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  1. No Jeff, what you are saying is somewhat disingenuous here. I did call it bloat, absolutely right; but the lack of consolidation I did not call that a design flaw. This is the D100 designer that said pointed out the lack of consistency, and they have never written any kind of D100 game in his life. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?author=Simon Phipp Oh....wait....it appears that he might have. And this was my response is above. Which if true, in that spells design and mechanics are inconsistent I did absolutely say was a design flaw. The two points are not th
  2. On the grounds I never said it was bad design - way to go taking the wrong end of context. What I did say was a design flaw was in there was no consistency in the rules of how the magic spells seem to be put together. And need I point out that this was a flaw pointed out out by another D100 Game Designer - not by me. My original premise was about consolidating the magic system. Keeping core parts of the spells would be better, yes. Then include full rules of how to best bespoke say a protection spell, such that players can really make it sing in their game. If someone wants a shield of
  3. I know you were trying to clarify, but this misses the point of what I'm saying - and it may be how i was saying it....not sure. If you are casting fire bolt or lightning bolt - they are different spells but under the umbrella of bolt. So you can know one, but may not know both. But if the player knows both, then they can cast either.
  4. Shield though could literally be anything. Shield of fire, ice, light, scorpions. Literally anything.
  5. Nope, rules need to be consistent. All my post was a question, and see if people thought there were too many spells and see if anyone had thought of other ways to do it. Hell you just admitted that the rules were inconsistent.
  6. Not really, that is a design flaw, and something it has in common with Exalted, in that charms are not consistant. Same should be true here.
  7. It is just bloat. You can just bespoke as needed. Dark Wall, Light Wall. Light Blade, Dark Blade, Daemon Blade, Eldritch Blade. all do the more-or-less the same thing, just with minor variations. absolutely no point to be honest. Leap, Jump. Lightning Strike, Sun Spear, Sky Bolt Each of these instances can be one spell, that could easily be bespoked. Damage could easily be a function of shaping, so anything of Intensity 1 could be 1d6 damage, and touch range. Intensity 2 could be 2d6 and twenty metres or so. Split them into Bolt (lightning or fire etc), Bla
  8. Why? Half the spells are just copies of others with a different effect.
  9. Anything that involves the multiverse would likely capture the attention of a wider audience, now that we have Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness looming (WandaVision is going to lead into it I believe), the second season of His Dark Materials has finished. Then strike with individual setting books, like Young Kingdoms etc.
  10. Mysticism like I said last time in Runequest. Advanced Sorcery. Only with Deep magic I changed the rules slightly. You can cast through meditation as peer normal ruling - but you can also draw the rune, kind of like in Dragon Prince. This also applies to normal rune magic.
  11. As per the title, as there too many spells in Runequest? In some cases, certainly in earlier editions, the same spells were in spirit, rune, and sorcery, just written slightly differently. Is this really required? I am musing this, as thinking of going Savage Worlds approach, and having a core set of spells that can do most of what the players want, with a bit of bespoke wording. Is anyone doing anything similar?
  12. As per the title, revising the setting ever so slightly. Sun and Moon energies could be polar opposites, and Dark Moon even more so. In fact there was a story on ff.net about Connor fighting Dracula, who when empowered by a quickening came alive, literally, and was no longer undead. In fact some of the later French systems I believe had characteristics such as Strong, Very strong to describe characters - something that has been imported into Pulp Cthulhu so it is arguable that this is nothing new to the game. Merely adding bringing in elements from the original source material. Plus
  13. What you have described there is Highlander, so some will want to accumulate power via head hunting, others by being monks etc. In Highlander there were only immortals, but in a combined universe, there would be a lot of very compelling reasons not to kill one another. Heck you could even import some ideas from Witchcraft / Armageddon (Classic Unisystem) such that there is a sect of Undying that want peace. Another that Dream of Atlantis (hinted at in the series) and seek to create wonders of an age past. All of a sudden there is a reason they do not want to kill one another.
  14. Magic and corruption are largely dependent upon the setting. So in any world similar to Conan it would be, but somewhere more heroic like Savage Worlds Shaintar, not so much.
  15. Yeah they did. At no point in 30 years of budo, and numerous real fights have I ever aimed at someone's head and hit their knee, nor their stomach. So yeah, hit locations are garbage. It is absolutely possible for someone to mis-read a strike and then move into the strike instead of away from. Hit locations are only okay to use with say weapons if it bounces off it slides along it into another body part. For instance I blocked a mid level bokken strike poorly such that it rebounded off it hitting me in the eyebrow. But for fist fights, hit locations are plainly false.
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