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    Playing RuneQuest since I was 14.
    I have played the Colymar campaign with HeroQuest, as well as some Star Wars also with HQ.
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    Playing a Masloi pirates campaign with a mix of RQ3 and RQG
    Running a Glorantha campaign with RQ3 (Zola Fel valley)
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    New Pavis
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    I am a RuneQuest fan, but I also like HeroQuest.
    I usually play in Glorantha. But I also like Call of Cthulhu a lot.

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  1. You can find some scenarios dealing with Thanatar in this issue. 😈
  2. A picture of Leika Ballista, Queen of the Colymar tribe, by Anna Orlova
  3. Yozarian's Bandit Ducks! is good for newbies. You can play it, get a feel of the rules, and then create your actual PCs.
  4. I guess the Malani tribe must keep several Humakti rune lords. But they are the exception, not the rule.
  5. A new piece by Loïc Muzy:
  6. MOB has been sharing the history of Sun County after the Cradle here:
  7. Here's @coffeemancer's interpretation of Gagarth along those lines:
  8. Reading the Journal of Runic Studies #4 I found this great piece of art Silvana Massa shared on Twitter, where she claims it is intended for Chaosium's RuneQuest. For what upcoming scenario book is it @MOB? 🤔 Is it perhaps for some free scenario for this year's Free RPG Day? I'll hide it under the spoiler button just in case it ends up being too revealing:
  9. I think "W" stands for Wheels or gold coins.
  10. This tale is quite good: Morden Defends the Camp. You could also print out some pieces of Vasana's Saga from the RQG rulebook. To Walk in Far Places is also very good, written by John Hughes.
  11. Ernalda can get Shield from Orlanth the Adventurer
  12. Nice podcast! I have missed Bill on this one, but it's been great to learn all that's coming from the Black Alynx. Can't wait!
  13. That looks fantastic. :-0 Could you please explain how you created the "Broadsword" macro for Harmast, for example? What code do you need to type under each ability? Can you create a button for a POWx5 roll like this?
  14. What is known about Argrath's cool ice blue sword, the Ormsword (apart from what you can read on the Glorantha wiki)?
  15. There seems to be someone working hard on a Starter Set for Fantasy Grounds... 🤫 --Source--
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