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  1. Cheers Jeff, I think my understanding came from earlier discussions. So Jeff in practical terms whats the difference between initiates and rune levels in access to run to magic? I'd always assumed the number of rune points and the ability to regain rune points, were the big distinctives, apparently i was wrong. Am i right in thinking the big cults have weekly minor holy days? Jon
  2. I think we are having a view from 10,000 feet. My expectation would be for a stormbull initiate in a clan for face the trouble the clans faces, not seeking out the biggest manifestations of chaos in the world. Gloranthas are 'local people' with 'local' outlooks,
  3. I touched on it there, manside is more mono cultural, traditional Pavis. New Pavis is a more 'a hive of scum and villany'.
  4. OK Initiates being able to replenish rune spells on minor holy days, i missed that? Did that change in play testing ?
  5. I think we all would appreciate honest some reviews. I'm sure none of us like constructive critiques, but we all need it. A wall of false praise does little for the ego and you learn nothing from it. However as a lot of our critiques are writers and proof readers, i've learned proof , proof and proof again
  6. If you want to try Glorantha, but like narrative/light systems first stop would be Heroquest. I half wrote a WOD based system, which works but would need finishing off on a significant amount of detail, on www.backtobalazar.com. In all honesty try heroquest first.
  7. Cheers Jeff really useful. It feels like this exists for the other culture's as well? I'm interested in how names traverse cultures as well so Gloranthan version of John, Jon, Jan, Yan, Juan, Jean I've no idea why this interests me but it does. OK this is at least one project away, but will be worked into the name generator.
  8. I thought about this when working Vol 2 of rubble runners, the collection contains fewer natives to Pavis than I had expected. Now this could be for a few reasons; Foreigners and oddballs make more interesting characters, so get written up more Pavis is a weird city having the rubble next to it and being the urban center of Prax, which would attract fotsam from all over Prax Also being a post war setting migratory patterns are probably higher. But i was interested in other peoples views.
  9. OK I have a theory based on observations of our own world. Cities collect the disconnected, dissolute, broke. ambitious, misfits, outcast, ambitious, those not tied to clan or family in the way there society would probably expect them to be. As well as the natives of the city that were raised there? Is that true of some cities, most cities or all cities? with reference to glorantha?
  10. OK we have a few examples in the book, is this all of the work that's been done? or are the complex naming conventions behind them, than can be broken out and extrapolated? I'm thinking of picking the name generator project up again and trying to refine the orlnathi names, into sub groups http://www.backtobalazar.com/glorantha-name-generator/
  11. if anyone is really frustrated with the system i can point you to this alternative http://www.backtobalazar.com/extended-character-professions-and-previous-experience-for-runequest-glorantha/ harder work but i think a better system, but more freedom so you can get highly min maxed characters.
  12. to my mind the big issues isn't why the lunar would change sides, but why the Orlanthi would trust him. Some ideas, he is a prisoner awaiting ransom, who is an Honorable man who has earned there trust and given some degree of freedom he is kin and therefore can't be slain out of hand he has a skill or knowledge they need that means they have to keep him a round
  13. It's stuff like this that makes me think the design team were much more focused of mythos and background, than game play and balance. Not entirely a bad thing, but can sometimes lead to frustrations.
  14. Fudge it worrying about this is very unlikely to improve your game
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