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  1. Runeblogger

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    BTW: I'm looking forward to reading this chapter! Please include plenty of examples and suggestions.
  2. Runeblogger

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    The Everyone Needs to Shine Principle: Do your best to incorporate into the scenario a moment for every PC to feel special and important, particularly by letting that PC do what she does best orby having him/her be the center of attention in a given scene. The best skills of the PCs should give you a hint of what his/her player is expecting to be able to do during a game, so let them do it!
  3. Runeblogger

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Me too! After playing some HeroQuest games in Glorantha, some friends and I agreed that this would be a good system to play in the Sixth World of Shadowrun. No more bogged down combats: more action and more story! I hope Godsmonkey will share with us how his first game went!
  4. Runeblogger

    My Orlanth and Ernalda get married story (incomplete)

    I like it so far. But why did his brothers leave? I think some of them must return sooner or later...
  5. Runeblogger

    My review of The Glorantha Sourcebook

    Here's the review I wrote about The Glorantha Sourcebook. I hope you like it: Review of The Glorantha Sourcebook I've also added a list of topics that surprised me while reading it. Please feel free to correct me if you spot any inaccuracies.
  6. Runeblogger

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    OK, I've found this and it seems to prove that tiled roof houses existed even during the early Bronze Age. Great! I asked about this because I showed the map of the Tin Inn to a friend and he commented how he had imagined the Bronze Age houses to look more like thatched roof low houses or like the flat roofed houses (as in New Pavis). Perhaps this is a general misconception. Now that I think of it, the map of New Pavis in River of Cradles also included some tiled-roof houses.
  7. Runeblogger

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    The houses you see in the map of the Tin Inn: Are they based on Mediterranean Iron Age houses?
  8. Runeblogger

    BRP "family tree" flowchart?

    You probably mean these two incredible charts:
  9. Runeblogger

    How may XP for NPC's?

    Whenever a year in my samurai campaign goes by in which the PCs don't do anything especial, I give them 2-3 XP. For important NPCs, I give them 1 XP per year to increase only their main skill.
  10. Runeblogger

    How many languages?

    RuneQuest 6's transpation into Spanish was crowdfunded by Runa Digital and published in Spanish. Next October, Mythras' translation into Spanish, along with Monster Island, is going to be crowdfunded and published by 77Mundos.
  11. Runeblogger

    The big list of D100 settings

    That's right, that's really the goal of the list: to open our eyes to all the supplements out there that can be used with our preferred D100-system with little work. Of course, "little work" is a subjective aspect, and of course, familiarity with the rules is always useful in this regard. Ha, ha! You're so right. At first it started as I mention above. In my ignorance, I thought the D100 family of games would be long, but not that long. As many people started to comment on several forums that I had forgotten to add this or that game, I started seeing the "family" I thought was a solar system is actually a galaxy! The problem was: the original list was way too BRP-centric. Of course, the original writer of the list (André Jarosch) is mostly familiar with these kind of games (as I am). So, seeing how the title of my post is "D100 settings" how could I not add a D100-system far removed from the "BRP-tribe", because even if the rules were very different from say, RQ3, it was still a D100 game and quite possibly its supplements are very easy to use with another D100 game closer to it. It's the idea Simon tossed in, that there may be "tribes" of D100 games whose supplements are easy to use with other games of the same tribe. But of course, establishing what subcriteria every tribe has to fulfill in order to belong to a set tribe is too difficult. So in conclusion: my mistake was tying two axes that don't intersect: D100 games in general (a way bigger category than I expected) and compatibility/usefulness. Thanks Loz and g33k for helping me realise this! If, on the contrary, I had focused the list on those D100 systems that are very similar to RQ1, I would have got a list of settings that are very usable with any of the games belonging to the BRP-tribe. It's either a list of D100 systems or a list of settings available to a particular tribe of games within the extended D100 family of games. Still, as Loz mentions, this exercise has been very interesting, and I have discovered games I would have never known about otherwise! Now the question is: what should I do with my post? Do I change the title and redo the list or throw away the idea of compatibility?
  12. Runeblogger

    The big list of D100 settings

    So far I've included these 3 (although they stand there on the fringe) and Légendes (amazing that they did an Egyptian supplement!). I'm curious to know if, as a publisher of a D100 game system, you agree with those minimum criteria or if you would add any.
  13. Runeblogger

    First introductory adventure

    In the end I ran The Quest for El Dorado. You are right, it's more challeging for a newbie Revolutiond100 GM, but I wanted to showcase the different ways to resolve conflicts and combats. We had a blast. 😋 I didn't have the time to get to the end though, so I had to rush over some encounters to get to the final goal. The players seemd to enjoy the adventure a lot. However, I found having the soldier NPCs to control caused a bit of confusion. I learnt a lot about the rules by playing them and next time it will all run way smoothier. Here's a chronicle of the event where I ran the scenario, the part about Revd100 is at the end: (it's in Spanish, but you can use the translation gadget on the right, as always!) https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2018/08/el-dia-de-las-runas-primeras-jornadas.html
  14. Runeblogger

    The big list of D100 settings

    Oh, and I'll have a lookt at Pax Draconis and Fire & Sword, thanks a lot for mentioning those! Rêve du Dragon as well!
  15. Runeblogger

    The big list of D100 settings

    Your idea of categorising different groups of D100 systems is cool. However I see the 4 categories you have me tioned as very easy to use with one another, meaning: for example, that I can play any RQ scenario with the Elric rules without any effort. If I know what kind of armour an NPC in a scenario is wearing, I can just roll the dice Elric assigns to that instead of substracting the specified armour points from the rolled damage. So I would consider all those games under the same category, really. Now what Rulesets really deviate from those while still qualifying as Roll under D100 according to the criteria I suggested? 😉