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    I love Glorantha, Planescape and Unknown Armies as settings, with HeroQuest (and UA to a lesser extent) as systems.

    I work with Chaosium as an artist, illustrating the Prince of Sartar webcomic, as well as doing illustrations for Gloranthan books in general.
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    * Play by Post game set in the West of Glorantha
    * Trying to start up a Warlocks/Sartar Magical Union game IRL.
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    I draw stuff. Some people tell me it's good.
  1. Nah, I never managed to work my way through the Entekosiad, I'll admit it. I've given it a try several times, and it just doesn't work for me.
  2. Funnly enough Orlanth in most of the in-universe depictions I've done of him tends to have a beard, no moustache. Guess Michelle just felt like balancing that out with her own take?
  3. In short - less geography and important people, more myths and stories.
  4. Just some notes on this - Yes, in general most Air gods are depicted as blue-skinned by most Heortlings. This is also why heortlings tend to favour blue tattoos and body paint. it's an effort to emulate ancestors like Vingkot, who were also blue as a result to their close connection to the Storm Tribe. As for having multiple arms...I don't know how to say this, but that's just an artistic depiction. The reason a lot of Earth cultures depict such beings with multiple arms is because you need some way of showing all the symbols of a god's power, and..well, he has to be holding those somewhere, right? So you just give him extra arms to hold them.
  5. The Genealogies, you have to remember, come from Notchet in-universe. Also, I am not sure who's "him" that you're asking about? Orlanth?
  6. As the person who drew all of those halos, there are two simple answers: 1. They look cool, I like drawing them, so I put them on people. 2. In-universe, I'd say it's a visual representation that the Pelorians use in their religious artwork, so it is included in this as well. The Halos on the Solar pantheon are a sunburst, and only important figures in that pantheon have them, usually some the highest ranking one or the most important in a grouping. Yelm is basically all halo on there. The Lunars probably use that instead to signify a direct connection to the Red Goddess - notice how none of the Seven Mothers (save for She Who Waits, of course), has a halo, but everyone who comes from the Goddess does.
  7. Not quite. That's Arkat himself.
  8. In general the Sourcebook has more stuff about actual myths and genealogies of various pantheons, while the Guide focused more on places and people. I'd say it's worth it in addition to the Guide, although of course nothing can match it's enormity.
  9. It would be a representation closer to home, yes. However listening to a Trickster to get a somehow "truer" opinion on something is futile, to say the least.
  10. Bronze Chainmail

    I'd go somewhere in the middle and make bronze chainmail be quite possible, but kind of rare and maybe only found amongst specific cultures. So if your Dragon Pass character has a chainmail it might be an interesting character hook as to how on earth they got a hold of it.
  11. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page - that illustration is not how a Praxian would depict Eiritha. It is, ultimately, an outsider's view of the goddess.
  12. Just some lovely figures for my game.

    If anyone's interested - I've just finished Harrek as well.
  13. Just some lovely figures for my game.

    Hey, I actually got some more of these done too.
  14. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Nope, we just had a lull at the end of the year there. However, the comic has now moved to a monthly schedule, instead of a weekly one (we posted this on Patreon, however I was going to announce it when I posted the first page for the month). This means that in two weeks, there are going to be four pages uploaded, one a day. Then in February we're going to do the same and so on.
  15. The Eleven Lights artwork

    This bit in particular is not really, technically true. There was something (or someone) to contradict this - Greg Stafford himself. He simply didn't, because...well, this was David's game, so David should get a say in how the Orlanthi look in his own game. Your Glorantha Will Vary and all that.