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  1. Looks interesting... I wonder if they'll be available at a LFGS...
  2. Come up to Vancouver... In medieval times by geography, we'd be in the same kingdom...
  3. Maptool, Battle Grounds and Gametable run on Macs... and screen monkey players can play on a Mac (browser only for player)
  4. I'm still trying to think of which one will work best for BRP... GRiP has the best preprogrammed chat/macros... and spiffy interactive character sheets too... For free Maptool, screenmonkey-lite and the already mentioned Gametable
  5. I might have a little insight... Best thing to do is check the VGT comparison chart, think of the features you want (are you more map or chat oriented) as each has there specialties and take'em for a test drive... VGT Comparison Chart
  6. Emryys aka Thomas Started with Cthulhu way back when, then discovered RQ among others... So in keeping with Chaosium's re-release of BtMoM and living beneath the Aurora Borealis, I custom made my avatar... Glad to be here
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