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  1. one of my fav things about d100 is that it's easy to improv SOME parts, and advancement in general is kind of flat - people get better, which they like, but not so much they're superheroes
  2. Yes lots to pick from. Imperative isn't outside my crunch range maybe. Also, the question is how much effort will conversion / improv be? Is Stormbringer's approach in any published PDF I could buy? It's long out of prin.
  3. Is there a way to get this product anymore?
  4. Thanks all. I probably think there's more of a difference between these systems then there really is. e.g., a monster from BRP or Mythras or RQ or whatever would be mostly interchangeable (other than hit locations).
  5. Looking for an alternative to WFRP 4e that is d100. Ideas I've had. Renaissance d100/Clockwork and Chivalry, etc.: not sure if the magic system is robust enough for PCs. Not sure where I'd get creatures from or how I'd make my own. Mythras: outside my crunch comfort. OpenQuest: not sure if bestiary is big enough for what I'd need. Not sure how to make it work for that time period. CoC 7e: cool, but would somehow need to hack in a magic system and figure out how to make creatures.
  6. Does anyone have the Big Damn Book of Monsters? It was a fan supplement with monsters
  7. cool. that works perfectly. If for example I was running a game where PCs were supernatural creatures with some kind of scale differential vs normal people, I could say PC's in there Super Werwolf form have that scale difference vs normal people.
  8. Is there a way to handle "Scale"? e.g., giant robots, World of Darkness werewolves are all operating on a larger scale compared to a normal person (who has normal 0-100% percentage ranges).
  9. I just bought the game. Where will the eratta be posted?
  10. I may have misread things but I thought I read that the new Jackals game by Osprey publishing (1) uses open quest and (2) uses an opposed roll where the defender can damage the attacker depending on the roll. Does that sound right?
  11. What is up with Revolution D100.
  12. I really like the CoC 7e chassis, and while I have the Grimoire for 7e it's still mostly a bunch of mythos spells. Mythras, BRP, etc. all have cool non-mythos magic systems. Is there any easy way to integrate?
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