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  1. Rick Meints

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    As somebody who does have access to what is left of the print numbers for "Golden Age" chaosium publications, they list three Stormbringer printings in our corporate records. I don't mind what's on the list of versions, but I'm not going to go that deep when I list them on Chaosium's master historical SKU list. After all, the dice they put in the box varied too, and the catalog placed in the box changed about every 3 months, as did the reader response card. Heck, one archive copy we had in the Hayward office had both rulebooks in it... 🙂
  2. Rick Meints

    Old RQ3 magazine article on Sorcery...?

    Dragon #132, March 1988 - Resourceful Sorcery by Michael DeWolfe.
  3. Rick Meints

    Masks Slipcase is now available

    Probably, although we have no control over whether they sell it, or if one of the marketplace companies that operate on it will sell it. We certainly don't prevent them from selling it.
  4. Rick Meints

    Mythic Iceland 2nd Edition is progressing!

    If we had an update, we would make a more detailed post. We have no update.
  5. Rick Meints

    Before I buy 7th edition

    I think it's time we get back to discussing the topic itself.
  6. Rick Meints

    Bits and Mortar Questions

    We've looked at this problem, but there is no easy solution. Most retailers are different, and have different approaches to even stocking our books, let alone when they stock them. If the store participates in Bits and Mortar they can provide you with the PDF for free when you purchase the printed product. We implemented that about 2 years ago.
  7. Rick Meints

    Bits and Mortar Questions

    Unfortunately, that isn't really possible. We have no easy way to track sales such as that, or pay the store for giving you that discount. Plus, what if you returned the book.
  8. Rick Meints

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    Not before the boxed set goes on sale.
  9. Rick Meints

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    We do not take pre-orders on products on chaosium.com. That said, we expect to have the US bound ship dock in Tacoma on November 23rd, and then it's usually about a week or so later that we have the books in the warehouse, barring any unforeseen delays. Thus, I expect we will have the CoC Starter set for sale in early December in plenty of time for the holidays. PS: The leatherette bound books version of the Masks slipcase set is on the same ship, so that should be on sale in the same time frame.
  10. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    To all in this thread: Please, be mindful that I am ONLY reporting what was changed in the rulebook for the second printing. This is not the place to debate, dispute, or disagree with what was changed. Please address those questions and concerns with Jason in his "ask Jason" rules questions thread, as opposed to doing so here. We absolutely do care and want to get things right, and as clearly expressed in the rulebook as possible. This thread will only dilute the chance of those comments being addressed.
  11. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    We updated the PDF just today on chaosium.com
  12. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    The PDF is available already. CHA4028 second printing corrections.pdf
  13. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    All the changes I mentioned, plus a few other small ones not listed, like for typos.
  14. I am in need of the following Mongoose RuneQuest books. Please message me if you have any that you are willing to sell: 8113 MRQ Lankhmar: Nehwon 8114 MRQ Lankhmar: Swords Against Sorcery 8125 MRQ Deus Vult: Shadow Societies 8126 MRQ Deus Vult: Sanctuaries 8127 MRQ Deus Vult: Rouen 8135 MRQ Monsters II 8148 MRQ Dwarfs: Guide to the Mostali 8151 MRQ Elric: Cults of the Young Kingdoms 8154 MRQ Elric: Dream Realms 8158 MRQ RuneQuest (Pocket Deluxe Edition) 8167 MRQ2 Elric: L’ombre du Glorieux Empire 8168 MRQ2 Elric: La Magie Des Jeunes Royames 8192 MRQ2 Arene Des Monstres Vol I 8195 MRQ2 Le Deuxieme Age Vol I 8196 MRQ2 Elric of Melnibone 8197 MRQ2 Elric: Game Master’s Screen
  15. Rick Meints


    Yes, we will be Kickstarting Credo in the next year or so.