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  1. Ships are great adventure bases. A home they can take with them, and a fragile one, should the need arise to destroy it. A way to reach faraway lands. And in and out of combat, a reason for the players to engage in even more teamwork, and character interaction. A multiverse is incredibly useful for an RPG campaign. You can add new lands, species, history and magic whenever you need it, and without breaking your existing game universe. Should some other player want to take the GM's role for a while, he can do so in his own world. .
  2. Thot


    I highly recommend this, but it's only available in print or CD form: https://www.redaktion-phantastik.de/produkt/swift-ships-battered-boats-game-masterʼs-survival-pack-volume-ii/
  3. Surprisingly many are not, or so it seems.
  4. Thot

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    "Stormbringer 6", err, I mean, Magic World uses no hit locations, has fixed base skills, the ever fun random armor... it is not just "essentially" the old Stormbringer 5, but literally, down to many sentences of the rules and much of the art in the books. I just wish they would have called it more fortunately, to make the relationship to Stormbringer clear. "Stormsinger" or "Wormbringer" or something like that.
  5. Thot

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I am going to use Mythras from the day after tomorrow on, when the campaign starts. But that's mostly because it's available in German, and I want to support that by using it. If that wasn't a consideration, I'd just use Magic World, because it is (except for a few lacking spells) Stormbringer 6, so to speak.
  6. That's the point. If you are using Magic World in Moorcock's worlds, you are.
  7. There is also this British author who wrote about a concept called The Eternal Champion....
  8. Thot

    Starting spells

    Why should it correlate with any spells at all? The system does handle learning spells separate from the skill, and rightly so. Why drop that distinction just for character generation? We do know that learning a new sorcery spell takes 5 XP and a month of your time. There is no piece of armor or weapon or other gear that is that hard to get, especially given how adventurers tend to accumulate money more quickly than regular people.
  9. Thot

    Starting spells

    Except the magic-user gets not only access to spells, but a certain number of spells, based on how good he is with the skill he will need to use them! Access to spells makes sense, sure. But an ability worth 20 skill points or 5 XP for free? Seems a bit much. I don't believe the equipment comparison works here. Items can be lost; knowledge rarely is. Moreover, it is much, much, much easier to buy new stuff than to learn a spell. It doesn't have to be, a bit more balance is just the way I like it more. And in my experience, so do most players. Sure, balancing everything "down to the last penny" is futile - GURPS for instance is over the top there. But gross imbalances do bother people. And a very simple adjustment like the above can make things so much... cleaner.
  10. Thot

    Starting spells

    My concern is balance. Not every character has access to magical skills and spells, so giving some who get that ability stuff for free on top of that just doesn't ring well with me - it makes those who do have access more powerful as a reward for being more powerful. After all, if it costs experience points later in the game, why should it not equally cost a resource at character generation?
  11. 1. Being part of a multiverse. 2. Ambiguous view on sorcery in the game world . 3. Fantasy tech; not higher than renaissance, not lower than early iron age. 4. Various intelligent, playable species. 5. Seafaring!
  12. Thot

    RQG in German

    You could have chosen no better. Uhrwerk is maybe THE most professional and quality-oriented RPG publisher in Germany.
  13. Thot

    Starting spells

    Mythras assigns starting spells via concluding them from a character's magic skills, or some of them. That's odd, because later on, you buy them with experience points like everything else. So why don't the rules do the same for spells on character creation? I'd propose 15 points cost for folk spells, 20 points for everything else (because that's about the equivalent of the XP they would cost). As spells are then no longer free at character creation, I'd give everybody 60 to 100 extra points to compensate. That would offer everybody a few more choices, while keeping overall power level roughly the same..
  14. Yes. I have decided to stick with that scale, and just explain Elric's fast travel times with magic and herbs that he fed his horses.
  15. After having looked at travel times in the stories, I must say the above map grossly overestimates distances. It seems that the Young Kingdoms are more comparable in scale to the Eastern Mediterranean than to the whole of Europe.