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  1. I'm gonna start running Children O' Fear in about 3 weeks with the Pulp rules and I wanted to know if including Weird Science and/or Psychic Powers would be a wise idea. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here is my group right before we played Years 483 and 484 of the Great Pendragon Campaign (I'm the one holding the rune):
  3. Hey, as long as we're here and talking about mass battle: Since attributes are not given for opponents on battle tables, do you just need to win the round of combat to be able to take an opponent hostage for ransom?
  4. In KAP 5.2, under III.C. (Unit Battle Roll), they have charts for Mounted v. Mounted/Afoot v. Afoot and Afoot v. Mounted, but they don't have one for Mounted v. Afoot. What's up with that?
  5. I used the charts and rules at the back of KAP 5.2 for the Battle of Salisbury in 480 during our second session of the GPC, and it seemed to work just fine. Is there any reason I would want to get the Book of Battle or Book of Armies for future battles?
  6. The title says it all. I know of Sirs Elad, Rufon, Nidian, Amig, Jarran, Hyfaidd, Kenian, and Hywel. Are there any others that are named? Also, I haven't read the GPC past the 490. If Sir Hywel wants his only daughter to be trained as a knight, will that require major changes to the campaign?
  7. If you're not married and have no children yet, should you also be getting an extra £2 that is usually spent on upkeep for them?
  8. In KAP 5.2, it says Coursers are battle-trained, but in BoE it says they are not? Which is true? Also, do Poor Chargers have the same stats as regular Chargers except for the 5d6 damage?
  9. Looks like our KAP session on the 22nd will be Greg Stafford day!
  10. Yes, I meant the players' bailiffs/wives. After their introductory scenario, I had them go through the Winter Phase, and when they rolled 2d6+5 for their bailiff's Stewardship skill, the guy who rolled a 17 failed his Maintenance roll.
  11. And I fully expect players to blow their Stewardship rolls some years, making it a 1/16th chance (1-5 and 1-5 due to Poor Maintenance) every now and again. By the same token, some years their children will only die if they roll two 1s.
  12. I'm going all in, starting at 480 (I have the BoU), so thanks for all the links! With the GPC in the back of my mind, I had the PKs make their family histories with the Book of Sires and adjusted birth dates for themselves/father/grandfather. But I didn't realize Roderick wasn't married in 479, so they met Ellen and their child in Sarum, but I can easily retcon that (I also need to retcon their chargers and a couple other minor things anyway).
  13. As Hzark suggested, I ran a one-shot of Pendragon for my gaming group when our regular GM couldn't show to run Pathfinder. It was the introductory scenario from KAP 5.2 where the squires go on a bear hunt, fight some bandits, and then get knighted. A couple of days later, I got an email asking if I could run a bi-weekly campaign on a different day. Here comes the Great Pendragon Campaign! (I guess that also means more questions will pop up on this forum.)
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