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  1. Are we there?

    RQG is in layout. We do not have a definite "for sale" date. If we did, we would be announcing it far and wide.
  2. MiG’s Alive!

    The other day on Ebay I saw that the Iron Simulacrum book was being sold, and one of the listings had the RQ logo on the cover. The seller was using a stock image and not an actual photo of the book though, so I don't know if it is actually an RQ logo version..
  3. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    ALL, The following is very important, and I say it with all respect to those helping us: When I am updating the files in InDesign I can ONLY go by the actual page numbers on the page. IF YOU TELL ME PAGE NUMBERS FROM THE PDF IT MAKES IT MUCH HARDER TO FIX THINGS! Also, reporting things that have already been reported (and probably fixed) is making this much more time consuming, especially if you submit multiple edits in a lengthy post. I am not going to realistically be able to remember all of the edits I have previously done, so in many cases when you report a typo someone else has already reported you are often going to force me to spend the time checking that typo again, and probably not finding it. I am not trying to sound ungrateful, but I only have so much time to spend on doing these typo fixes.
  4. We take website security very seriously, and purchase a premium certificate. Our security certificate is current, installed, valid, and not expired.
  5. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    All simple typos have been fixed. Simple grammar errors fixed. Formatting and headers have been fixed. I haven't made any changes to potential factual errors. That's not my purview... :-)
  6. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    If you really want to know how we feel about the range of character sheets that will be available for RQ, please take a look at chaosium.com in the free downloads section for CoC character sheets. There are fancy ones, plain ones, in between ones, auto-calc ones, to name just some of the ones available.
  7. Gloranthan Repository

    Before we roll out any other "Miskatonic Repository" like programs for other systems we want to see how MR goes, and learn from those experiences before committing to anything further.
  8. Tribal Source Editing: Griffin Mountain

    I will have an updated version of the whole book available in a few days. It might be a better use of all our time if we hold off on edits until then. We can still use this thread, of course.
  9. MiG’s Alive!

    All, The Mongoose license was terminated by Issaries Inc. The license terms were clear. I don't see much point in trying to speculate on why they did or didn't do things. I'd much rather spend that time on finding things to add to the MiG new edition. Moving swiftly on to that, if you are interested in helping me, here are a few things to note about suggesting things to add: While I am happy to list foreign language products on a bullet list or checklist, I can't read and evaluate them, so I tend to not include them beyond that. I prioritize printed things over web-only or PDF-only things. I only have so much time. I mean no disrespect, and make no judgements. I'm not into listing knick-knacks, t-shirts, mugs, or other similar things. I tend to refer to these as "spirit items". I'm not really into including unique items that were not made for general sale or distribution. If you have a copy of MiG1 or MiG2 you pretty much know how I intend to approach the next edition.
  10. MiG’s Alive!

    I don't know if this answers your question, but I think it is worth stating that we recently reviewed all the products using the RuneQuest trademark and contacted those companies/individuals. We provided them with options for obtaining a new license to continue using the trademark along with the option to merely remove references to it.
  11. MiG’s Alive!

    That is 100% correct. I want to leave no doubt in anyone's mind.
  12. MiG’s Alive!

    They were specifically not allowed to license or sublicense anyone to make RuneQuest or Gloranthan products without prior written approval.
  13. MiG’s Alive!

    Mongoose's license did not permit them to do Open Gaming Content. Once they did it in violation of their license, it's not something anyone could wave a magic wand over and make disappear, as if it had never existed.
  14. MiG’s Alive!

    My mistake on that one. I have the book, but I had it listed as 8127. I have updated it to 8128, and also added in 8127 as ??? (unknown)
  15. MiG’s Alive!

    One of the reasons doing an updated MiG is the simple fact that Mongoose was prolific when they had the license: Item # System Description 8100 MRQ Runequest Deluxe 8101 MRQ Glorantha: The Second Age 8102 MRQ Game Master’s Screen 8103 MRQ Monsters 8104 MRQ Companion 8105 MRQ Cults of Glorantha: Volume 1 8106 MRQ Legendary Heroes 8107 MRQ Magic of Glorantha 8108 MRQ Arms & Equipment 8109 MRQ Player’s Guide to Glorantha 8110 MRQ Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar 8111 MRQ Rune of Chaos 8112 MRQ Trolls: A Guide to the UZ 8113 MRQ Lankhmar: Nehwon 8114 MRQ Lankhmar: Swords Against Sorcery 8115 MRQ The Clanking City 8116 MRQ Elric of Melnibone 8117 MRQ ??? 8118 MRQ ??? 8119 MRQ Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game 8120 MRQ Cults of Glorantha: Volume 2 8121 MRQ Hawkmoon: Granbretan 8122 MRQ ??? 8123 MRQ Jrustela 8124 MRQ Dragonewts: A Guide to the Eravssarr 8125 MRQ Deus Vult: Shadow Societies 8126 MRQ Deus Vult: Sanctuaries 8127 MRQ Deus Vult: Rouen 8128 MRQ Blood of Orlanth 8129 MRQ Dara Happa Stirs 8130 MRQ Elfs: A Guide to the Aldryami 8131 MRQ Hawkmoon: Hunters of Granbretan 8132 MRQ ??? 8133 MRQ ??? 8134 MRQ Game Master’s Handbook 8135 MRQ Monsters II 8136 MRQ ??? 8137 MRQ Land of the Samurai 8138 MRQ Spellbook 8139 MRQ Runequest Character Pack (PDF only) 8140 MRQ Elric: Bright Shadows 8141 MRQ Pirates 8142 MRQ Slaine 8143 MRQ Runequest, Deluxe Edition (8100, 03 and 04) 8144 MRQ Hawkmoon: Secrets of Tragic Europe 8145 MRQ Hawkmoon: Castle Brass 8146 MRQ Elric: Magic of the Young Kingdoms 8147 MRQ ??? 8148 MRQ Dwarfs: Guide to the Mostali 8149 MRQ Ruins of Glorantha 8150 MRQ Elric of Melnibone Companion 8151 MRQ Elric: Cults of the Young Kingdoms 8152 MRQ ??? 8153 MRQ ??? 8154 MRQ Elric: Dream Realms 8155 MRQ Fronela 8156 MRQ Ducks: Guide to the Durulz 8157 MRQ Empires 8158 MRQ RuneQuest (Pocket Deluxe Edition) 8159 MRQ Glorantha: The Second Age: Ralios 8160 MRQ Guilds, Factions & Cults 8161 MRQ Price of Honour 8162 MRQ ??? 8163 MRQ Elric De Melnibone (French) 8164 MRQ ??? 8165 MRQ2 Lankhmar Unleashed 8166 8167 MRQ2 Elric: L’ombre du Glorieux Empire 8168 MRQ2 Elric: La Magie Des Jeunes Royames 8169 MRQ2 Hawkmoon (French) 8170 MRQ2 RQ2 Core Rulebook 8172 MRQ2 Pavis Rises 8173 MRQ2 Game Master’s Screen 8175 MRQ2 Cults of Glorantha 8176 MRQ2 Races of Glorantha Volume 1 8177 MRQ2 Arms & Equipment 8178 MRQ2 Monster Coliseum 8180 MRQ2 Glorantha: the Second Age 8181 MRQ2 Livre De Regles 8182 MRQ2 Necromantic Arts 8183 MRQ2 ??? 8184 MRQ2 Empires 8185 MRQ2 Deus Vult 8187 MRQ2 Ecran Du Maitre De Jeu 8188 MRQ2 Deus Vult: Ex Cathedra 8191 MRQ2 The Abiding Book (HC and limited) 8192 MRQ2 Arene Des Monstres Vol I 8193 MRQ2 Arene Des Monstres Vol II 8195 MRQ2 Le Deuxieme Age Vol I 8196 MRQ2 Elric of Melnibone 8197 MRQ2 Elric: Game Master’s Screen 8198 MRQ2 Compendium Volume 1 8199 MRQ2 Vikings 8200 MRQ2 Deus Vult Livre De Regles 8201 MRQ2 Elric: Cults of the Young Kingdoms 8202 MRQ2 Le Deuxieme Age Vol II 8203 MRQ2 Deus Vult Ex Cathedra 8204 MRQ2 Armes Et Equipments 8210 MRQ2 Elric: Cities of the Young Kingdoms: The South 8211 MRQ2 L’Art De La Necromancie (French) 8212 MRQ2 RQ2 Compendium Vol 1 (French) The stuff listed in bold = stuff I don't currently own. If you know the specific product that was published for some of the above product numbers followed by ???, please let me know.