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  1. Rick Meints

    MiG 3 missing material - assistance sought

    INCENTIVE: I am happy to share a scan of a rare article or similar to those who help me! The more you help the more swag I can reward you with, and I am pretty sure I have some swag that would be very tempting.
  2. For those of you who may not know, in 1999 I published the MiG2, the second edition of the Meints Index to Glorantha. Its 124 pages did a decent job of cataloging and describing every RuneQuest and Gloranthan related printed publication I could track down. Here is what I wrote on the back cover: Playing in or collecting literature about Glorantha has often been a challenge. What is out there? What does each thing contain? Within these pages I hope you will find many of the answers to those types of questions. In the long gone days of yore when the second edition of RuneQuest was still in print, the choices were far fewer and you paid the retail price. In today's collector's market knowing what to pick and choose from is essential if you want to save some time and/or money. As much as I could, over the last decade or two I have rummaged through auctions, pestered various experts, raided numerous collections, and spent many a night at my computer compiling this list of products, supplements, and articles. I have tried to be as accurate, complete and organized as possible, while sometimes even being a little humorous. In the end, I hope game masters, players, collectors and the sentimental types (like me) will find this second edition useful. Fast forward 20 years and that book needs a lot of updating. I've kept collecting all things RuneQuest and Glorantha related, but I know there are many things I am still missing and would like to know about, and if possible document. A new edition of the MiG is not something that will probably get completed quickly. Regardless, I intend to keep chipping away at updating it. Knowing I can't do this alone, I am posting this call for assistance. Here is what I am looking for: English Language publications. As much as I would love to document and describe all of the wonderful things written in other languages I don't feel I can do justice in describing anything I can't read. I may compose brief lists of such publications, and will happily make such lists available to all. It has to be a printed publication. This one is tricky. I may reference some PDF only products but there is no way I want to try and tackle internet based resources, e-zines, websites, and similar. Those things are all wonderful and I have read and enjoyed many of them but it's too much for me to want to tackle this go around in my Index. If someone else wants to tackle this range of resources they are welcome to pick my brain. In general I am not going to document unique items or what I call "spirit" items. I love gloranthan bling, but once again those sorts of things are better documented elsewhere. T-shirts, jewelry, and the like are not really my collecting cup of tea. If someone else wants to document these sorts of things I am more than happy to contribute to their project. I will be documenting the miniatures officially produced under license. While these are not "printed publications", I avidly collect them and included them in both editions of my Index. This time around I hope to include a lot more pictures. Thus, if you know of a magazine article, fanzine, fan publication or similar I'd like to get it added to my list. In case you were wondering about what I documented in MiG2, it covered: Chaosium Wyrm’s Footnotes Different Worlds Books by Greg Stafford (including unfinished works) The Judges Guild (supplements and magazines) Wild Hunt and Alarums & Excursions APAs White Wolf Magazine Miscellaneous Magazines.............. 43 RuneQuest Miniatures Avalon Hill Heroes Magazine Games Workshop White Dwarf Magazine Reaching Moon Megacorp Tales of the Reaching Moon RQ3 Independent Magazines Tradetalk Pavic Tales RQ Adventures Codex Magazine The Apprentices Guild Independent Products The magazine list was rather extensive, although undoubtably incomplete: Adventurer:1, 4, 7, 9, 11 Alarums & Excursions:46, 48, 54, 56, 61, 65 ( incomplete list) Book of Drastic Resolutions: 1-3 Breakout:34 Codex: 1-3 Dark Realm: 1, 3 Different Worlds:1-19, 21, 22, 24, 26-33, 35-38, 40, 41, 43-46 Dragon:51, 129, 132, 144, 172, 206 Dragon Lords: 13 Dungeoneer:10-12, 14, 15, 17 The Dungeoneer’s Journal:23, 25 Enclosure: 1-2 Fantasy Chronicles: 3-9 Gryphon:1, 2 Heroes: Vol. 1, #1-8 and Vol. 2, #1-4 Miser’s Hoard:3 Multiverse: 4-5 New Lolon Gospel: Vol. I & II Pavic Tales: 1-9 Pegasus:2-4, 8 Read Pheasant Throughout:1-2 RuneQuest Adventures:1-6* Spacegamer:85, and Vol. 2, #2 Tales of the Reaching Moon:1-20 Tortured Souls:3, 4, 6, 8 Tradetalk: 1-16 Valkyre: 5-8 ViP of Gaming: 4-5 Wargaming: 3 The Wild Hunt:38-48, 50, 52, 53, 55, 57, 156, 162* (list incomplete) White Dwarf:17, 19, 29-65, 67, 69, 71, 74, 75, 85, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 101 White Wolf:15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 41 Wyrm’s Claw: 16 Wyrm’s Footnotes:1-14 Lots more to say, but that's enough to start.
  3. Rick Meints


    I would ask in the RuneQuest forum, and also on Facebook on the RuneQuest page.
  4. Rick Meints

    The new Dwarves

    CDM #2 - The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan is the rarest of the four in the Complete Dungeon Master series. It can be linked to the Halls of the Dwarves Kings scenario, as well as the Between Fire and Stone scenario in Tortured Souls issue #6. It's not any more "RuneQuesty" than the others in the series, and none of them are Gloranthan. The dwarven shrine in CDM2 is an ok place to adventure, and probably can be completed in one or two play sessions.
  5. Rick Meints

    The new Dwarves

    The Complete Dungeon Master boxed set 1 (CDM1), The Halls of the Dwarves Kings, is a Gateway supplement, not a Gloranthan supplement. It originally included a mishmash of stats for most major roleplaying systems, including RuneQuest. For Example: Cranneg STR 15 Level 9 cleric DEX 12 Dwarves Rune Priest CON 15 Hit Points: 54; 16 SIZ 8 Legs (right/left): 8/6 INT 18 Abdomen: 8/6 WIS 18 Chest: 8/7 CHA 18 Arms (right/left): 8/5 POW 21 Head: 6/6 Move 6 Defence: 20% Spells are then separately listed for D&D, followed by RuneQuest spells. The characters are certainly easily used with the RuneQuest rules.
  6. Rick Meints

    The new Dwarves

    Greg Stafford was very involved with the art direction for Glorantha from 1975 when it all began through to the early 1990s when Chaosium and Avalon Hill stopped working as much together. That said, most art direction instructions were very brief. The entire Pavis supplement had a two page art brief, for example. Most pictures were described by a short two or three sentence paragraph. None of us has taken the time to go back through all the books Chaosium has published to rate how "canonical" a picture may or may not be.
  7. Rick Meints

    The new Dwarves

    Which Judges Guild products had dwarves in them, especially which one was the biggest dwarven supplement that there was from the RQ2 era?
  8. Rick Meints

    An advance look at the RuneQuest slipcase

    The Leatherette bound version of the Rulebook and the Bestiary, sold separately, or in a slipcase, will be sold at the same time as the regular hardcover books and slipcase set. Please NOTE: Empty slipcases and partial slipcase sets (Bestiary and GM Screen pack with a slipcase) will not be sold through distribution. Those items will only be available on Chaosium.com. Retail stores will have the full slipcase set, plus the rulebook, bestiary, and GM screen pack for individual purchase.
  9. I have A&E #106 and have read the article. There are a few points in the article worth pondering if you like crafting your own home-brew rules systems. Like many of the articles in A&E, The Wild Hunt, and similar fanzines from the early days the information provided is often raw and only partially formed. They are not polished articles with complete information. That is both the beauty and the curse of such things. These articles were written simply for the joy of playing the game. Considering that each PDF of an A&E back issue is a mere $2, take the plunge and buy the PDF. You are supporting a great cause and learning a bit more about the early entropic days of discussing RPGs before the advent of the internet changed everything.
  10. A&E #106 had part 1 (three pages) of the Ritual Abandonment Sorcery article by Tim Walters. He doesn't seem to have ever finished it.
  11. Hyper's list is partially based on my Index to Glorantha, or at least so I believe. Like mine, it needs some updating.
  12. Rick Meints

    Anunnaki has left the Forums - Any idea why?

    I looked around a little and I don't think anything was done by any of the moderators. For whatever reason, they decided to leave these forums and took the trouble to methodically go through every one of their posts and specifically edit them to just a "." I also don't remember them reporting other people as abusive, or being reported by anyone, or contacting the mods at all. If the mods remove someone all their posts get deleted entirely.
  13. We don't publicly discuss the specifics of contracts with outside parties. I am replying mainly so you do not feel we are ignoring your question, and merely not answering it.
  14. Different Worlds basically predated modern desktop publishing. All the early issues were done by cutting and pasting printed text onto two page spreads of cardstock, which were then camera ready for the printer to make film plates for printing. The last issue was produced in 1987. Chaosium did the layout on the first 30 or so issues before Tadashi left Chaosium and struck out on his own, mainly taking the assets related to DW with him. We have a number of the early cut and paste layouts in the archives, but nothing for Different Worlds. While Tadashi owns the Different Worlds magazine, including all of the back stock, anything Gloranthan related was not transferred to him as part of his departure deal. Chaosium retained those rights back in the day, so releasing the magazine as PDFs would require a deal between Moon Design and Different Worlds. Such a deal has never been discussed as far as I know.
  15. Rick Meints

    Original Trollpak (2e) Previous Experience

    Are people actually worried that because a stretch goal was reached, but not marked as "achieved" that we are not producing that PDF? wow...