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  1. If you mean any one ITEM (sorry for the reflection on the glass) it's probably the original Jaquays painting used for the Griffin Mountain cover. It's labelled as "Harmony at Twilight" and it hangs on my office wall:
  2. Setting up POD is being done for a number of reasons, not just for the RQ Classic Kickstarter. A number of older Chaosium titles are going to be available via POD. The Gateway Bestiary came out because a super-generous fan and friend recreated it for us. Yes, he scanned in, OCR'd, cleaned up and re-laid it out and then surprised us with it. I've spoken about Dragon Pass, the war-game before, but will say it again. Reprinting it would take a lot of effort, and cost a lot to actually print, especially if it was boxed. I will restate the maxim Chaosium used when they discontinued doing warga
  3. I have spoken with David Forthoffer about the program and he is seeing if he still has it, or at least the code for it. Reprinting Foes is way down on our priority list.
  4. Our POD printing company prints from a number of countries, including Australia.
  5. Usually we sell things in the format and package that we we think will sell best. Consider this: If we did them as 5 separate items we would have to pay for printing 5 covers instead of one, and pay for increased binding costs. If you would prefer we charge say $8 each for them, so you could pay $40 for them instead of $25 for all five in a single book, which do you think would sell better? Which do you think would earn us more money?
  6. I now know where where I can send any badly damaged boxes I come across. Well done!
  7. Lodabdul would have had plenty of time if he had just spent five minutes searching for this previous post of mine from a few months ago: The RQ1 rulebook was just a single printing, stapled with original Wyrm logo (1978). The RQ2 Rulebook was indivdually sold in the following formats: Color cover, stapled with original Wyrm logo (1979). Color cover, perfect bound in both original Wyrm logo (1980) and Chaosium Dragon logo (1981). Color cover dust jacket for leatherette binding (Reston Publishing) with original Warm logo (1981). Games Workshop perfect bound vers
  8. There's the 1st edition in the upper right, and all the rest are 2nd edition printings.
  9. "Spare copies" is a relative term. I have three of the 2" boxed set on the shelf because there are three distinct printings (red, brown, and green rulebook covers). Being an unrepentant completist, I switched from acquiring one of each edition to acquiring every distinct printing of each item. The thing is, this picture isn't even all of them, just all I knew about at the time (3 years ago).
  10. Sorry, not going to happen. We would have to redo the layout of information that is easily available in Pavis and Big Rubble.
  11. We are seriously looking at doing the Sartar, Sartar Companion and Pavis Heroquest books as POD. We have no plans for any Hero Wars Titles. They are all available as PDF if you really want them, anyway. If you really want them in printed form most of them are available for not too much money on the secondary market.
  12. Quite the stack... Side note: At the beginning if the video I used the original William Church maps created for the RQ2 rulebook. You might notice that a lot of the letters on the map have a yellowing to them because they were pasted on. The smaller names were put on with letraset letters.
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