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  1. Book 2 has more pages on Jonstown than a Gloranthan overview. It is a colourful city overview with RQG stats for its personalities. It's the Apple Lane (on steroids) for RQG. Book 3 is a Soloquest, but still worth mining for how an important event translates to actual play.
  2. I really hope that Jeff et al, does only give a skeletal outline of the Hero Wars. The bulk of the book should be about how to flesh out a campaign that will inevitably deviate from official KoS propaganda. No more 'huge amounts of text about background and whatnot' is a great step forwards.
  3. Looks very nice. Thanks for the labour of love gone into this.
  4. Same method used in the rules book. Let's stick with that.
  5. -- Use 'Chaos feature' as a hypernym for 'Chaotic feature' and 'Curse of Thed feature' Page 24. Chaos Feature This spell bestows upon the target a Chaos feature. Targets permanent Chaos feature and the Chaos Rune at 60% A successful cast means that the target gains a Chaos feature. Each additional Chaos feature taken results in a ....assumption of another Chaos feature. Page 27 Chaos Gift. The caster adopts a random Chaos feature from the Chaotic Features table (page 25). If Page 33. Conversion of Chaos Side Effects D6 Result 1 Target gains 3D6 Chaotic features (page 25) that last for 1D6 days... 2 Target gains 20% with the Chaos Rune but does not gain a Chaotic feature (page 25). 5 Target gets a permanent detrimental Chaos feature (see the Curse of Thed table, page 26) and gains... 6 Target gets a permanent detrimental Chaos feature (see the Curse of Thed table, page 26) and an obvious --also put page reference in the first incidence discussed Page 35 Create Head ...Chaos feature, increased by +5% each time this spell is cast. Only one feature can be so acquired each time. The Chaos feature is not necessarily favorable. Page 36 Create Head Create Head Chaos Features Create Head ...Once a Chaos feature has been gained, there is a noncumulative Page 71. Rebirth of Chaos ...Rune Masters undergo, and in addition gives the member a Chaotic feature (page 25). --referring to the table not the spell? Rebirth of Chaos ...A broo with two Chaotic features stands Page 123 Chaotic Features 24 Chaotic Features table 25
  6. Page 19 Blinding ...light, such as trolls, dwarves, and gorps, are not hampered Page 50 Extension The number of Rune points used in Extension affects a spell’s duration as follows: Extension Duration Extension Rune points Spell Duration 1 One hour ... -- There is only one Extension spell to learn. Page 62 Jabbers: impale, and do 1D8+1 damage plus any damage bonus. Jabbers: The jabbers has twice the -- This nonstackable spell provides one jabber. The Bagog 'Claws' spell uses the above format Page 62 Leap: up to 6 meters high or 6 meters long. Each point stacked adds 6 meters to the jump -- easier to read, and for consistency Page 63. Lie: They continue to believe it until they have incontrovertible evidence of its falsehood, or for at least one full melee round in any case. For example,....or until the end of the full melee round after the spell was cast. -- The example makes no sense. If the Lie is evident at the end of the melee round there is no need to wait till dawn or do a Divination? Page 64 Magnify Command points were stacked with 2 Rune points used in Extension 2 (duration 24 hours) and a Command Water --There is only one Extension spell Page 85 Stinger...(which can improve with experience), doing 1D10 damage plus damage bonus, and Page 85 Stone-biting..This spell is used only by troll initiates against dwarves. Each Page 83 Spider’s Head This spell gives a spider’s Bite attack the ability to impale Page 99 Transform Head (Locust)... a Bite attack with a skill of 25% (which can be improved Page 99 Transform Head (Beetle) They gain an extra Bite attack doing a base damage of 2D6 Page 201 Venom Bite With a successful Bite attack that does damage --predominantly capitalized elsewhere
  7. Page 46 Earthwarm: ...(and ten centimeters deep) to be warmed by 10 °C for 12 Earthwarm: ...or raises the temperature by +5 °C. Page 49 Exchange Spells. If the Exchange Spells succeeds,... Exchange Spells. If the spell passed gives the target more points of spirit magic than points of CHA... Page 52 Firedwell: Only divine intervention by a Heat cult can undo this. -- What's a 'Heat' cult? No mention of this in RQG Page 52 Firelight...This spell heats one cubic meter of stone to 85 °C. The stone.. Firelight...spell adds +10 °C to the heat and brightens the light, until Page 56 Harmony: ...emotion-affecting spells (such as Demoralize and Fanaticism, pages 112 and 114) that are weaker --Alphabetical and chronological order Page 52 Frost...frost until the ground or air temperature rises above 10 °C. Page 57 Heat Blast: ...Earthwarm (page 46) or naturally warmed to at least 40 °C... Page 111 Cool...within the radius to be 5 °C cooler than the surrounding Cool...to or below the freezing point (0 °C).
  8. Page 47. Lead [] has half-again the ENC of bronze unless enchanted, at which point is becomes equal. Even -- To be the same as RQ Gamemasters Adventures, page 121 Page 47. Lead ...Stealth-based skills. Enchanted lead formed into crushing weapons -- For clarity, if this is actually the case?
  9. Page 41 Decrease Temperature: This spell decreases the temperature by 1D6 °C for a radius Decrease Temperature: intensifies the cold by an additional 1D6 °C or doubles the Himile had 'Form Ice' in Troll Gods as one of his Rune spells. Is this now no longer in his repertoire? Page 58 Hurling: caster have their range multiplied by 5. [no 'x'] [Note Glue on page 115 has it as: "...points powering the spell, multiplied by 10. Glue..." Other potentially missing Rune Spell Swems (deity of worms) had "Worm's Head" from page 84 of Troll Gods. All other Spirits of Darkness are in there, except this one.
  10. Page 82 Spell Trading. This spell allows the caster to trade a single use of any Rune spell (except this one) in exchange for a single use of any Rune spell known by another Rune master of any cult. Page 82 Spell Trading. Jorjera, on the other hand, now has a single use of Path Watch at 92% -- Clarity & ease of reading: the spell description talks about "one use" and "one-use", but these have different meanings.
  11. Argan Argar has Mastery, Darkness, and Communication Runes in the GtG, but Darkness and Harmony in RQG. What is Argan Argar's association with Communication?
  12. Page 55. Group Defense. Self, Duration (special), Stackable. --What is the Duration (apart from 'Special')? Page 55. Hailstones ...2D6 general hit point damage per round to everything in a five-meter radius of the target. --It's an Instant spell Page 55 - 56. Harmonize, Harmony & Harmonium are out of alphabetical order
  13. Page 51. Fearless...or to the typical fear resulting from battle, Chaos, or Terrors (see the Glorantha Bestiary, page 188). Page 69. Power Drain -- Should the first one read: Power Drain ([deity] variant)? Page 70. Example: Loronaga has performed the Meld Form ritual three times and can turn into a cat, a bison, and a sea serpent. If she casts 3 points of Proteus, she can switch back and forth between her own shape, the cat’s, the bison’s, and the sea serpent’s. Thus, she could become a cat, then a bison, then herself, then a sea serpent, then a cat again, if she wished. Page 72. Rune point will make the roots as good as if they were found in Dark Season, potency 1D12. --- The Seasonal Potency table has it as 1D12. Page 74. Require Truth. They could even ask only some of the questions and return days or weeks (or years) later for more questions,
  14. Page 56. Harmony. The caster makes a single roll on the resistance table. All others whose POW would be overcome are affected. Example: Fildarus has POW 14 and rolls a 42. Everyone within range with a POW of 15 or less is affected. -- Fildarus is actively trying to overcome everyone, therefore Fildarus is the active factor (page 145 RQG). Page 61. Inviolable...own POW, as if the caster were the active characteristic, following the results until a value lower than the roll is reached. Page 61. Example:...Her POW is 15. She rolls a 42 on D100. Consulting the resistance table as if she were engaging in a POW vs. POW struggle[comma] with herself as the active force, Yanioth’s result puts her lower than 45 (POW 16), but above 40 (POW 17). This means that the spell affects anyone in range with POW 16 or lower. --The caster is the active factor. ----In both cases it follows the caster has better results from making a lower roll, the standard for RQG.
  15. Page 5. There are other forms of magic as well, such as sorcery and draconic magic, but those are beyond the scope of this book. Suggest: Other forms of magic as well exist, such as sorcery and draconic magic, but those are beyond the scope of this book. Page 5. ...time-consuming and/or Power-consuming... Page 5. Ritual Spell: These spells can only be cast during a ritual. These spells direct and define the ritual, and vice versa. Suggest: Ritual Spell: Cast only during a ritual, these spells direct and define the ritual, and vice versa. Page 5. If there is a limit to the spell’s strength, that limit is included in its description. Suggest: Any limit to the spell’s strength, that limit is included in its description. Page 6. Meditation Modifier table. Suggest using the format of the table on page 245, RQG. Page 9. Spells should be appropriate to the god. Humakt is concerned with Death and fighting; Kyger Litor with people trolls and Darkness; Orlanth... spirit plane or Spirit Plane: varies between page 20, 51, 79. Suggest changing page 20 to 'spirit plane' to be the same as the lower caps as the others (lower caps also use for material plane on page 9).
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