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  1. I always felt this pic had a hint of "ancient alien" to it as well
  2. Bad news: Game postponed until Sunday due to medical emergency. Good news: one of my players has requested an "Old School Dungeon Crawl." HOW CAN I SAY NO
  3. This was very helpful to me.
  4. Yeah, I'll be babbling about the Entrulings soon enough, but they're definitely not Alakoring, even if that is a useful label. The Entruli of the Second Age were small, isolated clans who lived in the hidden valleys of Kotor (what is now central Maniria). They were Orlanthi more than anything else, but Orlanth was a distant king for them, not someone you worship to survive the next year.
  5. I would adore that
  6. And as I've said before, Max Weber's style of ironic social theory is very useful for my ability to grok Glorantha. (And Durkheim when I wanna be kooky)
  7. I'm getting a lot of laugh reacts, so to be clear: while I wrote the last post with a light tone, the skillsets for discussing Glorantha and doing an academic literature review are extremely similar.
  8. Sometimes, I think that my education in sociological theory and my avocational reading of systematic theology is all just prep work for making sense of the corpus of Glorantha texts.
  9. Meanwhile, the Wind Children will fly in to deal with other Chaotic threats, and a big burly one will yell "DIIIIVE!" And... and.... I may have had too much coffee.
  10. Oh, wow... Having the sacred Mountain of Ragnaglar overlooking Maniria would explain some things, including why the GLs thought it'd be a good place for a Trickster College (there are some steps to get to that claim, but I feel it is a plausible extension)
  11. Is all cannibalism in Glorantha chaotic / ogre? I forget
  12. Yes, Death Duck Mercenaries shall be brought in to cleanse the city!
  13. Yeah, for the Pralori, transformation is something shamans can do, and even more odd, they use their elk as mounts.
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