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  1. I've been busy this week. My apologies for not being active anywhere. However, I found this picture from the 1970s, entitled "Fortress on the Rocks." It is now my inspiration of what Castle of God's Rock, Fortress-Palace of Spol, looks like:
  2. BTW, this week's #PelandanGoals: Read up on vampires & Vivamort Try to read up on whatever I need to in order to start a thread on either Pelandan Aldryami, or First Age Pelanda.
  3. Ha! I'm currently just a player in a game that is still in prep, and all of this started as me trying to make sense of the Spolite point of view. However now... well, now I fear I will be compelled to run something somewhere in the Western Reaches in the near future...
  4. Yeah, I would need a good motive, and the one you suggested would be a good one. Part of what makes a good mystery is that motivations are obscure, either because everyone has a motive, or because it doesn't seem to make sense. "Why are the ogres risking detection?" is a good element that should worry the PCs greatly.
  5. I really like the idea of removing death being an independent question to whether or not someone has life. This actually makes me think of Natha's Well, which is apparently a gigantic bog controlled by spirits that demand human sacrifice. If they are exceedingly pleased, they "sometimes send them out of the bog with blessed companions who live as saints in Hagu." (E, P. 86). I'm now picturing holy and sentient undead bog bodies guarded by sorcerous essences & ghosts wandering around Northern Pelanda, as agents of Nathic balance. I find this image rather terrifying. BTW, Natha's Well is .... worthy of more content. A bog, controlled by spirits, where the Earth was "penetrated" by either Lodril or Ghelotralas, that continues to be an active gate to the underworld.
  6. Point. I guess I was feeling self-conscious.
  7. I would LOVE to run or play this game, but alas my only outlet for glorantha gaming at the moment is PbP, and that is not the right medium for a murder mystery IMHO
  8. Perhaps they were some of the Vingkotlings who were victims of Seravus the Enchanter who stole all their animals? I realize this story isn't from the Greater Darkness, but I've always suspected there is a bigger version of it out there than the version told by Heortlings. It also felt like something that happened farther North than the Maniria, IIRC (I haven't looked at my Manirian notes in a while though, so I forget why).
  9. Now I want to run a Gloranthan murder mystery where there is an ogre killing people off in a caravan on the Manirian Road, and the PCs need to uncover the chaotic murderer before they're all doomed.
  10. Finally, I have 2 questions: Where can I find information on vampires in Glorantha in published materials? It's getting to the point I need to engage that, I think. Where can I find information on Carmania? For this project, I have and have read the Entekosiad, the Guide to Glorantha, Intro to the Hero Wars, and both Imperial Lunar Handbooks. I also have the Fortunate Succession and the Glorious ReAscent, but I need to get into them a bit deeper.
  11. When we get done with this thead, I have a list of other Pelandan threads I want to start: Yargan and the Blues This will be a MESS, but I feel it'll eventually be necessary, even if it's just to establish what's going on IMG rather than absolute truth. The Once and Future Elves of Pelanda. Elves, underworld, Karresh, Skyburn, reforestation in the 1st age, reforestation of the Hero Wars. WEEEE! Gray Age & First Age Pelanda under the Lendarshi This may be folded into the Elven thread, or the Spolite Empire thread. A more detailed attempt at the history of the Spolite Empire This comes necessarily after the other two Also, um, just to be sure... is this the right forum for this? Or am I navelgazing and ranting about my glorantha too much?
  12. There is so much great stuff here. This thread is only making me more obsessed with the mythology & religion of Pelanda, Spol, & Carmania, a fact that I both thank and curse you all for 😜 So, regarding my notes on Spol & Spolitism... Historical development of Spol & Spolitism This goes beyond this thread, but I like the idea of Subere & Xentha being added to the worship of Gerra, Natha, Velortina, Vogestes, & GanEstoro. Xiola Umbar & Umbarism I've been convinced that Azerlo is Ty Kora Tek / Annara Gor, though I really wish I could equate her with XU, but unless I'm willing to claim XU is also Ty Kora Tek, I don't think I can do that, and I doubt I can get away with that. I re-read the ENtekosiad piece about KataMoripi. There's nothing about her being particularly helpful or compassionate. She's the ghost of Dendara, a haunting reminder of fallen virtue, and she is horrible to behold. Her children are "corpse-like" and include Annilla / Veldara / Vendara. As a side note, Spolitism is a rejection of the Jernotian Way, with its understanding of balance and virtue. If it exists, a Daxdarian religious tradition would also reject the Jernotian Way, and as I currently think about things, also not get along with Spolitism. But that's for another thread. This occurred to me because the Apotheosis of Daxdarius is interwoven with the fall of the House of Virtue. So, without a good way to explain a common worship, I am left to agree that its probably a linguistic association rather than a deity: Spolitism is called Umbraism because it offers liberation in darkness Sorcery I'm intrigued at the idea of sorcerers using death rune spells to heal people by "removing" death, and how that would look and feel compared to someone using, say, harmony or life. It kind of reminds me of Pet Cemetery, actually. I agree that darkness sorcery likely was around pre-dawn
  13. I know that Argrath brings Sheng Seleris back, but I'm confused how the geography means he's from the North, rather than, say, the East.
  14. Also, um.... my responses were excessive. Sorry
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