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  1. Page 82 Spell Trading. This spell allows the caster to trade a single use of any Rune spell (except this one) in exchange for a single use of any Rune spell known by another Rune master of any cult. Page 82 Spell Trading. Jorjera, on the other hand, now has a single use of Path Watch at 92% -- Clarity & ease of reading: the spell description talks about "one use" and "one-use", but these have different meanings.
  2. Argan Argar has Mastery, Darkness, and Communication Runes in the GtG, but Darkness and Harmony in RQG. What is Argan Argar's association with Communication?
  3. Page 55. Group Defense. Self, Duration (special), Stackable. --What is the Duration (apart from 'Special')? Page 55. Hailstones ...2D6 general hit point damage per round to everything in a five-meter radius of the target. --It's an Instant spell Page 55 - 56. Harmonize, Harmony & Harmonium are out of alphabetical order
  4. Page 51. Fearless...or to the typical fear resulting from battle, Chaos, or Terrors (see the Glorantha Bestiary, page 188). Page 69. Power Drain -- Should the first one read: Power Drain ([deity] variant)? Page 70. Example: Loronaga has performed the Meld Form ritual three times and can turn into a cat, a bison, and a sea serpent. If she casts 3 points of Proteus, she can switch back and forth between her own shape, the cat’s, the bison’s, and the sea serpent’s. Thus, she could become a cat, then a bison, then herself, then a sea serpent, then a cat again, if she wished. P
  5. Page 56. Harmony. The caster makes a single roll on the resistance table. All others whose POW would be overcome are affected. Example: Fildarus has POW 14 and rolls a 42. Everyone within range with a POW of 15 or less is affected. -- Fildarus is actively trying to overcome everyone, therefore Fildarus is the active factor (page 145 RQG). Page 61. Inviolable...own POW, as if the caster were the active characteristic, following the results until a value lower than the roll is reached. Page 61. Example:...Her POW is 15. She rolls a 42 on D100. Consulting the resistance table a
  6. Page 5. There are other forms of magic as well, such as sorcery and draconic magic, but those are beyond the scope of this book. Suggest: Other forms of magic as well exist, such as sorcery and draconic magic, but those are beyond the scope of this book. Page 5. ...time-consuming and/or Power-consuming... Page 5. Ritual Spell: These spells can only be cast during a ritual. These spells direct and define the ritual, and vice versa. Suggest: Ritual Spell: Cast only during a ritual, these spells direct and define the ritual, and vice versa.
  7. jongjom


    Nah, that's all Debbie Harry
  8. Page 14. Awaken Loon. Ritual, Duration (Permanent), Nonstackable, One-use Page 21. Call Monster. Ritual, Summons, Nonstackable Page 27. Chaos Spawn. Ranged (special), Summon, Temporal, Nonstackable Page 66. Mountain Leap. Self, Temporal, Stackable, One-use Page 87. Strike. Touch, Temporal Duration (special), Nonstackable
  9. Page 30 Command (cult spirit):This common Rune spell Page 44. Dismiss Magic: This common Rune spell eliminates magic from its target. Page 51. Find Enemy. This common Rune spell alerts the caster to danger. Page 56. Heal Wound. This common Rune spell heals damage done to a living creature. Page 66. Multispell. This common Rune spell allows Page 76. Sanctify. Ritual, Duration (special)[comma] Stackable Page 80. Soul Sight. This common Rune spell allows the target both to see the POW
  10. Page 34 Crack Temporal spirit magic, Rune magic or sorcery does not make the item proof against immune to the spell, the caster may boost with magic points to overcome the magic at 2 points per Rune point, 1 point per point of spirit magic or 1 point per sorcery strength. --More coherent?
  11. Page 32 These skills cannot go higher than the caster’s INT×5 or the victim’s skill, whichever is lower. Page 123 - Missing Spell Cancel Light 23 Carapace (Bagog variant) 24 Carapace (Gorakiki variant) 24 Page 125 Spiderlimbs 83 Spider’s Head 83 There are listed in a different order to page 83 Page 126 Wolf Hide 104 Wolfrunning 104 Wolf ’s Head 104 There are listed in a different order to page 104
  12. Page 33 Counter Chaos; but Counterchaos on Page 80 & 82 of the Gloranthan Bestiary Page 100 Turn Blow. Poison and blade venom are is not reflected, but damage from weapon-enhancing spells like Bladesharp... 'blade venom' is not in RQG Page 100 Example: Ramba the priestess casts this spell in a fight against an elf. The spell takes effect on strike rank 3 1 and the elf hits with a long spear on strike rank 3 as well, simultaneously. RQ:RiG page 314: Rune magic spells always take effect at strike rank 1.
  13. The cover art is quite possibly the best representation of Gloranthan magic I have seen.
  14. The RuneQuest Companion was not part of the Glorantha Classics line. The ease of handling is the main thing, that and the original iconic cover art.
  15. Will there be a Secrets of Dorastor POD option soon? Cheers
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