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    I love Glorantha, Planescape and Unknown Armies as settings, with HeroQuest (and UA to a lesser extent) as systems.

    I work with Chaosium as an artist, illustrating the Prince of Sartar webcomic, as well as doing illustrations for Gloranthan books in general.
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    * Play by Post game set in the West of Glorantha
    * Trying to start up a Warlocks/Sartar Magical Union game IRL.
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    I draw stuff. Some people tell me it's good.
  1. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Hey folks! I've uploaded the colored version of this page now!
  2. Troll wind Lord.

    How does HeroQuest pigeonhole people? Your troll can have the runes of Water, Death and Mastery, for all you care. He's going to be a weirdo, sure, but that's generally what heroes are anyway.
  3. Troll wind Lord.

    I am not entirely sure what "why?" means here. Why there's a troll Wind Lord? Or why such a character is possible? Because I'd say it's quite easy to fit into the setting. This guy is a result of a Heroquest decision. An Orlanthi hero was performing the Orlanth and Aroka quest. When he met the Dark Woman and seduced her as he should, that was not actually the Dark Woman - it was a troll heroquester. What quest was she performing? Who knows! But she was there and after she returned from the Other World she bore a child. The child was a healthy Dark Troll, but he had the mark of the Storm God on him, and so he eventually became a Wind Lord. There, done!
  4. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    EDIT: Nevermind, disregard this post!
  5. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    It's here! The game looks great, the production quality is top notch! Personally I would have loved to have the Khans cards and the map be on the same cardstock as the Corral tokens, but that's just me.
  6. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Thanks folks. Guess I'm just waiting then.
  7. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    A question for people who got their package from the UK distributor - were you given some kind of notification via e-mail, or did you just get your game in the mail and that was it?
  8. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Dragonewts don't care for your ideas on what color blood should be!
  9. Masters of Luck & Death Wargame

    I was actually working on a super-rough prototype for a MoLaD board game, though that one was slightly less focused on direct combat between the players (it was still possible). However, in keeping with the spirit of the original MoLaD that design didn't go anywhere, and was abandoned.
  10. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    As Ian already mentioned - art is expensive (Just as an exercise - go and count how many illustrations Rachel Khan has in the first book. That's a big workload for a single artist). Full color illustrations, even when not a full page plate, are even more expensive. So while having to re-use art is always a bit regrettable and in this case - causing visual confusion, the other option is to simply just not have any art around for most of the book. While that might seem like a more reasonable solution, I can guarantee you it will also make the book look slightly dull. So choices and compromises have to be made, always, when dealing with stuff like this. As for the previous question brought up about having a more detailed explanation on the iconography of Minaryth's belts...trust me, you don't want it. I had to make those things, so I more or less needed to learn what every little thing on there means, and it just resulted in a headache. No need to subject your players to that!
  11. Runic Origins of Human Skin Color

    Well first off - Agimori are not black. They're a dark brown skin. I think it's important to remember that in Glorantha, because in this setting if you say someone is black ,that means they actually have black skin. And if they're white, that means they are literally white. And so on. Now, as for the topic of physical appearance (skin color in particular) relating to runes, it exists, though it's not entirely that simple. The Vingkotlings, for example, were originally Blue skinned. Orlanth was blue, so was his son, and from there so were his children. Except most of his children were not divine, so they lost the blueness of their skin, becoming a sort of neutral shade of brown. So they countered that by marking their bodies with blue tattoos, in order to emulate their divine ancestors. People strong in the Earth tend to have a pale green skin, the color of oxidized copper. The rest are usually, again, just a neutral shade of brown. Fire/Sky people who are close to that element (see - Dara Happan noblemen) tend to have golden-looking skin (not yellow, it's important to note. Golden), light hair and light eyes. The further removed you are from it, the more your skin looks like a dirty yellow color instead. Darkness people (trolls, that is), have skins that are various shades of black or grey. Some have tints of blue, purple or brown in them, but ultimately it's just grey-ish. Water is associated with blue, and to a lesser extend, green (though a more turquoise shade of the color, not like the coppery one of Earth). See the Waertagi as an example of people who's appearance is strongly connected with the Water rune. Mind you, this is relevant mostly around central Genertela. With the Brithini and the ancient peoples of Law, your skin color is directly related to your Caste. So your first child is born brown or gray, the second one is Red (or more likely a sort of pink), your third one is golden-skinned (see above) and your fourth one is Blue. Obviously, as modern day Malkioni have drifted away from the strict practices of their ancestors, to the point where they even age and die, these colors tend to be muted or entirely lost....with people being, you guessed it, a neutral shade of brown. More devout/Lawful Malkioni might still develop a tint of color though, which is probably going to be seen as a very important thing for an individual. Then we also get into the various other peoples, like the colorful people from Teleos, who seem to be that colorful because of some kind of a curse that Harrek breaks by stealing the Emerald Frog. Now, the final question might be - just why is it then that everyone, when not strongly associated with a particular color, tends to default to "sort of brown"? Well, there are probably lots of explanations. The obvious ones are being sunburned from staying outside too long, the fact that the Earth is, in many ways, the Mother of All so everyone defaults to brown because of it, and so on. The Out Of Setting reason, I theorize, is that simply put Glorantha is evocative of the cultures and peoples of the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East. and those people tended to be sort of brown, so everyone in Glorantha is as well.
  12. Where will your Heroquest game go?

    I mean if we're going on-Gloranthan settings, let's just take what Joerg is suggesting two steps further - HQ:Planescape. I actually keep planning on hacking together a homebrew conversion of this so I could potentially run it at some point, but hell, it's not inconceivable to make it fit the system. Beyond that - I like the West and want to have more stuff in there. Be it Ralios or Seshnela, I don't particularly care. I just want to have the Malkioni around. Having a proper Lunar-centered book would also work great.
  13. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  14. Sooo, have Backer Kit invitations been sent out and I am missing mine, or is it still yet to come?
  15. What did Heroquest ever do for us?

    For me, HeroQuest 2 (and HQ:G along with it) just does everything I really want out of a gaming system. Over time, I've grown to dislike systems with way too many things to track on them. First off, I sometimes find them confusing, like forgetting about an important spell or ability or skill that I could have used to get out of a situation (which, from a purely story perspective is just...stupid. It's like the giant barbarian warrior forgetting he has a sword, going into a fistfight and losing), and second of all, less things on the character sheet actually tend to help me get into the game more. Sure, HQ is hardly perfect for every type of game - it doesn't really do horror or gritty survival...well, at all, really. But for games where you can just sort of lay back and go back and forth with your players, with the occasional dice throwing it works perfectly.