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  1. Rick Meints


    With all respect to everyone here, what exactly is the specific concern being raised? Is someone worried that a player will show up at your gaming table with a copy of Storm Tribe (or some other book from 10+ years ago) and be utterly confused when playing RQG? If you are just talking about what is discussed online, I remember frequent debates with lots of confusion on the good old Glorantha Digest/Daily, and that was 20 years ago. I'd rather see more great books published than less. I also certainly don't worry about following canon, and pushing for specific lists of canonical material. As far as I am concerned, it's all good.
  2. Rick Meints

    Original BRP

    RuneQuest (1st edition in 1978) preceded BRP. When the 2nd edition of RuneQuest was released as a boxed set it included the "no cardstock cover" version of BRP. Even the first printing of the boxed set had it. The original BRP booklet had two main purposes: It was meant to introduce what RPGs were all about, and it provided the basics for Chaosium's D100 house system.
  3. Rick Meints

    What price for Dune?

    If you are an RPG historian and/or collector the acaeum is the best website to frequent. The people are very helpful and knowledgeable. It started with a focus on D&D and over time it has expanded to include a lot more info on all RPG related things.
  4. Rick Meints

    What price for Dune?

    While I can't say I know a large number of them personally, there are dozens of serious collectors who are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for specific rare RPG items. They are only interested in the original physical item, preferably in mint condition, or as near to it as they can find. If you want to see such RPG collectors discussing their hobby, take a look at www.acaeum.com and you'll see precisely that. They even have an annual dinner at Gen Con. Some of these people have RPG collections worth tens of thousands of dollars. Like any other "collectable", prices are strictly based on scarcity and desire. While most people would scoff at paying $1,000 for a crudely printed RPG item, there are some who would.
  5. Barring a large and unexpected mishap, the rest of the slipcase set (Slipcase, Bestiary and GM Screen Pack) will go to the printers in early August all at the same time. That means the those items and slipcase set will be out some time early in the 4th Quarter, and certainly this year. Final tribal edits are going into the Bestiary, the slipcase itself is a quick bit of work, and much of the GM Screen Pack is done too.
  6. Rick Meints

    Copies of RQG at Gen Con

    If you are asking if the Leatherette books have dust jackets, they do not. The Leatherette RQG and Leatherette Bestiary will fit into the slipcase with the GM Screen Pack.
  7. Rick Meints

    Copies of RQG at Gen Con

    We plan on all of the forthcoming RuneQuest books of 128 pages or larger each being offered in leatherette as a binding option. Each book will feature a different rune on the front. The Bestiary will have the Beast Rune. All our books have premium binding and such. The Leatherettes will be produced in much more limited quantities. Expect many more Leatherette books in the RQ line.
  8. Rick Meints

    RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter status

    Asking for Kickstarter updates here is very unlikely to achieve the results you want. We always post updates via Kickstarter first. We do not expect backers to have to look anywhere else, or ask anywhere else, other than via the Kickstarter website.
  9. Rick Meints

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    To be crystal clear. As we have always said, in many places, the RQG slipcase set will contain THREE items: 1. RQG Core rulebook (488 pages) 2. RQ Bestiary (206 pages) 3. RQ GM Screen Pack, which is mostly comprised of a keeper screen, some short scenarios, a calendar, and a quick rule reference. I do not believe I have ever seen Jason, Jeff, or I ever say it would contain anything else, or anything different. This was entirely settled last year.
  10. Rick Meints

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    There is NO boxed set for RQG planned. Please refer to it as a slipcase set. I am sorry for potentially sounding pedantic, but we do not want any false expectations set. As for coupons, our website can only handle one coupon per order (which we don't like). Because a number of people may very well have several coupons that they would like to apply towards the purchase of the slipcase set (or any other multi-book purchase) , please contact customerservice@chaosium.com prior to making your purchase and we can issue you a special coupon. That's not ideal, but the best we can offer at this time. The RQG slipcase set in printed form will probably not go on sale until October or November (depends on ocean shipping time).
  11. Rick Meints

    RQG Fanzine When?

    You are welcome to translate the fan material policy. We (chaosium) couldn't use it without verifying it for accuracy and completeness, of course. If you want to share your translation with friends, that's fine too. We have had Japanese language RuneQuest/Gloranthan related products produced by fans in the past. We aren't against that in principle, we just need reach agreement with the group that wants to do a project. Chaosium does all of its contracts and agreements in English.
  12. Rick Meints

    RQG Corrections Thread

    Yes, the deadlines have been reached. Many thanks to all who participated and contributed. I cannot help but be reminded of another speech given: STAND BACK! Be silent! Be still!... That's it... and look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then... this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, 'I was there that night, with Arthur, the King!' For it is the doom of men that they forget. And with that I thank you all for being a part of this latest tribal edit. I was there, with you, and it is not our doom to forget. A new PDF is forthcoming, such is our fate...
  13. Rick Meints

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    We have a 10 page thread on any errors and typos people are finding in RQG currently running. We invite all to post there. We're usually the ones who set up the topic. We've done this for almost all of our books that have come out over the last 2+ years. These so called "Tribal edits" have led to numerous things being fixed. We used this system for the GSB, 13G, the RQ Classics, and also recent CoC titles. You are welcome to post BGB errors and such over in the BRP forums. Unfortunately, that book isn't currently easily updatable since it was done quite a few years back and in the previous layout software that we don't use any more. As for previous editions of CoC, they are what they are, but that was all done by the previous team that is no longer with the company. As for the 7th edition, we have already updated it a number of times, and continue to do so as and when errors and such are reported. You are also welcome to start a new thread for discussing your specific concerns about how you see the forums as stifling, unwelcoming, etc. All we ask is that is be civil in tone and constructive in nature. As for this thread, let's get it back to just being about the differences between RQ3 and RQG.
  14. Rick Meints

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Should I infer from that statement that you feel Chaosium charges too much in royalties for a commercial license? Is it something else? Side note: I am slightly biased when it comes to fanzines. I did the layout for Tales of the Reaching Moon 14-20, plus a number of other publications, including some map drawing, and even authoring a few articles. I got paid a grand total of $0 for all that. I did get a free copy or two of each publication though. I was quite happy with that arrangement.
  15. Rick Meints

    RQG Fanzine When?

    I would love to know what specific parts of the policy make it "harsh".