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  1. Aldryami passions

    Protect the Forest, Show Aldryami Superiority, Be the Best Shot, Loyalty to the Council of Elders, Fear Spiders, Fear Fire, Fear Being out of the Woods. Please tell us all about that campaign, I'm very interested!
  2. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    A friend told me of a game wherein one mostali PC had devised a spiky big metallic ball he could "drive" while going down hills from the inside to trample enemies.
  3. Aldryami Babester gori

    Shannon Applecline developed a whole Aldryami philosophy around this concept in his Aldryami book for Mongoose and other articles elsewhere that he could'nt include in that book. I think it's really interesting. It all develops from the Aldryami believing they started the Great Darkness with too much Growth, so after the Compromise there is a balance between Grower and Taker. And Babeester Gor would be part of the deities of the Taker. Ups! That's not canon any longer, sorry!
  4. Aldryami vs uz

    Shannon Applecline published an article about the Vale of Flowers in Tradetalk #17. With nice art by Dario Corallo.
  5. Translations

    I've started to slowly contribute the Spanish translations to the Gazetter section, starting with all the names on Marya Marakava's Sartar+Prax map.
  6. Aldryami vs uz

    Interesting. So the same players who first played the all elf campaign then played the all troll campaign, right? It would have been cool if the two campaigns had taken place simultaneously with different players on each side! Can you tell us any cool stories from the elf campaign? What was their goal? How different were the elf PCs?
  7. Aldryami vs uz

    What spells did each side use? What armour were the trolls wearing? How far were the trolls from the elves when the elves spotted them?
  8. Aldryami vs uz

    I'd love it if you could elaborate a bit on both. I've been toying with the idea of running an all-elf campaign for years.
  9. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    Thanks for posting these really bad art, it almost made me laugh out loud. Please show us more, if you can, I've never had a look through the pages of the original versions. I can show you some art from the Spanish translation of Elder Secrets. The company that published this supplement in Spain had the good taste to hire an artist to create art specifically for the Spanish edition. I wasn't great, but it was way better IMO (at least the weapon is pointing in the right direction!). The artist is Albert Monteys. Below you can see the piece of art that replaced the mostali seen above:
  10. Translations

    I love this idea.I actually suggested to Rick Meints that in the future, they could provide PDFs of the maps without any names, so people like me who don't game in English, can write the names of the places in their own language over the maps. OK, so how do we start?
  11. Aldryami vs uz

    Tough challenge or not really depends on the degree of preparation before the attack. If you are an Aldryami runelord and want to whittle down those trolls living close to the forest before they grow too large in number, you prepare yourself, your tactics and your allies, and then you go get them! An Aldryami group attacking an underground troll base has to be extremely cautious. It would be much easier for them to use guerrilla warfare against the uz who come out to the surface to hunt, trade or whatever. Use earth spirits (gnomes) against the biggest ones, so they get trapped or even swallowed whole (can a troll attack the gnome while trapped in the pit? I'd say no, he's only hitting the ground). Pepper them with arrows and Arrow Trance, Speedarted arrows, and Multimissile. Be ready for their shades with Light magic. Close on them only if you have proper Shield and Chameleon and they are already hurt by your arrows or trapped by the gnomes, and under direct sunlight. If you really need to go into their caves, be even more ready. Sacrifice for lots of Halamalao (Yelmalio) magic to be able to see in the dark, to blind them, to scare off their trollkin and kill their shades. Draw their trollkin horde somewhere where the ambushed elves can slaughter them easily. In my Glorantha, elves have really fast-growing seeds of thorny bushes they can throw and slow down the advance of their enemies. And while they advance, you shoot them out. carry torches, send Salamanders ahead (hard to get for an Aldryami, but very handy in caves).Taunt them, retreat, ambush them (rinse and repeat). When the Zorak Zorani appear, fire poisoned arrows at them, run and fight another day.
  12. [HQ2] Basic Mechanics Questions

    You need to count values including W as if they were 20s. In this way, a value of 3W means 23. 23-6=17. A value of 3W2 with a -6 penalty reduces the value to 17W. The free bump only happens after the actual roll is made, if any side has masteries remaining in their values.
  13. RD100 Settings

    Super excited about this!!! Yay! BTW, I remember making Paolo talk a bit about The Shade Land here.
  14. The translation doesn't take into account either (yet) the extra 10 cards of place that were funded during the Kickstarter, i.e. Berserker troll, Dream Dragon, etc.
  15. selling my RuneQuest Gen Con preview copy

    Would you agree to send it overseas?