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  1. My RQ2 character never used his Map Making Skill very much, despite it being included on the standard character sheet. Regardless, I never felt the need to make a cartography joke out of the title of the game. As with any game, there will always be a few skills many people seldom use, but some people love. It all depends on your campaign and your playing style. I played an Issaries merchant who relied very much on Evaluate Treasure, Bargaining, and similar. Some of the other players at the table couldn't have cared less about those skills.
  2. The original shipping estimate for the boxed game is August, 2017, and we are still on track for that date.
  3. I chose that name only because it sounds a lot like Taylor...
  4. Actually, you are Talar, an outer atomic explorer, who crash lands in Prax centuries after your journey began. Your companions have their INT fixed and become herd men. You escape the baboons at Monkey Ruins, then you ride off with a beautiful herd girl. As you ride along the coast you recognize an oddly reassembled statue from your "Godlearner" era, allowing you to suddenly realize you're home, and that those bastards blew it all to hell...
  5. We have included that article in this version. Plus I got permission from John T. Sapienze Jr. to include his review article. Those will be in the revised version due out shortly.
  6. All of the above two sets of edits have been entered. The extra text in the intros is text Bill Keyes wrote, but it got cut from the final product. Thanks for all these typo catches.
  7. Chaosium has been having discussions with our licensees about getting the game translated into other languages, including Japanese, German, French and Spanish, to name a few. We are very open to working with game companies to license foreign translations of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha and its supplements.
  8. The word count is only used for approximately estimating page count. It is an average. It is a guideline. If you have a project that requires a large series of maps then we might try to shoot for a lower word count. What would be helpful of course, would be a submission that details how many pages of handouts might be included. Once again, a larger number of handouts, say 8 pages worth, would be great to know of at the start so we can possibly shoot for a lower word count. Thus, if you are predicting 8 pages of handouts, letting us know that is better saying 500 words on the handouts. Many handouts have far fewer words on them than a normal page of text. You may be wondering why we prefer books with page counts that are multiples of 32. The simple reason is that you get the best prices for printing large numbers of books with those page counts. Print on Demand is very different when it comes to the size of paper used during printing. The paper size used is basically the size requested (A4, US Letter, etc.). Industrial sized printing presses, the ones used to print 1000's of books at a time, use much larger rolls of paper. After printing that paper is folded and trimmed into 32 page "gathers". If you print a book that is 34 pages in length on a big printing press they will print a 32 page gather and then have to work with a smaller, harder to handle two pages tacked onto the end during binding. That is almost as much work as doing a 64 page book which has two 32-page gathers. You may have noticed that some Chaosium books have a few pages of adverts in the back while other Chaosium books have none. Yes, that is sometimes how we get a 124 page product up to the preferred printing length of 128 pages. (32 x 4)
  9. Harald, It was sent to your gmail address. The one that ends in 1700.
  10. Sorry, I put up an interim version of the Print and Play. The full version is now up on BackerKit.
  11. Yes, but doing that is not a priority.
  12. I have answered this question a few times on other forum threads, but here it is in more detail: There are 4 volumes in the Moon Design Publications "Gloranthan Classics" series: Pavis & Big Rubble (1999), Griffin Mountain (2001), Cult Compendium (2002), and Borderlands & Beyond (2005). There are no plans to do any more volumes in that series. Could we do more volumes, sure. Will we do more volumes, probably not. I don't like to say "never", but that is very very very likely to be the case. PDFs of all 4 volumes will remain available. Printed versions of the last two volumes are still available for sale on Chaosium.com and both have a decent stock of books left, so I would be surprised if they don't last a while. Will you reprint the first two volumes of the Gloranthan Classics? It is extremely unlikely that we will do another regular print run of them. Not in hardcover or in softcover. As I have said several times, we do NOT have a good "printer ready" version of Pavis & Big Rubble any more. That book was produced from FILM, not a PDF. Yes, back in the stone age books were made "camera ready" and produced from film. I didn't create a great PDF of that book for the printer, because they did a lot of the pre-press work for me. Yes, a PDF of Pavis & Big Rubble obviously exists (and we sell it), but a lot of the graphics in it would have to be redone in Photoshop before it could be used to print out a great looking copy of the book. The PDF looks ok on a computer screen, but not so great when professionally printed. Some day all 4 volumes of the Gloranthan Classics will be available as POD, probably via Lulu or DTRPG, but I regret to announce that it isn't a high priority for us. In the end, wonderful as the printed Gloranthan Classics are, the number of people who haven't already bought them, but still will actually buy them isn't as big a number as you would think. For example, the Cult Compendium is brilliant, but we sell maybe 1 or 2 hardcover or softcovers of it per month. Why not do more new volumes of Gloranthan Classics? In a way, we will be doing a lot of what you want via the RuneQuest Classics line of books. The Gloranthan Classics line of books was only called that because Moon Design could not use the RuneQuest Trademark, which was still controlled by Avalon Hill. That isn't an issue any more. Pavis, Big Rubble, Griffin Mountain, Troll Pak, the SoloQuest Collection, the RQ Companion, and Rune Masters are all in the works. Those are all well on the way to being reprinted this year. All the RuneQuest Classics will be available in printed form as well as PDF. Once the initial print runs have sold out we may reprint them again, or they WILL become POD titles on Lulu and/or DTRPG. The only real differences between a Gloranthan Classic and a RuneQuest Classic book are: RQ Classics use the original covers, no new art is being commissioned (which saves a lot of time), and each book is a single title.
  13. As a collector of Chaosium related stuff for many decades, I have at least a decent understanding of the average selling price for many of these sorts of items. Corum books don't come up for sale that often, but when I see them go through a normal auction (one that starts at $1 or so and goes through regular bidding) the typical final price I would expect to see would be between $35 and $60. Obviously the Corum book could go for way less or way more if either the seller or the buyer is unaware of the typical price and is in a rush to sell/buy. Unfortunately, Ebay has far fewer auctions than it used to years ago, and is now used by many sellers as a store with fixed "Buy It Now" prices that tend to be on the high side especially for "collectables". Every now and then one of those items may get purchased by a buyer who either doesn't know, doesn't care, or just wants it immediately, but most of the time those overpriced items get relisted over and over and over again.
  14. Sadly, it's not a "we could make a deal, but can't be bothered to find the time" situation. We have no news to report.
  15. When I said "not currently on the schedule", I thought that would be read as "RQ3 reprints are not currently on the production schedule", as in "no firm plans". When I said "releasing a number of RQ3 supplements as RuneQuest Classics" I thought that would be read as "RuneQuest Classics", which means straight reprints in a slightly updated layout. I tried to not refer to them as being done as Gloranthan Classics or RQG revisions. Why are we NOT going to be doing any more "Gloranthan Classics"? Moon Design style "Gloranthan Classics" involved a lot of new art, and a lot of "compiling" for some of the volumes. Some people loved that, and some people didn't care for it. Thus, we now simply do straight reprints of single books, with no new art, etc. which we refer to as RuneQuest Classics. Why reprint some RQ3 scenario material as "RuneQuest Classics"? Because that is much easier and faster to do. RuneQuest Classics do not require any new art, nor do they require a full color layout, any updating of material etc. They are largely easy to use with the new edition of RuneQuest as is, with minimal conversion. Lastly, a lot of people really didn't like the delays on "new" material for RQ3 while AH focused on slightly revised versions of things like Apple Lane, Snake Pipe Hollow, Troll Pak, and such. The cool thing with doing RuneQuest Classics reprints is that they do not require anything from the authors and artists of the new RuneQuest material. While they work on new stuff, we have other people (recently added to the team) that work on the Classic reprints.