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    Playing RuneQuest since I was 14.
    I have played the Colymar campaign with HeroQuest, as well as some Star Wars also with HQ.
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    Playing a Masloi pirates campaign with a mix of RQ3 and RQG
    Running a Glorantha campaign with RQ3 (Zola Fel valley)
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    New Pavis
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    I am a RuneQuest fan, but I also like HeroQuest.
    I usually play in Glorantha. But I also like Call of Cthulhu a lot.

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  1. A further question regarding Warding: would you say that you could circunvent it by teleporting into it?
  2. I may be wrong, but I think this was stablished to not be the case in the Q&A. According to the Q&A, you always deduct all % in excess of your 100% to reduce your opponent's defense skill, even if it is more than enough to reduce him to 5%. The text on the Q&A puts it as follows:
  3. Good idea! I should have asked her, when I interviewed her. 🤦‍♂️
  4. Wow, that sounds interesting. Would you mind sharing the PCs and a bit more of what was the campaign about, please?
  5. I think experienced sorcerers will have created inscriptions for all the spells they know so they can use their full INT to cast them.
  6. If I'm not wrong, Muriah the shaman knows Bladesharp-8 in the book Shadows on the Borderlands. That's one reason why she wins all duels to be leader of her band of broos. 😮
  7. Posted by Jeff Richards on the RuneQuest group in FB: I've been posting a few previews of art for the forthcoming Cults of Glorantha books, but there's another beautiful book already in art production - the Sartar boxed set. And here's just a little preview of a piece by the outstanding Ossi Hiekkala. Our mercenary here has been a bandit/rebel for pretty much her entire life. She might have been young, gorgeous, and wholesome back when she was a young woman who flocked to Starbrow's Rebellion in 1613, but since then, she has become hard, cynical, and ruthless. She started as a
  8. Cults of Glorantha. It includes brief rules for heroquesting (two pages) and myths for heroquests of every major cult, briefly described. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9824353-cults-of-glorantha
  9. Artists often work on a larger format than the one it is later printed so they can work with more ease.
  10. Sunhead could be Lightfore and the purple woman might be Gorgorma, Dendara's sister. And do you recognize the following three (also by Agathe Pitié? 😋
  11. Mostal, by Loïc Muzy Sky Gods (a piece of the whole), by Agathe Pithié: The Red Moon (another piece), by Agathe Pithié: Storm Gods, by Agathe Pithié:
  12. For those who don't have Facebook accounts: Uleria by Loïc Muzy A Yelornan, by Loïc Muzy: Lodril, by Loïc Muzy: Grain Goddesses, by Loïc Muzy: Humakt, by Loïc Muzy:
  13. Perhaps, see this other thread:
  14. But the Resurrection spell has the Fate rune... 😵
  15. Inspiration for Hyalorings/Pentians/Grazelanders:
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