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  1. The time to do layout greatly depends on the page count of the book. 1-4 weeks is pretty typical. We do all the text creation, editing, and basic formatting in MS Word. We then import the word file(s) into InDesign, usually chapter by chapter or section by section. That makes final layout in InDesign much easier. Setting up and adjusting styles in MS Word is easier for most people.
  2. The Smoking Ruin is at the printer and should be available for purchase on chaosium.com in printed form in about a month. The Pegasus Plateau is almost done with layout. PDF should be available for purchase THIS month. Then it goes to the printer. All other future books are still in the writing/editing phase, and so we shall not give ETAs on them.
  3. If you are wondering what all they published: Hobby Japan (RQ3) 849 1988 Dragon Pass (wargame) 857-HJ1 1990 RuneQuest Screen Set 85711 Gloranthan Bestiary 85712 Apple Lane 85713 1990 Snake Pipe Hollow 85714 1990 RuneQuest Cities 8573 1994 Monster Coliseum 8577 1990 Gods of Glorantha 8578 1991 Griffin Island 8579 1988 RuneQuest Basic Rules 8579-1 1988 RuneQuest Advanced Set 1989 RuneQuest Companion 8585 1989 Glorantha: Genertela 8586 1993 Trollpak 8588 1990 Elder Secrets 8590 1993 Sun County 8591 1993 River of Cradles 1992 RuneQuest 90s (3rd ed.) 1993 Dragon Atlas 1994 King of Sartar
  4. You can buy the BGB on www.chaosium.com right now for far less. We are keeping it in print. https://www.chaosium.com/basic-roleplaying-softcover https://www.chaosium.com/basic-roleplaying-pdf
  5. HG Well's Martians are fine to use in general, regardless of being in Malleus - just write them up in your own words, etc. That's like the CoC King of Chicago book having the City of Chicago in it. Using the City of Chicago is fine as well - just write it up in your own words. When asked these sorts of questions, I usually ask myself "can I reasonably imagine that item/person/place being used in a non-cthulhu way" (or non-RuneQuest way, or non-Pendragon way, etc.) I hope that helps.
  6. I'm very sure I am not validating your point. This BRP license isn't meant to crack down on pre-existing types of IP violations. It is our way of giving people more publishing options without making the situation worse. We're not expecting the BRP license to slow down or stop somebody who wants to publish a CoC supplement without a license. We also don't want to allow anyone to use the BRP license to retro-clone our CoC game.
  7. I never mentioned plagiarism, or referred to it. I suggest you read my post, specifically the one directly above yours, for the main thrust of my approach to this discussion. As for IP like Dresden files, Princess Bride, Ravenloft, and similar, I don't see why that applies to the license options we offer. You are welcome to belittle Glorantha, but I don't see how that relates to the discussion either. I don't remember ever saying anything about anyone violating our Gloranthan IP, or wanting to. If you read my previous post you will see I mention how we have a wide variety of community content programs available. As for my statements about "a number of people want to...", as the person who has had to send out DMCA letters, C&D letters, and contact numerous websites to take down things that violate our IP, I have more than just an assumption about people's intentions. I can't point to websites showing such unauthorized content because we have had the content taken down. I know that other companies do likewise, including WotC, but I am not going to speak for them with specifics about what they did. I've sat in seminars about this specific problem at the GAMA Trade show. I've talked with other companies about it as well. As for "not charging a dime", that is not a factor at all.
  8. If you want to get a license to write Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, 7th Sea or HeroQuest material, the license options are already available from Chaosium. Feel free to visit our website and check out the options available. You can also publish material for Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, 7th Sea, and HeroQuest via our community content options we have on DTRPG. None of these licenses are hard to obtain, hard to maintain, or onerous in their burdens on the licensee. Feel free to speak with any of our current licensees for their feedback on working with Chaosium as a licensee. While I didn't mention every system Chaosium has published, even some of the ones we aren't currently publishing new material for are also available for licensing. I'd very much like to know why all of the above options, plus the new option of the BRP license just doesn't work for you, or for that matter, anyone else. All I ask is please be specific, and also mostly speak for yourself. A vague example of "I want to write X, but your license options don't allow it" is far better than saying our license options are (insert vague negative word or phrase).
  9. Setting aside what WotC and Mongoose may have done, a lot of clones exist for one other simple set of related reasons. A number of people want to write their own version of a game or game supplements for it without bothering with an IP license of any sort, including paying any royalties.
  10. We are crunching the numbers on that. The deal may not be as good, since we make less money on POD, but we hope we can do some sort of discount for buying direct.
  11. We are looking at that, but it wouldn't be cheap, with multiple books and handouts. It is more likely to be updated a bit and laid out to our new standards. We are exploring options for this very popular campaign. It certainly won't be out of print for as long as it was the last time around (over 20 years).
  12. It is out of stock in some warehouses, including the US warehouse. We will be making it a POD title soon.
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