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  1. Thank you for sharing that link. I hadn't been to the DunDraCon website for a few years and they have added a few more scans since I was last there.
  2. It might have been a mistake, but if the book was supposed to be without that white border, it would be a very odd paper size. Chaosium only formatted things for US paper sizes. Yes, foreign licensees could reformat to a different paper size, but Chaosium never did so for its own publications and printings. If you eliminate the white border the book would have been oddly smaller than expected, and doesn't line up to any typical paper and trim sizes.
  3. Just waiting to get it into the Polish warehouse. Any day now.
  4. I wrote this up last year: Issaries and Argan Argan, being friendly trade rivals since before the Dawn, long ago agreed that a respectful token would be included in every Ransom. Thus, there is always one Bolg and one Clack in every ransom paid, usually in excess to the amount required. To not do so shows that the Ransom is not blessed by either party, and suspect to subterfuge. Legend has it that the Bolg will turn pitch black and taste bitter to any troll biting it as proof that the terms of the ransom will not be honored, as well as that the clack will not sink if placed on still water, fo
  5. People keep mentioning an 8th edition. Not so sure about that.
  6. I'd start by asking Penelope Love what should would like done with the book.
  7. All we know about this at Chaosium is we don't believe the French company has any rights to do anything stormbringer/elric/etc. in English. We have no idea what they would like to do if they had additional rights.
  8. How about you quote what he said, or post a link, as opposed to giving a vague "he said something else" summary?
  9. That will change in the next few days as we get 5.2 into our US warehouse.
  10. Everything in my pictures is from my personal collection! 🙂
  11. Nobody, especially Chaosium, is "suppressing" the book.
  12. It is our understanding that they have the French language rights. While it is certainly possible to have the rights globally in all languages, that is not the case with Mournblade.
  13. Agentorange: I will politely and respectfully point out that every answer you seek is available in these forums and also on the internet. Because I want to be helpful, here's some info: Hasbro purchased the HeroQuest trademark from us and part of the deal was that we can sell our remaining stock of books for ONE year. We haven't reached that deadline yet, but will soon. Thus, printed books are on sale, and we also still sell PDFs for now. This was announced on the Chaosium website. This was discussed here. I would imagine if you did a search of these forums for "Hasbro" you would find th
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