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  1. Thanks, I didn't quite spot the singular vs. plural Gates. But this leads to the question is the Gate of Dawn an error (page 158): should this not be written in the plural? NB They are written in the plural on page 10.
  2. PDF page 10. Picture looks like the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. Gates of... are out of sequence in the Index page 768
  3. Any more news on the Eleven Lights ETA?
  4. It also looks like this new rule also improves the compatibility of RQG with the RQ2 supplements with character stats blocks and their list of Rune spells?
  5. Ok that makes sense. So only two shots in a round. That feels about right. Even House Ruling / simplyfying it, as styopa suggests, it to make it effectively one full % chance shot a round doesn't change the game too much.
  6. Looking at the characters in the QS there are some characters with a missile weapon SR of 1. So as it stands they can get 12 shots off in a round at their full base % chance each (accepting the risks etc.)? Is this doable? 12 javelins or small axes thrown with 'normal' accuracy in about 12 seconds? Hum...
  7. Using the same rule for missile weapons as for hand held ones makes sense to me. But I am not an archer!
  8. Yeah I reread (again!), saw that and agree. One potential typo: maybe replace 'absorbed' with 'deflected'.
  9. If you are not firing into a melee then you are firing at someone firing back at you? Balanced lethality? Rushing the enemy over open ground leads to big losses. Lethal, yes as always?
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but the damage has to equal or exceed the HP of the weapon to cause it damage, unless the attacker rolls a critical or critical? Rereading the QS leaves some ambiguity. Overall this means that basic run-of-the-mill weapons will probably soon get trashed against big, tough opponents but survive battles against minor opponents (unless they get lucky)? If so it makes sense to me. Looking forward to the complete rules, fully tweaked and polished.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Maybe a Core Book Supplement with separate booklets for HQ/RQG/13thAge Glorantha to cover the needs of the system. Forex: RQG will need stats for characters and spells etc. for cults. This could be done either as a Free PFD (especially I the content is small) or something to buy. RQ3 had some supplements with pull-out stats.
  13. Recently posted by MOB: You're in the fortunate position of having a copy already, but the Quickstart Rules have not been publicly released yet, nor will they be until Free RPG Day (June 17). We can have a public discussion about the contents of the book then, when more people can meaningfully participate. In the mean time, please take any discussion of the Quickstart over to the password-protected Cult of Chaos thread. This was set up to assist the GMs running the Quickstart on Free RPG Day. They are receiving their PDF copy beforehand, by agreement with the Free RPG Day organizers, but have been asked not to publicly share it or any spoilers in keeping with the spirit of Free RPG Day.
  14. Depicting different Gloranthan cultures in the style of ancient Earth cultures is all well and good, but IMHO the best Gloranthan art looks like it depicts a Gloranthan culture and is completely un-Earthly (e.g. Gene Day's art). Now that is to accept that certain armour / weapons etc. could look similar to this or that Earth era. However, great RQ art should have definite non-Earthly aspects (forex: Gene Day's Eternal Battle; the more recent Vale of Flowers snippet) that takes the reader's mind away from drawing Earthly parallels. For me, The Coming Storm drawings were very well drawn, but missed a trick in this respect.
  15. Is this an UK Games Expo exposé?