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  1. Runeblogger

    The Kraken 2018: upcoming books for CoC

    For me the most exciting upcoming books are the campaign in India and the one with the time-travelling villains. 😨
  2. Runeblogger

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    I guess it's a convention scenario.
  3. Runeblogger

    Runequest Fiction

    And The Widow's Tale should be in print again: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/novels-set-in-glorantha-widows-tale.html
  4. Hi, I attended the excellent The Kraken Convention in October last year where Lynne Hardy talked about the upcoming books for Call of Cthulhu. Ok, the Starter Set is already old news, but perhaps you will find the rest interesting enough. I also attended a seminar by Sandy Petersen on how he creates scenarios and got to play a nice CoC game run by Lynne Hardy. Read my write-up (If you spot any inaccuracies or typos, please tell me.)
  5. Hi, I attended the excellent The Kraken convention in October last year. There, Jason Durall talked about some upcoming books for RuneQuest on Saturday. Then on Sunday Jeff Richard talked a bit about what he's doing with heroquests for RuneQuest, which I think looks really promising. Read the write-up about Saturday (probably old news by now, but anyway) Read the write-up about Sunday Interesting?
  6. Runeblogger

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    I prefer my polytheism soft. I think it's so much more interesting this way, even if it's difficult to wrap your head around concepts and if you need to reply to players' questions with a "it depends on who you ask". I also think it's much more realistic. The other day I was reading about the Egyptian god Horus. And, oh my God, I think that's way more confusing than any Elmal-Yelmalio-Kargzant-Antirius question... Imagine asking an Egyptian sage: "Who is the Sun Disk" during the reign of Tutankhamun, right after Akhenaten...
  7. Runeblogger

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    I'd rather read it on a different thread so it remains easier to find months later. BTW, I'm enjoying reading all these theories.
  8. Runeblogger

    Troll Break Market Map and Legend

    This is very cool, thank you!
  9. Runeblogger

    Runequest Glorantha character creator app

    This is so useful I wish Chaosium would make this official in some way. As for creating NPCs, there is a website doing that for Mythras/RQ6 and it's great, so having the same kind of templates for RQG would be a dream come true, moreso if, like the RQ6 NPC generator, fans could build their own templates and upload them onto the app/website for others to enjoy.
  10. Runeblogger

    Some Glorantha/RQ Newbie Questions...Forgive Me!

    Welcome to RuneQuest and Glorantha, Larry! If your players are starting in Sartar (the most easy region to start in since most of the supplements and even RQG focus there), the primer below can be helpful. It's taken from a different game (HeroQuest), so just ignore the references to the rules. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/83864/Sartar-Players-Primer Another good option for your players to start "seeing" Glorantha, is to have them read some pages of the Prince of Sartar webcomic: http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/introduction-chapter-1/ If you just want to read about Glorantha lore, aside from glorantha.com and the Glorantha wiki, I also liked this tumblr: http://glorantha.tumblr.com/
  11. Runeblogger

    Passions & Rune Affinities

    I haven't played RQG enough yet, but in the games I have played I have noticed that I didn't feel the need to risk a rune or passion augmentation roll, unless these are over 90%. So I'm thinking perhaps there will be very few augmentation rolls if PCs have runes and passions below that %. Have you had a different experience?
  12. Runeblogger

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    We honoured Greg at today's RuneQuest game:
  13. Runeblogger

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Hey, I'm also running a campaign there (and in the valley in general). I'd be very interested in your stories of which scenarios especifically did you convert to Glorantha. and why they were so cool.
  14. Runeblogger

    Out Now: Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    Hi, here's my review of Odd Soot: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/odd-soot-science-fiction-mystery-in.html Long story short: very cool!