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  1. New Balazar Fan Site

    Hi All, I've reworked on old spreadsheet into an online tool to help with city and culture building. Other datasets can be added easily so if you want to add another culture just let me know. http://www.backtobalazar.com/glorantha-fantasy-world-city-tool/
  2. New Balazar Fan Site

  3. Glorantha and Personal horror

    I'd agree with that. Perhaps where personal horror games see the players on a slippery slope ,which they will eventually slide down to damnation. Glorantha offers a more upbeat vibe where the its is a situation where then players can triumph over personal horror.
  4. Glorantha and Personal horror

    I'd describe CoC as a classic horror game looking at the evil without. Personal horror tends to look at the evil within. I think Arkat is a personal horror story, I also think Argrath could become on as well, Stormbullites are made for personal horror stories of people who fight chaos who are always in danger of becoming what they hate. I think its there as an element which could explored within Glorantha, but Glorantha is a lot wider and has many more themes running through.
  5. Glorantha and Personal horror

    OK a question id be interested in peoples opinions on; Is personal horror a glorathan theme?
  6. WOD:Glorantha runelords & runepriests discussion

    I like the variation in system, but i think one system to run all possibilities within rune magic, and let the distinctions of runelord/priest/shaman be run by the background plot characterisation and story. http://www.backtobalazar.com/wodglorantha-divine-intervention-rules/ one thing i'm very happy with and how it can be extended into divine ritual magic.
  7. WOD:Glorantha runelords & runepriests discussion

    I like the old system too it just doesn't fit with the storyteller rules dynamic, and it would be false to try insert that dynamic into of storyteller rules. I don't think I am, what i'm doing is making common rune spells accessible by gaining runic associations with magic, spirit, truth and mastery runes. Thus if you want access to general magic you character looks to develop ties to generalist runes. So we can keep the Runelord/rune priest split by people who develop generalist rune magic powers and those who only concentrate on cult specific rune powers, but there is only system and mechanic in play. As i've written and articulated i'm happy with associated spells being difficult or expensive to cast. If players get there dicepool from rune points spent only if they have no runic association for the spells that fine, more expensive, higher chance of failure , weaker effects all works for me. Its just creating the mechanic for gaining access to the spells.
  8. New Balazar Fan Site

    OK looking at building characters with different levels of experience in WOD:Glorantha. http://www.backtobalazar.com/creating-experienced-player-characters-wodglorantha/
  9. Hi Guys, I'm second guessing some design decisions i made in the Rune magic system for WOD:Glorantha and want to knock round options and see what other people think. Here are some facts about system design that i don't want to change. The storytellers system has one core mechanic which works for just about everything, and differences in game play are about difference uses of that one mechanic, not different mechanics for different character types. Runelords & Runepriests should be working off the same rules and differences should be how those rules apply in the game world. I want to keep the cultural distinction between rune lords & rune priests with WOD:Glorantha. In the first draft of the system Cult specific rune spells come from association with your Gods runes Common rune spells came from association with generic runes such as magic, spirit and truth The distinction between Runelords and Priests was a mix of those who built up the generic rune associations to serve the flock ( priests) and those who focused on cult runes and become avatars of there Gods (Runelords) Apart from, the simple character choice distinction in rune association, there are no rule differences or nuances between the two roles. This works very well for cult and generic runespells, but has no workable mechanism of associated cult spells Runespells are currently cast by using you rating in the relevant rune plus the amount of Runepoints you wish to spend on the spell. Upon looking at RQG, your common rune magic spells are powered by your cult runes. This is effective and means that priestess get access to common spells easily It does reflect thew power of the gods The associated spells system works as most people have around 50% ratings in the runes for non cult spells Thoughts of moving towards the RQG system If I adopt this system it shatters the distinction between rune lords and priests in a one system It still doesn't give me a decent system for associated cult spells Does this make any sense to anyone else and am i just talking riddles to myself ?
  10. Date of fall of New Pavis

    I've still got them in griffin mountain ..... well Halycon arrested by the coders and Marusa in hiding
  11. Date of fall of New Pavis

    The guide would indicate later 1624... i bumped into another source that suggest 1625..
  12. Date of fall of New Pavis

    Hi All, Do we have a precise date for the fall of New Pavis? I have references for years of 1624/1625, can anyone give in a definitive date ? jon
  13. New Balazar Fan Site

    OK playing with stats now, one new post and two updates to old posts. http://www.backtobalazar.com/trollkin-wod-glorantha-stats/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/lan-stormson/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/thrax-halfface/
  14. New Balazar Fan Site

  15. Modular Runequest????

    The character definition system would have to be standard, the techniques on how you arrive at that definition could alter drastically.