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  1. That was my understanding, too. I'm very interested in hearing what Chaosium's official legal position is.
  2. A friend of mine has a Kickstarter project going on as part of ZineQuest 2. Other Magic #2: Monsters of the Americas From the description: The first edition of Other Magic (ZineQuest 2019) focused on real world folk magic traditions, with an emphasis on those of the United States and Mexico. Other Magic #2 is designed to complement the first issue by highlighting the monsters of the broader Americas where those folk magic traditions exist. These monsters come from the myths and legends of various regions within the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. They are bizarre, obscure, and distinctly different from the ones found in most roleplaying games. Since the goal is to present the monsters as they appear within folktales and myths, Other Magic #2 focuses on their traditional behaviors, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, without modification. As with the first issue of Other Magic, the emphasis is on magic and the supernatural as they are understood by regular people in the real world. Some of the monsters can be defeated or killed, while others can only be driven away or avoided. Most of them are not "I slay it with my sword" or "I shoot it with my gun" types of adversaries, because that is not how they are conceptualized in the real world stories.
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  6. I don't know. I won't shop with them anymore, for various reasons (very customer unfriendly, etc.). I'm definitely not going to order something through them, since they mark most of their stuff up above MSRP. I'll just wait until the game is easily available for online ordering and stick with the sixth edition in the meantime. If it can't be easily obtained without going through third-parties (like the FLGS), my players won't buy it or play it, anyway, since most of them like to have a copy of the versions they are using. That probably means waiting for it to hit Amazon or eBay.
  7. When and where can it be ordered online, then? My FLGSs only carry Pathfinder and D&D these days.
  8. When will it be available on Amazon?
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