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  1. I will so buy this
  2. Yes, I would buy the companion.
  3. I just bought Merrie England. it's very good. Good for general purpose Middle Ages adventuring.
  4. Good ideas. I think I need to read through the rules again and then ask some more questions. RosenMcStern, could you create a sticky topic for something like "How Do I..." for ongoing Q&A regarding "how do I do X in Revolution D100." Revolution D100 isn't super complex, but it's subtle, and not 100% obvious how to model every trope.
  5. cool.
  6. Hmm... okay I'll think a bit about this and post something.
  7. Great. That's what I was looking for.
  8. I really like some of the magic systems from BRP Enlightened Magic and Advanced Sorcery. What kinds of things should I keep in mind if I want to use those with Revolution D100?
  9. If this is covered in some BRP supplement I'm fine with that, just point it out! How would you model an alternate form with a consequence? For example, in Werewolf the Apocalypse, you have a monstrous wolf form, but it costs a limited resource to shift into it, and, once you do, you have a limited number of rounds in it before you're berserk and killing your friends. In Demon the Descent, you have an alternate form, but doing so "blows your cover" and makes it more likely that Angels will find you. So speaking of cover, how do you model a limited resource track? For example, Demons have "Covers", which they build by performing certain actions, and then slow
  10. Is there a way to buy a PDF only?
  11. Can you put the PDF in drive through rpg so I can buy it?
  12. Sweet!
  13. Is there a variant / house rule for hit point by location, where instead of tracking HP by location, you just have a pool of HP but different combat maneuvers and other situations have special effects that affect body parts?
  14. I've got my sweet book and PDF. What's next? New sweet supplements?
  15. Hmm... I think i got it directly from the guy. I don't remember which guy though ;-(