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  1. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    It's RQG, but t'was the Gen Con edition that swung it for me. Respect to all other editions, except RosenMcStern's secret love: we know you clicked on it on purpose ;-)
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    My guess it will be close to 3 years and done. The last 13thAge Glorantha update indicated about 75% of the layout had been done. So at the current rate the PDF should hopefully be done and available in a couple of months. Then one month or so to Crowd Source any typos, and then about 3 months for printing / shipping.
  3. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    The expected delivery date was July 2015.
  4. For RQ6 I counted 22 standard skills and 38 Professional skills (total of 60), and then combat skills on top of that. For RGQ I counted 59 in total (ignoring multiple versions of "Lore" and other such skills, the same as was ignored for RQ6), and then combat skills on top of that. The core calculation for very young starting adventurers is important, but loses some bearing on the 21+ year old starting adventurers in RGQ as Professional, Cultural, Homeland, and Cult skill bonuses get factored in. I'm not sure, but I would imagine importing the stat+stat idea would not adversely distort how RQG works, if you feel the game needs it. The main difference is that RQG is the D100 game that fits most closely with Glorantha, whilst Mythras / RQ6 / OpenQuest are for non-Gloranthan fantasy games. I'm relieved we have these variants at our disposal which allows for essentially the same game but different styles.
  5. Status update?

    A few thoughts on the Gen Con RQ:G after being lucky enough to see it: It does pretty much what Jeff says in his Blogs (e.g. RQ2 compatibility; gives the game's name meaning; you see how Pendragon came to be [damn you even more Avalon Hill!] etc.). It's a relief that its target print date is circa Q2 2018: the game is sound but typo correction / cleaning had to be done, and from all accounts the art / maps will be worth the wait. It gives them the necessary creative time to produce a book of quality (witness the Guide to Glorantha). The delayed start date hopefully means there will be quality supplements lined up to follow hard on the heels of the Core Book. It feels more RuneQuest than RQ2 and at the same time it's definitely separated from the 80's. That's quite a feat to say the very least. Now off to build a time machine and teach a few life facts to Greg in Jan 1983 along with a copy of the GtG and RQ:G (and buy some 53c Apple shares, Forrest Gump style).
  6. Status update?

    Link is: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?819569-What-s-the-status-of-RuneQuest-Glorantha
  7. Status update?

    Jason did say, "we're optimistic about having all three in print Q2 2018 (along with a few other things we've teased or announced)", and given that adventurers were mooted as part of their cunning plan, I would hope that this is what he is alluding to.
  8. Status update?

    Over on rpgnet, Jason Durrell wrote: The RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha core book is text complete. The art is done, and some final maps are in the pipeline. The character sheet is done (and quite lovely). A cover is done. We're doing some refinement of the layout template and some of the look-and-feel of the book and the line overall. The RuneQuest Gamemaster's Pack is being finalized, and comes after the core book as many tables/charts/maps will be repeated there (for convenience). It is in editing and will shortly go into proofreading. Some additional art and maps are being requested, and the back of the screen is in development. The Glorantha Bestiary is being edited/proofed, and art is coming in at a rapid pace, as well as maps. It should go into proofreading before too long. Layout on the core book will commence once the layout on The Glorantha Sourcebook (done as part of the 13th Age Glorantha Kickstarter, but systemless and using the trade dress for the RuneQuest line) is complete. The Gamemaster Pack will follow, then the Bestiary. Given the timetables involved and production pipeline, we're optimistic about having all three in print Q2 2018 (along with a few other things we've teased or announced), and expect Gen Con 2018 to be a huge RQ showing. I don't have any more specific dates because so many factors are beyond my ability to control.
  9. Sun County by Avalon Hill

    No Cannons in Sun Country, just Harpoons. I'll get my coat.
  10. 1652 Great Flood

    A few thoughts - How do the Heroes get wind of this so, so early to prepare and deal with the truly monumental event? Smacks of the breaking of Time. Give them each a Chaos or Dragonewt Rune for their troubles? - The Heroes just might be distracted by events elsewhere (there's a war goin' on ya know) that look like they will cause The End of the World as We Know It. (Or don't worry about reawakened Dragons and Chaos consorting gods? After all what problems are they going to create? Argrath? Yeah, well leave him to get on with all that new weird stuff. It's not like he will do any harm to the Cosmos. etc. etc.) - It might not be just one flood. - Well done for stopping the (first) flood Heroes. Now you're living on the Land that Survived how will you deal with the masses invading from parts that were not so protected? Because we all know that all those guys are our Very Best Mates. All live in Harmony and make it the Green Age again? - Who says the icebergs are undefended? - Well done for stopping the icebergs Heroes. Do you realise that your action helped at least one of the other World Ending Events? People have come to ask you why you are aiding the destruction of their world, and they're not very happy. So much fun to be had!!
  11. 1652 Great Flood

    The other effect Water can do is to back off a bit just before the Iceberg arrives. Water does what it knows: how to flow (or not), how dam up and how to produce a wave. So a milder Doom Current just before the Iceberg break hits the Denestlazam Ocean would allow the forces of Water to gather in Sramak's River. This would increase the depth of the bowl in the center as water continues to drain through Magasta's Pool. Then the surge / Doom Current wave along the top of the Banthe Ocean and onto the Denestlazam Ocean would carry the Iceberg along the Denestlazam Ocean to Magasta's Pool. This massive water volume (and requisite oversized plug) creates a massive dome of water in the middle. Of course the unfathomable depths are not truly blocked (the glacier just isn't deep enough) so the dome of water collapses and partly sinks into the not-truly-blocked Magasta's Pool (and he has mythic responsibilities to keep up, after all), but also a truly gigantic wave is created that radiates outwards and creates the flood.
  12. 1652 Great Flood

    Thanks for the insightful reply Joerg. I wonder though, as the Waters are acting as part of a planned event that they will not do things as expected / normal. Why should they be out to help humans? The GtG says about the Doom Currents, "[t]hese usually flow far beneath the surface, but at times these currents rise from the deep and rage, swollen and angry, across the surface of the ocean like a mountain of water or the back of a giant serpent". Hence, part of their plan could be to surge water to the top and along the surface. This is an attack, so they will do things in a way that gives them the advantage. The Troll and Water Tribes have had time to plan here. Also, maybe even before getting to the Doom Currents the Water Tribe will seek to assist the Iceberg across the Hudaro Sea. It may well need some help as it is "hundred of miles wide" and it's depth maybe "500 to 2,000 feet" (approx. 150m to 610m high) the same as Valind's Glacier is "along the northern edge of Fronela". However, "[a]s a Gloranthan average, the depth [of High Seas, e.g. Banthe Sea] is between 300 and 600 feet [91m to 182m]." So some lift and carry from Sea below may be needed here. Cue a surge and rise from the Water beneath. Magasta's Pool is about 125 miles wide (on average), giving it an area of about 12, 300m2. So, say a 210 mile long by 130 mile wide (27, 300m2) sized iceberg could do the trick of filling Magasta's Pool and some of the surround Ocean, and to allow it to be a bit of a wavy Water-Rune shape, of course. To put this into some kind of perspective the largest recorded Iceberg on Earth was the B-15 which was 183 miles long and 23 miles wide (about 4,200 m2). So it's a whopper.
  13. 1652 Great Flood

    The tide is not the cause of the rising sea level. It is the Doom Currents bringing in water and the lack draining through Magasta's Pool. Maybe the rising of the water will fluctuate with the tide, but it is the blocked sink that will cause the water level to rise due to the greater volume of water on top of the cube. How quickly the water level increases will be down to how quickly the water from the Doom Currents comes in and causes the flooding to take place (all mythological effects being equal). Also, the GtG says, “the surface of the Gloranthan world-ocean slants downward at the center, at the edges like a dish”. So, it looks like the dish would get levelled out, and then possibly even temporarily bow upward as the Doom Currents continue to rush in. Possibly, as the dome of water collapses it might create a truly massive continental-sized wave / water surge. The Troll and Sea Pantheon are cunning and have had a very long time (centuries) time to plan this. So why not hold back the water for a little bit longer and to gather all the Water forces together (after all Magasta will still be calling--very loudly now--to all the world's seas and rivers to the center) and only then to release them all in an one-time surge. At that point the iceberg drops through the centre of the Pool and off on its next part of its journey (albeit a tad smaller in size). Local Building Wall sized barriers will not work here.
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  15. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    I generally agree, I was trying to use a rough and ready measure without getting too technical. However, whichever way you measure it the 195cm+ and 100Kg+ categories are going to be bigger than is expected, especially dealing with a Bronze Age setting rather exceptional athletes of certain sports in the modern setting (even Olympic precipitants of all sports are not of this category).