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  1. Runeblogger

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    I'd like to read what kind of adventures did they have in those places. Do you keep a chronicle somewhere? As far as the famine and the Fimbulwinter go, IMHO the easiest way to solve this if you don't like them to happen just now would be to put that off for a while and then hit your players with it when they least expect it.
  2. Runeblogger

    Borderlands on Roll20

    Very cool! It reminds of the good times when I ran these scenarios. Do you plan to also include scenarios made by you? Will you include Ian Thompson's expansions to the campaign? I developed a small dungeon for this campaign. I won't say here where it is exactly, in case your players are reading, but I could scan it and send it to you.
  3. A friend of mine said about that piece of art that "if they had drawn the ducks like that from the beginning everyone would have been playing duck characters!".
  4. Runeblogger

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    These pages have an awesome look. But I don't get Yanioth. What's the benefit in purely game terms of being an apprentice priestess?
  5. Runeblogger

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    I've read the Sengoku package already, and I like it. I'm looking forward to reading the campaign when you publish it. :-) I also hope we can start seeing many fan-produced interesting packages.
  6. Runeblogger

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Wow, I hadn't imagined the city of Clearwine like that!!! It's an amazing work.
  7. Runeblogger

    Social Combat Styles

    I'm very much looking forward to reading these rules. I think they can be a great addition to Mythras! \(^o^)/
  8. Runeblogger

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Thanks a lot for this report! 👍 All this news is very exciting. I wish I had been there to play Jeff's game in the Big Rubble.
  9. I read somewhere some weeks ago that this is in the works. Can someone confirm this? Or maybe I just dreamt it?
  10. Runeblogger

    New HQ products?

    This looks awesome. 👍 as for the Rubble book, I think it is easier for a HeroQuest GM to turn RQ books into HQ-material. The other way around is more complicated. Now Chaosium has three different Glorantha Fans to satisfy, it would be great if they found ways for books to be reused for the other rulesets easily. IMHO, PDF with statblocks or help in how to turn a HQ/13AG scenario into RuneQuest would be great. Viceversa as well.
  11. Is there any translation into Spanish planned as a stretch goal?
  12. Runeblogger

    HQ: G: Jakaleel subcult magic

    IMHO, initiates of Jakaleel only use spirit magic and summon Lunes through their Dying Moon rune. They are mostly like non-Lunar animists who can bind Lunar spirits into charms. Jakaleel the Witch was herself a shaman. So their initiates use these spirits normally and then perhaps all the glamours of the other Seven Mothers.
  13. Runeblogger

    Mythras: Dark Souls

    I think it's amazing that you are even trying to do this. So keep them coming please!!! I've read the character creation rules, and I think everyone will want to have a sign bearer character due to its ability to resurrect. I also don't like that the system promotes killing things to gather souls and humanity, IMHO that's a very videogamey thing that I wouldn't like to promote in my games. Have you had the chance to playtest this? I think it would be cool for games with only one or 2 PCs at the most. Also, in Mythras medium range monsters are usually easy to beat by accumulation of AP against them, so some new rules to avoid that would be necessary to recreate the really hard boss fights Dark Souls is famous for. Finally, there's the Dark Souls Japanese TRPG, but I know next to nothing about it. I just found this video about it that you may like. Apparently, the basic roll is very reminiscent of Mythras, since it also involves rolling dice and only then deciding what maneuver you do based on the result (!).
  14. Runeblogger

    Mythras Review

    Very nice review.
  15. Runeblogger

    New HQ products?

    In Hearts of Glorantha #6 Ian Cooper states they're aiming for 3-4 books per year. One to further the Sartar campaign to heroic events. Another to explore some faraway Gloranthan region. Another one for Generic HQ setting and an undefined 4th book.