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  1. The best sources aren't great... I'd argue Revealed Mythologies is probably the best? Maybe the Guide, esp V.2? They're a boogeyman that's 2 steps off camera.
  2. It also works well because the Trader Princes are failing, and Fay Jee desperately wants to replace Handra as the primary Manirian port. That sort of desperation is the sort of thing the Vadeli can smell.
  3. No, but I'm interested. I had the idea of starting a game as Manirian survivors of Pennel Ford, who need to figure out how to get back without being captured or killed.
  4. I'm still digesting your answer, but I just want to say I grinned WIDELY at this, as I agree with your standards of what makes a good argument.
  5. Same, but it just seems... inert? Putting its overt evil aside, it is an isolationist kingdom, with very few canonical connections to anything in the 3rd Age. From what I can tell, the noteworthy things are... It is eeeevil: post-hrestol sorcerors that tap, commoners that worship Mralot and a human version of ZZ. Older pubs suggest the elite are Chaotic It has a mysterious pact with Tarinwood Its peasants are former Hsunchen It hates and fears the sea The Holy Country claimed to own its coasts for a few years, but didn't seem to act off that claim before their fleets were destroyed by Kralorela It probably has some Godlearner secrets. A massive predawn battle between "Veranich and Polarn" occurred in the Mralot Hills. It has iron mines I use the word "inert" because while some of those of those are interesting, nothing really is putting Ramalia "in motion" in a way that makes it interact with anyone or anything beyond maybe Tarinwood. It also is never described as a serious threat to any polities beyond its borders. The Kingdom of War is most definitely described as a threat, and very much in motion So, what puts Ramalia in motion? Perhaps Paruzal's successor decides to wage war on Khorst & Handra? This is plausible. Perhaps the Chaos Monster Arkat from Ralios allies with them? Possible New Wyrmish creates a massive Dino-Army? Funny, but... *shrug?*
  6. We know what the Elves are up to, and we kinda know what happens to the Trader Princes / Manirian Tribes. But that's not everyone in Maniria. So... What are the Manirian Populations "under-discussed" in the Hero Wars? Caratan / Aulorings Possibly crushed by reforestation. possibly have godlearner secrets that will be useful for something or someone. Handra Port City with an exploding population and prophecies that are as Important(tm) as they are undefined. Its location makes it somewhat insulated from the Reforestation, the 5 arkats, Sehsnela, and Argrath. It will grow in importance, or at least refugees. Kaxtorplose There is a holy temple-city that resisted Palangio, fought the Lopers, survived Slontos turning. It is associated with Arkat and the Godlearners. ...I'm sure nothing happens there in the next century at all. 🤣 Khorst & Smelch Isolated ports = their experience of the Hero Wars will be ocean-based Mournsea Islands A mix of Godlearner ruins and blue moon worshippers. this has to connect to something. Ramalia Big question: Will the Reforestation retake Valekos or not? Eventually, Demonic sorcerers vs. wereboars! Western Allies Mountainous terrain may slow down Reforestation. Possible annexation by Caladraland?
  7. Big Question: How do the Hero Wars Come to Maniria? Manirian Hero Wars The New Seed / Reforestation It starts in Arstola, but where does it spread? What is the timeline? (1637: Reforestation comes to Zamolkil in Pamaltela) [Summary of previous threads: Maniria is cut in half by magical forest. Eastern Maniria, the lands of the Ditali and the Western Allies (Volcano-worshippers politically independent of Caladraland) will deal with the forest, as will Esrolia. Chance of Oakfed being introduced with extreme results] Lion King's Last Roar What is the fallout of Pennel Ford and the death of Greymane and his sons? [Summary of Previous threads: massive power vacuum among the Ditali and Solanthi. Nimistori and Bastis not as hurt, as they are not as related to Geymane's wars. Esrolian retribution is mobilized. Overland trade is further disrupted, creating a short-term benefit to Handra.] "Argrath vs Red Moon" Hero Wars The Dragonrise How do the Dragonewts of Ryzel react to the Dragonrise? Sartar Rises How does Argrath's apathy toward Manirira effect relations? [Short answer: Argrath doesn't care about Esrolia's western border, but Esrolia will. The question is how much will Esrolia be able to make autonomous decision making vs get sucked into Argrath's schemes focusing on the Moon.] "Western" Hero Wars The Five Arkats Which Arkats are interested in Maniria, and why? [Short answer 1: If any of the Arkats is trying to embody the Liberator, they may go to Kaxtorplose to get that title "validated.] [Short answer 2: Pralori mercenary cavalry will be used by somebody.] Seshnela Does the One King of the West care about the remnants of Slontos? [Short Answer: Probably not?] Quest for the Red Sword Does the quest pass through Maniria at all? [No Idea] Gebel brings back the Lopers as part of the quest for the Rest Sword of Tolat. Do these new Zaranistangi care about Maniria? [No Idea, but I feel it is thematically correct to have the Lopers come back to Maniria in some way.] "Ocean-related" Hero Wars & HW Elements Harrek & The Wolf Pirates How much do they raid Handra & Fay Jee, and when? [Short answer: I need to double check the dates in Blood over Gold and see if they make sense with what's in the Guide. This would be the starting point, but it needs a lot of work] How does the rising of the Boat Planet change things? [No Idea yet] The flood What is the timeline? Elements Mostali rising of Tharkarn & Somalze ? Trilini & Eat Big [No idea] The Weartagi Do the Waertagi care about anything in Maniria? [No idea] Vadeli How much of a Vadeli presence is there in Maniria? [No idea, but seafaring trade will inevitably bring a FEW Vadeli to Handra & Fay Jee]
  8. I'm continuing to assemble my data on Maniria through published work. One of the ways I'm doing this (I have 3 or 4 approaches I guess?) is I start with a question, which then explodes into a bunch of more specific questions about Glorantha as it exists in canon and publication. I'm not interested in slavish devotion to canon, but I like to know when I'm diverging. Also, more importantly, my imagination works best when it has extant information to build off of & use as parameters. I'm starting a new Onenote Section based on the question, "How do the Hero Wars come to Maniria?" From there, I started going through the Guide and the Sourcebook reading up for the Hero Wars as they manifest in both Maniria and also in Maniria-relevant regions. In other words, for these purposes I'm interested in the Hero Wars of the Holy Country to the extent they influence Maniria, but I'm not interested in regions that remain unrelated to Maniria (example: Northern Pent). I don't have answers to all these questions, and I'm not even sure which can be answered with published material or not, but I thought they were worth trying to map out to an extent. I've touched on some of this, especially the Reforestation, in other threads. But Glorantha is at its best when things weave together, and the Manirian Hero Wars are more than just "Suddenly Trees".
  9. Yeah, this is a really important thing to remember: There are many more runes than the ones that are mechanically relevant. Like, IMG, Lodril's heat rune is still a thing, etc
  10. Oh, that sounds fun. Yeah, the routing of Greymane's army combined with his death and the death of his 2 sons will create massive destabilization in eastern and central Maniria, and as such, there are a million opportunities for campaigns. A plot going into Maniria for vengeance is perfect. On the Manirian side, a campaign about a small band of survivors trying to get home has great potential. I'll think about the rest of your post later and try to respond tonight 🙂
  11. We're basically agreeing, I think: Different cultures will know the same god in different ways, keeping different versions of the same myth, or different myths entirely. Going 1 step further, exactly what actions are assembled to make 1 god vs multiple gods (Orlanth, Umath, Humakt, etc) can also be a bit fuzzy. The fact that, according to the Guide, Theyalan missionaries "proved" that Humat was Orlanth to the Ralians doesn't really simplify things.
  12. That's just one of those texts I just keep reading over and over.
  13. It's in the Indigo Mountains near Dagori Inkarth
  14. Yeah, Lightbringer /Theyalan mythology probably characterized Orlanth in a different way than... I dunno... Ralian mythology characterized Humat in the 1st Age, even though (IIRC) they're the same deity.
  15. Is there a term for when you find basically the same narrative in multiple myths, but in 1 version its a great god, another version its a minor god, and in a 3rd version its a hero?
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