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  1. Verse 3 begins with the players and a squad of several city guards going back into Ogre Town. They find ogres and the head Wizard of Selgos conducting a ritual to summon the Cacodemon. There are also several guards, human and ogres, and a (small-ish) dinosaur. They also send a city guard to the immortal sorcerer to let them know what's going on - the last thing they need is to have a batallion of zombies panicking. They focus their missle fire on the rider of the dinosaur, knocking him off. They then distract the dinosaur, leading it down a street away from everything else. They sen
  2. ok.... wow... a lot has happened. I will start a new thread for the new Chapter, but this is the rest of Calamity Comes to Selgos, in its entirety, though briefly: Verse 1: The Discovery of "Ogre Town" The characters find a chaos monster in the Ogre hideout. It tries to kill them, they defend themselves, light the building on fire, and duck into a tunnel beneath the building. The chaos monster, now on fire, screams in agony but does not pursue. The party discovers a truly bizarre dungeon: a square mile or so of a city that was engulfed by the earth when Slontos sunk,
  3. Yeah, Harrek does that, the lil scamp... But I also agree that it's relatively quiet. The Hero Wars come to Maniria a generation later, it seems: After Ralios deals with All My Arkats, and the Holy Country gets sucked up into the Antics of Argrath, then Maniria has to worry about getting magically reforested and also flooded. AGAIN. Harrek is a problem, but he doesn't kill a region, he "just" sacks some cities. ....I do not know why I wanted to be this snarky with the post. I'm leaving it in, and hoping I do not offend.
  4. This is an injustice that must be corrected
  5. Connecting this to Tarinwood's continued support of Ramalia's rulers gets very intriguing.
  6. These really aren't that far apart. The Trader Princes have spent 4 centuries controlling and facilitating trade and cultural diffusion across a region defined by magical disaster. Holding up in one's castle and being dynamic enough to survive are two sides of the same coin.
  7. Family and work have stabilized enough that I'm back. The game has continued, and I will updating things.
  8. I always felt this pic had a hint of "ancient alien" to it as well
  9. Bad news: Game postponed until Sunday due to medical emergency. Good news: one of my players has requested an "Old School Dungeon Crawl." HOW CAN I SAY NO
  10. Yeah, I'll be babbling about the Entrulings soon enough, but they're definitely not Alakoring, even if that is a useful label. The Entruli of the Second Age were small, isolated clans who lived in the hidden valleys of Kotor (what is now central Maniria). They were Orlanthi more than anything else, but Orlanth was a distant king for them, not someone you worship to survive the next year.
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