would like to, maybe, run a campaign in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth using the Renaissance system. So, I was wondering if there was any rpg resources or books for the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in English?
  10. Sutekh

    Space 1889

    There's Cthulhu 1889 chapters in Volume One and Four of the Transaction of the Royal Martian Geographical Society. http://www.heliograph.com/trmgs/trmgs4/cthulhu1889.shtml
  11. Sutekh

    Modern Floorplans

    Here's more free modern floor plans, but not BRP ones: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=19629&it=1
  12. Sutekh

    d&d monsters

    Dohwar: Telepathic capitalistic space penguins. Though they're most likely under copyright.
  13. Sutekh

    Black Powder Rules?

    You would need to make them more likely to malfunction with "flash in the pan" type misfires then more modern guns. Maybe skill level could tie into ratio of fire in someway.
  14. Only if they're complete tossers.
  15. Sutekh

    Alternative Skills Names in the Eighteenth Century?

    18th century cant http://www.pascalbonenfant.com/18c/cant/