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  4. All these new books mean tons of new art, and I am getting ready to overhaul our Redbubble store so all that art can be YOURS! I have a super short survey (only 5 questions) to help me figure out what sort of things you would like to see in the store. Thanks so much for helping me out. (Also I will personally give a high five to anyone who completes this.) https://goo.gl/forms/KAMlAKN8uxLjRaaB2
  5. This was my very first time in a proper RQG fight (oh back in the innocent days of June). Scott and I co-ran the monsters here at first but after a round or two, I was running them on my own. It's a testament to how initiative this system is that someone with limited GM experience and zero d100 system experience can be up and running in minutes. I would say to anyone worried that the system might be complex to run just get in there and play a few rounds. It all snaps in place very quickly.
  6. Ellie

    Balancing combat encounters

    I balenced a 5 versus 3 fight in my very first combat encounter ever with RQ. I dont mean my first time running RQ as a GM. I mean my first time ever facing a fight in any d100 system in any way. You dont need years of experience. You don't need a guide for this. Just common sense and some basic flexibility. Just adjust the fight as needed, as you go. (We had one of the monsters panic and flee in that fight) This is an improv friendly levelless game. There is never going to be a CR equivalent system and it plain doesn't need one. If you are finding that too difficult to figure out just run one of the many already released scenarios were the authors have done the work for you.
  7. Ellie

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    The depiction of women in this book is in celebration of the divine feminine. The breasts aren't there for the sexual excitement of men. They are there in celebration and acceptance of womanhood. Glorantha has no shame and no guilt about woman's bodies or in the varied ways, women can be women. Heck the book puts the sisters Vasana and Yanioth front and center showing women in both very feminine and very unfeminine rolls and depicts both as something to be celebrated. With RQ:G you don't have to play a generic fighter or a priest that just happens to be female you can play fully fleshed out female characters that are unapologetic in their femaleness. That is why I love Glorantha. I have made that exact pitch to women more than once in a busy convention hall, and shown them this art (yes topless ones) and sold them this book based on how it treats women. I can't think of any women I know that would be scandalized and upset by this art (we know what breasts look like), and frankly, I don't think I would get on well with them in any game, RQ or otherwise. I am right there with Jeff Jerwin. While my daughter is still too young to understand the art (2.5) she has seen it and will absolutely be allowed to see it as she grows up. Because there is nothing wrong or shameful about breasts and they don't need to be hidden. Not everything is the right fit for every workplace. So be it. Painted nails and dyed hair aren't ok in every workplace either. But I want a gaming experience that celebrates women as women and doesn't act like a woman's body are something to be ashamed of. I want my daughter to grow up with those experiences too. If the book isn't a good fit for work, don't bring it to work but please also recognize that Glorantha is very important to many people for many different reasons. I would find such a removal of the celebration of womanhood to be tragic.
  8. Ellie

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Please Zozotroll, it's called the Directors Cut. It's artistic, not pornographic.
  9. Thanks Jeff! The Olontongi are new to me. I will check them out.
  10. Ellie

    Lunar PC rune magic in RQG Sartar?

    He might have votive images at a secret shrine, allowing him to replenish even when he can not go to the shrine himself. Would probably be the easiest way to handwave it.
  11. Some time ago I was discussing with Jeff about hospitality rights as they relate to Humakti. Kitha has a geas where she can eat nothing but meat. Many hospitality rights in the real world involve food, particularly bread. If Kitha can't participate in hospitality she must refuse it, which has all sorts of social implications. Jeff told me about the story of the famous King Sarantho´╗┐s´╗┐ "everyone knows his tale!" who had to accept hospitality to all and make war on anyone who might refuse it. I was intrigued. A Gloranthan hero I had never heard of but clearly I should have since everyone knew about him? (I wasn't going to admit to Jeff had no clue who this famous guy was.) So I went hunting for references to him. I go through our library, can't find anything. I recruit Scott, he also looks and can't find anything. We get Jenx involved. He goes through his sources, can't find anything. We even go so far as to ask people on the Chaosium discord channel. No one has heard of this guy, no one can find anything about him. Finally in desperation I ask Jeff who on earth this is... and ... he had made him up. There is no King Sarantho´╗┐s´╗┐. It become a running joke. When it was time to write up this blog entry I went looking through my notes for what I had named this king. Turns out that section had been lost. I needed to call him something so used King Sarantho´╗┐s´╗┐ as the replacement name. So what's the story of King Sarantho´╗┐s´╗┐? There is none. He doesn't exists. :D