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  1. Games Workshop also printed a character sheet pack where you got 30 character sheets and 80 adventure sheets all for just £1.99, back in the day.
  2. I am not sure how many people look over each document before it goes out as a PDF, or in the tribal edit. However, some people focus on the rules, some on Gloranthan Lore, some on MGF, some on Grammar/Spelling, some on art, some on layout, and no doubt some on other stuff that I'm not really aware that needs focusing on but will no doubt notice if it goes wrong. Some glitches will always get through, and it is good that they can be brought up so that next time that type of error can be added to the check list.
  3. ...was the last tribal edit thread, AFAIK ...was the first tribal edit thread As far as I can see these typos managed to get through both in-house and tribal edits, until now!
  4. Tribal Edit for the GM pack is closed, otherwise it would be good to have these typo corrections listed there.
  5. Page 10 [what is a normal appetite? less information is more here] Delete redundant text Page 22 To match up the text with the Hit Location: Jardarin’s Hit Locations Abdomen 09–11 8/8 Page 27 between the Kultain and LocaemTribes[comma] and the Balmyr and Sambari Tribes. Page 119 [Climb roll?]. Possibly change to [Climb roll required].
  6. Some very impressive art, maps and visuals within. Can we have the corrections thread please? Just minor changes spotted so far
  7. Hi sufiazafran, YGWV, so it is really how you want to play it. However, in Trollpak, Classic Edition Page 29 Sorrow is expressed as pain: great wailing and crying. Triumph is shown by hooting and clapping. Disfavor is shown by making an ululating wail broken by a cluck. Approval is shown by howling. Producing children is more of a female concern. They are they matriarchy and their children will help support their position of power. Different for the males who also might not be so sure they are the paternal father of any children. Trollkin probably cry a lot, particularly if they're next in line on the menu, singled out for punishment or designated to go over the parapet to be used as cannon fodder.
  8. For consistency within the book: Page 17 Krola Sien Rune Spells: All common Rune spells, plus Leap (1 pt.), Mist Cloud (1 pt.), Summon Air Elemental (small or medium) (1- 2 pts.), Wind Warp (1 pt.). Page 17 / Page 20 / Page 23 / Page 26 / Page 26 / Page 32 / Page 33 Dera Zarka / Corsa the Lean / Scholar Wyrm / Keronorl / Leana the Elurae / Typical Incarnation of King Ironhoof / Hadra Fleetmane Rune Spells: All common Rune spells, -- Unless there is a need to change the emphasis and use "knowledge", in which case what are you trying to say? Page 20 Corsa the Lean Rune Spells: ...Mist Cloud (1 pt.), Shield 2,
  9. Good suggestion. A printable PDF version that's functional rather than for its look might be well received? May be worth asking if you haven't already. I recall RQ3 had separate booklet for stats for some supplements, even RGQ has it with the Pre-Gen characters in the box set.
  10. Page 42 Treya of Ezel Spirit Magic: Befuddle 2, Demoralize (1 pt.), Heal 2. Page 184 Broo Priest Spirit Magic: ...Detect Spirit (1 pt.), Disruption (1 pt.), Heal 6, Sleep (3 pts.). Maybe add: Spirit combat damage: 1D6+1 Page 185 Allied Spirits: Dancer ... knows Countermagic 4, Dispel Magic 6, Spirit Screen 4; Typical Broo Spirit Magic: Countermagic 2, Demoralize (2 pts.), Heal 3. Page 187 Typical Scorpion Man Spirit Magic: Ironhand (1 pt.), Heal 2, Mobility (1 pt.), Protection 2.
  11. Page 134 Namuru, Guardian Spirit Spirit Powers: Elemental Form, Rune.. Page 142 Imbaris, Guardian Spirit Spirit Powers: Elemental Form..
  12. Page 129 Skirmisher Spirit Magic: Firearrow (2 pts.), Heal 2, DEX SR: 2 [DEX is 15] -- Adjust their Weapon SR accordingly, or change their DEX to 12. Page 133 Ahazu, Guardian Spirit Spirit Powers: Elemental Form, Rune Magic
  13. Page 128 Captain Danbar of the Wardens Rune Spells: All common knowledge skills, plus Dismiss Air Elemental (small or medium) (1-2 pts.), -- Page 301 in the AiG Rulebook has: Special Rune Magic (all subcults): Dismiss Air Elemental (small or medium),
  14. Page 120-121 Typical Telmori Hunter Armor: Leather tunic (2 pts.), fur.. Page 121 Telmori Hunter Hit Locations Has no armor points on torso or limbs
  15. Page 115 Jorendona Earthspeaker …...Bear Fruit (1 pt.), Blast Earth (1 pt.), Bless Pregnancy (2 pts.),Charisma (1 pt.), Comfort Song (1 pt.), Dismiss Earth Elemental (any) (1–3 pts.), Earthpower (3 pts.), Heal Body (3 pts.), Healing Trance (1 pt.), Inviolable (1 pt.),......Restore Health (1 pt.), Shake Earth (1 pt.), Summon Earth Elemental (any) (1–3 pts.). -- Comfort Song is a Chalana Arroy only spell, however she does provide Ernalda with Healing Trance -- Similarly Maran Gor does not provide Ernalda with Shake Earth but does provide Blast Earth Page 116 Nilusa of the Brook Special Abilities Spirit Powers: Affect Environment, Elemental Form, Rune Magic. -- To avoid multiple terms to describe the same thing, and hopefully avoid confusion Page 118 Captain Terentha Rune Points: 6 (Humakt), 4 (Vinga Adventurous) -- There are at least 4 Non-Humakt spells listed below: Fearless (2 pts.), Leap (1 pt.), Summons of Evil (3 pts.), Wind Words (1 pt.). Spirit Magic: Bladesharp 3, Demoralize (2 pts.), Detect... etc. etc. -- Has many more points in Spirit Magic than allowed by her CHA. Please delete as appropriate, Page 118 Armor modifies Move Quietly by –65% while worn. Skills: Animal Lore 25%, Battle 50%, Cult Lore (Humakt) 65%,
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