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    I have been playing RPGs for 30 years, starting out with the D&D Basic Set (red box). These days, I seem to collect RPGs more than I play them!
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    Currently GMing one Pathfinder campaign, and playing in another. So many other games I would like to play: Call of Cthulhu, the various WarHammer 40K RPGs by FFG, the Star Wars RPGs by FFG, The One Ring/Adventures in Middle Earth, Symbaroum, Mutant Year Zero, Ten Candles, Yggdrasil, Shadows of Esteren, etc.
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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

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  1. I don't have that scenario (yet), so I can't offer comments. But maybe watching this will give you some of the tips and inspiration you're looking for? https://www.enworld.org/threads/chaosium-the-stream-of-chaos-returns-this-friday-with-reign-of-terror.680703/
  2. Still not in the Canadian warehouse... come on baby!
  3. I'd love for some of that foreign language content to be translated into English... that De Vermis Mysteriis book sounds/looks amazing!
  4. I think Modiphius still plans to release a CoC 7e version of the updated (2d20) Achtung! Cthulhu player and GM guides, sometime after the physical release of the 2d20 books. A survey they released a few months ago asked people what rule set they intended to play A!C with, and CoC 7e as well as Pulp Cthulhu were two of the options, along with Savage Worlds. Modiphius were trying to determine what conversions would be worth their effort... I believe that CoC 7e was in the lead by a fairly wide margin, but I can also see why they might try to adapt for Pulp Cthulhu instead). I suspect that t
  5. Have you checked out Assault on the Mountains of Madness from the Achtung! Cthulhu line for potential inspiration? Here's a review of the scenario.
  6. The wait is killing me... doubly so now that my copy of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft won't ship until Children of Fear arrives, as they're part of the same order I placed with an online game store. The problems of the privileged indeed.
  7. Paper Chase from the Starter Set is also a primarily investigative scenario, which might not involve any combat at all. I would, however, make some tweaks to the scenario to make it a bit more interesting.
  8. Seems I might have the faded art version of the US printing. The spine, however, is correct.
  9. I've watched some snippets of Becca Scott's (I think that's her name?) CoC sessions, and those are good too.
  10. Indeed, as indicated previously, Bronze Age settings don't really inspire me (I realized after posting that I should not have implied that RQ is pseudo-medieval, when I knew otherwise... and my 2nd bullet was meant to clarify my stance). So let's just say that I've got plenty of RPGs featuring swords and magic, and that not being enthused by the Bronze Age setting made it easier for me to reject RQ. I've managed to make my D&D games much less about killing monsters and stealing treasure than the norm, and more about brokering alliances, solving mysteries, and political intrigue, tho
  11. I must admit that watching/listening to other peoples' games usually bores me to tears. Started watching/listening to this one, and wow, I was truly impressed. Talk about setting a really high bar for a tabletop RPG session!
  12. Main reason: I'm trying to find reasons to NOT buy into other RPG lines, as I have a massive library the contents of which aren't seeing much use these days! Also, my revenue is next to nil these days. Additional reasons: . Between D&D (various editions), Pathfinder (1e, not interest in 2e), Symbaroum, The One Ring, Shadows of the Demon Lord, A Song of Ice and Fire, Yggdrasill and Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, I think I've got my fill of pseudo-medieval fantasy RPGs. And on top of that, I haven't even gotten any of my sci-fi (Star Wars, Mutant Year Zero, Alien) or horror RPGs (CoC
  13. I'm sorry to confess that the only book partially authored by Greg Stafford in my vast library is the BRP core book. I would like to pick up Pendragon someday. Don't think I'm quite as interested in Runequest/Glorantha, in spite of all the great things I've heard about them.
  14. Glad to have found some like-minded Sargent fans on these boards. And I agree with @klecser, for all that I respect Gygax's historical importance in the development and popularization of our hobby, I find his deification in some circles to be ridiculous (for all the reasons previously mentioned).
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