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    I love Glorantha, Planescape and Unknown Armies as settings, with HeroQuest (and UA to a lesser extent) as systems.

    I work at Chaosium as an artist, illustrating the Prince of Sartar webcomic, as well as doing illustrations for Gloranthan books in general.
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    Playing some Glorantha-themed skirmish games using Song of Blades and Heroes. Beyond that, not much else going on.
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    I draw stuff. Some people tell me it's good.

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  1. Jenx

    Summons of Evil

    The Summons of Evil is a preparation ritual, really. It is often used when a community wants to perform a much larger ritual or heroquest. When you perform the Summon of Evil it helps you define your enemy, it gives them a concrete shape and known powers, which is very useful when you then plan on venturing into the other world on a dangerous heroquest, and you're unsure what enemies you might encounter. If you have the Book of Heortling Mythology, that actually has the origins of the Summons of Evil - Orlanth asked Lhankhor Mhy to come up with it, as this new enemy that the gods were facing (Chaos) could not be fought in the usual way - it would strike and then vanish. So Orlanth needed a way to bring the enemy to him, and make that enemy stay there so he can defeat it.
  2. Jenx

    Who's the artist of each piece in RQG?

    Most of those come from @Jeff so I actually think he should explain what means what.
  3. Jenx

    Who's the artist of each piece in RQG?

    136 and 177 are Simon Roy's work.
  4. It probably says a lot about me that when I saw Jeff 3:16 my first association was with pro wrestling, not with Christianity. That's what happens when you're not American, it seems.
  5. Jenx

    God runes

    Now, to be fair, this really is the same with HeroQuest. In that system it's not that you "have" just the 3 runes on your charater sheet, those are just the three most dominant ones in that character, and therefore the ones that are relevant in play.
  6. Jenx

    RQG image captions

    Prax is littered with them, really. Remnants of old gods and spirits, dead or petrified and broken.
  7. Jenx

    Framing the Contest

    It seems redundant, because that really isn't how you should be using the contest in the first place. A more appropriate way of describing the differences would be: Traditional RPG: "I attack the orc with my sword." and then you roll. HeroQuest: "I want to defeat the orc in combat." and then you roll. The point of the contest is that it is not just a single, split-decision action performed by your character. It is a contest. The roll that you, as a player make, as well as the one the GM makes give you a result which comprises the totality of the actions needed. In HQ you do not roll to hit the orc, unless hitting him is all you want to achieve in this sittuation. If you want to kill the orc, you should frame the contest as that "I do everything in my power to kill this orc. I will use X ability to do that.". If you want to just beat the shit out of the orc and take him as prisoner, then you should frame the contest roll as "I attempt to fight the orc into submission and then take him prisoner." and then you use whatever ability you think would help you do that. In those two examples, the effect of the success of the roll is already obvious, you have stated it when you framed the contest. If you fail though, then the framing also comes into play. If you try to kill the orc, but fail, then maybe he'll in fact hurt you instead. Or maybe he'll just run away. If you try to subdue and take the orc captive? Maybe the failure means he ran away, but maybe it means you instead swung too hard and accidental killed it, thus depriving you of your prisoner and of your stated goal.
  8. Jenx


    Sorry, I should have written that better - By Orlanthi I mean "An initiate of Orlanth", not Orlanthi when used as broader describer for several cultures.
  9. Jenx


    My argument here is that there is no such thing as "isn't magical". Due to the nature of Gloranthan reality being an endless re-iteration of the events of the Gods War, with mortals being able to add new things to the mix, but definitely not in ways that change the overall situation (though Argrath does fix that at the end of the Hero Wars), my argument is that all actions of mortals are, ultimately, a form of ritual. You say that it will have magical properties if it's used by a Star Captains worshiper or a Jannnisor worshiper. My argument here is that nobody would even use a shield like that to begin with if they weren't. The same way I don't see an Orlanthi warrior fighting with a square shield, not unless he or she has a strong connection to the Earth. That quote from the Guide basically sums it up quite well too. "Superficially", it says. Meaning that while a "hoplite" in Glorantha might look like a hoplite from our own world, the way that person actually fights might be completely unrelated to our own history, and the reasons for their choice of gear probably goes in entirely different directions than pure practicality. (Although one could argue that wearing the appropriate armour, shield and weapon that will allow you to perform your combat magic is a form of practicality, just a different one from what a warrior from our world might have in mind)
  10. Jenx


    This is just me going deep into YGWV territory, so take it as nothing more than simply my own views on the subject, but I personally don't think terrestrial warfare should be used as much when thinking about Gloranthan warfare, and I most definitely do not thing distinctions between "practical" and "ceremonial" weapons and armour even exist in the setting. As far as I'm concerned, all weapons are ceremonial. Every single weapon has very strong ties to either a specific deity or, at a minimum, a specific rune, to the point where, for example, in HQ: Glorantha "fighting with a sword" is given as an ability Orlanth initiates can use their magic for. All weapons and armour in Glorantha are ultimately ritual tools used to either emulate a god or a specific ritual structure (for example specific regiments fighting in a specific arrangements using very specific arms because that is simply how they are capable of fighting), and because of that all arms in Glorantha are ultimately ritual tools, which means they can be as impractical or absurd-looking from a "real life" point of view without that diminishing their capabilities in any way. Can that spiky ,star-shaped shield block attacks from axes? Of course! It's a shield, so a shield protects you.
  11. Jenx

    Intelligent magical items as Companions.

    I can give an example from a character of mine (the campaign he was in sadly died just as it was beginning. Oh well): Companion: Three Horns of Iron, The Magical Chariot A beautiful chariot, decorated in gold, bronze, blue and white. On its front it has an iron head of a three-horned beast and appears to be drawn by four rams made out of bronze. The chariot doesn’t have a driver, but seems to move on it’s own. - Magical Chariot, drawn by four bronze rams 7W - Three Horn, a protective spirit 18 - [ ] 13 (Note: I never did come up with a third ability for the chariot)
  12. Jenx

    Just some lovely figures for my game.

    Oh I don't think my stuff is anywhere near display quality. To be honest I am not particularly aiming at something with these, I started painting miniatures for fun, and have almost no interest in becoming some amazing miniatures painter. As long as I can get something to look in such a way that I'm happy with it, I figure I've done a good job with it. (Also, I do like playing as well, so if they look decent on the tabletop, that's about as much as I can ask for) As for having a good eye - I think my eyes still hurt from painting this guy.
  13. Jenx

    Just some lovely figures for my game.

    At the risk of flooding this thread with multiple posts, here are some more finished pieces - a Bloodspiller (in this case, Macedonian Companion cavalry) and a Marble Phalanx standard bearer.
  14. Jenx

    Just some lovely figures for my game.

    Potato cam incoming: Finished two Full Moon Corps warriors a while back.
  15. Well yes, but this now means that both of the images would have to have been intentionally flipped around, for no adequately explained reason, and that's before the artist had put his signature on the piece in the bottom there. All of which sound like quite the stretch, compared to just the Troll Windlord being left-handed. I'm not saying this couldn't happen, I'm saying that it's just a small thing to get hung up on.