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  1. Yes, the page count is increasing quite a bit for the new MoN. The other reasons we think a slipcase set would be ideal is: 1. It's not a boxed game and won't be taxed as such (books are not subject to taxation in some countries), keeping the total cost to buyers down. 2. It can be sent media mail in the US, which saves US buyers on postage. 3. You get two manageably sized books instead of one really BIG book, which can suffer from binding breakdown problems. 4. The Handouts can be more separate items in their own pack, and not in book format, which people hate cutting apart. 5. All the items are bundled together in an attractive and practical container and not just wrapped together in shrink-wrap. 6. The slipcases we make are harder to damage than the average game box. (HOtOE suffers from box corner splits.)
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    I don't really ignore anything written for Glorantha. If I were setting up a Gloranthan campaign I would be basing it in a part of the world I already know, which is mainly the Dragon Pass area, but that isn't because I dislike/disagree/hate/ignore the rest of the world. I don't have any problems with ducks, although I tend to portray them with only slight bits of humor. If I were a PC in a group where the GM used a Donald Duck voice and flapped his arms like wings while playing an NPC duck I probably wouldn't enjoy it. When we played through our Griffin Mountain campaign in the early 80s I had no problems with Jack O'Bears. They seemed no more or less silly than a number of creatures I had encountered in previous D&D games only a few years before (including Bugbears, which Jack O'Bears are based on). I like Dragonewts for a number of reasons and am happy to have them as NPCs because they specifically are unpredictable and I enjoy the speculation as to why they do things the way they do. I don't mind if people play the Lunars as X or Y, especially if I am playing in a one-shot scenario. I've enjoyed playing them as "The Romans in Life of Brian", playing them as Soviets more akin to the Hunt for Red October, (Hunt for Red Storm Season freeform) and also as they are in the Guide to Glorantha,, which is how I would probably use them in a campaign. All that said, I expect everybody to drop some aspects of Glorantha. There's SO MUCH written about Glorantha how could you agree with or like absolutely all of it. I'm not a personal fan of the Juggernaut (big rolling wheel) but all I do is just think "It's far away", not "erase it from the histories". Lastly, I don't play Morokanth as vegetarians (although I appreciate the humor of it) because to me it means they DID cheat in the contest. I'd prefer not to know if they cheated. I prefer the sense of the unknown surrounding it. I'm actually one of those irritating types that loved sitting in an "Ask Greg" seminar at a convention and was happy when he would answer with "I don't know" or "I haven't decided". I don't want to know what Charg is like while under the Ban, or who really won between Arkat/Gbaji, etc. I love Glorantha because of the ambiguity and the wide sweeping weirdness it contains.
  3. The new edition of masks is going to be around 512+ pages in length. That's a pretty big book if done as a single book.
  4. Cthulhu by Gaslight?

    From 1997 through 2015 Chaosium did decreasingly smaller print runs for many of their supplements, other than the core rulebook and a few steady sellers. Many titles became Print on Demand where Chaosium would buy them one or two cartons at a time from Lightning Source as the warehouse felt it needed them.
  5. Runequest Quickstart

    We don't see calling the new edition of the game "RQG" a compromise, because we didn't compromise. We called the game what we thought will best describe it to the general public. For those of you that participated in that discussion on BRP central, thank you for giving us food for thought. We mean no disrespect to any of the previous versions or editions of the game. They are what they are. While some of the people here may call it RQ7, what does that really get you? RQG is not based on RQ6, or either Mongoose edition. Is calling it RQ7 going to advance the conversation any further than saying "do you like RuneQuest prior edition X more than RQG?" We seriously doubt any of the people that have been playing RuneQuest for X number of years already (with X = 1 to 40 years) will be confused by the name. We at Chaosium are mostly concerned with not confusing a new buyer of the game who has never played RuneQuest before. We want it do what it says on the tin, so to speak.
  6. New Dragon Pass board game

    Without trying to steal anyone's thunder, if we had any substantial news to report on any of our products we would be reporting such news in Ab Chaos and various other social media. In general it is extremely rare that we have news about our products that we just keep quiet about because we can't be bothered to say anything until somebody asks us. You are always welcome to ask, but do not be surprised if the answer is "no news". We love talking about progress on our forthcoming products. I am saying this with the spirit of "The new Chaosium wants to communicate as best we can, as often as we can". We do not want to lurk in our caves and say nothing until pestered repeatedly. We see no benefit in doing that.
  7. High Llama

    Yes, TotRM #1 had a print run of 200. The rarest issue is #2, which had a print run of 180 copies.
  8. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    All backer copies have been sent out from the Australian and UK warehouses. Almost all shipments from the US warehouse have been sent out. Canadian Warehouse is still waiting for the games to arrive, but will process them all in one day once they arrive.
  9. Rules Question: Waha's Blessing

    You add them to your final score, 20 points each, so if you were blessed 5 times you will have 100 more cows to add to what is in your corrals when determining final scores. This is explained in the Game End section on page 11 in the rules.
  10. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I have to keep reminding myself that up until 2007, Basic Roleplaying was a SIXTEEN page booklet with two purposes. It was meant as an introduction to the Chaosium D100 system and to also introduce people that had never played an RPG to what RPGs were about. It stayed that way for over 25 years until the Big Gold book came out 10 years ago, that's when it changed into a 350+ page stand alone rulebook for all sorts of genres. By 2007 Chaosium was no longer the publisher of RuneQuest, Stormbringer, Elfquest, Superworld, Ringworld, Pendragon, or Nephilim (most of those came in boxed sets initially and included a copy of the 16 page BRP). By 2007 Chaosium was mainly a Call of Cthulhu RPG and fiction book publisher.
  11. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    When I play it with my kids they implement their usual "beat dad" strategy. They seemed to play most of the Waha's Blessing cards on me, even if I also had one. Thus, we had more of a "pass the 100 cattle to the next player" situation, not a "nobody played their card first".
  12. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Due to European Privacy laws it is often not allowed for our UK warehouse to use your email for sending you a shipping announcement.
  13. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    All European backer shipments left the warehouse last Friday, and we have had reports of games being delivered throughout the EU, including the UK, Germany, and France thus far.
  14. Masters of Luck & Death Wargame

    Alas, we have almost no material related to the war-game Masters of Luck and Death in the archives. No draft rulebook, no draft counters, no hex map. We only have very brief mentions of it. Having chatted with Greg about the game several times, the situation is simple. There's no game anywhere remotely close to being done. Not even extensive notes, etc. Whatever there was at one time back in the late 70s has been lost somewhere along the way.
  15. Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018

    Jongjom is correct. We do not feel the time, energy, and ongoing workload from running a Kickstarter is worth it for products we merely want to be awesome and sell as soon as possible. Of course, if we have a special product or group of products that we cannot accurately gauge the demand for, we may very well run a Kickstarter for those. Chaosium had not released a boardgame in over 20 years so we thought it best to Kickstart Khan of Khans. We were not sure how much demand there would be for the 2nd edition of RuneQuest, so we did the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter. We feel Kickstarters are for special products and special events, not every book we publish. We'd rather just publish more books.