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  1. jongjom

    Change log for updated PDF's

    Could you please post the link when Chaosium said that a change log PDF was not acceptable?
  2. jongjom

    Change log for updated PDF's

    A few thoughts: They're working on the first step to keep the PDF's labelled (link above). Most changes are minor typos that don't affect the game. What you might want is rule clarifications, which is what is going into the RuneFix file. As far as I can see MOB was correcting someone else's erroneous and verbose comments. Chaosium is done very well given the context of the last few days. "'Big and fat" it just isn't; soldiering on to keep the vision going and fans happy as best they can, might be closer to the truth. The second printing will not be with us for a couple of months at least, but the current book is very playable and once any RuneFix update is done (as required) you'll have all that is needed. Have a look at what is going on from another perspective (not necessarily this one, just a different one).
  3. Page 197 Ghost Attitude and POW (table) Move 'POW' so it aligns with the numbers beneath. May be also move across the second D100 column to the right to make things more obvious. Page 198 Insanity; ...is cured either by Cure Disease skill or Cure All Disease spell,.... Do you mean: Insanity; ...is cured either by Cure Disease ability or Cure All Disease spell,.... (As per the Shamanic ability on page 360 of the Core rules) Or Insanity; ...is cured either by Treat Disease skill or Cure All Disease spell,.... (as page 182 of the Core rules)
  4. Page 203 Hollri 184 (not italics?) Jack O' Bears 101 (? capital font) Page 204 Uz (Trolls) 71 Mistress Race (UzUz) 76 Trollkin (Enlo) 77 Trolls, Great (Uzdo) 76 Trolls, Sea (Uztagor) 79
  5. Normally it's small cap darkness elemental, except: Page 178 [Boxed section] Most have a darkness elemental body. Page 197 combination darkness elemental/dryad, with all the abilities of both. Similarly for earth elemental: Page 57 They summon and control those useful creatures, earth elementals. Page 172 The sprul-pa are not undead and are more akin to earth elementals. Page 180 More powerful and sentient earth elementals are the
  6. The Bestiary has an extra "+" in front of the 2D6+3
  7. Page 167 Animal Spirits POW 1D6 to 4D6 4–14 [the same as its Magic Points]
  8. Page 165 Spirit Combat Damage 41–56 2D6+3 - No "+" required, as per the Core Rules page 56
  9. Page 363 Example: Vishi Dunn’s last shamanic ability point—increasing Spirit Mastery from 3 to 4—cost him 3 characteristic points. Page 363 He then takes a fifth point of Spirit Mastery, which now costs him only 1 characteristic points instead of the 4 it would normally have otherwise cost. - on page 359 Vishi Dunn got his first Spirit Mastery for "free", so all increases in his Spirit Mastery ability cost one less (i.e. his increase to Spirit Mastery 3 cost only 2 DEX points). Change from "normally" as this is not normally the case, but the exception as he got the first level "free".
  10. jongjom

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I am thankful and sad in equal measure. My condolences to Greg's family and many friends. But also a celebration for a life that touched and inspired so many.
  11. Page 73 An average male dark troll stands 195–200 centimeters tall The Guide (page 95): "An average male stands 6’6” tall [198cm]" Page 73 The average female is somewhat larger, standing 200–205 centimeters tall The Guide (page 95): "Females are somewhat larger, an average female standing 6’8” tall [203cm]" - Trolls are meant to be big
  12. Page 374 is searching for a healing spirit, or a spell spirit that knows
  13. Page 83 An enchanted iron item has half again the number of hit or armor points. Each point of unenchanted ENC reduces the user's chance of casting magic by –5%, with the same chance that magic spells cast on them will have no effect. This will then be consistent with the GM Pack Adventures book.
  14. From the PDF I just downloaded from Chaosium: Page 434 The Old Skill was Climbing, the new skill should be Climb Page 337 - 338 Resurrect and Restore Health are not in alphabetical order Page 96 Spirit Magic: Detect Life (1 pt.), Heal 1, Mobility (1 pt.), Speedart (1 pt.), Strength (2 pts.). Page 182 The Spirit Combat skill is discussed on page 366. Page 250 See Spirit Combat on page 366 for more information. Page 281 A Rune Lord always resists magic and spirit combat with - Spirit combat uses a skill and not POW to resist with their species maximum POW Page 357 When manifest on the Mundane World, the fetch usually Page 413 regularly eat mockpork.) Thanks to Scott Mayne for this one: Page 203, right-hand column: If the adventurer fumbles the withdrawal, the weapon breaks, no matter what its hit points were at the time.
  15. jongjom

    So many errors and contradictions

    FYI, a lot of time was spent in regards of rules errors, inconsistencies, and to assess for clarity. As far as I know, prior knowledge of the rules was mixed for the reviewers. Life is too short to have Chaosium spend another year or so getting every glitch sorted. As is, Chaosium can make clarifications and RuneFixes so the remaining bugbears should be ironed out. As a consumer it is up to you to decide if the product is worth it. For me, it is an exceptionally high quality product in terms of rules, integration to Glorantha, art, maps, and as a physical book.