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    Playing RuneQuest since I was 14.
    I have played the Colymar campaign with HeroQuest, as well as some Star Wars also with HQ.
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    Playing a Masloi pirates campaign with a mix of RQ3 and RQG
    Running a Glorantha campaign with RQ3 (Zola Fel valley)
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    I am a RuneQuest fan, but I also like HeroQuest.
    I usually play in Glorantha. But I also like Call of Cthulhu a lot.

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  1. I'm looking forward to playing it as well. 😄 The art by Katrim Dirim is nice and colourful as always. Is Narses a Chalana Arroy healer or an Ernalda initiate? What is her iron cross for? 😲
  2. What about Elder Races warfare?
  3. Nick Brooke shared on FB the map of Swenville in the French edition, which is great:
  4. For example, in the 1618-1622 ST books about Pavis, the Lankhor Mhy temple is shared with Irripi Ontor, isn't it?
  5. I picture the towers as 15 m tall, jutting from the taller walls on both sides of the wall and on both sides of the gate, with connecting corridors through the walls. The gates would be 5-10 m tall.
  6. Well now there's this: https://heroquest.avalonhill.com/en-us 👈😲 Some more context here: https://www.geeknative.com/93390/avalon-hill-page-points-to-new-heroquest-game/
  7. I used to think the leather lorica musculata you see in every film with Romans was made of cuir builli, but these people think not: https://www.romanarmytalk.com/rat/thread-22624.html Still, it might be that leather cuirasses have not endured the passing of millenia, and that's why there are no evidences of it? 🤔
  8. That means you're only in trouble at night and when there's fog/mist and obstacles in line of sight, right?
  9. I was playing a crocodile hsunchen in a Masloi pirates campaign, with RQ3 rules, last March until Covid hit. Afterwards I played a Jedi knight with HeroQuest 2.0 for several one-shot sessions until summer. In June I ran a playtest of a RQG scenario on Roll20 for a local games convention. Yesterday I finished running a short Cthulhu scenario to my friends on Telegram.
  10. What about this? Certain magic or spells are visible only if it is cool for the story or if they help achieve their general goal. So for example, Bladesharp being visible makes your enemies fear you, so yes, it is visible. Is the runespell Charisma visible? Of course its effects are, but only if you know that person well enough beforehand. But since it would be counter productive for Charisma to be visible as a cast spell, let's say it is not. You only notice that the person you have just met and are interacting with is good at words and/or at charming. But you don't notice any spell on her/hi
  11. I loved reading Helden. I had a lot of fun reading The Widow's Tale. 👈 Sadly, it is out of print.
  12. I fully agree with you on this. I believe an appropriate skill should always get you a better degree of success than a Characteristic x5 roll. Otherwise, why invest in your skills? So, if two characters are negotiating and one just rolls CHAx5 and the other her skill of Fast Talk or whatever, the one using the skill should win if both get the same level of success.
  13. Runeblogger


    https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Timinits 👈🙂 Always useful.
  14. So Paul Baker has published this Kralori Primer on the Jonstown Compendium, containing lots of GM notes to run a campaign in Kralorela with RQG (for just 4$!). At the same time, there's a manuscript by David Milliams waiting to be published as an official book by Chaosium. 😲 Even if Paul's supplement does not match what we will get later from Chaosium, I still think the amount of material available at the Compendium is great. 🤗
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