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  1. I like the idea of of the tattoos being applied magically (broad strokes perhaps are applied(and visible if a magical ritual going on) but to have them show on skin they must be applied manually
  2. I thought I'd bring up this gem that the great creator of Six Seasons in Sartar brought up most recently : as is it pertinent to our discussion: https://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2021/10/sex-gender-and-orlanthi-running-riddle.html If biological sex (female/male) by Gloranthan standards something seperatre from gender (like Ernalda, like Orlanth, like Heler, like Nadan, like Vinga, like none), which is very different from modern thinking and that's a bit of hurdle to cross perhaps. That is part of it. When I played in a Six Seasons campaign briefly, I ended up being the only female player, and the only female character ( who ultimately turned to be 'like Ernalda' to th point that post initiation she was /green/ and her twin sister ended up being more like Orlanth and being /blue/ ., but now contextualizing it did give me pause. It was done partly because I got be a very very 'sassy' ernalda (like telling Yelm, to sit down and be quite, this my kitchen and I will food, to whom I want... can't tell me nothing, sun-lord! Servant I may, but a Queen I am. ), I also tried to step out of line a bit while "She sleeps she is not dead" is central to being like ernalda, a girl shouldn't have to be passive ( and no gloranthan woman is just waiting for stuff to happen to them- that's boring). Being like one of the deities, in shape, and mimicing their actions is fine for a ritual purpose, but I started to think about how characters should and would react to the world around them. My clan (Glimmer Hearth/GlimmerRock, the name needs more work) for instance- its proto clanness in 1610 is all women ( maybe a few boys and a few men), so you had a lot of women who were so inclined to do formerly male designated jobs, and without many adult men, the rituals for boys couldn't really be put off, as the men had to construict new rituals ( this was a collection of people thrown together). The girl-rituals in my clan always start with the words "Who Calls to you?"- always even boys start with those words, and unlike the very gendered rituals, the clan starts their ritual a place between (between a field and forest, between the mountains and the sea (yes my clans tula is weird and probably not in dragon pass if its by the sea- I guess). The reason I've come up with is that the clan, acknowledges that a person's shape & gender may make themselves known in other ways. The clan sets forth object representing some of the major divinities ( and sometimes lesser ones will make sure their presencent known). Its more or less about helping the person conciously step foreward as an 'adult'. Though sometimes a person doesn't know- and they can answer that don't that's fine. if anything that is just what the tribe is about varience and outsiders. I think the Women's ritual is going to have to be more elaborate when I get around to writing it. Looking at the Well of Dailath: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/greg-sez/ernaldan-initiation-rites/ Greg made it clear that woman hood has few options, that undergoing female initation is being initiated into the Ernaldan religion and lasts for weeks it seems like. So this is something I wanna try and write a initation on ( that is different) (Ok early morning thoughts over)
  3. This does know make me realize my clans vale may have true decesndants of Hippoi living in some Pegasus, some unicorns, some regular horses, some sea horses (or at least fish 'tailed').. Oh now this is turning into MLP (My Little Pony). But this does ultimate make Redala into a more interesting goddesses. Its something that women and feminism in Glorantha aren't given enough credit for diversity of divinity-I blame the Godlearners. But so many good back to 'root-Ernalda, or Esrola, or Aesralia, and dont/can't be too distinctive on their own and I think that's something we as a community can and should emphasize. The little girls who play around as Esrola, as Vinga, as Redala in their childish games, the ones who play as Nevala, or a sky child, or battle their brothers and male cousins. That is something that I wanted to bring up. In this thread: community and what women do, and how they do it.
  4. I am going to admit that I totally wrote up a blurb that's called the "Bridle Rite" (yes the pun(?) is intentional)- For The my little clan's not Golden Eyes, are a gift from Redala herself- which required some people to legitimately get turned into horses (Loki-style- I never thought I'd say that). But it helps to re-inforce that horse- and rider relation, that the pair needs the each half to be 'whole'. (honestly I also just straight up wanted to play with the 'horse-girl trope' because someone pointed out that "horse-girls" tend to be stand ins for budding female sexuality and the horses are standins for boys.. and then that just open up a whole can of mental ideas. But Redala and Elmal is a good partnership non-the less. Anyway this is turning into a great discussion.
  5. Since my Women in Glorantha thread ranged all over creation (literally), I thought I'd create a place for to talk abou something that got a lot of traction. Ways to do other interesting things in Runequest Glorantha other than combat, that are more than just simple dice rolls.
  6. Bringing things back on topic: Women in Glorantha are usually explained as being 'non-fighty' (i.e. non-Vingans) and kept into their Hearth and Home positions, how can we use that then to highlight the world of glorantha? As this thread ticked on it game me pause. I started this thread partially because I was unhappy with the 97% of rules in the RQG book being 'combat', but it also made me think about how women characters aren't in the foreground as much. Vasana's Vingan, her sister Yanioth is an Ernalda, but Yanioth's position as an Earth Priestess (is she a full priestess?) ( Initiate?) isn't really brought up more than few times about how Yanioth did something temple related, or Earth-y Priestess-y related. Now I legitmately had fun in an NON-RQ (GURPS 4th ed) game, where like the person above I adopted an NPC, the gm totally just made a 1 off- character (a little girl who took to my Isekai'd character, and when she realized she had an interest in knowledge, helped to shape this girl. She taught her to read basic words, she realized she was a WIZ a math, and this later became a plot point. (Ms. Isekai and the girl went to the local lord's manner, and the girl noticed that the accounts of the grain for taxes were just plain wrong. None of the men expected her to beable to do math or read, they assumed she was a dumb farm girl. And she used that assumption to get a closer look at the books. Because my character had promised to 'apprentice her' and was using her as a local guide. But you know what that was the most satisfying thing *EVER*. Not at lot of combat in the Broken Tower campaign (It was a lot of fun, a lot of silly a lot of cool moments of my character being thrown off by a big mercenary dude who was hired, and totally was hitting on her (and yes she did end up marrying him in the end, becoming a big shot 'wizard lady' and help to fix the worlds problems --eventually--.. But it all started because she was a non-combat character dropped into a world that had thought it needed her. (like she accidentally got isekai'd). But it got me thinking about how a women are even in Glorantha sterotyped and maybe we should all be looking towards building better scenarios, better fiction, that show cases women, homelife and the general craziness of living in a town or steadding. I know my own little clan's Koza (magical sheep-goats) their first ram is called 'Chief Bronze Hoof' and even though I only ellude to it in one of my fiction peices. It got me thinking, Earth Initiates have Tame Swine (I think), and I think Tame Sheep, belongs to Nevala (Thunder Rebels), even writing a scenario where Chief Bronze hoof escapes and communes with someone might be interesting.
  7. Going to take a breath here, but do we know of any mythos that is active for women? Non-Vingan? I recently read this critque of the Penny Arcade comic "The Tithe" and it hit me. This too exists in Glorantha (of course it does it was created mostly (at its inception) by men). But it made me think: in Glorantha, a girl travels through the green age (mostly for Sartarites) gaining her Souls to emerge on the other side knowing of the World and her place and her power in it.. She sleeps she is not dead. Passivity in way its finest. It urks me. And it got me thinking. What if we flipped it, straight up Women become Active and the men passive. Women become Fire, and Air, Men are Earth and Darkness... what happens? Then if we literally try and place the men into these non-active stories, where they become. Where men are called? It maybe time for more writers to consider this? Active earth, and Darkness, not sitting not waiting moving towards something, instead of being rooted. Maybe its just me being stirred up but realizing that Vingan at least in Sartar culture is one of the few 'active' outlets for female characters. Maybe Chalana Arroy as well, but only Vinga is truely active and participatory in /things/.
  8. That's an good point, the more we talk about the way each society views its women, it does start to bring up how much we don't know. We have no myths, no legends, Orlanthi and the DRagon Pass vs. the Lunar Empire are the focus.(for so much of Glorantha). I'd actually love to see more on Esrolia (I know I know its an 'eventual project). But I wanna seen Darra Happen mythos about women. Yes its an extremely patriarchal culture. Esrolian myths about its goddess and women would be a nice change. Part of the problem I see as a female gamer ( and player) in my RPGs is that the little boys get cool myths to play. (I mean play for children is remembering). Boys get to be Orlanth, and Ermal and dozens of other male deities to embody, if a girl wanted to play, she'd be told to be Ernalda, and then be told to stay with the steading. It kind of occured to me that so many of these things we never really see or acknowledge. The lives of the female characters are seperated, and Griselda only 'stands out' because she eshews female things (sort of) and becomes a real Adventurer. Honestly, the commen about it being too much 'Clan, Cult and Society stuff' is thag I may have helped to kick out into the open because I was knew, but its also important. Glorantha stayed with it s war-gamey fighting roots and yet still managed to tell us so much about the people at its heart. We should ( and at least through the Jonstown Compendium) are showing that the clans and societies these characters come from do indeed shape them. My little Tardis-valley clan is probably one of the funkiest things on the boards here (because its all over the map), but it got started because I asked myself as a writer : so what happens when a group of women form without many any adult males for its formantive years ( the 10 years between them living on borrowed/given land and then realizing they must leave)? An entire clan of whose Fire, Air, Water, Earth runes actually matter. Men are luxury for them, their living legends include a Neval Initiate who pulled off a Heroquest (how's that for a cool idea, didn't think the little Sheep Goddess from Thunder Rebels would have such a cool idea attached. Admitedly I realize that I have a long long way to go in make them a good people, but it go me thinking about how women with little male help would thrive. and these are women from very different groups the clashes of culture, but need for survival in sisterhood is important.
  9. Question to the Tribe: We have discussed Women and Runes, and how they are perceived. What about Goddesses? Dendara is often viewed as Ernalda's overlord, Mistress., while Ernalda does all the work in Yelm's realm (raising children, managing the house hold). Is this an expectation of Glorantha women, that the women in the house hold will defer to some kind of 'overmistress' and that is proper? Cause in my one stint as a initate of Ernalda in a glorantha game, Ernalda- took little shit from Yelm ( and never spoke with Dendara.. which does make me wonder, why Dendara isn't more featured in Ernalda's myths. They are both women, and yet it seems that Dendara is forever just 'Yelm's trophy wife'. She's there to look pretty, bear his children and little more. I would figure that any cult write up is gonna hopefully expand on her. But I am tired of the same old narritive of women in fiction being, demure, baby producing, housewives. Now they need not be Vinga or Babesteer Gor or Maran Gor either... but I always feel weird htat there is such a strong.. dichotomy, of Earth women, and Air women.. we hardly hear of Fire, Water, or Darkness or Sky women.. of a female girl being born in Glorantha and lacking the sterotypical Earth rune, but perhaps a fire rune with fertility still strongly present. That should produce some interesting characters. Just lets put aside the Orlanthi 'all' for a moment. lets talk about those women shouldn't always = Earth. The more I thought about it the more it made me think a woman with Fire/Sky, Fertility, and Harmony- change the one rune from Earth to Fire/Sky and that should produce a completely different sort of girl. She'd buck trends, and probably lack the associated 'firmness' of an earth aligned sister. The whole 'Men are active' /women are 'passive', needs to go away in Glorantha. More fiction about non earth women please. More building about it too, because something I noticed is that when making characters the moment you deviate the more interesting and harder it becomes because social, customs, and cultures are ultimately design to work a certain way, and without precedents most women struggle. I think it was said someone in this thread or one of the other's I'd started ' Does Griselda have a place in RQG?" Silly rant over.
  10. A little necromancy never hurt anyone now did it? But bringing this back did make me think, that RQ/Glorantha's someway dated/gender essentialism (at times) especially in older materials that kinda gets reinforced through cults is annoying. I.e. Vingans are Warrior Women, not Ernaldan, if you want to do that, then go join Babester Gor. There should be more flavors and nuance. Though I suppose some of that is to allow the players to decide and build things. But new players to Glorantha would struggle to make choice or sense of it and I've found, Glorantha to be a little stuck sometimes- for its female players (and it characters). My admitedly Sterotypical Ernaldan Priestess while undergoing initiation, was basically a 'sassy ' Ernalda, and it hit me, why are Glorantha women portrayed in cerntain ways. We've discussed Runes, but what happens when Runes on a woman, are not typical. an Orlanthi might have a Moon Rune, and as while women in Glorantha don't nessacerily menstruate (monthly, apparently depending on who you ask)- it does bring up the question: If you're a woman with non-standard runes how does this effect your life?
  11. LAte night here. You have a point. I struggled to keep this proto-clan together during the 10 years it's been forming on borrowed lands- and then in the peice I started writing. They have just performed some kind ritual which has forced these people to strike out somewhat 'blindly. Their Koza(the sheep-goat like animals) are their pride and joy, which come from their Sartarite/Esrolia hero questing. The Sheep- Mother of the Clan quested for Koza Their Grazer(?) contingent has turn their back (somewhat on Yelm) and with Redala's help brought forth anew better horse for them. The Star-Eye (the the Golden Eye coloring with Cremello, or Dun, coats, with white manes and tails). ( I need to check my notes). A Grazer woman (I think now works towards a better way to bring more of these horses forth- even if it means turning women in mares, and men into stallions damn it!) (that'll be a fun story to figure out how that trick).. The Lunar contingent- comes from the remains of wedding party. I think I might have to have them stumble on to the valley later (it makes more sense).
  12. We didn't include Sexy Belintar on this roster of images?
  13. Whoo hee, necro necro thread . I started down that road, but ran into the weird road block of how do I mix the Lunar wedding party survivors into that bloodline setup. Then it kinda hit me : 1) What if it a matrilineal descent, these despirate women claim various ancient women in the past, but give them some connector to each other. I had originally figured that Green Age sisters who settled in Dragon pass, the Carmine empire( Lunar) and future Dara Happen lands would allow for a good mix of women. but how to go from those to full formed bloodlines?
  14. *thunderous applause* This is amazing. I am gonna have to pick your brain, cause trying to develop your own clan is hard.. ( though maybe I have too many competing cool ideas and not enough Gloranthan knowledge). This is a wonderful fleshed out read.
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