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  1. Good stuff. It's good to see the game getting some love...
  2. Hi all, I was surfing lazily yesterday evening, and came across this little gem: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~zcz/elric/tindex.html It doesn't look as though it has been updated in a very long time (the links are long out of date, for example), but there are some really nice touches. Apologies if you already know this one... Paul
  3. I've thought about it. There are several hints in Moorcock's Young Kingdoms about civilisations that are even more ancient than the Melniboneans, and the Great Old Ones would make excellent aberrations from beyond the veil/before time/whatever. Besides, the scenarios and campaigns are already presented in the BRP system, which makes conversion easier. I probably wouldn't use the Sanity rules as they are, though - I haven't decided about that. Besides, there is precedent in Swords & Sorcery type genres for things like ancient frog gods (Tsathoggua!) and some of the D&D OSR blogs verge o
  4. Thanks for looking, Loz. I’ve been trying to incorporate as many different elements as I can. Paul
  5. Four sessions in one report here: https://chroniclesoftheconsortium.blogspot.com/2018/10/major-catch-up.html Our Stormbringer campaign is gathering speed. Mythras is turning out to be a particularly good source of material. Scenarios are incorporated quite easily...
  6. Thanks, Loz, that was a good guess, then. It’s a real shame about these various projects we keep hearing about that had to be shelved. I hope you didn’t mind being called redoubtable...! Paul
  7. I've come across some bits and pieces that seem to be set on a Sorceror's Island, if not the Sorceror's Isle. The Crystal of Daerdaerdarth, one of the scenarios in the Stormbringer Companion, also included in the Games Workshop edition of the game, is set on a place called Earl Valyk's Isle; according to the scenario, this is located 80 km west of Sorceror's Isle. One of the scenarios in the Second Companion is entitled The Sorcerer's Isle, although if you look at the text it states that it is actually located on an island called Nisadnemepuur south of Melnibone proper. One of the main parts o
  8. Hi Sean, the most powerful villain who got away is the sorceress Si’ule, from “A Dead God’s Dream” by Dean Paolillo. She will definitely return at one point, along with her favourite Elenoin demons. They have also recently made enemies in the form of the cultists of Hionhurn from “The Velvet Circle” scenario in the second Stormbringer Companion. They are not so powerful as Si’ule, but I will probably use them to augment an opposition force at one point.
  9. Thanks for looking! It has taken me several decades to get back into the swing of things with role-playing.
  10. Three player-characters for your delectation and delight: https://chroniclesoftheconsortium.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/the-characters-so-far.html They are doing well so far, albeit with some really close calls, and we have now reached 25 sessions. Cheers, all!
  11. Hi all, I've recently started again. Blog here: https://chroniclesoftheconsortium.blogspot.co.uk/ Do come along and say hello! Paul
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