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  1. Unless they are spirits with Rune points! Aha! 😄
  2. I guess the spirit can only harm one target with Spirit Combat, but it can still defend from attacks. So probably, after rolling Spirit Combat against the target it wants to harm, the other rolls are just to avoid harm, it can harm only one target per round. I guess that also applies to everyone engaged with more than one opponent in Spirit Combat.
  3. Like this in the case of Disruption: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2020/11/playing-runequest-glorantha-chaotic.html Sorry I don't have an example for a friend with True Sword helping Balgan, but perhaps I should add one once I have a clear picture of how that should work.
  4. Awesome! I love how Yara Aranis or Perhaps Sedenya gets her small corner on the front cover.
  5. For whoever is not on FB (lucky you!):
  6. In RQ3, objects had only armour points that you could reduce by surpassing them with the damage done to them. So for example, a castle door has 20 AP. The giant attacks and does 16 pts of damage. The door holds. Next turn, the giant does 22 damage, so the door has now 18 AP and it will be easier to break now, etc.
  7. I think this is what makes most sense. BTW, @Trotsky I have included Spirit Block in your play example about spirit combat, as it seemed odd that Balgan had forgotten about it. I hope you don't mind! https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2020/11/playing-runequest-glorantha-chaotic.html 👈👻 I guess Korig could also have cast Bladesharp to help Balgan against the Chaos spirit, but he preferred to cast Disruption to maintain his distance. 😋
  8. Yes, have a look at the map of Boldhome in the inside cover of the printed RQG rulebook:
  9. Hi Yamsur, those maps are great. 😀👍 Have you worked out what every room contains (more or less)? I guess level 11 contains a Lunar shrine only until Temertain is killed. These maps would be great for creating a scenario were the PCs are the Humakti who went into the palace to kill the Prince.
  10. I was expecting some kind of clever puzzle out of the Mostali rooms, but was disappointed. Where did you got the images from? They look very good.
  11. Buckwheats offered some ideas for houserules in this other thread about the sorcerers in The Smoking Ruins:
  12. From the Xeotam Dialogues: and I also think precasting is a great idea. Sorcerers could enchant talismans by sacrificing POW to hold precast spells the same way they can inscribe spells. These precast spells could go off at SR-DEX, but once you have cast them, you need to precast them again into the item to recharge it. More powerful sorcerers could have familiar-like talismans that also cost POW to create, but which could "know" new techniques and even runes for them, so they can cast a larger variety of spells. I guess they could also sacrifice POW into items to create
  13. Well, not in the current campaign I'm playing though. My current GM has houseruled that you can only cast one single spell on every injury... 😰
  14. But I guess five successful castings of Heal-2 would work as well in this case, wouldn't it?
  15. Man, what a cliffhanger! 😄 I'm looking forward to reading what the adventurers encountered in that complex. (So I can then perhaps use it my own campaign, of course!)
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