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  1. If the reaction of a number of different individuals is broadly similar then it's worth Chaosium listening. Especially if there is a more objective viewpoint (the association with the Mongoose Logo) - note that even if MRQ was your go-to game this association is probably still there. At least here the reaction doesn't feel ego-driven, rather a honest appraisal.
  2. It would be good to hear from Chaosium explaining why this new font is preferable. As is I cannot see its connection with Bronze Age, Mythic, or Glorantha. It also looks quite different from the Quickstarter RuneQuest font, which cannot really help?
  3. As Greg said, the inspiration is from Earth's Bronze Age myths and legends. Glorantha is satisfying because we can explore a strange and weird mythological world with Greg's brief Bronze Age Earth outline acting as a springboard. The Bronze Age of Glorantha is its own world and requires no detailed knowledge any period of Earth's history. The myths and legends that are written, or ones that you create for your Glorantha, are all part of its Bronze Age.
  4. May be. However on page 3 there is a commentary on the wish to "create a game that matches Greg’s groups’ famous adventures", and then next page is a KoDP picture (one of many). Anyway not a biggie and not worth changing the layout.
  5. Page 9 “Decide how events unfold ‘off-camera,’ and present those in turn to the players.” Depending on how sensitive readers are to using modern terms in a Bronze Age setting may be change this to: “Decide how events unfold ‘off-stage,’ and present those in turn to the players.” Page 10 The idea is that you can use these outlines as a framework to run adventures in any year of the campaign[full stop] Although you can use these at any time, Page 13 Larnste’s Table (page XX), Old Wind please add in the relevant page numbers I’ll avoid any further mention of this as you know how to Find "XX”!
  6. Page 7 “from Broddi and the Rivals (see page XX), most of the NPCs here” please add in the relevant page numbers Page 8 …”Rivals (see page XX), neighboring clan chieftains or Telmori shaman.” please add in the relevant page numbers Page 9 “The timeline given in The Guide to Glorantha should be your yardstick here.” Not too sure what is being said here as the present in The Guide to Glorantha is 1621. It does have a timeline past then. “Note that we cover the option of the Three New Stars heroquest failing in this book — which may mean that your game deviates from the outline of history presented in the Guide.” Same again. It’s not ‘history’ yet in the Guide: future prophesy may be.
  7. Hi Dave, I started one over on the HeroQuest forum as this is meant to be, correct me if I'm wrong, a game-neutral forum. And the powers that be are sometimes sensitive to how the correction thread is titled.
  8. Any parallels with a Gloranthan computer game? Maybe worth mentioning earlier on. Page 4 “an eight-year campaign” 1618 to 1625 would be a seven-year campaign Before 1624 the key conflict is that between the Rivals (see page XX), their... please add in the relevant page number …”agenda’ within the clan and expect it to reappear.” Why is “Rivals” used as a noun (with capital R) but not “the ring” Page 5 “When the game starts, it may be enough in character generation to tell the players about Broddi Strong-Kin (see page XX) and the Rivals (see page XX) from the Red Cow clan.” please add in the relevant page numbers “You may find it helpful to sketch this dozen on a simple relationship map, and show the PCs their connections with them and each other.” – too late now but I would have preferred that this was already done Page 6 When picking NPCs before 1624, focus on the Rivals (see page XX): please add in the relevant page numbers
  9. Agreed. However as the March 3rd 13th Age Glorantha update: "Hi everyone, it's Michael O'Brien (MOB) from Chaosium here—as Rob mentioned in an earlier comment I'm now helping complete the project, and I'm delighted to be on board!"
  10. I would hope that Chaosium focus on their remaining Kickstarters they are involved with before embarking on anything else, even though I am very keen to see a Trollball game. No update since April 3rd for the RQ2 Kickstarter despite it being "one of the priority items" and have the "stretch goal items done by the end of June 2017". Hopefully this will be completed along with Khan of Khans,13th Age in Glorantha rulebook, and the Glorantha Sourcebook by end of August 2017.
  11. IIRC that convention was in Leicester...
  12. quicktstart

    What is the problem of just having one roll: use that to see if you succeed with casting, then use that to compare against the opponent?
  13. Thanks, I didn't quite spot the singular vs. plural Gates. But this leads to the question is the Gate of Dawn an error (page 158): should this not be written in the plural? NB They are written in the plural on page 10.
  14. PDF page 10. Picture looks like the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. Gates of... are out of sequence in the Index page 768
  15. Any more news on the Eleven Lights ETA?