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  1. Thank you for sharing that article. For the record, Moon Design Publications isn't doing business as (DBA) Chaosium. MD and Chaosium are separate companies. MD isn't currently publishing anything. I'm not sure why this incorrect distinction was needed in the article.
  2. Here's what I wrote for Tales 19, many, many years ago: Marsh Geography The Upland Marsh is a mishmash of mucky islands and rocky outcroppings surrounded by a slow moving murky sludge. Technically, the Creek and the River both run through it, but their routes are a deadly series of small lakes connected by rivers of crud. Think of the Cypress swamps and the bayous of Louisiana. Think moss covered trees. You are there. Now leave. Movement within the Marsh is half speed at best. Normal beasts of burden and all but the best trained mounts refuse to set even a single hoof into it. Ri
  3. A typical Dragonewt Plinth consists of a 6m diameter dark black stone plinth jutting out a meter from the soil. All Dwarves or any Lhankor Mhy sages specializing in minerals would know that it is composed of volcanic basalt. Casting a Detect Magic spell on the area will reveal that a Warding 12 spell extends 15 meters outward from the plinth. The warding “stakes” are four basalt stones buried one meter below the ground on the perimeter. A dragonewt symbol (A triangle with a horizontal line through it) will appear on the surface of the earth directly above each of them. On closer ins
  4. I have researched the fonts. It's too complex to make a short answer here. PM me if you have specific questions.
  5. I pondered what happened to those stats and wondered if we had the Vikings manuscript in the archives. I didn't have time to look for that, but it gave me an idea. RQ3 licensees would sometimes add material to existing products, like Games Workshop did to Griffin Island. The first licensee I remembered that did Vikings was JOC International, who translated it into Spanish. I grabbed Los Vikingos off the shelf and lo and behold, it had the stats you seek. Here's a scan of the page (No, I don't have a translation of it.):
  6. The following books are not part of the Gloranthan Classics: RuneQuest 1 Rulebook, RuneQuest 2 rulebook, Apple Lane, SnakePipe Hollow, TrollPak (only the cults are in the Cult Compendium), the three SoloQuests compiled into the SoloQuest Collection, Gateway Bestiary, RuneQuest Companion, and all of the material in the Old School RuneQuest Collection.
  7. We never intended these to be exact copies. To speed up the layout process for the books we decided from the beginning that all of these books would be done with the same format, style, fonts, and general look and feel. Recreating the erratic and quirky and constantly changing layout of the originals would have just taken more time. Some of the specific fonts don't exist electronically because they predate the digital era. We also cleaned up typos, incorporated errata, and added extra bits from magazines, and even unpublished material. As for more POD titles, we do them as we can.
  8. The Red Book of Magic is its own book, and not the second volume of the Cults slipcase set. The two volumes of the Cults book will be about 400 pages each, and just contain cults and related material.
  9. As always, I am sorry to disappoint you yet again Frank, but I am sure you saw that coming as you typed your post. We don't have the time, energy or desire to do that sort of sifting and sorting. It really isn't worth it when we have people pushing for new RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, and other material. If anyone wants any of the Gloranthan Classics they can easily buy them on the secondary market. They are also available as PDFs, so nobody can say they can't get access to the material. Yes, they can say they want to buy a reasonably priced printed copy, but that isn't just ups flip
  10. THE RQ Classics ARE NEWER than the Gloranthan Classics. the RQ Classics were done in 2016-2019. The Glorantha Classics were done in 1999-2005. The only substantive difference between these books is the art, plus some RQ3 cults in the Cult Compendium. If you want the Pavis & Big Rubble Gloranthan Classic in printed form, you can buy the RQ Classic Pavis book and the Big Rubble Book and you are basically only missing ONE page of information. If you want the GC Griffin Mountain, just buy the RQ Classic Griffin Mountain. No difference there, same for GC Borderlands and Beyond, just buy t
  11. The back covers of the actual printed slipcase sets say China.
  12. Ancient One: You seem to know more than me, so I can't really provide you with additional information. I could have sworn we had the books printed in China because they do our slipcase sets and boxed sets, but I'll defer to you. I chose the date I did because I am tried of disappointing you with honest estimates, estimates that sometimes need to get adjusted for unforeseen circumstances. The books are printed and collated. They are in the process of being shipped to our warehouses. They'll get there when they get there.
  13. We can't tell you "exactly" because there are unknown variables that can impact the arrival date. There is a backlog to unload cargo ships at all of the US West Coast ports. Sometimes there are customs delays. Sometimes there are truck shipment delays. There could be a covid related shutdown. If you want a firm exact sales date I suggest you use December 18th, at 12:37pm EST. You'll be able to buy the set then. NOTE: You may very well get the chance to buy it much earlier than then, but I cannot guarantee it, and you pushed for an EXACT date. 🙂
  14. We will have limited editions of many of the books (128+ pages) bound in leatherette, just like we do for RQ and CoC.
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