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  1. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    To Quote MOB: The Glorantha Sourcebook covers the following subjects:Geography: A basic overview of the geography of Glorantha.History of Dragon Pass: A history of the central crossroads of Glorantha.The Elder Races: A short overview of the main non-human species that predate humanity and once dominated the world.Theogony: The story of the gods of Glorantha, primarily arranged by element (Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, and Air).Time: A history of Glorantha since the first Dawn.Gods of the Lunar Way: The new gods of the Lunar religion.Redline History of the Lunar Empire: A comprehensive history of the Lunar Empire since its founding and going until the early Hero Wars.Gloranthan Magic: A short essay on the Gloranthan Runes, types of magic, and some theories about what is magic.Gods and Mortals: An overview of gods, mortals, and those who straddle both worlds.Sartar Magical Union: A list of the magical units that served Prince Argrath in his war against the Lunar Empire. He fails to mention the awesome art, of course! Great maps too.
  2. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 16 "Derik Pol-joni to pursue his vengeance and hatred" to match up with the Guide & Pavis:GtA it should be: "Derik Poljoni to pursue his vengeance and hatred" Page 19 he asked the son of Derik Poljoni to ride for him in a race. Page 78 "TY KORA TEK is also the Goddess of Dark in the Earth, mentioned elsewhere this issue as one of the Six Earths." 'elsewhere this issue' I guess this was from the WF magazine. Instead maybe have "TY KORA TEK is also the Goddess of Dark in the Earth, mentioned later on as one of the Six Earths." Page 92 and 94 and 129 To match up with the Guide change "Dragons' Nest" to "Dragon’s Nest"
  3. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 8 Upon the borders lie magical lands, and beyond those lie the Void, terrors, and the evil of Chaos. Page 18: Does this sentence make sense?: This Swordman returned in a cult of weapons masters in the time of the Feathered Horse Queen. Page 53 constructs (such as Jolanti and Page 56 Diamond Dwarfs [and later] Diamond dwarfs...but Diamonddwarves in the Guide Page 58 During this period, there was continued trouble Page 66 Ratslaf, Tylenea, Kargan Tor.; Page 167 "She prepared the city's grounds herself, and its her calm beauty is apparent." i) it is just one city? ii) the calm beauty is of the city? Page 173 In 4/34 (1443) trouble fell first amid the very heart of In 4/35 (1444), the Red Moon visibly dimmed In 4/37 (1446), the Sable People opposed In 4/40 (1449), the Emperor seized the
  4. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    I think you'll find out, one way or another, that this is still a "must get" item. However, if they toned down the background even more than its current faint level I would not be upset.
  5. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 17. Inkarne (born 1605, Feathered Horse Queen from 1625 onwards).
  6. To get the show on the road: Page iii Any questions or comments concerning these scenarios may be directed to Chaosium Inc. Page v worked on (watch closely gang, as the snowball gets rolled down the hill). Page 8 There were a few clashes with trolls or elves, but life was little changed from the days when Balazar’s sons ruled there. He was driven out before Time began by his foes, Page 13 than five knockback attacks (assuming average dogs) per round, coming in at SR 8,[space]9, 10, 11, and 12.
  7. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    That's my hope. The artsy one looks great, but tweaking it to make it more usable and easier to read the better.
  8. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Could Chaosium please respond to the comments about the runes / glyphs in the skills % column. Did they find that on their copies the runes / glyphs did not interfere with play testers' ease to read the skill %?
  9. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    I much prefer the arty character sheet, but would like the space where the skill numbers go to be clear. Could that not be an option?
  10. MiG’s Alive!

    Mongoose. Intense stupidity. Heinlein's old maxim remains intact.
  11. Mysticism Rune

    Well that was one that was so cool that it deserved to stay!
  12. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    The way the maths works for a 125% vs 75% contest against a 100% vs 50% one, means that your chance of a win of any kind is much greater when your opponent their % chance to defend lowered (respectively, Approx. >35% vs. Approx. >55% in this example). Also, although your chance of a critical goes down by 1% in this example, the opponent's chance of a fumble goes up 1%.
  13. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    It's RQG, but t'was the Gen Con edition that swung it for me. Respect to all other editions, except RosenMcStern's secret love: we know you clicked on it on purpose ;-)
  14. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    My guess it will be close to 3 years and done. The last 13thAge Glorantha update indicated about 75% of the layout had been done. So at the current rate the PDF should hopefully be done and available in a couple of months. Then one month or so to Crowd Source any typos, and then about 3 months for printing / shipping.
  15. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    The expected delivery date was July 2015.