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    Currently, I am running a Mythras campaign set in the Young Kingdoms of Stormbringer, using the magic system from Magic World. The players are in year 11 after the fall of Imryrr and try to escape the end of the world, which they found out about via visions, dreams and prophecies.
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  1. Actually, that was the honeypot for the players to go exactly THERE: Nothing can escape from there, but also, it remains unaffected by the end of the multiverse that happens everywhere else.
  2. That's a long story.... but the answer is yes, the Trade Tongue in the new world is basically the YK's Common Tongue.
  3. Theoretically, but this new world is large enough for a lifetime... If I ever grow tired of it, I'll rather start a new campaign.
  4. It's sort of by design that they can't... I wanted to make sure that it doesn't turn into a world-hopping campaign (as they now had the Chaos Gate spell), and additionally, the sharp contrast from "the world is ending, we cannot do anyhing about it, but we can escape" to "this world is cruel and unfair, we cannot leave, but maybe we can make it better"" is an intended, well, meta-moral of the story.
  5. The theme of the world is that it's a place from which nothing can escape, except gods IF GIVEN LOTS OF TIME, WORSHIP AND RESOURCES. After a few centuries, a god that's really determined can get out, but that's the only way. All others are trapped. Therefore, any reincarnation of the Eternal Champion on my world would end the cycle of reincarnation across the multiverse.
  6. That just means you need two books instead of one - this one and a French-English dictionary. The rest comes with time.
  7. It is done. The five adventurers, three from Argimiliar, one from ruined Melniboné and one from Myyrrhn, who were brought together by a common vision of the end of the world and escape from that on the 12th of September of the year before the last year of the world of the Young Kingdoms, have finally left this dying plane of existence on the morning of the 11th of June of the last year, though a Chaos Gate conjured by Daganus, the Melnibonéan sorcerer in their midst. They had seen a lot - they escaped several prisons, visited the Sorcerer's Isle and found Cran Liret's library, talked to a seer of Nihrain, tricked Darnizhaan in the land of Myyrrhn, visited Yeshpottom-Kalai, visited deserted Nadsokor, fought against many Pan Tangians, even at the battle of Sequaloris, where the Northwestern Continent fell to Chaos. Often they barely escaped with their lives. In the end, they refused to go into another battle against Jagreen Lern, and fled thorugh their Chaos Gate, while the clan‘s ships were leaving Ryfel for the final sea battle. The clanlord's disappointment in these five was great. They Myyrrhn took Lassa, her goddess, with her after a lengthy summoning. Next session, they are going to see my own game world, made for Mythras, with an hommage to Moorcock here and there, but also a lot of my own weirdness…. but we have a few weeks of vacation in between.
  8. Founding a publishing company isn't a big deal. Depending on your location, there may be some paperwork involved, but it's not hard to do; governments want you to succeed, after all. If you want to do it, and keep it up, don't let that legal stuff scare you away.
  9. Why would a full commercial license be beyond the scope of what we're discussing?
  10. Actually, the upfront cost of publishing something on drivethroughrpg is not that high, if you can live without expensive art.
  11. I agree, it's not a feature of the rules I tend to use.
  12. That they aren't listed among the spells that Undo Sorcery is able to counter. Wasn't a big deal, the player is fairly okay with GM fiat, but of course, now I want to know.
  13. Good job! I hope this gives MW the place on everybody's shelves that it deserves!
  14. Do you want to write one? Because for a license, they need a licensee...
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