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  1. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    So why were the dragonewts interested in raiding the Cradle. And more importantly: why is their blood purple? 😆
  2. Our Last RQ Session

    What will happen in next session?
  3. "Secrets of Japan" and martial arts

    I don't know, but the publishing company who publishes Cthulhu in Japan produced a book years ago called "The Burning of Mount Hiei" which I think it includes rules for martial arts and even mass combat, as it is based during the Sengoku period (16th century), with samurai, ninjas and warrior monks. Perhaps Chaosium is planning to publish that book?
  4. RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    Gloranthan coins from Campaign Coins? I wonder what that means. @Jeff? But thanks a lot for the news Texarkana!!!!!
  5. RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    How much was the copy of the draft? And, any news from the Chaosium panels?
  6. I love Glorantha because myths are not only crucially important as they were for our ancestors in Antiquity, but they are also gameable. That really helps to make players interested in the background.
  7. Just the key NPCs, IMO. It would also be nice to have different challenges than combat expressed in RQG terms. For example, a trap, a negotiation, etc. Of course, only when these challenges are more complicated than just "roll for Climb".
  8. Swords of Central Genertela

    I love it.
  9. It would be cool if Chaosium published a RQG stat list of all the PCs in The Eleven Lights. IMHO it would increase sales.
  10. Eleven Lights now available in PDF

    Yay!!! Finally!
  11. I have in mind to run an all-Aldryami minicampaign, some day. It will probably be based in The Garden, the elven forest in the Big Rubble. Any cool ideas are welcome.
  12. I like the puzzles, the maps and drawings. But I hate that you can kill everybody and still be the hero.
  13. RQG : Why should we parry?

    What happened in my RQ3 campaign was that some clever adventurers trained a little and then risked dodging against not-so dangerous foes in order to get experience checks. Then one day, I made the mistake of letting dodge downgrade the success level of the attack. They were complaining that it wasn't fair that a successful dodge wasn't any use against a special attack. It kind of made sense, so I let them houserule that. But then, as they became better and better at dodging, it became increasingly difficult for enemies to hurt them at all. SO, the morale of the story is: never houserule that dodge downgrades the success level of attacks. When I told one of the players that now dodging was far superior to parrying, he replied: "Perhaps, but think about all the risky effort we've put into getting a high % at dodging... Partying was always the easy way..."
  14. My review of the RuneQuest Quickstart

    I have updated my review with the info on spirit combat and shamanism included with the 6th PC, Vishi Dun, an assistant shaman (but not a shaman!).
  15. Quickstart Rune Magic & Spirit Magic

    I have grabbed it and read it and even written about it in my updated review.