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  1. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    I would suspect some kind of servitude to Chaos/Shadow or whatever you call it would be required.
  2. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    I would say so, yes.
  3. Thot

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    I still own the Mongoose version of Hawkmoon, and the Granbretan book. I really like the interpretation of lost technology as magic in that world, and the way the game used its magic system for that. But I only bought it to read it. Most of the time, I prefer to create my own worlds for my campaigns - using the Young Kingdoms in my current campaign's first part is more due to nostalgia.
  4. Thot

    What is a Demon?

    They are inhabitants of other worlds, other planes of existence, belonging to species much like humans, apes, dragons or mice. There, they may be simply magic users, a magic which translates into demon abilities in our world, or they might possess those abilities as a natural gift, or they might have it received from one of their gods, etc.
  5. Thot

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    I really like this. And the best thing is, Magic World's rules could simply be reinterpreted, without any mechanics changes, to make this happen.
  6. Thot

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    It is a sad event. Despite his years, he was too young to leave.
  7. Thot


    Considering that a minor lord in the early medieval period apparently had about 20 to 50 men dedicated to armed service, I am actually pretty sure that three dozens of skeletons with 40% skill aren't a big issue to them. If he is a minor lord, he doesn't have time to do all the necromancing. And he'll be better off learning other spells that make his holding stronger, more wealthy, more attractive to the peasants, etc. Necromancers in fantasy are scary because they can muster forces of sizable strength out of nowhere, even if it takes some time. Given the magic point cost to create undead in AS, there is a natural limit that is already on the rather low end, that's what I was trying to say.
  8. Thot


    The problem with that limited time, even if it is a longer period like "till the next new moon", is that it means the necromancer will have at most as many skeletons as the number of days the spell lasts. And a necromancer with 30 rather stupid followers is hardly a match even for a minor lord and his guard, so necromancers would not be a threat at all - they wouldn't even try. Even a lich, who has nothing to do but create such things, wouldn't really be that dangerous that way. Wouldn't that be boring? Undead have many disadvantages that prevent inflationary use except for those really dedicated to do that: You need corpses, they can be relatively easily defeated by the more courageous townsfolk, they are inherently slow, etc. They are only really useful in large numbers. But the rules as they are with the POW cost prevent large numbers.
  9. Thot


    Hm, I don't quite see how a necromancer could raise "armies" of undead even without the POW cost? I mean, creating a skeleton costs 24 MP alone , that's at least a day's worth of magic points, probably more. Sure, you could make skeletons that are cheaper, but not that much. So, a PC mage that spends a year casting Animate Skeleton every day or so will have about 300-350 skeletons, most certainly not more than 700. Good for an NPC, but a player who does that will be out of the game for quite some time. A mage could just as well spend the time earning money and hire a similarly sized army of mercenaries. And looking at the skills and abilities of that skeleton, it's probably going to loose against a human warrior of normal competency, even if both are wearing armor.
  10. Thot


    Well, let me phrase it differently: Is there any reason to KEEP the POW cost for creating undead?
  11. Thot


    Actually, there is a spell named "army of the dead" that allows for a very temporary raise of a few undead for a short time, but yeah, POW costs are indeed a big genre killer there. But of course, those rules were originally designed for Elric!, so the fantasy trope of the necromancer and his armies of the dead wasn't a priority. Hence my suggestion to remove POW cost.
  12. Thot


    Looking at the necromancy rules, I must say their low appeal derives from the POW cost associated even with the most feeble undead to create. I mean, for instance a Revenant. It is a servant that can be of use for maybe three months (as it looses one hit point every week from decay), but you still need to sacrifice one point of POW to create it. Now, maybe POW gain rolls are something that comes up every session in some campaigns, but for a dedicated necromancer, that doesn't seem all too likely. So, long story short: If you use necromancy in your games, I would suggest to remove the POW cost from the price for creating undead. After all, necromancy comes with many social disadvantages, much more so than demon summoning.
  13. Thot

    BRP Mecha

    I just hope they make a fully fleshed-out setting an essential part of the new book, because with such things, examples work better than rules.
  14. Thot

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    "Stolen" of course means the thief learns the demon's True Name and rebinds it. But there are! Apart from POW (which you also need to build up a big Brazier Of Power, and which I still do not see as easy to regain per rules as written), you can only have INT spells and bound demons. A sorcerer wants a demon armor, a demon weapon, and a few other items like a demon with vital skills or Knowledge. Also, some bound demons are limited in lifetime, such as a Teleport demon, so summoning is better for that.
  15. Thot

    How may XP for NPC's?

    So the general order of magnitude seems to be right, there.