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  1. Hmm I think I could imagine a "What my Grandfather Told me" type document for vampires and ogres. I can't for other chaotic sentients. In both cases, there's a disdain for the world as it is, though ogres and vampires go in extremely different directions. Ogres wish to feast upon humans and destroy the the landscape by summoning the cacodemon. I'm quite sure ogre religion & spirituality is about how the very fabric of reality is evil and must be ritually destroyed to allow for some sort of good end or rebirth. They know they are outnumbered, though, so they
  2. I asked this on FB, but could someone explain the "Wisconsin era" thing? Jeff hinted it may be a political dicey thing in some way, so I can accept if the answer is "no".
  3. ...yeah, I guess it is easy to explain, huh sigh... I hate when I'm accidentally pretentious lol
  4. One of my goals this summer is to get through some of the Stafford Library and try to figure out this, and the versions of the Orlanthi pantheon more generally in Maniria. I strongly suspect Stormbull has a presence of some kind, and that if anything, it will somehow be a mirror of Prax, since I generally assume that Maniria is generally a mirror of Prax (don't ask, can't explain that)
  5. Other than the ideas, the easiest thing is writing it up. it's the other stuff like artwork and layout and everything that makes my brain bluescreen. Also, when it comes to Glorantha, I think in terms of HQG rules which... lets just say I need to expand that lol But this is probably not the right thread for me to ask more questions and have a panic attack
  6. Write Jonstown Compendium supplements people are willing to buy and use them to pay for other RQ Supplements. Between actually finishing a thing and finishing a thing others want, I fear I am dead twice over. 😉
  7. Jeff is gonna bankrupt me with how gorgeous these books are
  8. ooo... Lodril is Entru! THATS A FUN ONE! ....I need to drink less coffee.
  9. Thought that was Lodril 😉
  10. Entru is just another name of the Horned Man.
  11. Wrong thread... trying to figure out how to delete...
  12. Noted! (Also, Ive lost the ability to react to posts, so the posts are gonna keep flying) (And I hope my Manirio-mania isn't getting too old)
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