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  1. Stats for NPCS: Starbrow, Fazzur, Argrath, etc

    If you could do something similar to the encounters section in the Sartar Companion (but with RQG stats!) that would be great, IMHO.
  2. Crowd Source Editing: Cults of Prax

    Page 71 Analyze Magic 3 points Should be Analyze Magic 1 point
  3. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    Yes. In the 120% fighter A vs 85% fighter B situation, fighter A has less than a 5% of getting their attacking weapon damaged. But if they split their attacks to 60% then the chance goes up to 30%+ per attack. However, the rules at being worked on, so let's see what happens .
  4. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    It was a 100 copies!
  5. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    Not that there is much fundamentally amiss with RQG IMHO, but polishing takes time.
  6. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    AFAIK, a number of those who bought RQG have given feedback: so much so that they need to digest that information first before trying to take on any more.
  7. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    My concern too is that attacking weapons are too easily damaged by a parrying weapon. To put numbers on this: An attacker at 55% is parried by a defender at 85%. This translates to about 30% chance that the result is a failed attack vs. normal parry. This would result in the parrying weapon rolling damage direct to the attacking weapon's HP. Then add to that another 6-7% chance for combinations of failed/fumbled attack and critical/special parry, for other types of serious parrying weapon damage against the attacking weapon's HP. How do beginning adventurers start out against the big boys and girls without a sack full of weapons! This is much less of an issue with a skilled attacker (e.g. 85%) against a lesser defender (e.g. parry 55%) with respective likelihoods of about 6% and 1-2%. Parrying weapons are less likely to receive significant damage (only a 8% +/-3% chance on each parry) from a successful attack. Hence the main issue seems to be the damage done by a defending weapon on a failed attacking weapon. (For this reason: not much value in shields ).
  8. Queens Post on page 187 but Queen's Post on the map (e.g. page 176 and page 180)
  9. Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018

    True, there is a proviso on this: "We won't be Kickstarting any releases in the Call of Cthulhu line going forward (or RuneQuest either). We still might use Kickstarter for special projects, and for our boardgames line. Our new Miskatonic U boardgame, for example. MOB - Chaosium Inc."
  10. Mythic Iceland 2nd Edition is progressing!

    The plans for Mythic Iceland sound very interesting. I'm looking forward to what will be produced. Any chance of an ancient mythic-period of Greece? Jason and the Argonauts type romp through the known and mythic world? This has always seemed the epitome of RuneQuest on Earth to me.
  11. I backed it as I am after a leather document holder, and after looking around in local stored I have come to realise this is the going cost for a decent one. At least until you start factoring in shipping and the battered British £...
  12. RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    New Chaosium have made many very sensible and sometimes tough business decisions and gaming decisions. I appalled them in this. Its licensees have done well with successful Cthulhu Kickstarters (e.g. Props of Nyarlathotep (2); Cthulhu Metal Dice Set; Call of Cthulhu Document Wallet). The demand for bling is there, and this should provide Chaosium with extra funds to produce its high quality products. This is surely a good thing? As for the relevance to your game, that will be down to your situation and style. We all recognise that we go about play in different ways. One last point: quite a bit of the bling has had practical application from dice to maps to miniatures to even T-shirts (not that I need any more). IMHO things like coins should be kept back in play and got out as an unexpected 'wow' factor and a laugh for the players.
  13. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    A good question. May be this should be the start of a 'Tribal Source Edition: RQG' thread?
  14. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    If the reaction of a number of different individuals is broadly similar then it's worth Chaosium listening. Especially if there is a more objective viewpoint (the association with the Mongoose Logo) - note that even if MRQ was your go-to game this association is probably still there. At least here the reaction doesn't feel ego-driven, rather a honest appraisal.
  15. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    It would be good to hear from Chaosium explaining why this new font is preferable. As is I cannot see its connection with Bronze Age, Mythic, or Glorantha. It also looks quite different from the Quickstarter RuneQuest font, which cannot really help?