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  1. [HQ2] Preparation / Advantage / Situation Changes

    Do the Glorantha books have any additional mechanical widgets?
  2. In games like Fate you can decide to roll to take risky/action consuming actions that if possible, give you a leg up (create advantage). Other games have more mechanical versions of this (e.g., different combat actions in savage worlds). It *seems* like beyond narrating the outcome, in an extended contest you're just rolling until the outcome is achieved, usually on the same trait repeatedly against the same resistence. e.g., Round 1: "I feint and stab him" (rolls Master Swordsman of Ginaz 2W against resistance X) Round 2: "I leap on a table, then kick him in the face as I slash downward" (same roll as above) Am I missing something?
  3. Simplified Antagonists

    In The One Ring NPCs: have simplified stat blocks (e.g., everything they can do physically is represented by a single stat); have an attribute level (which describes their overall competence level; have keywords and underlined things that indicate situations where their attribute level gets added to their overall competence gets their attribute level added to their competence I think Cypher System and Chronicle of Darkness (Hunter the Vigil) NPC's work similarly.
  4. Simplified Antagonists

    It seems like NPC's are built exactly like PC's - skills, stats, hit locations, etc. Is there some approach for building simplified antagonists?
  5. [HQ2] Basic Mechanics Questions

    [HeroQuest 2, p. 22] a hero w/ a 3W mastery with a -6 penalty has a target number of 17 I'm not clear why that's a 17. If you forget about the -6 penalty then they have to roll a 3 or under, and get a free bump up because of their Mastery (if it's not canceled). Wouldn't the -6 just reduce their target number to 1? Or does it eliminate the mastery. If that's the case, and I had 3W2, would it still reduce it to 17 or something else?
  6. HQ 2 has a Death Spiral alternate rule on p. 76, which is a bit like the Mythic Russia Chained Contest. Has anyone used the MR Chained Contest in their Heroquest 2e games? How did you adapt it? How did it work? What do you do to run great extended contests? The thread below on RPG net shows there's lots of different opinions on what the rules actually allow and how people run them. How do you set up good ones? What rulings do you use? https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?583487-HeroQuest-Switching-Tactics-in-Extended-Contests/page3
  7. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    I did read the examples in the HeroQuest Glorantha book, but I didn't understand them until I looked at the examples that were posted here.
  8. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    This is really helpful. If you have a mastery (e.g., 1W), do you auto succeed (since any roll is always under 21), do you only succeed on a 1 (and therefore a critical) that you get a free bump for (from the mastery)/
  9. Can someone walk me through (or point me to) a walk through of the core mechanic. I'm reading through HeroQuest Glorantha and I'm completely unclear on how a Simple Contest works.
  10. Other Worlds RPG

    Newt, how does HeroQuest avoid the narrative exhaustion you mentioned. It seems like it should have the same issue..
  11. Setting Narrative Difficulty

    Cool. I have Hamlets Hit points. I'm not that interested in Hill Folk / Drama System, but that's a personal preference.
  12. Other Worlds RPG

    Ha. it seems pretty cool. I'm only mentioning it because I just got it and people say it's like HeroQuest.
  13. Other Worlds RPG

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the OtherWorlds RPG? It seems a lot like HeroQuest
  14. Setting Narrative Difficulty

    Sweet. I'm going to buy that book.