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  1. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    I was wondering if it was working for you guys ?
  2. Just some lovely figures for my game.

    As promised ... http://www.backtobalazar.com/using-ancient-miniatures-glorantha-review-gbp-dark-age-warriors/
  3. Are we there?

    Can you even say are we looking at less than 3 months, 3 -6 months, 6 months + ?
  4. Just some lovely figures for my game.

    I'm having with some fun with historical miniatures for gloranthaat the moment, will be sticking a review of some up soon on www.backtobalazar.com. This thread has inspired.
  5. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    As a note from the limited research i've done its considered that Alexander was way ahead of his time, and is the exception that period and not the rule. Though it seems the Assyrians, Persians and Egyptians also had some grasp of military logistics. It would seem if intended or not the different logistical strengths have had a significant effect on the military history of the different cultures, organised empires have had the ability launch large scale wars of invasion, tribal cultures are morel limited to raids, defensive wars and border skirmishes because they don't have the ability to keep large scale forces in the field for protracted periods. This definitley pans out when looking at the Lunars and Orlanthi in the third age, is this consistent across the rest of Glorantha?
  6. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Alexander was the earlier commander who was the exception i meant and is a good early example of logistics. Ok here you encounter my working definition of logistics, leaving off the land and leaving devastation isn't using effective logistics. Logistics as i'm referring to it separate logistic structures, and the existence of planned supply lines that enable army's to move fast and not devastate the surrounding population. The existence of Angus Farquilis answers my core question its a detail id either overlooked or more likely forgot. I'd just defined some lunar logistics stuff in Filicher for my games was just checking it fitted the setting in a moment of self doubt .
  7. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Broadly speaking it sounds like the Lunars have complex logistics structures more similar to the Romans than the usual earth bronze age arrangements ( with the odd exception.) That's how I read Griffin Mountain and how I have interpreted you answer, would you concur?
  8. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Hi, Have you got aNy stuff on logistics especially in terms of the lunar administration. Griffin mountain suggests lunar logistic capacity is significant. Does this bear out in a wider context? Jon
  9. New Balazar Fan Site

    Another post, just some background I put together for my game. I built up a list of company sized mercenary units working through Holay. http://www.backtobalazar.com/mercenary-companies-holay/
  10. A Magical Economy

    No surprise you didn't actually agree . My counter point is than in RL economics you never budget for close to 100 efficiency, because it never happens. You budget for average efficiency, including the potential of catastrophic failure. (if you budget for it over a period you should have good chance to generate a surplus to survive it ). Therefore if you do anything to significantly mitigate catastrophic risk you significantly increase actual average productivity over a period. I do agree with Jeff that actually trying to work our how magic effects Gloratha by extrapolating effects of particular rune spells and battle magic spells is not a fruitful way of approaching the question, it has however been fun :).
  11. A Magical Economy

    Well Glorantha has 3 official RPG systems HQ, 13th Age and RQ. It also has various homebrews, mash ups and misappropriations of which i'm responsible for one. It also has various computer games and board games, and fantasy literature which all plug into the world. I would argue that non of these define Glorantha, ( not even 2nd edition RQ), what the different rules systems and platforms give us are ways of interacting with Glorantha to give us the gaming experience we prefer. I think there is a belief amongst some that RQ2 defines Glorantha, and they will attempt to create a hard definition of the game world by using those mechanics. I would agree with Jeff that its probably unwise to do this and creates constraints upon Glorantha that the rules set was never designed to do. ( I hope i didn't put words into Jeffs mouth here )
  12. Gloranthan Naming Conventions

    Most of that works been done http://www.backtobalazar.com/lunar-names-part-1/ If we do that, we loose a sense of distinction between the different Lunar naming conventions, it would be nice to have Pelorian, Dara Happen and Lodrilli working in subtley different ways.
  13. A Magical Economy

    Hi Jeff, I think you hit on an interesting point here which is the mechanics which different people use to define Glorantha. For some people Glorantha is defined by specific game mechanics, rules table or a piece of background which they latch onto, whether that be certain RB & WH rules, specific spell descriptions and formulations, or a cult percentage table from the back of cults of prax almost 40 (OMG!!) years ago. Its just the way some peoples minds work and they are detail thinkers. I prefer an approach that sees Glorantha as an entity that exists outside specific rules , and rules are systems and approximations that give us working models that allow us a consistent defined approach in how to work with Glorantha, but they do not and should not define it. However when you talking with someone with a differeng mindset, there is no harm in jumping inside their idiom for a while cheers Jon
  14. A Magical Economy

    So you seem to agree that over time magic will yield a higher average result, but not a higher theoretical maximum yield. If we agree on that. we agree that bless crop does have a significant effect upon effectiveness of farming.
  15. Bronze Chainmail

    I did some digging RQG doesn't have bronze chainmail, or any chain mail for that matter . I suppose the background issues here are the dichotomy of "Glorantha is different than the RW" and the push for bronze age realism within the setting.