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  1. 23 years since the Coders... and I still have to run that scenario in my Prax/Pavis campaign...! Will you be writing any scenarios like that, MOB?
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  4. Exactly, isn't it incredible? And I loved that supplement BTW, one of my all time favourites.
  5. quicktstart

    In my long-standing Pavis campaign I'm running with RQ3, we created a house rule that looks exactly like the one included in the Quickstart, like many other GMs did. Only the catalogue of spells became slowly available as you sacrificed POW to get runic points (we called them "faith points"). We also didn't like theists using spirit magic, so we added most spirit magic as runic spells to the spells available to each cult. Right now, most of the player characters in my campaign have about 14 or 15 runic points. I guess it's time for them to become rune lords. But then, what if no position for rune lord and rune lady opens up in the temples in Pavis?
  6. Hi, I've published a review of the RuneQuest Quickstart. This time in English. I have enjoyed reading it and I hope I can run the adventure soon, maybe I'll insert it in my Prax-Pavis campaign. In the review I also present some ideas of what sort of FrankenQuest I would build now.
  7. I should have posted this here, really: I'm running a samurai campaign with RQ6, and I chronicle the sessions as short stories. And then I blog about how did the session go rules-wise from the POV of the GM (me). Alas, I blog in Spanish (though I do have some posts in English), but you can use the Translation gadget on the right margin and get a decent translation (it will make you laugh at some points, even). The chronicles start here with The hatamoto's youngest son. The gamesmastering chronicle starts here.
  8. I have so far only chronicled the last session of our Colymar campaign, but it was pretty heroic. One of the PC's iniciation into the cult of Humakt: The initiate of Humakt As always, feel free to use the Translation gadget on the right margin.
  9. If you happen to be able to read Spanish, I know about this one (Prax with RQ3): Glorantha in Fort Raus (Prax). The chronicles of Mina the Beauty. And this one is about a samurai campaign with RQ6 (you can translate it into some understandable English using the Translate gadget on the right margin, scrolling down): Suruga Samurais (1st episode). The hatamoto's youngest son. And to see what happened from the POV of the GM: read this.
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  11. :-)__________ Please keep this artist making awesome art like that!!!
  12. What are the Gloranthan ones about?
  13. Please post the link to the KS page
  14. You might find some myths here:
  15. Can you please ellaborate on that? You don't need to tell us the rules, just what kind of contests you provide rules for.