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  1. The third printing is not going to happen for some time.
  2. We didn't expect people would keep the single sheet cover wrap on the item, much like they wouldn't keep the shrink wrap on the item. All of the info on it is on the GM Adventures book. We don't have a PDF of the cover wrap that would print out correctly onto cardstock, and that piece of cardstock would be bigger than 11x17, so it would have to be a special piece of stock that most people couldn't easily print, certainly not on most home printers.
  3. The last edition of the MiG had generic glorantha publications in it, so yes to looking for that as well as Hero Wars/HeroQuest publications. I've got the lists for HW and HQ publications by Issaries and Moon Design.
  4. IN case anybody is wondering, I have gone through all of the White Dwarf magazines pretty thoroughly. If I didn't include an issue it is probably only because all it had in it was a review, and I'm not really chasing down all reviews. I have also gone through all issues of Dragon, Different Worlds, all Judges guild magazines, Heroes, Tales, and Adventurer. High priority stuff includes cults, spells, creatures, adventures, history, geography, and similar.
  5. If they are in an issue of a magazine that has other game content I sometimes include reviews, but they are not a priority for me. There are lots of magazines that had just a review in them and it's not something I think I will include.Many of them are also short. I'd rather have people tracking down game content articles.
  6. Thank you. I have all the first 112 issues of WD and have gone through them all. Oddly, my original list had issue 17 listed instead of issue 14. Thank you for catching that error in the summary list. My detailed listing for Issue 14 is fortunately correct.
  7. Sadly, that's not a term I have seen used elsewhere.
  8. I always enjoy reading RuneQuest reviews. They often give some cool insights into how the game was generally received. I haven't focused on chasing them down myself because they are spread far and wide and don't tend to have that much game related stuff in them (spells, creatures, etc) so having others do that legwork is much appreciated.
  9. One of the most sensitive issues concerning labelling something as "non-canonical" is the negative connotations the word carries for many people. We aren't trying to offend people, especially the creatives that have been gloriously exploring glorantha for potentially decades. Regardless of the best of intentions, if we label something as non-canonical we inevitably get pushback on why we are calling somebody's baby "ugly". It has caused anger and offense when all we are trying to provide is clarity. It's an unenviable position to be in. No, actually it sucks. It truly sucks. We've seen people almost rage quit over it. It doesn't ease our efforts to build a friendly and welcoming community. If I talk about something I know about I will try to say where I am getting the information from. I'd rather shed light than curse the darkness (unless Trolls are involved). I like pointing people to books that might give them more info or food for thought. If it's a small bit of info I'll even try to cut and paste the few sentences.
  10. There are several potential problems at work here, and there are no easy ways to prevent them from happening without subjecting these forums to radical change. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter: How much a creator of material cares about Gloranthan Canon covers the whole spectrum. Some don't like how things were written and want to totally reimagine that material. Others are mindful of past precedent and profoundly want their material to not deviate from Canon. How much a consumer of material cares about Gloranthan Canon covers the whole spectrum. If you want to have your campaign line up Canon I strongly suggest you stick to just using the latest publications. Canon is not easy to define precisely. The reasons are many, including slow transformation of information over time as well as radical changes made swiftly. Also, some time shortly after 1983 when Avalon Hill got involved there came a point when no one person or team of people was in charge of enforcing Canon, even for "official" material. Greg Stafford sometimes was incredibly mindful of past works, and other times he simply didn't care. The same could be said about most other writers as well. A LOT of writers have been involved since 1978. Checking your "new" material against 40 years of extant material now borders on the impossible. I would have probably said the same thing 10 years ago, and maybe even 20 years ago. When I say a LOT of material, I mean that more than 10,000 pages of Gloranthan material has been written in "official books" since 1978.
  11. Then why make the comparison? I feel this is comparing Apples and Oranges. Comparing the core rulebook of RQG, or the Bestiary, or the GM screen pack to a campaign pack like Sartar: KoH or Pavis: GtA when they have very different purposes seems odd. I could see comparing the RGQ core book with the HQG core book, but a rule book and a campaign book have very different content goals. It would be like saying the Argan Argar Atlas fails because it doesn't have enough rules content in it, or spells in it as opposed to the rulebook. The same could be said with comparing the Guide to Glorantha with Snakepipe Hollow and saying the Guide fails because it doesn't have enough scenario material it with stats. I can see why you like the HQ scenario books a lot, and am not trying to argue over whether you prefer them, but saying the RQG core rulebook pales in comparison to them is a very different thing.
  12. What doesn't line up "perfectly"? And as for the partial spine print, perhaps do what you did with the Masks GM Pack and simply turn it around.
  13. The paper wrap on the GM screen pack wasn't meant to be there for all eternity. The wrap was added to make the GM Screen Pack a more sellable item if bought all by itself.
  14. It would be awesome to see it win the award twice.
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