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  1. On 5/7/2021 at 5:25 PM, svensson said:

    This isn't related to Other Suns, is it?

    I remember picking that game up at a used book store once and being very unimpressed with it. Every single alien race was just a human in a fuzzy suit ['squirrel people', etc.] and the layout was confused and slapped together like the first edition of Morrow Project.

    Not related to Other Suns

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  2. Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not but by the time I purchased Traveller in 1979/1980 ish there was a lot of stuff published for fantasy games, and the one of the biggest differences to me is the lack of illustrations in those LBB.  

    D&D had really established a euro centric medieval style game with Tolkien inspired elements.  You could page through the books looking at the illustrations and get a good feel for the settings. 

    The lack of illustrations, and more importantly a set of standardized norms for a sci-fi setting was a big detriment to running the game. The problem with the wide range of technology that I could imagine was that every single activity that the players undertook took explanation.  Was this Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.  Were there transporters, photon torpedoes, fighters, laser swords ?  What did the bridge of the starship look like ?  What are the procedures to land a ship ?  What do the different types of weapons and armour look like ?   What do the star ships look like ?

    The big advantage that Star Wars rpg and Star Trek rpg have is that to understand the look and feel of the setting takes one viewing of a movie or a couple of episodes of a TV show.  Those games are also lavishly illustrated.

    Any time a Traveller book was published with an actual illustration was a big deal to me.  I can still remember most of those illustrations.

    To me it felt like the GM had to literally invent every aspect of everything the players were going to do.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Without those illustrations the GM had to come up with those thousands of words of description for the most mundane activity.

  3. If you are wanting a BRP Monograph in hardcopy, some of them are now available on drivethrurpg.com

    Here are some of the ones that I have spotted: ( some of them haven't been available for a while )

    Classic Fantasy


    Aces High

    BRP Adventures

    Light Without Shadow, Blade without Edge

    Berlin 61

    Agents of the Crown

    Fractured Hopes

    Basic GM

    Basic Creatures

    lots of the CoC monographs are also in print on the site

  4. Michael, the Apple II wasn't easily available when I left the equivalent of High School and I just built my own and then moved on to Commodore PET and Sinclair's various ZX machines before ending up writing and maintaining software for NASA. Don't blame a lack of official courses at school for not being able to write simple code. It's not really any harder than writing an essay just has some rules to follow.

    Or it could be reworded as: Don't give up hope you can still learn the programming it will just take some time.

  5. Skype, what's the deal on being able to do those conference calls on Skype? I've heard you have to be a paid member. Last year I was on Skype with one person, tried to add another, and got a pop-up message telling me I couldnt without upgrading from free Skype.

    It is definitely free to do a conference call. Not sure about video because we never use video.

    I think paid comes in when you are calling phones numbers as opposed to other Skype users.

  6. I would love to take part in FG Con. The last virtual convention I went to was a blast. We were mainly playing and socializing on Hangouts, so I'm wondering how FG handles the socializing aspects. And whether it supports voice at all.

    I downloaded the demo just now. It'll probably be at least a couple of days before I can purchase my license (probably the Full license so I can GM -- the Ultimate sounds nice but is a bit spendy for me at the moment).

    Well we have run 3 online conventions and we encourage the participants to use the FG Communities Teamspeak servers. There is a central voip chatroom that you can meet up and discuss gaming with like minded rpgers. I have spent a fair amount of time during the past conventions just chatting with friends and people I hadn't met until then. It was a lot of fun. Usually people hanging out chatting will get recruited for a session that is short of players or a GM decides to run a session because of a request.

    One nice thing about the Full license is that you can upgrade to an Ultimate at a later date. They sometimes put the licenses on sale once or twice a year. I only use the Full License, but three of our group are also GMs who have Full Licenses. We bought a bundle of Full and Lites at the same time ( for the discount ).

    Our group uses Skype and have had minimal problems with it. I like the ongoing chat record that it keeps.

  7. Now there's an official "set" for BRP available for Fantasy grounds, one of the leading virtual tabletops. The problem is the expense; the Full GM license for FGII and the BRP module will set me back almost $60 if I get them both at the same time. I don't know that I can make that investment unless there's a reasonably certainty I'd get to use it. By contrast, the monthly fee for Roll20 does not contain any game system material, but does let me use the various play and GM functions. Although I have a learning curve there too.

    So how hard is it to learn and use Fantasy Grounds? Is the BRP support any good?

    It isn't hard to learn Fantasy Grounds. There is more to learn if you are going to GM. I have been using it to GM a PF campaign for a couple of years now and it works great. The people on the forums for FG are super helpful and there are lots of videos to watch to learn how to use it. If you have a question just ask on the forum and you will get lots of feedback.

    The issue of the BRP ruleset is a bit trickier to answer. The BRP ruleset was written a few years ago by a freelance community member. FG has undergone a number of upgrades ( all of them free ) but the BRP ruleset author is not active anymore and has not updated it. I own the BRP ruleset but haven't been using it ( due to the PF game). As far as I know it still works fine, but does not include as many of the advanced features that PF, 3.5, Savage Worlds, and 4th include. There is nothing concrete about a ruleset upgrade.

    Now that FG3 has been released there has been discussion about someone either updating or creating a new d100 ruleset. The new CORE layered ruleset architecture should help with keeping the ruleset up to date.

    I would consider the CoC ruleset since I believe it is being updated by Smiteworks and it might give you a base for d100. Just depends on what BRP options you want to use. Cruise around the FG forums for more info.

    The best way to learn FG is to just play around with it. You can do this by downloading the program and electing to use the unregistered version. Watch some videos, then try to do what it shows in the video. Even better, try to join in a game that is seeking players or ask to lurk. The more you use it the better you will understand it. I'm still learning about new features or things I didn't know I could do.

    I think it is the best VTT for GMs due to its record keeping ability. Some GMs use it to record keep for pbp or live games too.

  8. I would suggest that you start a thread requesting a Runequest game on the Roll20 forums. You might just find a few RQers that are looking too. Fantasy Grounds VTT has a BRP ruleset that could be used to play RQ, you might try on their forums as well.

  9. Why are people replying to a five year old thread?

    I know that Gianni was asking about the Runerites that Simon had, but surely Simon has sold his White Dwarfs in five years and needs no further advice.

    By people I guess you mean you and me ?

    I know why I replied ( I didn't see the date of the posts on this tablet I'm using)

    Why did you join in ? And do we REALLY know that he sold his WDs ?

  10. Hiya All

    At the moment, I am leaning towards putting them on e-Bay as single magazines. I don't think people would be interested in buying the whole lot at once and I know that some people would be more interested in the binders than the magazines.

    What do you think? Should I:

    • Sell them one at a time?
    • Sell them in batches of 4 or 5?
    • Sell them all at once?
    • Sell the binders separately?

    I've never bought or sold anything on e-Bay before, so I would be interested in people's opinions on how easy it is to sell things there.

    One thing you can do when you go to list on ebay is see how similar items have sold recently( relying on my memory). That should help with your decision. Probably the less the stuff is worth, the more you should bundle it up.

    I have found that although you can sell the stuff on ebay, it will probably be more work than you think. Replying to buyers questions, figuring out shipping costs to various places in the world, corresponding once the auction is over, packaging up the stuff, getting it to the post, etc. Don't forget to add in all the extra costs into your shipping and handling

    If you have a FLGS that will sell used stuff or even just take it off your hands, you might want to consider that for the less valuable stuff.

    One of the problems is that the cost of shipping is getting so high that even if someone wants to buy the mag, they probably don't want to pay the real cost of shipping.

  11. I get that they're all running on the same fundamental engine, but how do they compare among each other? Is there, perhaps, a table, somewhere?

    I don't think there is a table that shows a comparison of all of those systems ( I could be wrong )

    One thing to look at is what each particular game was derived from.

    We can say that all of the games owe their inspiration to the original d100 game Chaosium's Runequest

    The roots of the modern games are divergent.

    Magic World is derived mostly from Stormbringer ( and the BRP BGB )

    Openquest is derived from MRQ1 (M for Mongoose) with the aim of a streamlined simpler rule set

    Renaissance is derived from Openquest

    MRQ2 was derived from MRQ1

    Legend is derived from MRQ2

    RQ6 is mostly inspired by MRQ2 ( same authors )

    Of course I stand to be corrected. I have them but haven't drawn up an across the board comparison.

  12. You have probably heard of the Kick Starter for Reaper miniatures called Return of Mr Bones : Bones II


    You can pick and choose minis if you are interested, and there are some that would make excellent broo. Can't seem to attach a pic, but if you scroll down on the link you will find the Beast Mode minis. ( not to mention a bunch of others )

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