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  1. Uhtred

    Family history from 480?

    I would really like to voice an opinion against a book of What if's... not because it doesn't sound cool, or interesting, or exactly like something I would explore, but because this isn't one of the other game houses pushing out a supplement a month and rule book every quarter. Perhaps scheduling for things will pick up in the near future with Chaosium and we will see more than one book a year, but this isn't the sort of thing I would want to see them devoting time to. A book of What if's will, by it's very nature, never be finished as people new to the game postulate possibilities based on their knowledge of the history, the writings, and the myths. Even cultural interpretations will cause ripples in the story line, so people will always complain that this should have been included, or that should go this way. The What if's/Arthurs are expertly delved in to in settings like here on this forum, where the voices of experience can share their knowledge - whether it is based on previous iterations of the game, history backgrounds, or knowledge of the various writers who have laid the foundation for KAP. As a gamer, this is a great time to be playing games because for once WE have the ability to reach each other and discuss alterations to the system, or the storyline; to ping pong ideas and open ourselves to paths we hadn't previously considered - all without the game designers being involved directly, or disturbing their developmental work.
  2. Uhtred

    Lady Knights and Romance

    According to BoU or BoW, Uther is confronted by one of his high ranking officers over bedding his wife after Ygraine withdraws her affection following the disappearance of Arthur. It is a public event and scandal resulting in a very public shaming of Uther.
  3. Uhtred

    Traits at 20+

    That was my understanding, I just could not find anything that said a 0 trait is still subject to a roll if a check is earned. He feels it is ignored and I disagree.
  4. Uhtred

    Traits at 20+

    My question was predicated on his insistence that he wouldn’t have to make the roll against Cowardly because it was a 0. My interpretation was that the mandatory check would indeed require a roll, and as he could not roll under or equal to 0, his Cowardly would indeed go up by 1 and decrease his Valorous. The coneygarth is not already included in his holding, he just joyfully declared that now he could build one without worrying about any effect on his Valorous / Cowardly and that seemed inaccurate based on my understanding.
  5. Uhtred

    Traits at 20+

    I’ve searched the old Nocturnal Forum, and re-read the traits section multiple times and can not find a definitive answer regarding the opposed traits if one is 20 or higher. My specific situation is a PK who has spent every Winter Phase increase boosting his Valorous so he will be famous for it. Now he states that his character is immune to Cowardly rolls - even if required by something like a Coneygarth improvement to his manor - because his Cowardly stat is 0 (or may soon be negative if he puts this coming Winter Phase increase in it). Is that how the system actually is designed? I know he gets punished on the flip side by always having to act brave - which will cost him dearly when Uther goes to war with Cornwall and he witnesses the attack on Prince Madoc - but outside of being the first to lead the charge, or GM imposed deductions when he chooses to act in a non-valorous manner, is he actually immune to the Cowardly roll?
  6. Uhtred

    Higher then heiress....

    It’s 486 and she’s in her late 20’s, the start of Anarchy will see her in her late 30’s, and if they fail in their endeavors and she looses her lands and becomes eligible to wed she will be in her 40’s so the PK will be unable to have children with her. By the time Arthur arrives to reinstate her claims the PK’s will be retiring original characters for heirs, and he will have to watch his “spare” come to the fore as his original retires to his Barony. Will he have a friend and ally in high places? Sure. But there will be no Baron PK.
  7. Uhtred

    Higher then heiress....

    Yes the Crits in question are all related to a single Feast - after having caught her attention during a previous Courtly encounter do to an Orate Crit by one of the other PK's lauding his knightly virtues. What I was pursuing lies in your point 1 and 2 though - I knew she would be empowered to pursue her own marriage having been widowed multiple times already, and I did not particularly feel that route. Having been confirmed by Uther or Aurelius was the option I was groping in the dark for. Seeing that, I lean automatically to Aurelius and actually having Uther chafe at her presence - she is capable, self-assured, and completely disinterested in visiting his bed chamber to meet her personal ambitions. Book of the Warlord includes 3 women of power - Lady Pomponia, Lady Blodeyn, and Lady Sulwyn - and I've slotted one in to each age bracket for interest and game play. Lady Blodeyn is the aged dowager style matriarch shepherding her dynasty, Lady Pomponia is the mature power gamer looking to gain more, and Lady Sulwyn is the (relatively) young woman looking to secure her future as her own. So how does Lady Sulwyn secure an heir while not becoming lost in the shuffle of simply being a wife? If she marries someone of equal standing she loses her place on the Council of Barons correct? If she has children out of wedlock they are bastards and aren't given standing, and if she marries beneath her status, then.... ? Just to reiterate, the party balance will not be disrupted by the PK marrying into an estate because his only chance at marrying her is if she looses her lands during the Anarchy. If the PK's can negotiate a successful alliance that benefits Clarence and Salisbury, one of the costs will be a wedding between the good Lady and an appropriate Lord in Salisbury who can cement the union - creating a very well known moment of lament for the PK as he sees his beloved married off to bring peace.
  8. Uhtred

    Higher then heiress....

    Nothing is spilt as of yet, I merely rolled the dice early to consider implications and possibilities. As I said, he has 0 chance of wedding her but thru the solo charts I found on another site he has developed a devotion (not amor) to her and expressed that his multiple crits preclude wandering off with random strumpet at the feast. My mind is wandering far down this path though because she is a Baroness, not just a Lady and not a female knight. She has power and I want to build upon her ambitions to retain that power. Uther has not forced her to be married her off for some reason - maybe historically age or widowed, but I am writing her up as late 20’s with no (surviving?) children - even though she would be a good political match for many, so how is she staving off being shelved? In the PK she sees a foreigner that her people would be less than enthusiastic to have as their Lord, so flirting with and being courted by him allows her to claim she is doing her duty and looking toward the future while not actually acting on it, while allowing the PK to continue his pursuit. He is a young player though that relies on dice rolls as opposed to role playing so I intend to honor those rolls, while stymieing his endeavor. In the end, should the PK’s elect to try to build a coalition around Clarence and Salisbury to fight the Anarchy I expect to break his heart as she will be married to a higher power - or she will be dispossessed by Nanteleod’s invasion and he will wed a landless noble intent on reclaiming what is rightfully hers. Christian or Pagan, some people want power at whatever costs and I’m playing her that way. Unfortunately, the time and place dictates she must have heirs to carry forth her lineage but getting said heirs means being married off and subsumed by her husband (historically), so how does she keep what’s hers while avoiding Uther’s dominion? As a quick aside, will you be continuing your work on the armor values in the near future?
  9. I have a PK that wishes to begin courting Lady Sulwyn - Baroness of the Hidden Vale. Obviously she is unattainable despite his rising star status - he has been part of Earl Rodericks retinue during several negotiations, he just helped retrieve Excalibur - while almost single handedly slaying both foes - and he’s a foreigner who brings an air of mystery. While Uther would never see fit to marry such a low tier knight to a Baroness, the feast cards allowed him a tryst with a Lady and he’s angling for the Baroness based on his devotion - and my dice say there should be an offspring on the way. I haven’t ruled one way or another formally, and I intend for the Baroness to introduce the Order of Boudicca’s Daughters I have seen mentioned on the Nocturnal Forum (further cementing her intent to be her own power, not simply a trophy to be wed), so I see several paths forward allowing a myriad of rp options - but I lack historical perspective that I’m hoping some of the more experienced members might share with me. In the long story arc, I intend for the Baroness to survive in to Anarchy and her relationship with the PK might be the bedrock for an alliance between Clarence and Salisbury that will unfortunately make a bad situation worse for the PK’s as his amor might interfere with his duty. Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated