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  1. The short answer is No effect. We sold the HeroQuest trademark to Hasbro. That simply means that Chaosium can no longer publish a book with a HeroQuest logo on it. We can reformat any of our past HQ titles and continue selling them if we remove all branding references to HeroQuest. Hasbro has no rights to Glorantha. This has nothing to do with RuneQuest either. It only means we can no longer call our HeroQuest game "HeroQuest". Hence the rebranding to Questworlds.
  2. Greg briefly held a job as a belt buckle salesman.
  3. We are staying pretty true to the original CoC layout, just like we did with the RQ Classics. Same approach.
  4. Without trying to sound weird, frustrated or angry, the last few replies have sort of derailed this thread. The Call of Cthulhu Classic Kickstarter is about reprinting material from the 1980s. That material is only available at collector prices, often costing hundreds of $$$. This reprint project is separate from any efforts being made by the current 7th edition team and the books they produce. This isn't slowing down or stopping any of their ongoing efforts. We've had lots of requests from people who would love to get a early retro edition boxed set of CoC. If Classic reprints aren't your thi
  5. This is Call of Cthulhu Classic. It's all for second edition. Nothing updated to 7th.
  6. The short answer is that all of the items you see in this picture will be part of a Call of Cthulhu Classic Kickstarter shortly. It will be a simple Kickstarter, with few stretch goals, and no bling items. The only thing not pictured is the dice.
  7. Please note that neither, Donald, nor Daisy, (or Gladstone Gander) are the models for the ducks in Glorantha.
  8. Has there been any progress working with private individuals getting CoC and RQG packages for Foundry vtt?

  9. It was intentional, and we did it to focus on current game editions. If there's a PDF that used to be on chaosium.com that you want to buy, please search for it on DTRPG. As for them being hard to find on DTRPG, please search by title until we finish assigning some HW/HQ titles to the HeroQuest category to increase their visibility.
  10. You would have to ask Ian Cooper that. I don't believe he has been submitting those sorts of edits.
  11. I can guarantee you that it is not a general lack of interest. It is a number of other factors: time, money, production capacity, topic overlap, and similar. Over the last few years we have been spending more time reviewing foreign language product for potential translation into English, and recently translated Does Love Forgive, a Polish CoC book, into English. There's more in the works, but it's too early to talk about specific books.
  12. Here's my take on the situation: In general, the demand for a niche product doesn't translate into a lot of sales. We've only had a few dozen people (at most) ask us to get a hold of Arkat's Saga. If we thought Arkat's Saga was both a solid product and it would make enough money, it would get on the production schedule. As the producer of the Gloranthan Classics, I loved doing them and they sold quite well. That said, we have had steady ongoing sales of the RuneQuest Classics, probably because the printed Gloranthan Classics are basically out of print and many people missed out on getting
  13. We will rebrand the books and get them back into print.
  14. In the end, we're currently taking the same approach that Greg Stafford generally used. We publish things when we feel they are ready for publication and worth the effort. As the print production manager, I know how much time, money, resources and similar go into getting something published. For a number of Greg's manuscripts, we don't feel it is worth it. On a fairly regular basis we get asked to reprint/pod/sell an out-of-print niche item, and Arkat's Saga, for example, is definitely a niche item. Unfortunately, when we have made a niche item available for sale the sales numbers are underwhe
  15. I don't know about your characters, but if one of my characters ever encountered an actual deity they would be stunned silent with awe/fear/emotion. I don't think I'd be saying that their shoes didn't match the rest of their outfit, or that I thought tattoo X would have been smaller.
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