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  1. Egg-Magnus

    Vamargic Eye-necklace and cave trolls

    My thoughts exactly. Is there Joerg a new interpretation on uz evolution out there?
  2. During the Inhuman occupation of Dragon Pass 1120->, it is told that the leader of the Wood trolls Vamargic Eye-necklace was a Zorak Zoran worshipping intelligent great troll (Sourcebook p. 62). It is also told that Varmargic is a descendant of two cave trolls. Is there an elderly secret / godlike myth I've missed behind this "improbability" ie. cave troll giving birth to a great troll? The cave trolls are tainted with chaos but obviously the descendant didn't inherit that feature due to his close relationship to Zorak Zoran? Very confusing... Grateful for ideas and other theosophical explanations, Egg-Magnus