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  1. It's really an honour.
  2. Very nice. I wish I could play some game using Fantasy Grounds.
  3. A friend of mine ran a RQ3 campaign in the Second Age with only zistorite PCs. And he didn't even know about the books by Mongoose. But the campaign was epic. So I guess if you wanted to run a campaign in the Second Age, you could mine these books for ideas. I might use the Clanking City book someday to get some ideas for zistorite ruins in the Third Age. And the same with the other books.
  4. How can I volunteer for the demo game?
  5. BTW, what is going to be the actual cover of the RQG full ruleset like?
  6. Beornvig: you have two copies of almost every book! As for your wishes: 1.: I'd also like to have high-level adventures with the PCs right there in the middle of history. But, yes, lots of adventures, please. Specially those that can only be played in Glorantha 2.: I'd also like to explore new places. For example, Heortland, Esrolia, Caladraland, the Right Arm isles, Seapolis... Casino Town, Nochet! New places, not revisiting the classics.
  7. I love both lizards. The texture on the skin is extremely well done.
  8. I just wrote a post about non-violent conflicts in RuneQuest/Mythras and other D100 systems. And of course I had to include a mention to Guidelines: Setting Up Tasks. Remember you can choose your language to read on the Translator Gadget on the right margin! (English and French produce the best translation, though)
  9. Wow congratulations for the nomination! BTW, I would certainly be interested in knowing a bit more about the RPG scene in Sweden, as well as getting to know (briefly) what are all those other roleplaying games about. I know about Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop (and, of course M-Space), but what about the others?
  10. Please tell us more!
  11. I bought it yesterday. Overall I get lost in the maths, but I enjoyed the examples very much. I might even write a review in my runeblog. I think the task mechanics deserves more love, so if anyone else would like to share his/hr examples of that mechanic in play, just as Matt has done, I'd be really thankful. So far, in my samurai campaign, I have used it around six times. The first time was for some long alliance negotiations with the neighbouring daimyo. Then I used it twice for a quick chase on horse. I used it for research in Buddhist libraries with little time. Last session, I used it for the player to get the help of a sceptical shinto priest. I find it's always more amusing if the other party is trying to get to 100 as well.
  12. Please tell us more details about the adventure! How many pages long is it? Where is it set?
  13. What will the Quickstart rules include exactly? How many pages long will they be? And what can you tell us about the scenario? Are these going to be available in stores outside the US during FreeRPGDay?
  14. Yes, very much my thoughts. I think the author of Revolution d100 has had the advantage of refining Mythras, but it has also added to it concepts that Mythras was lacking if you want to play with a more modern ruleset. I'm looking forward to running it. thanks for reading!
  15. Hi, I've written a review of this ruleset in my runeblog. You can read it here. Although it's in Spanish, you can still translate it into your language using the Translation tool on the right margin (scroll down a little). I hope I haven't made any mistake or misunderstood anything. If you find anything that needs correcting, I'd appreciate you giving me a heads-up. All in all, I like this system (good thing I backed it). I still have to run it, and I think I won't use the rules for armour coverage, for instance, but I'm looking forward to try out conflicts.