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  1. That's a pretty amazing list. Very much looking forward to seeing the published book with the art.
  2. Kickstarter will answer the question of how many to print. One wrinkle is the original Kickstarter gave a discount on the printed book from your website for those who bought the PDF version, and for the higher Pledges.
  3. Please, more than a few. Also, if that is a taste of the art, then we'll wait patiently.
  4. And I thought I would get there first! Anyways at least I got there before the site crashes...
  5. Why do sorcerer have to blast off spells quickly and often? Being a sorcerer probably means swings and roundabouts. Great spells but limited in how quickly and in how many spells you can get off within a certain period of time, even with using magic point enchantments. Does this slow and infrequent casting of spells not reflect how it works in Glorantha? It is OK to use spirits if you're a RQG munchkin player, but I would imagine in Glorantha there are restrictions on sorcerers that limits this. Just like being to be the most effective warrior probably means using Mostali weaponry, if it wasn't for the in-world difficulties doing this.
  6. With the CoC Starter Set now available is there a date set when the leatherette Masks slipcase set will go on sale? Thanks in advance.
  7. jongjom

    RQG Prax

    Blogged elsewhere is a list of potential RQG supplements from Jason's Facebook page (https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2018/11/). However, the list has no mention of a Prax sourcebook and adventures. Is this supplement on the cards, at least in some indefinite point in the future?
  8. Attack Soul is in the Bestiary as a Subere spell available to Kyger Litor cultists.
  9. Page 197 Ghost Attitude and POW (table) Move 'POW' so it aligns with the numbers beneath. May be also move across the second D100 column to the right to make things more obvious. Page 198 Insanity; ...is cured either by Cure Disease skill or Cure All Disease spell,.... Do you mean: Insanity; ...is cured either by Cure Disease ability or Cure All Disease spell,.... (As per the Shamanic ability on page 360 of the Core rules) Or Insanity; ...is cured either by Treat Disease skill or Cure All Disease spell,.... (as page 182 of the Core rules)
  10. Page 203 Hollri 184 (not italics?) Jack O' Bears 101 (? capital font) Page 204 Uz (Trolls) 71 Mistress Race (UzUz) 76 Trollkin (Enlo) 77 Trolls, Great (Uzdo) 76 Trolls, Sea (Uztagor) 79
  11. Normally it's small cap darkness elemental, except: Page 178 [Boxed section] Most have a darkness elemental body. Page 197 combination darkness elemental/dryad, with all the abilities of both. Similarly for earth elemental: Page 57 They summon and control those useful creatures, earth elementals. Page 172 The sprul-pa are not undead and are more akin to earth elementals. Page 180 More powerful and sentient earth elementals are the
  12. The Bestiary has an extra "+" in front of the 2D6+3
  13. Page 167 Animal Spirits POW 1D6 to 4D6 4–14 [the same as its Magic Points]
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