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  1. Huh, I wasn't aware. I'm definitely a grouch, and still wouldn't include that, but I suppose that is ample reason to consider spirits canon.
  2. YGMV, and it doesn't break anything, but spirits feel very anachronistic to me. They are a much later invention than the bronze/early iron age theme Glorantha tends toevoke, and so I don't thinkI'd have anything requiring distillation around.
  3. I'd prefer voice over text, but I can five it a try. Thank you.
  4. Earth worshipers can play baseball with axes, they just have to use the blunt end.
  5. Thank you for the response! I am indeed Dutch, based out of Rotterdam for good measure. Unfortunately, both Germany and England are quite far out the way for me to travel, and the tabletop scene here in Rotterdam is.. Not good, either. Playing online does sound nice, though I've not found any groups either. I have now joined the Chaosium Discord, at least, so here's hoping.
  6. Karhast

    Vishi Dunn

    I feel like this was done to compensate for how incredibly good his sheer stat roll is; rules as written, the odds of getting such a good roll is absolutely tiny.
  7. Hello everyone, I've come across Glorantha and have started reading a lot, as of late. Enough that I'd be very happy to take the plunge and actually play the game, save for one issue: I don't know where to find anyone to play with! I don't want to post in the wrong spot, so please tell me if this isn't the right place and I'll go elsewhere. If not, I'll be very, very happy to join any online group to play runequest with, and anyone interested in adding a player can message me here or add me on Discord under the tag Karhast#5688
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