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  1. The original Deadlight had a high price point ($9.95) and a low page count (24). A lot of its art was actually done in color. We have no plans to update the general look of our layout at this time.
  2. Rick Meints


    Here's a photo of them.
  3. before the end of the year.
  4. NOTE: This thread started as being about what could be revised for a new version of the BGB of BRP. If you want to provide us with other advice, critiques, etc. please start a different thread with an appropriate name. I'm not trying to silence anyone. I am reminding folks to stay on topic, or possibly start a new topic in the correct forum.
  5. What does this have to do with updating the BGB?
  6. We have never considered any of our product lines "bastard children" so I will assume you were trying to be funny. This also isn't about playing personal favorites. Publishing a system is about making money from it. We aren't a non-profit, nor is this a side business or hobby business. We can't afford to spend $100 to make $110. Yes, Magic World reached some customers. Yes, the BGB reached customers. If you want to buy these things, please buy them. We still sell them.
  7. We are making no promises, but if we were to update the BGB, what could be improved? NOTE: The printed BGB is available for sale still on our website, and certainly in PDF form on our website and DTRPG.
  8. The additional warehouse for the EU is being prepared. We are still at least a month away from it being ready to ship orders. Expect more announcements fairly soon. We have to not only get the warehouse stocked, but we have to update our website as well.
  9. We'll have something great to announce about the book shortly.
  10. While I, like many of you, prefer printed books to PDFs, if a printed copy isn't available to me I am happy to fall back on getting the info via PDF. ALL of the titles you are asking about are available for sale on our website and DTRPG as PDFs. You HAVE access to all of that information, and at a far lower price than a POD book would cost. We will probably eventually have them as POD titles, but it takes time and resources, and they would have to be diverted from working on new products.
  11. Jeff teases about new publications. I usually tease about reprints.
  12. It would take too much time to get 600+ pages of material ready for top end printing based on the expected demand. These are cleaned up scans that will look great on screen. They are text searchable. We MIGHT do them as a two volume POD set, but that would be about it. Below is a sample page from Wyrms Footnotes 5. Page 1 from Wyrms Footnotes 5.tif
  13. That all greatly depends on the publication in question.
  14. We are working on releasing all of Wyrms Footnotes 1-14 as individual PDFs soon, as in within the next month. We have 4 issues left to finish. They will probably also be available as POD. As for Tales of the Reaching Moon, stay tuned. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRINTED ORIGINALS, please email me at rmeints-at-gmail-dot-com. I recently acquired a spare set of Tales 1-20, and many of the issues of Wyrms Footnotes. The originals would be at collectors prices...
  15. RuneQuest debuted as Chaosium's first RPG at the Origins convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan in July of 1978. Most of Chaosium's RPGs are based on, and derivatives of that core rule set, now often referred to as BRP (Basic Role Playing). The first mentions of the Call of Cthulhu game while it was still being written referred to it as RuneQuest: Cthulhu. Suffice it to say we greatly prefer the name it ended up using. Call of Cthulhu uses the core mechanics of RuneQuest, and added in some things that rounded out the game for the specific time period and genre, such as Sanity and firearms. It also removed some things that were not needed, such as detailed combat. Greg Stafford's game design philosophy kept evolving. Greg was not a numbers heavy, rules heavy sort of player. Greg personally preferred story telling and rules light sorts of games, and created Pendragon and Prince Valiant in that vein in the 1980s. In the 1990s he struck out on his own with his own company, Issaries Inc., and focused on creating a storytelling game for Glorantha. It was first called Hero Wars, and ultimately became known as HeroQuest when Greg was able to attain the HeroQuest trademark a mere 30 years after he wanted to (different story). As a storytelling game, HQ is very rules light. It uses a much simpler D20 resolution mechanic. If you choose to do so you can have an entire army battle resolved with a single opposed die roll.
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