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    Currently, I am running a Mythras campaign set in the Young Kingdoms of Stormbringer, using the magic system from Magic World. The players are in year 11 after the fall of Imryrr and try to escape the end of the world, which they found out about via visions, dreams and prophecies.
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  1. Founding a publishing company isn't a big deal. Depending on your location, there may be some paperwork involved, but it's not hard to do; governments want you to succeed, after all. If you want to do it, and keep it up, don't let that legal stuff scare you away.
  2. Why would a full commercial license be beyond the scope of what we're discussing?
  3. Actually, the upfront cost of publishing something on drivethroughrpg is not that high, if you can live without expensive art.
  4. I agree, it's not a feature of the rules I tend to use.
  5. That they aren't listed among the spells that Undo Sorcery is able to counter. Wasn't a big deal, the player is fairly okay with GM fiat, but of course, now I want to know.
  6. Thot

    New Review of MW on RPGNet

    Good job! I hope this gives MW the place on everybody's shelves that it deserves!
  7. Do you want to write one? Because for a license, they need a licensee...
  8. Thot

    Elric vs Magic World

    You can do well without any of the Elric! or SB stuff to run a Young Kingdoms campaign. The rules are all in MagW and AdvSorc. Some spells that are in the Bronze Grimoire might seem flavourful, but are highly optional. Setting information is abundant on the net.
  9. But also: They will happily support people who want to do something based on Magic World. So, anyone wanting to do something with it, I bet they'll give you the license for cheap! At the very least, it's worth asking.
  10. Thot

    Madness and Other Colors

    I ran that at a convention, but slightly modified: In my game, it was set in a Star-Trek-esque Sci-Fi universe, and it still worked fine. It is full of Stormbringerisms.
  11. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    I would suspect some kind of servitude to Chaos/Shadow or whatever you call it would be required.
  12. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    I would say so, yes.
  13. Thot

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    I still own the Mongoose version of Hawkmoon, and the Granbretan book. I really like the interpretation of lost technology as magic in that world, and the way the game used its magic system for that. But I only bought it to read it. Most of the time, I prefer to create my own worlds for my campaigns - using the Young Kingdoms in my current campaign's first part is more due to nostalgia.
  14. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    They are inhabitants of other worlds, other planes of existence, belonging to species much like humans, apes, dragons or mice. There, they may be simply magic users, a magic which translates into demon abilities in our world, or they might possess those abilities as a natural gift, or they might have it received from one of their gods, etc.