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  1. Dumb theory: Slontos sank because the Godlearners tried to reach Erenplose / Porlufta, and failed miserably. This is a dumb theory because it is waaaaaay out on a limb. Seshnela just got shatered by purple giants. The Archduke of Slontos was kinda desperate, and he was hoping a city that survived the anger of the Sea Gods could help them I suggest illumination was necessary to enter Erenplose. Getting to Erenplose appears to be absurdly difficult, and the last person who did it was the Palangio the Iron Vrok. However, the GLs were not real
  2. IMG, I think I would define excommunication* in terms of being denounced by religious authorities, and as such, I don't think illumination prevents it for many religions or cults, save those that recognize illumination as a good thing, and whose leadership feels compelled to follow their own rules. Illumination would, however, prevent supernatural reprisals against a character who is excommunicated, which in most cases would probably either make them look even more terrifyingly wrong, or perhaps delegitimize the religious leader who ostracized them in some cases. * All
  3. Nevermet

    Solar Campaign

    Trying to unpack all this always risks the violation of Brooke's Law* stated above: "life is too short to parse the Entekosiad again". I spent a summer trying to wrap my head around the mythology of Spol. I made some headway, but... wow. * Surely, he has more than 1 law about Glorantha, but that's the one relevant here 😉
  4. Nevermet

    Solar Campaign

    This gets weird with the Entekosiad*, where Derdromus (probably Monster Man) imprisons Turos (probably Lodril), and/or Turos unleashes Derdromus on the world. Of course, the Big E being what it is, it's still entirely possible Monster Man is Lodril in a skeleton costume. * Of course, everything gets odd with that
  5. I don't have much to add, but I like the Red Moon / God-King parallels & tensions. Another layer of that comparison is that both try to replace something else of mythical / elemental significance: The Moon tries to take over the Middle Air, and Belintar kills the OOO.
  6. Do you know where I got that idea from? Cuz I have no idea now. 😵
  7. Just wanted to say I'm loving this thread; sorry I don't have much to add
  8. Another question this reminds me of: When and how was Arkat illuminated? I vaguely remember something about it maybe involving the Aldryami, but I have no idea, and I may be inventing that by accident.
  9. Thanks for the responses! I still don't have a clue what is going to happen, but I have a lot more to chew on.
  10. So, I'm not an expert on Ralios, and there's not a ton written about it in the publications I have. In another thread, I would love to get a handle on the 3rd Age history of Ralios, but in this thread, I'd like some help figuring out how the Hero Wars unfold there. My knowledge is mostly limited to the "Hero War Begins" sidebars in the Guide. The stated events are The Five Arkats, the Swarm, One God One King One Empire, and Hezel Darong far to the east. I can wrap my head at least a little around all of them except the Five Arkats. This is what The Guide says: My understan
  11. Last post for Kaxtorplose for a while. While I like the idea of taking brutalism to be the expression of the more fantastical elements of Kaxtorplose, my current visual inspiration for Kaxtorplose in a more historical form is the bronze age Nuragic civilization, especially the ruins of Su Nuraxi:
  12. It's interesting, because I think we can talk about the narrative tropes of the game world since the Dawn, and both we and the inhabitants of Glorantha can talk about the mythemes of GodTime. For example, I feel confident in saying that since time began, the world of Glorantha tends to associate universal ideals with imperial projects. Nysalor, the EWF, the Godlearners, the Lunars... As a setting, I think Glorantha has some concerns about the hubris of universal and imperial projects baked into it. Before time, I think a common narrative arc of various mythologies is a movement o
  13. Regarding my time zone, I'm in GMT-6 (Alberta, Canada). I also wasn't as detailed as I should have been in the first post. I won't have time for a synchronous game for 3-4 weeks. PbP, I could do sooner. Thanks for pointing out Roll20.
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