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  1. Great! I'm fine w/ the stuff in supplements.
  2. Revolution D100 Rules for Spirit Combat, Spiritual Entities, Etc. - Yes, I realize this is in Mythras. But I doubt that I understand Revolution D100 let alone Mythras enough to do a good job at this. Spirit Combat, Travel, etc. is definitely a thing in multiple Genres - Gloranthan Animism, Enochian Magic, Werewolf the Forsaken / Apocalypse Simplified Antagonist Creation Rules for how to quickly "stat out" some kind of NPC ior creature without going through all of the character creation rules.
  3. Just to clarify RosenMcStern, does Conspiracy Theory or the new International Edition include new rules or rules clarifications? Will the international edition be in english?
  4. When is new openquest coming?
  5. Looks really good. Want the book too.
  6. Why should a player ' use anything other than their highest rated attribute? I understand if you have a keyward /attribute thatgives you a specific supernatural power that isn't your highest rated then that makes sense, but otherwise you would always just use the highest. As a GM you cant use the technique of asking players to describe what they're doing and then call for the "skill", since there is no standard skill list .
  7. I don't think, though, it would be the worst thing in the world if HQ 2.5 or 3 had more robust rules for extended contest with more options and decision making. This thread has a whole bunch of things that could be used or scavenged from older ruleset.
  8. Yes that's what I'm looking for John L
  9. Archivist

    "Station" ??

    I found the following comment on an old RPGNet thread talking about converting Werewolf the Apocalypse to HeroQuest. I'm pretty sure this person was talking about an earlier version. Here's the quote What is/was a "station"? Is there some analogue for that in the current ruleset?
  10. Can you talk a bit about this? How do you handle group combats? Why don't you like Extended Contests.
  11. With the new edition of HeroQuest I'd like to request an official PDF and Print version and not just an online SRD. Thanks
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