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  1. I'm now imagining Elf Friends in Nochet secretly trying to promote the Reforestation...
  2. Also, I just need to say this: They have no fear of death, and do random stuff because they know they'll just respawn. This helps explain their seemingly irrational behaviour, in addition to their quest to spiritually evolve into dragons. In short, Dragonewts appear utterly mad because they act as if they are protagonists in video games
  3. I'm not there yet, but I really need to revisit Castelein's personal works. Based on what I know, he was most successful with the Aldryami, acceptably successful with the Dragonewts, and I'm guessing something went wrong with the Uz. But hey, at least they didnt eat him.
  4. well, thats just neighbourly, isnt it?
  5. The GL conducted their anti-draconic magic from Hermat and Gualal precisely because they were on former (broken? tainted? repairable?) egg grounds, as that helped their wizardry and research.
  6. Yeah.... I'll be honest: I don't know what to do with this. Dragonewts seem like the least petty species, because they are the most alien, so I have trouble believing this is all a ritual to demonstrate dominance. At the same time, draconic magic to my knowledge doesn't need sacrifices of these kinds. So.... I dunno? heh...maybe it's part of the bargain because the humans need to be aware of hierarchy and dominance. Like, if they were just given a couple barrels of insects every year, they'd think they were in charge, so Castelein said something like, "Look, you need to also have weird, humiliating elements of the bargain every year, here are the parameters..." I... dont know if I actually believe that, but its amusing.
  7. ok, so... What more can we say about Ryzel since this thread began? Ryzel at the Dawn probably (?) had no Dragonewts, though it's possible there was a nest / tribe there before the Dawn and it was destroyed by Chaos (or something else) during the Darkness The Newts came with Palangio to retake Ryzel and/or they were the result of a curse. Either way, it sounds like they would be completely fine with the outcome of Arkat pushing Palangio back while they get to retain control of Ryzel. Given their experiences with the Bright Empire, I can appreciate that they'd be much more blunt about their territoriality. Dealing with the Godlearners for a few centuries likely didn't improve things. Given all this, I'm imagining that from the end of the Gbaji Wars on, Ryzel was an extremely guarded, insular place. The cultures around it likely had less mythical resources for engaging the Newts means things likely didn't improve. It likely had a seige mentality as it fought off Slontos, Lopers, Pralori, and Herolans. They probably had a few decades of desperation, until they revived the Inhuman King of Ryzel, who had been in cursed slumber since before Time (or something). After that, they had a bit more control of their boundaries, though the GLs likely were a constant threat. I like the idea up thread of the GLs trying out anti-draconic magic against Ryzel before they used it on the EWF. I also suspect that the Dragonewts of Ryzel had absolutely no interest in the human weirdness of EWF. ...I can imagine a doomed group, fleeing the EWF as it fell, hoping to find refuge in Ryzel... only to find Dragonewts that were at least as hostile to humans living there. Current Relations Jubal. I suspect there was no trading relationship with Jubal or the Manirian Tribes until Castelein. I think, knowing that Esrolia would want unique trade goods, Castelein somehow managed to engage and negotiate a deal with the Newts in exchange for the exquisite red dye. My guess is that the Manirians of the lower Tigronior would risk the ire of Dragonewts to acquire the dye for some significant ritual purpose. Castelein saw the situation, and normalized trade relations with the Newts in exchange for the Manirians not moving into Ryzel (among other things). Kaxtorplose. The Kaxtori probably have a very tenuous peace with the Dragonewts, and likely live in no small amount of fear that the Newts are going to just come out of the hills and try to finish what the Iron Vrok started (yes, IMG, the Kaxtori remember the Gbaji Wars quite well despite it being a millennia ago). The Newts, OTOH, don't really care about Kaxtorplose since it is outside of their territory. So... an uncomfortable "good fences make good neighbours" attitude has likely GENERALLY reigned since the Sinking of Slontos. Handra. I find it interesting that after the Sinking, the Dragonewts absorbed the ruins just to its south, such as Gualal and Hermat. I think the simplest interpretation of this is that they were always geographically part of what the Newts considered Ryzel. I like @kr0p0s's idea of Zistorite secrets / horrors lurking in Slontan ruins, or Godlearner secrets more generally, but I don't think it feels particularly in character for Newts to go hunting for Zistorite artifacts. Nevertheless, GL ruins on dry land will be an irresistable draw for adventurers, and I suspect more than a few of tried to find something.... and then ran in a panic as Dragonewts and things under their control drove them from the ruins. Aldryami. ....I could be wrong, but I think the Elves will let the Newts have Ryzel, and they'd be happy with the rest of Maniria getting blanketed in forest. Anything in all that sound especially good or bad?
  8. Well, I feel stupid for missing that. Thanks.
  9. I have most stuff published since the heroWars / HeroQuest stuff started to get published (Legally, I should mention). Before that ... well... bah
  10. I did not know this at all! Sigh Which book is this in?
  11. There are a million IFWW moments scattered through the history of Glorantha and before time. They just don't usually get remembered and consecrated.
  12. The Guide doesn't say much at all, but it says slavery: "Relations with Other Races: Newtlings are sometimes used as slaves by dragonewts, which they do not seem to mind. They are generally shy and fearful, especially of the humans who often chop off their tails as food." (P. 108) It also notes, however, that Bachelors in general are struck with curiosity & wanderlust.
  13. Do the Dragon Pass newts use slave labour, or is that unique to Ryzel?
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