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    I have been playing RPGs for 30 years, starting out with the D&D Basic Set (red box). These days, I seem to collect RPGs more than I play them!
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    Currently GMing one Pathfinder campaign, and playing in another. So many other games I would like to play: Call of Cthulhu, the various WarHammer 40K RPGs by FFG, the Star Wars RPGs by FFG, The One Ring/Adventures in Middle Earth, Symbaroum, Mutant Year Zero, Ten Candles, Yggdrasil, Shadows of Esteren, etc.
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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

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  1. Just bumping this thread, as I would also be interested in seeing the official reply.
  2. Congratulations! Looks great!!! I also appreciate the overview video. Well done!
  3. I'm going based on the previews, as I do not yet have the PDF... hopefully someone else can provide actual page numbers, if what I've spotted is indeed an error. Is the unnamed "dot" in the mountains west of Darjeeling on the Central Asia map intentionally unnamed? Or is that an oversight?
  4. Beautiful! One question though... is that unnamed dot in the mountains west of Darjeeling on the Central Asia map intentionally unnamed? Or is that an oversight?
  5. Thank you for sharing this, and to all the panelists for their time and valuable insights!
  6. Congrats, Bridgett! The scenario looks amazing! I love the premise and the historical, geographical and cultural context in which you've chosen to set it. In all honesty, while I've been buying up alot of the books, at the moment I have yet to play/run Call of Cthulhu at all. If fortune should smile, my spouse might be willing to play solo investigator in the Paper Chase scenario from the Starter Set for Hallowe'en. But I unfortunately can't see myself being in a position to run a game for 3+ investigators in the foreseeable future. If that should change, I will definitely keep
  7. Can anyone tell me what differences (if any) there are between the versions of The Dead Boarder and What's In the Cellar? published in Gateways to Terror, compared to the free downloadable demo versions available on this site? Has the guidance for convention keepers, etc., been removed? Has anything new been added? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!
  8. Nice!!! How long does it typically take for a product to reach the Canadian warehouse once the proofs have been approved?
  9. Would have gladly ordered this if the shipping rates to Canada weren't so ridiculously expensive... so count me in as one more vote for a reprint, ideally in full colour!
  10. Thanks for the lightning quick reply, Mike. I understand the challenge of producing error-free books with such massive word counts, but I am really pleased that you managed to catch the errors noted by Meow before submitting to the printer. I expect these books will be gorgeous, and with your assurances, I feel confident that I can proceed with a pre-order from my favourite game store. Cheers!
  11. Mike, in light of Meow's latest posts, can you confirm the exact date when the files were sent to the printer? I'm new to CoC and was really excited about pre-ordering the physical books from a hobby game store (haven't pulled the trigger yet), but I must admit that the obvious errors and omissions that might remain in the printed books are dampening my enthusiasm. I'm currently unemployed and with many products on the market competing for my attention, my game dollars unfortunately don't stretch as far as they once did. I imagine that Chaosium will publish an official errata sheet
  12. I would gladly splurge for a reprint of the boxed set!
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