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  1. Sweet!
  2. Is there a variant / house rule for hit point by location, where instead of tracking HP by location, you just have a pool of HP but different combat maneuvers and other situations have special effects that affect body parts?
  3. I've got my sweet book and PDF. What's next? New sweet supplements?
  4. Hmm... I think i got it directly from the guy. I don't remember which guy though ;-(
  5. I got my sweet copy of Cthulhu Godlike (which is for CoC 6 I think), along with my sweet After the Vampire Wars (BRP Gold). Does anyone know if these two are going to be converted to in-print systems (CoC 7, Mythras, etc)
  6. Can people point to good examples of alternate dimension mechanics in any BRP-like system, e.g., Summoning creatures Creatures that are immaterial but can still affect the world (ghosts, spirits) Traveling to an astral/ethereal/spirit plane Thanks!
  7. One of the things I've seen in successful communities is a lot of fan-generated (unofficial) stuff. If you look on the One Ring, 5e, or Savage Worlds forums, you find tons of fan-made things (e.g., converting X to this system, here's how I did Y).
  8. I feel we need more hype for Revolution D100. What do we need to do now to increase the hype? Do we need more fan made stuff? If so, what kind? Is there a supplement or something that needs input? Should I write a review somewhere?
  9. I havent' but I'm very excited about it. The PDF is terrific
  10. No rush. Very excited!
  11. Do you know when the matching print copies will be for those of us who just purchased the early PDF. It's really good
  12. Awesome
  13. For some reason I've got it stuck in my head that someone was going to update Luther Arkwright for Mythras and also create a Campaign for it. Did I hallucinate this?
  14. Isn't this the Legend section on the forums?
  15. Also make a superpowers or supernaturals supplement for it. Otherwise, I'll have to home brew it and it will suck.