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    A gamer for thirty years, Pookie has been reviewing games and saying mostly nice things about them for ten of them. His reviews have appeared in Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid and Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, Campaign Magazine, Games International, The Unspeakable Oath, at OgreCave.com, and elsewhere. Currently they appear regularly at Reviews from R'lyeh.

    He has edited titles for Triple Ace Games for the Sundered Skies setting and Call of Cthulhu titles for Goodman Games as part of its Age of Cthulhu series.
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    He is English.
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    He has been known as Pookie since he was seven.
    The nickname has nothing whatsoever to do with small bears and is more leptoidal in nature.
    The Klingon in him is fond of prunes.

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  1. #WeAreAllUs: The Quest of the Red Blade—A review of Greg Stafford’s unpublished scenario for King Arthur Pendragon published by Chaosium, Inc. to mark the first anniversary of his passing. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/10/weareallus-quest-of-red-blade.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #Arthurian #Chaosium #KingArthur #Pendragon
  2. Miskatonic Monday #27: The Unravelling—A review of Genevieve Coulter’s set-up for Cthulhu by Gaslight published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/09/miskatonic-monday-27-unravelling.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu #CoC7e #MiskatonicMonday #MiskatonicRepository #CthulhuByGaslight
  3. It’s complete! Yes, Play from Ponape has completed its playthrough of The Broken Tower, the scenario from the quick-start for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. https://anchor.fm/play-from-ponape/episodes/PfP--RuneQuest-Roleplaying-in-Glorantha-1--The-Broken-Tower-part-1-e4eb0g
  4. Miskatonic Monday #25: Legs—A review of Jim Phillips’ modern-day one-shot convention convention scenario for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/08/miskatonic-monday-25-legs.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu #CoC7e #MiskatonicMonday #MiskatonicRepository
  5. I have been giving this more thought and perhaps there is scope here for a versions of the stats for both versions of Apple Lane—RuneQuest Classic and RuneQuest III—updated to RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, and then a third version actually written based on the RuneQuest Bestiary.
  6. Kochaz had no number given for Protection in Apple Lane (original). Since the others have Protection 2, I have since bumped it. As for the sling, I simply added the base SR given in the Bestiary. Essentially this is a quick and adaptation. The missing shield damage is my error. I have added that and made sure that the skills are correct as best I can. This includes making sure that they have the correct Devise, Move Quietly, Scan, and Search skills.
  7. Fixed. Gringle_Pawnshop_Attackers.docx
  8. I have made a stab at adjusting the attackers from 'Gringle's Pawnshop' in Apple Lane from RuneQuest II to RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. This is in advance of my running the scenario for my Monday night group. Your feedback is more than welcome. Gringle_Pawnshop_Attackers.docx
  9. Miskatonic Monday #24: Dark Offerings—A review of Rob Leigh’s modern-day scenario for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/08/miskatonic-monday-24-dark-offerings.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu#CoC7e #MiskatonicMonday #MiskatonicRepository
  10. Retrospective: Cults of Prax—A 40th anniversary review of the classic RuneQuest supplement of gods and cults published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/08/retrospective-cults-of-prax.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #Fantasy #Chaosium #RQ #RuneQuest #Glorantha #ClassicRQ
  11. Here is what I have so far... Dorasa is the Orlanthi Noble, Jarang the Eurmli entertainer, Harmast the Humkakti, Arim the Herder, Marava the Earth Priestess. Members of the tribal ring will ask the following questions. Zarah, clan-chieftain’s wife (Inner Ring) [Will aim these questions at Dorasa.]: Tell me what happened. What do we need to do to prevent this from happening again? What should we do next? Zarah, clan-chieftain’s wife (Inner Ring) [Will aim these questions at Jarang.]: What do you know of Danakos son of Egrost’ kinstrife? Was that enough to drive him to act? Will you celebrate your cousin’s success by composing a song? Hedmakt Longbeard, Veteran Orlanthi Warrior, (Housecarl/Bodyguard) [Will primarily aim his questions at Harmast.] There have been reports of Tusk Riders to the North, have you seen any? The Stone Woman, is she a threat to the clan? Did you see any other threats in the Badlands? What did you make of Danakos’ motive? Is Danakos still a threat? What advantage is he to us? Londaral Tooth-Wind, Head Herdsman (Craftsman Ring): [Will primarily ask Arim.] How many cattle did we lose? What is the condition of the cattle we brought back? How many cattle are we going to get as recompense? How can we take revenge? Sorala Lace-Beard, Initiate of Lhankor Mhy (Priests’ Ring): [Will primarily ask Mareva.] What did you see at the Broken Tower? What did you learn of the Stone Woman? Did you see anything else that might be interesting in the Badlands? Erinala Stamps Hard, Assistant Priestess of Maran Gor [Will primarily demand information from Mareva.] Tell me about the Stone Woman? Did the Stone Woman talk to you? Did you see anything else that might be interesting in the Badlands?
  12. Miskatonic Monday #23: Visceral and Emotional Damage—A review of Jon Hook’s bloody supplement for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/08/miskatonic-monday-23-visceral-and.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu #CoC7e #MiskatonicMonday #MiskatonicRepository
  13. Goodman Games Gen Con Annual II—A review of the Goodman Games Gen Con 2014 Program Book, for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition, Dungeons Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, and Metamorphosis Alpha. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/08/goodman-games-gen-con-annual-ii.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #CoC #DCC #postapocalyptic #fantasy #cthulhu
  14. Miskatonic Monday #22: The Wernicke Boxes—A review of Rob Leigh’s modern-day scenario for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition published by Chaosium, Inc. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/07/miskatonic-monday-22-wernicke-boxes.html #reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #rpg #horror #Chaosium #CallOfCthulhu #CoC7e #MiskatonicMonday #MiskatonicRepository #Scenario
  15. As yet, she may not actually get the Death Rune. She has the Life Rune at 90%, which will be weakened rather than lost...
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