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  1. The Empyrea Kickstarter was cancelled. Lot's of "Mentzer drama" out there - you can research it yourself if interested.
  2. Probably a dumb question (since I am asking it ...odds are pretty good it is), but after doing flyby of the Quickstart rules...can someone tell me why the Resistance Table mentions POW in the header (i.e. POW of Attacking Force) but the text says the table is for "pitting one characteristic against another, such as STR against the SIZ of an object to be lifted..."?
  3. You wrote: Note: rules for Free RPG Day prohibit playing the game before that date, Saturday June 17th 2018. Do we really have to wait until 2018?
  4. Finally got to play an RPG after many years (sadly, not Runequest)....in any case noticing that the characters intelligence doesn't come into play much. For example, if you have a character of average intelligence do you behave any different than if you're character had high (or low) intelligence? There are things you know as a player and get translated to your character, but do you "dumb down" or "smarten up" that transfer based on the actual characteristic? In other words, I feel we just "role play ourselves" for the most part - and that's probably to be expected. But just curious
  5. OK...I've finally gotten off my duff and played a RPG (in this case Castles & Crusades). This is an online game and it has been interesting because one player lives in France, another in Wales, and the rest of us in the U.S. I'd love to play Runequest but do not have a local GM and can not (yet) find anyone doing an online game (checked Roll20, Obsidian Portal). I've found 1 Runequest game on Roll20 but it is full. Anyone know of any better way to locate an online Runequest game? PS- this process has again discouraged me that Pathfinder, etc. are so popular and Runequest
  6. I was thinking of this from my point of view as a "newish" player reading the book: you'd get to page 18 and say "OK, you had me roll characteristics as a foundation for the rest of my character, now you're going to give me some bonuses based on what I rolled..that's cool, I like bonuses!....hold on a second ...now you're going to give the same bonus to my buddy who rolled way less than I did." Basically I don't like that you say "roll these dice to get a numerical value for a characteristic....wow, you got an 18...that's the best you can get!...now here's a bonus based on those rolls....w
  7. Got my hardcover - looks fantastic. Thanks again!
  8. Got the updated Runequest 6 PDF today - looks great!
  9. Patience is not an RPGer's best virtue...especially me!
  10. What's interesting is the inflation calculator I found says that a $15 book in 1982 should cost $36.31 today.
  11. Was cleaning the basement today and found a Different Worlds Magazine (#23) from 1982. I remember purchasing it because of the super-hero theme of the issue. Being a Chaosium publication, there is a Chaosium ad on the back cover. A hardcover copy of RQ2 could be had for $15. ....was going to say "ah, the good old days", except I like my life much better now than then ...not to mention that RQ6 is better than RQ2. PS - also found several old Dragon Magazines...sadly, did not find any $$$.
  12. fyi- Gaming + Comic convention in my hometown (Grand Rapids Michigan) starting September 20th. Didn't see any BRP games to be played but still should be fun. GrandCon Gaming & Comic Arts |
  13. I didn't think anything of it. I've learned long ago not to take anything personal on the Internet. And to be honest, I found it mildly humorous. But, thanks for "defending me"...now let's all just relax and be friendly.
  14. Thanks again to all for the tips and suggestions! I may take the responses and type them up so they "make sense" to me. Basically as I tried to say in the beginning "tips for GM's, especially new GM's, on making NPC's".
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