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  1. It's worth noting that some of the Griffin Island material added to the Gloranthan Classic Griffin Mountain wasn't always a naturally fit as they are slightly different gaming systems. It remains to been seen what's added to each of the rest of the RuneQuest Classic series, but so far these reprints have kept better to the feel of the era (i.e. by not importing RQ3 material; less retrospective comments on what went before, not updating Gloranthan lore to fit current canon, and only using art from the era etc.). As much as I value the Gloranthan Classics I'm glad the RuneQuest focus falls completely onto RQG as the RQ Classic series reprints is completed. This provides Chaosium with a clean and clear linear RPG product line. At the right time, and if it doesn't disrupt the RQG production line, a RQ3 Gloranthan scenarios Kickstarter might be of value to bridge the Gloranthan scenario timeline gap between RQ Classic and RQG. However adding in a third (slightly different) system doesn't feel right. Changing RQ3 scenarios over to RQG might work, and might be something that fits better with a Kickstarter business model. Chaosium might be able pay an author upfront to change one or two RQ3 supplements to RQG then let the Stretch Goals decide how far it can be taken.
  2. Well I guess I can say for all of us that we're pretty glad that this didn't actually happen. The darkest before the dawn of a new golden era.
  3. King of Dragon Pass gives a quite a bit more than cattle raids, you know that Jeff. But there is a level of quality that a number of HW/HQ1 products did not hit. That's why the breadth and depth given by, say, Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is so much better than, say, Barbarian Adventures, the latter which acted as a portal to drain my enthusiasm from the game world. For MRQ it looks as Loz's eloquent and balanced appraisal get the vote with 23 Likes (and counting). I've kept a few of Mongoose fanzine level products (most written by Loz), at least until better versions can be produced. It is a shame that Loz and Pete did not have the opportunity to be involved with a production team and be given the level of support, quality and love now being shown by the new Chaosium team.
  4. Possible tweaks to the current version of Plunder: Page 2 Contents: Page Numbers are missing Missing from the list is: Chameleon Tents Change: Dragonewt Skin Armore to Dragonewt Skin Armor Change: Fabulous Quills of the Wyrms' Friends to Fabulous Quills of the Wyrm’s Friends to be consistent with the original text, and consistent with page 33 Change: Green Snake's Skulls here to Green Snakes Skulls to be consistent with page 38 (however, spelt Snakes’ on page 37 of the original) Change: Golding Bones to Godling Bones AND please put in the correct order (before Golden Torches) Change: Lunar Sweater to Lunar Sweaters Put Nosma's Wig after Morokanth Thumbs on the list Put Soup Bones after Snake Staves on the list Missing: More Plunder, list of Treasures, and page numbers for those Cover Illustration — TOM SULLIVAN & Interior illustration — LUISE PERENNE was it not Rick Becker who did these illustrations? RuneQuest, Glorantha[comma] and HeroQuest are trademarks of Moon Design Publications. Page 25 Change 1H Warhammer to 1H warhammer as per the original Change Darktongue to Dark Tongue (as keeping with the original and the rest of the document, or change the other mentions of Dark Tongue to Darktongue) Page 26 Put the following sentence into a new paragraph (it doesn’t belong in the ‘Hostile’ paragraph, and was a separate paragraph in the original): “In most cases, the reaction will be neutral so no attempt has been made to list every group which would react neutrally”. Page 30 Change Hortap Drash to Hortaga Drash as per the original Page 31 Deletion: THE CRYSTAL GOBLET OF THE SKY Page 33 Change Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends to Empire of the Wyrms Friends (if you’re also changing the Lankhor Mhy spellings etc.) Page 34 Change FIRE STICKS to FIRESTICKS Page 35 Suggest changing: “the property of Zackhom, a Hero from the east” to “the property of Zackhorn, a Hero from the east” Hard to be sure even on close inspection of the original Page 41 The wig was made by a powerful Dawn Age Hero, Nosmas. So should the Heading be: Nosmas’ Wig? Or maybe change the text to be: Nosma. Page 43 Deletion: THE SADDLE OF WANTOO Page 47 Change “war hammer” to “warhammer” (twice), or make the appropriate changes so it's consistent with page 25 Page 47 “Dwarves will not pay a cent for it as they feel it belongs to them.” OK this was in the original, but was an original typo that must have read: “Dwarves will not pay a clack for it as they feel it belongs to them.” Ask Greg ;-) Page 49 Change “Each of these geysers IS located above an imprisoned air spirit.” to “Each of these geysers is located above an imprisoned air spirit.” Change “There is no exact value to these geysers be-cause they are not portable” to “There is no exact value to these geysers because they are not portable” Page 50 Enemy –[space]Zorak Zoran, Vivamort. Page 51 Under DIVINE HARPS and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] “The harps can only be used by someone with a 90% skill in harp.” In Borderlands and Beyond it is written as: “The harps can only be used by someone with a 90% or better skill in harp.” Similarly: “he or she looses 1 point of permanent power.” “he or she looses 1 point of permanent POW.” Also probably should say? : “he or she loses 1 point of permanent POW.” Under FOOTPRINTS OF A GOD and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] Change: “world and engaged in mighty struggles with other gods and the forces of chaos.” To “world and engaged in mighty struggles with other gods and the forces of Chaos.” Page 51 FROG MASK maybe should be FROG MASKS as Borderlands and Beyond Page 53 Horns of the Great Broo, this should be before Issaries Guide Coins Under Horns of the Great Broo and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] Borderlands and Beyond on page 217 has Issaries Staves – should this be in the list? Under LEAD CROSSES and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] Page 54 Suggest placing the following text in a more logical place: “Treasures of Runequest by Rudy Kraft, as originally published in Pegasus magazine issues #2 and #8.” SULAN’S SCENIC PAINTINGS and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] Change History to History [Bold] Page 55 THUNDEROUS COMB and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash] Page 56 ULERIA’S CHARMS and CULTS Change: - to – [long dash]
  5. Sounds like a job for Kickstarter! But not just yet...
  6. At some stage the RQ3 scenarios might be converted to RQG and used as a bridging group of adventures between RQ2 and RQG? Not sure if that was in the original plans!
  7. No doubt the luminaries will answer but a few thoughts: 1. If you buy The Guide from Chaosium they will get all the revenue. 2. It's £40 of pure awesome Gloranthan Gold. 800 pages of mind blowing art, detail description, maps, and background from decades of development from a very large number of contributors, least not Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen's deep delve into the world. Treat your wife nicely, as always. In fact really, really nicely and go for The GtG slipcase set. In the unlikely event you do not take to it then there is market for The Guide and you are likely to get most of the money back (but get to keep the PDF).
  8. That too! ;-)
  9. I agree with what you say except please don't say "Adventures in Glorantha". Given the track record of AiG its name is the kiss of death to a new RQ game!
  10. Great to hear. Will there also be a fancy Leatherette edition?
  11. CoC 7th had some very nice Leather(ette) books and a slipcase, any chance of this being done for RQG?
  12. On the Campaign Page each of the supplements have written under them: "We will print a softcover book and make it available for sale in 2016." Even the #4 Update on Runemasters has: "The PDF will be available as an add-on for $5, ready for download as soon as the Kickstarter ends. We'll also print a softcover book and make it available for sale in 2016."
  13. Could you please also give news on the last RQ Kickstarter? The completion date for that Kickstarter was 2016, yet 9 stretch-goal PDFs are yet to be delivered. Requests for an update on that site has not been responded to so far this year. It would be good to complete that one before starting another.
  14. Fair enough!! Seven being?: 13th Age in Glorantha The Glorantha Source Book RuneQuest Core Rules RuneQuest Gamemaster Book RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary RuneQuest The Dragon Pass Campaign The Eleven Lights (Red Cow Vol. 2)
  15. 1. This makes eminent sense. Easily recognisable yet distinguishable. Kudos 2. This highlights why there should not be generic scenario books. Or just have free PDFs to 'translate' scenarios as best you can. 3. Yes please KS! But the real value (e.g. funds for more art / content / maps etc.) for doing a KS might now be lost if KS has slid too far towards a glorified pre-ordering business.