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  1. Does anyone know if you backed the kickstarter, are we going to get copies of the PDFs hosted on the Chaosium site as well for download or only through DTRPG?
  2. True, and yes that was most definately me. Someone on of my other FB groups pointed me to that so I dropped a line hoping for a bite. Oh I'll find a game its just a matter of time. The other down side, is that Glorantha isn't as 'popular' but then again, people are getting started in D&D and then branching out all we can do is bring them into Glorantha, when we see them.
  3. As a USA player, but one who lives on the east coast, its actually a little harder to make the trip to a middle state to do a convention (as someone who's just gotten the ability to potentially do that if I save). So I am basically based online for now. I did join the Facebook group. But I guess being under only a 'kid' in comparison to how long some of you all have been playing ( my entire existence)- just means I have to find new ways to inovate.
  4. Thank you, And hopefully when that book comes out, along with the Gods & Goddess book, it will be better, and I shall by all of them!.
  5. So after sitting down and reading my HeroQuest:Glorantha on my commute, I realized, I am in want of a game, but it smaller, but on line, but I've no one who is wiser in Glorantha than I, and so I turn to you all- where do you all go to look for Roleplayers, or GMS for Glorantha? Is there some secret community?
  6. Wow. I never thought of it that way. I suppose that it is true. Riding out of hell on The Crimson Bat which eats souls is... Not a Good Guy Thing (tm). But as I re read my RQ:Glorantha book. I ask myself, is hero quesand invitation going to be in another book? And do the Eleven Lights stuff from Hero quest is that compatable?
  7. Thanks. At This point have a friend who is a... Gloratha Guru (who some how thinks the Lunars are OK? ISH? with Illumination and some other stuff-- I sort of understand it), But I know that 'Lunars are sort of the 'bad guys' but not really, because they're playable?) I guess I am sort of interested Ernalda (Yeah Esrolia! ), but am also trying to understand how the Runes and MAgic work, can you work magic outside of the runs you have? Do they have to be inscribed on your body to work, or can be on an object? I know most people are 'vaugely' priest-like, due to the way the world is. I guess since own RQ:G (in both physical & PDF) I am trying to understand how to read it. Because it seems like older editions of Glorantha were let 'timeline' more 'toolkit' and RQG went with :Timeline specific?
  8. Is there a community for beginners like myself to Glorantha? THere is so much material, so much history... I own the RQ:G book, the new one, but I kind of don't understand what it 'means' in the larger context. I got the sense that RQ:G puts the game in a specific time and era ( incomparrison to some of the old material), but when you do not understand that context or the timeline. I don't know if I can play my character effectively. Is there a good beginners guide to the world ( that is the insane Atlas or Guide to Glorantha- that has you drowning? As much as I love them they made me more confused. Not that I have a community to play in (yet?) Is there a Glorantha discord running around somewhere?
  9. I love this approach. Hopefully more this can be spun into a solid 'beginners' 'world' primer of sorts. (I know that the Glorantha source book, but it doesn't talk about the people ect), the rituals and cultures.
  10. If anyone has a refreshed 'current' link to that Glorantha discord, I'd quite like it. (I don't actually expect a response on this thread), but sometimers having a place to shoot the breeze in real time is quite nice. Also consistence. It's like IRC... only... modern.
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