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  1. House Rules from Veterans

    Thanks JonL. I actually have both of those products (they get recommended frequently). I really really wish the people that own the Heroquest II licence would get things straightened up in a way that the company that made Nameless Streets would work with them on that product line. They really nailed it in showing what you could do with Heroquest II.
  2. Heroquest 2 vs Heroquest Glorantha and SatarKoH

    Cool JohnL.
  3. Heroquest 2 vs Heroquest Glorantha and SatarKoH

    Hmm... Sounds like I need to go through HQ 2 and HQG2 to figure out the differences. I'm looking for non-glorantha, but my guess is since Glorantha was released later (2.1) it's probably better.
  4. Are there any major differences between the HeroQuest 2 system as presented in Heroquest 2 vs Heroquest Glorantha and Satar Kingdom of Heroes?
  5. Implementing Advantages / Feats / Edges

    This should totally go in "how do I do that" under "how do I implement" advantages, disadvantages, and edges.
  6. Add to How do I Do X ...

    nope, that's actually pretty accurate. You buy pieces of people's lives, and then can use it to hide from agents of the god machine (you can also kind of use things associated with what you buy, so if buy someone's job, then you can kind of do their job using the cover). Sweet!
  7. Add to How do I Do X ...

    That's so good soltkass. I think that's better than the original mechanic in Chronicles of Darkness. How do we represent adding / maintaining cover? For example, I make a deal with someone to heal their cancer, so now I get to add to my cover their relationship with their wife (now I'm married to the wife in my cover, and reality rewrites itself around this so this has always been the case and everything now makes sense). The advantage of doing stuff like this is that it's easier for me to hide from the God Machine.
  8. Add to How do I Do X ...

    Someone on RPGNet said that they were told how to splice in a different D100 combat system into D100. Can you post how that was done? How do you model something like a build up / spend down / endanger resource? Example: Demon the Descent Cover 1. When Demon's "go loud" or do things out of character when in one of their cover forms, it reduces their "cover" (their ability to pass) and attracts the attention of the God Machines' agents; 2. When Demon's make pacts with mortals, they get some or all of that mortal's identity to build up their cover. 3. When Demon's transform quickly and violently, they use up all of their cover.
  9. House Rules from Veterans

  10. House Rules from Veterans

    For those of you that use HeroQuest 2e / HeroQuest (2e) Glorantha, what house rules or cool conversions have you used?
  11. Fets i prets: a HQ + FATE + FU hack

    Wow, that game is crazy!
  12. Fets i prets: a HQ + FATE + FU hack

    How do aspects apply to the system in the different rolls? Augments?
  13. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

  14. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

    Hi Nell. Can you share your hack?