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  1. And of course, no game is ever going to be perfect, nor are the people who love it going to play it 100% according to the rules. Even though I love RQ3 and have played it extensively, we ended up adding many houserules. The same will or should happen with RQG. I even made a list of the 10 aspects of RQ3 that could be improved: (some of them already addressed in RQG!) You can read it here (use the Translation Gadget on the right margin - I could be convinced to translate it into English, though)
  2. Hi there, I played the game through for the second time, so I decided to write a review and let the world know that this is an amazing game: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/11/six-ages-ride-like-wind-review.html See more pics of the game on this other review. BTW, this made me laugh:
  3. Good questions! You'll soon get more "expert" replies, but this is my humble take: Normal Gloranthans never wonder about this, because each sees the world through the limited lense of their culture and beliefs. Only the God Learners, a now extinct sorcerous school from the Second Age, managed to build an all-comprehensive summary of the myths of Glorantha. They called it the Monomyth. However, even that turned out to be limited and wrong. Mortals being mortals, and deities being deities means that no mortal is going to ever be able to see the full picture of a god/runic power. Every religion or culture has only a piece of the whole truth, and even if you pieced together all the points of view from different cultures, the picture would still be incomplete. So religions and their myths are just a channel to experience a facet of a particular runic power/deity. As for your questions, I'd say "yes" is the answer to all of them.
  4. You're going to love this one-shot when it comes out in the Jonstown Compendium: By the way, what title do you prefer? The authors are undecided...
  5. What about a parodic one-shot scenario where all the PCs are squires of a lunatic knight who has visions of grandeur? The PCs would need to get the knight out of big trouble and all the encounters would be parodies of the King Arthur epic. (But without panzers, please)
  6. Runeblogger


    Has anyone developed anything to do with the actual "Horn Gate" in Horn Gate? I recall having seen some scenario on the Internet a long time ago, where PC's could open the Gate and enter into Eiritha's godplane.
  7. That sounds cool. What about this? The PC's father (a tribal king) was obsessed with forcing a shaman to give him shapeshifting powers (by summoning an animal spirit with the shapeshifting power and have him possessed - or have the spirit live inside him, as in covert possession) because he was seceretly in love with a Telmori woman (a hsunchen people who can turn into wolves). The shaman never accepted the deal, as he knew that would cause a lot of trouble since the Telmori woman was married to the leader of Sartar's Telmori guard. The PC's father then annihilated the shamans relatives. Now the shaman has come to curse the son of his enemy: he's sending a lot of animal spirits to possess him. These allow him to shapeshift into different animals. At first, that's cool, but then the troubles start and he has to atone for his father's sin to placate the shaman, by undergoing some really dangerous quest the shaman needs done.
  8. I also thought the Condor Crags, but apparently it's the Pegasus Plateau. The scenario is from the upcoming supplement The Pegasus Plateau and other stories. I like it that new places are going to be explored.
  9. Hahaha! 😂 Yes, because I already know what the one in bold does!
  10. If I remember correctly, the current rules demand a roll for every 5 meters on a vertical climb.
  11. Haha! But maybe it avoods unnecessary arguments within a community! That would be quite powerful! 😁
  12. That's food for thought. What if another character goes first and succeeds in all the rolls? Could she then tell her comrades where the footholds are? So they get a +50% or no roll is needed?
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