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  1. My point was doing the Mythos through lens of Aquelarre, so Cthulhu does not need to stroll around, but more a case of making the Aquelarre beasties more alien or horrible - which when you look at the some of OT angels - they're particularly terrifying. Or just making some angels look a bit different, and more well alien, and inhuman. https://www.artstation.com/bugmeyer This is the kind of thing I mean. Now these are Peter Mohrbacher's angels, none of which look particularly angelic. What do they look is Lovecraftian, and utterly alien. Hence a way to make Aquelarre more Lo
  2. Strangely there are a series of books, e.g. Immortal from Hell. Adam is an immortal around 60k years old. It starts off as a slightly tongue-in-cheek urban fantasy, only with no magic. The races like demons and vampires have existed on Earth. He encounters another immortal, who can enter another dimension, and use it to become seemingly out of phase. It turns out there are other beings that live there. They worship her, as does hunanity under such names as Kali. Although she prefers the name Eve. She hates Adam, as there was another group of immortals, all dead except her. Adam kille
  3. Having refined my idea, and having purchased Apocthulhu, perhaps if the players are at the end of civilisation? They find a spell sending them back in time, and can work to stop the end. Only problem here is they change history too much. So maybe have them survive through the ages. Heck, may even have them survive history such they end up in a Star Trek type future. Maybe.... The film Man from Earth (guy who wrote it also wrote Requiem for Methyseleh from TOS Trek), and its sequel Holocene Man is exactly what inspired the idea actually. Great minds and all that. Essentially immorta
  4. You know I had been meaning to re-write some of the stuff for this, for a while now actually. One version was going to involve essentially space magic, and another version was going to use the four worlds from Gurps Cabal and Champions Mystic World. Maybe do the former this weekend.....time permitting.
  5. There is an episode of Supernatural (season 15) in which this is shown quite clearly. Both Winchesters never suffer from normality, so when Chuck (God) makes them so they really begin to understand they are different. Dean's car breaks down frequently, they get toothache, colds, cannot take down vampires triple their size. When empowered, they do so, albeit with some difficulty. Simply put, give them a stack of extra hit points - they're heroes and magic runs in their veins, a load of luck points they can use to shove events in their favour. Boom, done! Why make life difficult?
  6. You know i have been wanting to run a kind of epic player adventure. Premise, the beings from Legend Gigas Monstrum were just normal beings once, until they amassed great power to become immortals. So PC's would be able to tap into Divine, Arcane, Rune magic etc in their quest for godhood.
  7. Some GM' are actually there to kill the players, giving them no chances. So having high lethality is exactly that.
  8. Rules still need writing up as my players will not have Pulp Cthulhu so I will need to present them nice and short form for them to be able to use. Regarding lethality of RQ, you may have been right 20-30 years ago, sure. Now rules are supposed to be hacked, it does not require a lot to do it. Christ I remember when members of this board got their titties in a twist because Cakebreak & Walton had dared to introduce traits to a D100 game. That was extremely sad that people on this board behaved this way! Plus do not forget Mythras Fantasy is not too far removed from RQ system, but
  9. Okay I clearly have a different method of GM'ing to others here. When I GM i am not there to kill the players - unless that is explicitly the intent of the game. So even in a CoC, or Hawkmoon game, or any other for that matter, I am there to let the players enjoy themselves, but to ensure that they do not take liberties. But even should they make a stupid decision I would usually give them multiple chances. Even give them an friendly GM nudge OOC, so the player knows their character is pushing it. We are ultimately trying to tell a story, and have a damn good romp. We are not in the
  10. Cool, thanks mate. Looking forward to starting it soonish.
  11. Well no, Pulp does not have 100 pages of custom rules. Other than Archetypes, and a few talents. To be fair, you could bespoke that into five pages or less if you were not bothered with nice pictures etc - which is exactly what I'm putting together for my CoC Immortals Through Time Campaign - but simplifying it, and in my own words. Primarily as i do not expect my online players to have the books. You seem to be very hidebound on the RQ must be lethal schtick. Keep going if you are happy with that, I am not and will change the conditions to make it fit the players being heroes. And it doe
  12. I have mentioned about about running a campaign where players are immortals running through the ages. While browsing Raiders of Ryleh, it was talking about Occult magic, and Mythos magic. So it started me thinking....what if I used magic from Aquelarre for occult stuff, and then used the Grimoire for the Mythos stuff. Has anyone tried doing this? Planning on doing this?
  13. Absolutely, don't make it too easy, but like I said some random thug should not inconvenience them. YMMV I guess. Look at it another way, it does not have to be a feature of the system, nor the setting. And in fact Pulp Cthulhu stands as an excellent counterpoint - in a game where the PC meme is either dying or going mad. The rule in there is that they can keep going until they reach nearly 0 HP - I would have the check to confirm, without ill effects. So the system can easily include such abilities. in fact a lot of the 80's Sword and Sorcery movies show that it can be gritty, an
  14. Thing is Runequest is a sort of D100 version of DnD, further copied in Classic Fantasy. Heck to get technical, Runequest inspired Exalted. So it should highly lethal for the antagonists, but very low for the heroes. If they face dozens of opponents, running is good just like you see in some of the 1980's S&S films. But facing down two or three should be well within the heroes remit, and abilities. And this includes the GM fudging rolls in the player's favour. It should not be plain sailing, but neither should they die in a bar brawl, or to some random street thug. They're he
  15. Okay I purchased my copy last night from Drivethru, and having had a quick skim through I really like it. There is a beautiful cthulhuesque setting, the Night Land in there which i will re-read again today (it was 12.15 am last night when I was reading it). But chargen is getting more in line in what i have been doing in my free form games. 1. You pick your archetype, whose primary skills are set somewhere between 40-50%, with a choice of a few extra skills you can also pick. 2. Magic, again more in line with my thinking. None of this variable cost for different spells that es
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