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  1. The Empyrea Kickstarter was cancelled. Lot's of "Mentzer drama" out there - you can research it yourself if interested.
  2. I was trying to get clever...since the left side of the table looks like percentages (my 32 would be 32%). But then I had to figure out "32% of what"? I went around this thinking for awhile then as you said decided it's not worth it. I believe I would end up using the more gradual chart from Runequest 6 and call it good.
  3. Reading through Magic World...one thing that "bugs" me is the Damage Bonus Table. Specifically, the wide range of values per modifier. For example, I could have a STR+SIZ of 32 and get a +1d4, and you could have a STR+SIZ of 25 and also get a +1d4. I would feel I'm getting cheated however as my STR+SIZ is 28% greater than yours. Shouldn't my Damage Bonus be about 28% better than yours as well? Anyway, probably not a "real issue", but something about it strikes me as odd.
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