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  1. Which is one of the reasons I am not of a mind to do another Kickstarter.
  2. I'm not of a mind to do another Kickstarter related to these books.
  3. The general rule is that you get a free PDF with a printed book purchased on chaosium.com. That isn't just an RQ thing. We do that for Call of Cthulhu as well. For most books if you first purchase the PDF on our website you will get a discount on the printed version if you purchase it from our website. As for these RQ Classic titles, it mostly depends on how we offer these printed books for sale. If we go POD and use an external site like Lulu or DTRPG then we probably can't do the discount. That's how it currently works for some of the books in the Stafford Library series. You can buy PDFs of them on our website, but to get the printed book you have to buy it on Lulu.com. If we end up selling the printed books directly on our website then we probably will have a "purchased the PDF" discount. NOTE: one of the real problems with Lulu and DTRPG in this situation is that they do NOT share customer data with us. We get no info on who purchases anything on those sites. Thus, I can't guarantee the discount at this time. Ideally, we would love to just sell these books directly on our website but that means investing a fair bit of cash on regular print runs of books that may not sell in the volume required to justify doing that. We don't want to print 1000, get them to all three warehouses, and then only end up selling 200. That's why this is tricky to figure out.
  4. The poster maps are included with the PDFs. Thus you will get a PDF of the book, and a PDF of the poster map. Player Handouts are also part of the book PDF, so it's only a matter of printing out the desired pages. Box sides are not available. The front of the box is the cover of the book, and likewise for the box bottom and the back cover of the book.
  5. The Gateway Bestiary PDF is also for sale now too. It wasn't part of the Kickstarter, but people were interested in getting an electronic copy of it.
  6. Anything 128 pages and up for a stand alone book will be hardcover.
  7. I am reminded of when I bought the first edition of Deities and Demigods when it came out around 1981. My gaming group read through it and saw it as sort of a challenge as to how many of those deities could we try and kill. We managed to kill a few of them in minimax fashion, and with great enjoyment. Like a few others have said, I too feel that permanently destroying Delecti is POSSIBLE. I also feel it would be incredibly tough to do. Perhaps I am tainted by my playing of the game Dragon Pass (White Bear & Red Moon). Delecti is an option to ally with. His destruction is not anyone's victory goal. Often he is just ignored. Sure, he has neighbors that would prefer he be gone, especially the Orlanthi who live on the edges of the marsh. Thus far they have usually sought his containment, not destruction. They seem to not want to poke the (usually) sleeping bear. If a group of players wants to "take him on", please have fun. I think it would make a great campaign, and ultimately it could go either way in terms of who would ultimately win. One final irony that comes to mind is that if Delecti was getting severely challenged by one group, like the Orlanthi, Delecti would probably have no qualms at all about making an alliance with the Lunars, or the Beastmen, or somebody else who could help him survive and beat his foe. I certainly can't see the Lunars, the Dragonewts, the Beastmen, the Orlanthi, the ducks, and a few other groups all "teaming up to fight Ming" for their mutual benefit...
  8. We did leatherette versions of the Masks of Nyarlathotep books too. Expect to see such leatherette book options more often.
  9. Here's another snippet on Blackthorn trees: A legend tells of a troll, seeking revenge for Delecti turning his companions into zombies, performing an amazing feat some 150 years ago. The troll completed a tree chopping heroquest before entering the marsh and managed to hack through two consecutive Blackthorn trees before finally falling victim to the marsh’s defenders. The peninsula extending into the marsh is now known as Darkwalk. Legend also tells of his ghost still protecting it from Delecti’s rituals. Every few years during Storm Season, a band of Zorak Zorani have been seen performing some type of ritual near the entrance onto the Darkwalk peninsula.
  10. While I never thought of Delecti as using much Chaos to corrupt the dryad, your story is great and I think it will be a lot of fun, which is all that matters.
  11. Delecti has been defending and expanding his marshy realm for centuries. He has mastered the art of luring in his victims through all manner of enticements. Here's some of what Greg and I wrote for Tales 19: Upland Marsh Encounters This article is designed as a set of general guidelines on what intruders will encounter when they enter Delecti’s domain. The Marsh is an ever-changing physical environment. Islands drift, ruins slowly sink, undead shamble around. Maps are notoriously unreliable. The Upland Marsh is a mishmash of mucky islands and rocky outcroppings surrounded by a slow moving murky sludge. Technically, the Creek and the River both run through it, but their routes are a deadly series of small lakes connected by rivers of crud. Think of the Cypress swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Picture moss covered trees. You are there. Now leave. Traveling through the Marsh Ground movement within the Marsh is half speed at best. Normal beasts of burden and all but the best trained mounts refuse to set even a single hoof into it. Riding such a mount would be impossible, regardless. Only the Lismelder with their clodhopping skills, and the ducks with their natural affinity to the terrain can move at close to normal speed. Delecti’s corrupted servant Rihalya protects her master with her perpetual cloak of mist. Thus, visibility is limited to roughly 30 meters or so during the day and perhaps as little as 1-5 meters at night. She rises to her thickest as part of the preparations for expanding the Marsh. She precedes the foul dance of the Daughters of Darkness whenever they choose to venture out of the Marsh as well. Troll Darksense is basically useless, as are most forms of extended vision, unless magically enhanced. The air is filled with all manner of spooky sounds and odd odors. At times, the stench of decay can be choking. Few beings that enter the Marsh ever forget its distinct smell. Most flying creatures also avoid the airspace over the Marsh, but trained flying mounts could be ridden. All but intelligent mounts would never dare to fly down into the mist let alone attempt to land in the Marsh unless forced. A Few General Notes on Delecti’s Undead Delecti's undead follow a largely automated defensive scheme, unless Delecti focuses on a specific battle and takes direct control of his forces. He occasionally prefers to have his undead capture powerful people by subduing them. Everyone else is lethally dealt with. Drowning is a favorite attack because it insures a much more intact corpse. There are a number of powerful undead beings that rule over small regions of the Marsh. While they have sworn an oath of servitude to Delecti, they are given a relatively free hand to do what they want in their own little realms. The undead minions of Delecti decay at a very slow rate, possibly over centuries. It has been observed that the zombies decay at an accelerated rate while outside of the Marsh. Most of the zombies that have rotted away have continued their unbroken record of service as skeletons. In the end, no one other than Delecti is confidently sure what he is up to. Some outsiders believe that nothing escapes his eye inside his Marsh. Others believe he takes little interest in intruders unless they are extremely powerful and/or pose a threat directly to him or his realm. Attacking his Blackthorn trees, major Humakti assaults, or entering his ruin always get his undivided attention. The forces he can muster if needed are considerable.
  12. Delicti welcomes any and all such challenges to his realm. Those zombies, ghouls and other undead aren't going to replenish their ranks without your help!
  13. Greg Stafford and I spoke about Delecti at great length over many years. Of all the things in Glorantha I have loved and appreciated, Delecti was kind of my personal obsession to understand. We emailed and spoke about him extensively, culminating in the lengthy info published about him in an article Greg and I wrote for Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine back in the 1990s.
  14. While I am sure that somewhere, someone might have said that Delicti was a vampire, that's not the version of Delecti Chaosium has ever published. WB&RM, last updated as Dragon Pass said it quite succinctly: Delicti the Necromancer lived in one of the chief cities of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. Delecti's practice of his arts led to a curse falling upon the city; it declined into ruin, and the surrounding countryside became a terror-filled swamp. By his arts, Delicti achieved a gruesome form of immortality; he was able to transfer his spirit into a freshly slain corpse and live through it until the rotting flesh could no longer sustain him; at that time he would seek another corpse. Delecti's greatest military asset was his ability to create and maintain armies of zombies.
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