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  1. They will on contact.... 50cal rounds will tear limbs off, ask any vet. I still have my headspace and timing key.
  2. .50 cal rounds will tear your flesh open with in a certain amount of distance and they do tear limbs off.
  3. If anyone is interested in discussing this that I suggest they read up on the Tactical Combat Casualty Care and the PHTLS (adavanced-Militaray)/ATLS course materials. Wound Cavitation from high velocity rounds and care from the platinum 10 minutes through golden hour to the silver 24 gives you a breakdown in the lethality of GSW's per location.
  4. LOL you have me flipping through both rules... The TS companion is pretty good stuff for back then. It is however good to talk about it.
  5. Supposedly William Wallace could do that, or was it lighting from his ass?
  6. I have RL experience with the III+ & IV+ Level SAP plates.... especially vs the 7.62mm x39mm and 7.62x54mmR B-32 rounds.... I will share this in a private chat if you like. Also a few anecdotal notes about the Long-Iron shooters we have gone up against. Here is a company that makes claims that I know are not 100% accurate. http://www.bodyarmornews.com/bodyarmordevelopments/new-hard-armor-inserts-developed.htm
  7. Guess SAP plates are not available? 7.62mmx54mm is a bitch to stop....
  8. I see I am not CoC fan....but I understand
  9. Rock paper scissors did work until your unarmed combat got ridiculous with the amount of "retreating" that occurred. I concur though that "skill" or level of proficiency needs to be a factor in the process. The Arcade fluff .... yeah I was a combatives instructor in the army...the kata/arcade/hollywood nonsense ends real quick.
  10. TS did have called shots.... albeit with offensive penalties., the Wil roll you mentioned is realistic (been there myself RL), I understand the math issue with modifiers considering flow of play (but it did still work). The Will roll with certain types of wounds is something to consider.
  11. It Could be I am sure Chaosium is happy I am purchasing so much of their inventory, I am also thinking about watching for the D101 "The Company" to see what it is about.
  12. I really like the TS putting the sheet of paper up against a matrix and going: "you three Attacks and two defenses" and slugging it out. Yet, that doesn' handle the reality of modern day unarmed combat. But with BRP how does one handle say a "combatives" (MAA style) Strikes, Locks, Chokes & Throws. Using simple combinations like Inside punch intrecept/choke that in blinding speed turns into a takedown with knee to the groin.?
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