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  1. Polaris' Jewel A fist-sized white jewel that looks like a polished diamond shaped like an eight-pointed star if you look at it from above, or like a lotus if you look at it from the side. Some of the oldest jewels have some of their points missing. All these jewels twinkle with inner light nonetheless. It weighs 4 ENC. Cults: Associated: Polaris, Yelorna, Pole Star. Friendly: Yelmalio, Yelm. Enemy: Xentha, Argan Argar, Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran. All Chaos cults. Knowledge: Cult secret (Few). History: Some of these jewels are centuries old and are usually passed from one Star Lady to her successor. They represent the alliance bewteen Yelorna and the Star Captains, mainly Polaris/Pole Star. Some of them were gifted to friendly cults such as Yelmalio. And some of them ended in the treasure vaults of Yelorna's enemies, mainly trolls. Procedure: This jewel can only be obtained through a Yelornan heroquest. The initiate follows the mythic path of Yelorna as she fought the children of Xentha, Argan Argar, Zorak Zoran and Kyger Litor, and then travelled to the upper sky to fetch the help of the Star Captains and bring them to the surface to aid in the fight, although she had to receive Dayzatar's blessing first. Alternatively, a shaman following the path of Pole Star could also bring one of these back from the spiritual plane. Powers: The Jewel provides 6 points of Polaris rune magic to any initiate of Yelorna or Polaris. A Praxian shaman can contact Pole Star through the Jewel. The jewel sheds a permanent dim light that lights its surroundings like a torch, although its light can be seen from a 1000 km radius and it is specially visible at night. Shades will avoid getting less than 10 m close to the jewel, and trollkins are demoralized if they get closer to it than that. Some Yelmalian and Yelornan cultists have been known to use these jewels to signal messages, to aid friends to find their way or to lure runelords from Darkness-related cults into an ambush. Value: 10,000 silver coins, although it is invaluable to any Polaris or Yelorna cultists.
  2. I know, but I don't like it because in my mind, the guy with 345% should have at least a chance. if you used the HeroQuest system, both would roll as if they had 45%, but the one with 445% would turn his results to one better grade of success. A failure into a succes, a success into a special, a special into a critical. It would still be exciting.
  3. I think it's a good idea. In my mind, someone with 345% in his combat skill ought to handle better an opponent with 445%.
  4. Hi, I've written a review of this book: You can read it here
  5. Perhaps an adventurer party composed of Elder Races and a human could secretly be a God Plane manifestation of the I Fought We Won Battle. Maybe that's why, unbeknowst to every party member, they all get along so nicely. Even when their comrades who don't belong to the group disreard them as loonies. Maybe their secret wyter is an entity of that event before Time. That or the Green Age. Pavis himself was after some harmony-related magic like that. Perhaps that city god has secretly masterminded the group coming together...
  6. Perhaps a random dragonewt power, the ability to talk Old Wyrmish at 50%, or reincarnate as a crested dragonewt.
  7. That sounds like a fun/risky adventure, so yes. 😀
  8. I loved listening to those songs, Albinoboo. The "uz song" is particularly surprising. Keep them coming if you find more, please. As for Dara-Happan/Lunar music, you could use some Roman music. I once attended a small concert by Lvdi Scaenici. This is a group of Italian researchers focused on music in ancient Rome. They first researched instruments and then learned to play them. They assured the public no one has ever found any notes on Roman songs yet, so the songs they play are made up. Still, I think they sound great. There are a bunch of videos on Youtube:
  9. I'm tempted to buy the rulebook just to have that extra scenario and look at the new art. :-)
  10. I ran Gloranthan games for ages without knowing that. I didn't even stop to think about it, and neither did any of my players. It may only become a problem if a player ever asks you: So why do rivers flow to the ocean? And it is very unlikely they will ever ask you that. But if they do, then you can reply: Well, you should ask your priest or priestess or some Lhankhor Mhy initiate. If they find one, either make something up, or look for the info between sessions. If what that priest said wasn't canon, it can be in your campaign, or it can be that that priest just made it up! What I mean is, relax. It's no big deal.
  11. If you know anyone who needs any convincing to buy this game, I wrote a review you can send them to. ◀️
  12. I have written a review of Mythras Companion. It's only in Spanish (so far), but you may use the widget on the right column to trans... to make the txt understandable in your language. For example, the word "chases" is translated as "persecutions" because in Spanish, chase=persecución. And "rules" is translated as "regulations" for some reason. Anyway, here it is: Read my review of Mythras Companion
  13. One the one hand, I love the fact that Joann Sfar is involved in this, since I love his Dungeon! comic series and his cartoonish art. However, I think he would make a much better comic artist for Glorantha as opposed to just a mere book illustrator. If there is the slighest chance that he might do even a short Gloranthan comic strip, that would be great!
  14. They are better, but don't buy the book for this alone. You could just watch some videos about these rules on Youtube to get some ideas. For Dorastor, I would expect: - Having to make difficult decisions and unthinkable alliances, like: "There is a huge swarm of Scorpion Men coming this way, Do we ally with the giant spiders or with Ralzakark's broos in order to stop them?" - Being slowly appealed by Chaos, just to survive the bigger horrors. "Yes, we are friends with the Scorpion Queen now. Yes, that's normal in these parts. No, please don't tell my cousin the Storm Khan...!!! He wouldn't understand...". - The need to have an easy way to introduce new player characters into the story, like you're all part of the Renekoti clan. This way, you can replace dead characters easily. - Throwing different hooks to the players before the session, and see which ones they like to bite, like rumors and interesting/worrying news. - The need for the PCs to have a very good reason to stay in Dorastor. - Establish motivations and plans for all the different factions, so things go on in the background. - Horror: for example, one day a group of Stormbull and Orlanthi runelords arrive to Dorastor. They meet the PCs and share some drinks and incredible stories. They are sooo powerful. They go deep into Dorastor on some dangerous mission. And they never come back. Only much later, a strange figure comes to the place where the PCs are living. It is a thing, resembling the Orlanthi runelord, but seemingly made of gorp. He smiles strangely, then laughs maniacally, then dissolves into acid or becomes 5 different extra-quick gorps the players need to deal with. Where is the rest of the party? Is it worth organising an expedition to go find them (or their expensive magical items?) Things like that.
  15. I would suggest using the chase rules in Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, (only if you happen to have it), since the chase rules in the basic RQG rulebook aren't that great (a human can run faster than a horse if the human gets a critical or a special success).
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