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  1. Shannon Applecline's book Elfs: A Guide to the Aldryami is probably the book you are looking for. Although it was written during the Mongoose RuneQuest era, it is perfectly usable still. https://index.rpg.net/display-entry.phtml?mainid=8710
  2. Oooh, nice! How many Saturdays do you think it will take to play through the whole campaign? Who is going to be the GM?
  3. You can decide to not feel overwhelmed by "all that needs to happen" or "all the authenticity that I need to infuse in my campaign". The authentic Glorantha will be whatever happens during your games. So for example, you can read The Glorantha Sourcebook and just use whatever ideas you find cool for your games. If the text says that something big happens in 1626 but your campaign isn't ready for it yet, then just delay it to next year. That's what I do, anyway.
  4. I love the Morokanth and other art you can see on the preview. I will definitely purchase this one. 🙂
  5. He's a hero-level munchkin.
  6. (I hope I'm not derailing the OP too much with this. ). My initial plan was to have the characters help the Lhankor Mhy priest through the quest to regain their lost memories with a "this world" heroquest, which would then take them serendipitously to the Dyskund Caverns as "the Underworld" part of the quest. OK, but isn't the annual LBQ done at the Orlanth/Lightbringer temples much less risky than usual? Since that sort of heroquest focuses on the community,'s wellbeing for the next year, I doubt that any priests would be OK with jeopardizing it by including some adventurers' special needs in it?
  7. Yeah, I know, but... 🤔 What myth would you choose to play provided... 1) Your PCs are: 1 Orlanthi, 1 Vingan, 1 Humakti, 1 Lodrili, 1 Daka Fali and an Aldryami? and 2) The lost knowledge was stolen by Thanatari cultists after sucking the memories of 3 of the PCs. ?
  8. Would it make sense for a Lhankor Mhy priest to attempt a version of the Lightbringers Quest in order to retrieve Elasa, the Light of Inspiration? He's actually looking for lost knowledge , taken away by Thanatari cultists. So this would be the LBQ from Lhankor's POV. 🤔
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  10. Fully agree. For example, in the Ritual of the River described in the Sun County book, failure means the quester is geased (read cursed) with not being able to cross the river or any of its tributaries for a whole year. When I ran it with RQ3, telling the players beforehand what was at stake had the necessary impact.
  11. So, who has read Blue Moon White Moon yet? Is it easy to insert into a Sartar campaign? What about into a Prax campaign? 🤔
  12. One of the most widely used red colourants (even in our modern world!) is made of cochineal scale (Dactylopious spp.) a small ugly insect. It has been used since antiquity to dye textiles. Nowadays we daily consume it in red-coloured soft drinks, ice cream, joghurt and candy. Yes, some truths are hard to swallow. 🤭
  13. The strongest troll drinks could be useful to humans as cleaning agents, vermin poison and herbicides. The strongest mushrooms would be interesting for shamans. Some may have varied magical properties.
  14. During the Mongoose era of RQ, Shannon Applecline published a book about the Aldryami "Elfs - A Guide to the Aldryami" that includes a big pantheon of gods and an interesting elven philosophy of balance between Life and Death. I think in that book, Babeester Gor is called Bengara, and she is considered the Death that is necessary to preserve Life.
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