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  1. Thanks Rick for doing this. Many points made me smile for different reasons, and in particular this one. Truly from the dawn of the RPG era.
  2. Page 105 Homes Small Home 8 weeks - in keeping with the adjacent lines in the table Page 105 Completion and possession of a palace earns its - in keeping with above table
  3. Page 49 Guard, Unskilled: Price: 2 C per day or 11 L per season. Guard, Veteran: Price: 1 L per day or 56 L per season. - 56 days in a season. Or is it a lower rate of pay for long-service?
  4. Page 67 Knapping is a specialty of the Craft skill (RuneQuest, pages 185–186), primarily used in remote areas but still among some urban folk still. --Easier to read? Page 67 equal number of points to a minimum of 0. Thus, a stone knife, normally 1D3+1 damage, that has suffered 2 points of damage has its damage reduced by –2, to 1D3–1, minimum of 0. --Makes sense this way Page 69 See the rules for Grappling (RuneQuest, page 224).
  5. Page 52 The rates are for average performers, and more skilled performers (75%) may cost 1.5× the rate, --This does not make sense, as most of the Entertainers in the table above are 75%. Can you make this less confusing please? Page 52 or a Darktongue inscription on stone. --They're not going to waste good food? Page 53 Among the most notorious slavers in Glorantha are the nonhuman Morokanth, who herd humans as if they were cattle. --I assume this is propaganda that's allowed to pass? Page 55 Spirit magic, or extra magic points for a Rune spell, costs 1 L per magic point.
  6. Page 44 Awakened Bird Bite 25 1D3-1D4 Page 44 Awakened Bird Tail 01 0/1 Right Hind Leg 02–04 0/2 Left Hind Leg 05–07 0/2 Abdomen 08–09 0/3 Chest 10–12 0/4 Right Wing 13–14 0/3 Left Wing 15–16 0/3 Head 17–20 0/3 - To be consistent with Page 10, Gloranthan Bestiary Page 46 Other Animals Beetle, Guard: Among the Uz the guard beetle is common and comes in many varieties. See the Glorantha Bestiary, pages 131–132. Prices: see page 32 of this book. They are provided in bolgs, as only Uz buy or sell guard beetles, and usually only to other Uz. - Keep in the same format. Direct the reader to where they can find the prices Page 47 Skill Rating Competency Beginner (25–49%) Roll 23+1D20+1D6 -- Less dice, and this way works. Page 48 A master-level hireling is extremely rare and generally is not found randomly. -- cleaner? Page 48 children. Briefer long-term employment, for five years, is possible, but there is no pension. -- Avoid using "Shorter" as it unnecessarily clashes with the later term Page 49 The standard expectation is that 5% of all loot so gathered is to be divided among the warriors. -- nothing to interpret? Page 50 trimmed, fingernails cleaned, ears irrigated, and even --more plausible Page 50 adjacent to a public bath, masseurs and masseuses work to strain and pain --assuming there are male massage therapists in Glorantha?
  7. Page 44 ...of spirit magic at that point. Sometimes these spells mimic those of their companions, while other times they complement that of their companion’s abilities. Teaching an awakened animal additional magic... - the paragraph is about spells. Best not to mix with the concept of abilities. Page 45 use the generic one nearby, customized as desired
  8. Page 81 Table Rhino Hide Move Quietly –5%‡ [use "–"] Page 81 Table Footnotes Delete: “These fractional ENCs add together, so that an adventurer with hood and composite helm, two daggers, one dart, and a pair of light cestuses would have a total 3 ENC from these objects.” -- Table footnotes are not for rules details. Place text elsewhere to allow easy reference. Page 81 Table Footnotes ** Can be worn under any other armor, with a cumulative encumbrance penalty. Instead of leather, this could also be quilted or thick cloth. It has the same qualities as described for leather. Suggest a more succinct ** Can be worn under any other armor, with a cumulative encumbrance penalty. Instead of leather, quilted or thick cloth can be used for the same qualities. Page 81 Table Footnotes † These are considered to cover the entire limb, although the actual armor which goes by these names only covers the area between elbow and hand (vambraces) and knee and foot (greaves). Suggest a more succinct † Considered to cover the entire limb, although the only area covered for vambraces is between elbow and hand, and for greaves is between knee and foot. Page 81 / Page 89 Skirts, Heavy Leather: A skirt is made of heavy leather so thick that it is unwearable save by the strongest of creatures. Trolls only. Price: 20 L. - Also, heavy leather skirts are not listed on the Nonhuman Armor table page 89
  9. Page 36 These are addressed in the Glorantha Bestiary (pages 130–136) and are described further in Into the Troll Lands. Into the Troll Lands - what are you referring to here? Page 89 Troll merchants may insist on pricing in bolgs, 100 B to 1 L. Suggest Troll merchants may insist on payment in bolgs, 100 B to 1 L.
  10. Page 28 Bee Produce I think you are missing a trick here about the increased SIZ (Trollpak Classic page 156). It has many reputed therapeutic uses and is also considered a gift worthy of a king or queen. Suggest instead: It has many reputed therapeutic uses including the chance to perform the impossible: raise SIZ! ---Talk about it as its use in the game. Page 28 Bee Produce Price: Price: 5,000 L (at a troll enclave) or 18,000 L if sold elsewhere by the infamous troll merchant Protosome BlackBite. Suggest instead: Price: 5,000 L at the infamous troll merchant Protosome BlackBite's Grubfarm or 18,000 L if sold elsewhere.
  11. Page 14 Lead Lead (na-metal) is soft and pliable. It has half-again the ENC of bronze, unless enchanted, at which point is becomes equal. Even in its unenchanted form, ----Add the text to make this the same as Page 121 of RuneQuest: Gamemasters Adventures. Without it then Page 89 table of W&E is incorrect.
  12. Page 14 Aranea: Enchant Iron, Enchant Silver I'm not sure if this is an error or not. As a Darkness associated cult would Aranea more likely have Enchant Lead than Iron?
  13. Page 124 regeneration. TheyExtremely rare and expensive, they are
  14. Thanks Nick. The correction was a placeholder for me until the official thread came along. Then transfer corrections (if no-one else picks them up) across.
  15. The machinations of the Mods is beyond out ken, but reverential compliance is acceptable. Page 3 One gram is 1 cm3 [superscript '3'] of water
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