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  1. Rick Meints

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My Journey with Greg Stafford In the golden age of gaming in the late 1970s I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and dabbled in many other RPGs and wargames. My favorite game sessions though were over at the Webster house, where brothers Tim and Tom would alternate being GM for a series of Chaosium’s finest 2 inch big boxed games, first with RuneQuest, then eventually Call of Cthulhu, and finally Stormbringer. That’s when I fell in love with The Chaosium. During our RuneQuest sessions I devoured every word of Cults of Prax, especially focusing on the Travels of Biturian Varosh. Those little snippets of life in Glorantha as told by a wandering merchant captivated me, and I discovered my affinity with the Trade Rune. I only played an Issaries merchant, eventually becoming a Rune Priest, and never looked back. At the back of the RuneQuest rulebook sits a wonderful list of other RQ projects in the works, along with a bibliography of inspirational books. They pointed me towards new books to read, games to play, and Chaosium publications to seek out. Cults of Prax, coupled with my enjoyment of the Griffin Mountain campaign we played was when I fell in love with Glorantha and RuneQuest. When I went to College I took a break from RPGs. That abruptly changed when I found a small, almost hidden game shop on the edge of campus. I’m not sure how it stayed in business, but it held treasures I quickly devoted all of my spending money to purchasing and in turn reading every page. As a player, I never purchased a lot of scenario material, but as an RPG reader I no longer held back. I acquired TrollPak, Pavis, Questworld, Borderlands, and the Big Rubble boxed sets, along with Cults of Terror and a few other RuneQuest supplements. That’s when I fell in love with collecting Chaosium games. In those pre-internet days I relied on RPG magazines like The Dragon and White Dwarf to find nearby game conventions (with auctions and trade halls) or learn about newly released books to buy. As I purchased the Avalon Hill RuneQuest material I noticed an immediate difference between its publications and Chaosium’s. If something had Greg Stafford’s name on it, it tended to be something I read a lot, and if it didn’t I usually only skimmed it. That was definitely true with a little Chaosium boxed set I picked up called Pendragon. It showed me Greg invested his energy and talents in a wide variety of areas, including Arthurian lore. Somewhere between Glorantha and Pendragon is when I fell in love with the works of Greg Stafford. In the early 1990s I took a big leap and decided to attend RuneQuest Con I in Baltimore. I had started reading Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine (found thanks to those ads for it in the back of many Avalon Hill RQ supplements) and discovered a community of other like-minded people who were into Greg’s work and all things Gloranthan as much as me. Of course Greg Stafford being the main Guest of Honor enticed me the most. It was one of the best decisions I made in my young adult life. After unknowingly insulting Jack Dott in the trade area (Suzanne would love that) I managed to corner Greg and he patiently listened as I geeked out by showing him my big box of RQ items I was hoping he would do me the honor of autographing. As he pulled each one out and skimmed through it before signing it we chatted about each of them (his colorful stories always trumping my comments). At the end of our time he suggested I become a RuneQuest historian, and all I could say was yes as he shook my hand. The rest of the weekend was spent listening to him at seminars, making new acquaintances, and enjoying the whole atmosphere. That’s when I fell in love with what became known as the “Gloranthan Tribe”. Shortly thereafter I moved to the UK and started regularly seeing Greg at conventions. Between Convulsion, Continuum, Tentacles, Eternal Con and a string of RuneQuest and Glorantha Cons our friendship slowly grew. Many of Greg’s Gloranthan friends, like Nick Brooke, David Hall, Michael O’Brien, Neil Robinson, Jeff Richard, Sandy Petersen, Lawrence Whitaker, David Scott, Fabian Kuechler, Dan Barker, Simon Bray, and many more too numerous to list became my friends as well. Friends that grieve with me now as the man who brought us all together has passed away. As my role in RPG publishing grew Greg always provided extra support. When I gifted him with a copy of the only book I have ever written, my Index to all things RuneQuest and Glorantha, he grinned as he quipped “I finally get to have you autograph something for me for a change”. And my life continued to change thanks to Greg. Moon Design reprinted the Gloranthan Classics which helped provide Greg with the financial means to figure out what his next journey would be, while also helping me understand the business of Gloranthan publishing. We began to trust each other more and more as I became a game merchant, and he continued to explore his life, his passions, and his way forward. Fortunately, it was never all business with Greg and I. We shared many other interests, although his interests spanned twenty times the scope of mine. We often chatted about Carl Barks and Uncle Scrooge, the original inspiration for Ducks in Glorantha. Greg helped sort out our family fish tank (he had worked in an aquarium shop for a while) and he always enjoyed chatting with my kids about what they were up to. They were saddened when they found out uncle Greg wouldn’t be staying in our guest bedroom again, now called the Stafford Suite. Greg and I talked of our mutual love of the outdoors and his regret for falling just short of earning his Eagle Scout when he was a Boy Scout. Now it only seems like we talked far too little, and shared too little, regardless of the time he enjoyed spending with me and my family. I think back to that day in June a few years ago when Greg drove me to the San Francisco airport, shook my hand, and offered me the job of President of Chaosium. He described it as the best and the worst job to have. Forty years after he founded Chaosium, he decided it was time for a new generation to continue down the trail he had started and I would get to be a part of it. Greg had returned to save Chaosium, yet he knew it was the task of other members of his hero band to continue his legacy and work. He had shown us the way, inspired us to build upon it, and had more confidence in us than we had in ourselves. He became our Chairman of the Board, wise counsel, and shaman. These last three years have flown by in a blink. Chaosium stands poised to grow and prosper, all thanks to its founder. Greg built something that we love, cherish, and defend. He built our tribe, led the way, and made it all fun. That’s the best thing about Greg. He challenged us to find ourselves and our place in the world, explore life’s great mysteries, and have a lot of laughs while doing so. He was the biggest kid showing us all it's ok to be big kids too. This last August we drove to Gen Con together, chatting the entire time. We had five glorious days together in the Chaosium booth, signing books, speaking with our tribe, and generally enjoying each other’s company as all of us on the team were The Chaosium. One of the highlights was hearing Greg’s acceptance speech for the Silver eNnie for Fan Favorite Publisher. He made it not about himself, nor about Chaosium, and instead he made it all about our gaming community and how wonderful it was to be a part of it. After the con I drove him to the airport for his long flight home back to Arcata. We said our usual goodbyes, hugged deeply, and went our separate ways with no thought to it being our last moment together. We spoke a few times on the phone after that, emailed each other about many things, and then last Thursday I woke to the news that he was gone. In the dark of the night in his sweat lodge he had departed on his next journey. He had died as he lived, on one last quest for spiritual enlightenment. As I grieved the loss over this last week, I somehow know that Greg and I will see each other again. Until that day my task is to honor him, his legacy, and his example, having fun all along the way. Ave atque vale Greg. I already miss you too much.
  2. Rick Meints

    Pendragon Items at the Redbubble Store?

    We might be able to do that, but it is not part of our current agreement with Nocturnal.
  3. I know of no written transcripts of this or other recent videos. We at The Chaosium would welcome a volunteer doing them. Alas, such volunteers are few and far between and we do not have the resources to do them in house.
  4. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    Below is what I found whilst comparing the first printing of RQG and the latest files sent to the printer, as of 10/17/2018. NOTE: Not all of these changes are in the latest PDF you can currently download from Chaosium.com after purchase. We are updating the download file and will release a new version shortly. Also, this is not a log of every change made to correct a simple typo, errant comma, capitalization, or similar. Those types of corrections have been made as we have found them or have had them reported. I am humble compiler of what has changed and decided what to include in this "change log". Please do not debate any of these revisions here. There are other threads for doing that, if you feel so inclined. This list will get reviewed, possibly tweaked for phrasing or consistency, and ultimately made available in a number of formats like a PDF, etc. When I looked at these 2 pages of changes I felt a twinge of nostalgia, fondly remembering the two page sheet of SECOND EDITION RUNEQUEST "Clarifications, Corrections, and Additions" that was included in many a box of RQ2 and widely distributed. Page 44: Year 1625 Events table "11-17" result changed to "11-16". Page 47: Info for Foundchild: Hunting God added. Death rune Death 295 Harmony rune Harmony. Page 57: 2nd to last paragraph "bonus" is changed to "modifier". Page 74: 2nd column Common Rune Magic first bullet Spells About the Cult has "Summon Cult Spirit" added, along with "Summon Cult Spirit 1-3 points" added after Spirit Block on Common Rune Magic SPELLS table. Page 80: Vasana's Saga third bullet point has Farm 30% changed to 35%, and fifth bullet has Javelin 20% changed to 25%. Page 83: Family Heirlooms table result 18 reworded to "An ingot of iron or other pure Rune metal weighing 1D3 ENC which can be forged into a weapon, piece of armor, or other object. An unenchanted iron item has half again the number of hit or armor points. Each point of ENC reduces the user's chance of casting magic spells by -5%, with the same chance that magic spells cast on them will have no effect. Enchanted items act as normal." Page 89: Harmast Attacks Table updated so Javelin line of info is replaced with 2 Javelin weapons of "Javelin, One-handed 45 1D8+1D4 5 7" and "Javelin, Thrown 45 1D10 1 -". Page 144: 1st column, 2nd bullet "but roll the same number" removed. Page 164: Skill Descriptions topic second paragraph, "(Elder Race) Lore or (Homeland) Lore" replaced with "Elder Race Lore (Type) or Homeland Lore (Area)". Later is same paragraph "(Elder Race) Lore" is replaced with "Elder Race Lore (Type)". Page 183: first column last paragraph "visible spirits" changed to "invisible spirits". Page 198: Special Parries topic, first bullet added ", with no armor protection." at the end. Second bullet removed ", with no armor protection." from the end. Page 206: 1st column, Critical Hit topic, last sentence of first paragraph changed to "A critical hit ignores the effects of armor or any other protection, and usually does maximum impaling, slashing, or crushing damage (depending on weapon type), as described above." Page 206: 2nd column, Example second paragraph, replaced last three sentences with "The damage is maximum damage plus rolled damage for an impaling attack, with the rolled damage modifier added. In this case, the roll is an exceptionally good one, with the result of 7 (max of 1D6+1), 4 (1D6+1) and 4 (1D4). The broo's attack does 15 points of total damage." In the next paragraph both instances of "17" are replaced with "15". Page 215: Armor Table, Cuirass Leather armor for the Chest has its ENC changed from 0 to 1. Hauberk Leather for Abdomen & Chest has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Skirts Leather for Abdomen has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Pants/Trews Leather for Abdomen & Legs has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Greaves Leather for Legs has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Page 224: Two Weapon Use topic, first bullet changed to "...may use them for two attacks or attacking with one and parrying with the other, as desired." Page 254: 2nd column, Spell Strike Rank topic, first paragraph, first sentence changed from "...magic points of the spell, plus any boosting magic points." to ...magic points of the spell (minus the first), plus any boosting magic points." Formula for at end of page changed to "DEX STRIKE RANK + ADDITIONAL MAGIC POINTS OF SPELL..." Page 262: Fireblade spell, added sentence at the end of second paragraph "Though it is an active spell, the caster can still move and attack normally." Page 267: Vigor spell, first sentence changed to "This spell adds 3 points to the CON of the target." Page 275: Common Rune Magic boxed text, first bullet changed to "...Divination, Sanctify, and Summon Cult Spirit." Page 277: Further Training and Experience topic, 2nd paragraph, last paragraph changed to "...occupational skills (see Experience Between Adventures, page 416)." Page 281: Improved resistance to Magic topic, first sentence replaced with "A Rune Lord always resists magic with their species maximum POW and not their current POW." Page 283: Cult Rune Spell use boxed text, Example, second sentence changed to "She has gained the Summon Air Elemental special Rune spell directly from Orlanth." third sentence changed to "...from that subcult, and gained Increase/Decrease Wind as a member of the Orlanth Thunderous subcult." Page 318: Alter Creature spell, third paragraph, first sentence changed to "A beast that becomes a human gains 2D6+6 INT and 3D6 CHA." Page 319: Bear's Strength spell, last sentence changed to "...Rune Masters of Odayla or an associated cult." Page 327: Earth Power spell, first paragraph, second sentence changed to "... enables them to draw either 1 point of POW or 1D8 magic points...". 2nd to last sentence changed to "...the Earthpower spell returns an additional 1 POW or 1D8 magic points. The POW disappears at the end of the spell's duration. Any magic points in excess..." Page 333: Lock Spell, Second sentence changed to "... magic points used in the spell multiplied by 10." Page 346: Suppress Lodril spell, “Summon Shadow” changed to “Create Shadow”. Page 346: Swallow Spell changed from “Instant” to “Instant/Temporal”. Last sentence changed to “…items are recoverable and their condition once they have been swallowed.” Page 357: Discorporation topic, 2ndparagraph, delete the sentence “Every additional magic point spent during the ritual increases the time that the shaman can remain discorporate by one hour.” Page 374: Regions of the Spirit World topic, last paragraph rewritten/replaced with “Moving deeper into the Spirit World imposes a modifier to Spirit Travel. Each step away from the Inner Region reduces the shaman’s Spirit Travel skill by -10% per step. Returning has the opposite modifier. It is always easier to return in the direction of the Inner World.” Page 385: Limits to Manipulating Intensity topic, Example paragraph last two sentences changed to “He has an INT of 17, 3 points of spirit magic, and 8 points of sorcery already known. As a result he can add up to 6 levels of intensity, divided amongst strength, range, and duration.” Page 386: Spell Cost topic, second Example changed to “Damastol also knows the Logical Clarity spell (Truth + Dispel) at 42%. He knows the Truth rune, but because he only knows Dispel as an insight of Summons, it costs him 3 magic points to cast, plus 2 magic points for each additional level of intensity.” Page 415: Making an Experience Roll topic, third paragraph, second sentence modified to “A modified roll of 100 or more is always a success…” Page 420: CHA Increase and Decrease topic, second bullet point changed to “Becoming a Rune Master, or shaman in the course of play or…” (reference to God-talker deleted)
  5. Rick Meints

    Change log for updated PDF's

    All, I will work with Jason to see if we can compose a "change log" for what has changed between the first printing of the rulebook and the second printing of the rulebook, which is currently at the printer. I cannot guarantee how detailed this "change log" will be. It may surprise some of you to know that we haven't had to do something like this in quite some time. I could try to be funny and quip "we are the chaosium, not the orderium", but I respect that the desire to know what has changed is real, and that the log would be useful. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any idea when we could get it done and make it available. As for the size of the staff at Chaosium, we don't have as many full time people as you might think. The "full timers" involved with the RQ line are Jeff, Jason, and me. The rest are part timers and freelancers.
  6. Rick Meints

    So many errors and contradictions

    Let me rephrase: Most of these 4 pages are not about what actually needs to be changed in the book so people are not confused, be it from contradictions, ambiguity, or unclear words/phrases. Most of the discussion here has been on the magnitude of that ambiguity, the impact of the contradictions, and similar. These 4 pages are not "here's the list of ten sentences you might want to change, or five paragraphs to reword, or can somebody change X or Y so they do not contradict." We are not asking people for the "correct" answer(s). As "creativehum" said, if you don't know what the rule is supposed to be, you can't know how to fix it. That said, you can say "I don't know whether X on page A or Y on page B is correct". You can say "the rule for X is ambiguous to me". Those are things we can change, as they are identified. I see all such requests as valid, genuine, and worthy of consideration for changing. That is why there's the "ask Jason" thread. That's some of the purpose behind the tribal edit thread we are looking at reopening. We had little or no expectation (said with all respect to everyone's intelligence and experience) that for many or most things that need to be changed you would/could/should tell us how to change it. Please just tell us as specifically as you are able what is contradictory, ambiguous, or unclear so we can potentially change it. That is far more important than debating the magnitude of the issue of how much we need to change in the rules to make them as awesome as we realistically can.
  7. Rick Meints

    So many errors and contradictions

    Most of these 4 pages are more about how "significant" the changes are, or other comments. This 4 page thread is not 4 pages of reported errors, errata, or typos.
  8. Rick Meints

    The Sea Cave

    We prefer to refer to OSR as "Old School RuneQuest".
  9. Without knowing the shipping destination, I can't provide you with any details.
  10. We are going to print more of the leatherettes.
  11. Send me the ORIGINAL coupon and I will make sure you get an awesome set of dice.
  12. We uploaded a new and properly paginated Artisan Character sheet to Chaosium.com and DTRPG.
  13. Rick Meints

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    You can buy it now. https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-gamemaster-screen-pack-pdf/
  14. Rick Meints

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    While I'm not going to discuss the specifics of any license, a commercial license from Chaosium involves paying cash royalties in exchange for use of our IP and/or trademarks. In particular, Chaosium no longer has any licenses where we accept free product from the licensee instead of a cash royalty.
  15. Rick Meints

    White Bear and Red Moon

    The main reason that there aren't PDF's commercially available for Wyrm's Footnotes is simply because prior to 2015 all of the rights were not held by one company. Not having the time and resources is also a factor. Another small challenge is that you would realistically have to take the staples out of Issues 1-3 to get proper scans of them. Considering how valuable and collectable those issues are, nobody seems to be in a rush to offer up their copies for such deconstruction. Before anyone asks, let me be clear that reprinting these original 14 issues, or creating PDFs of them is not currently on our production schedule at all. I can't say I like that answer, but that's the situation. NOTE: The same applies to reprinting WB&RM and/or Nomad Gods.