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  1. OK first off bringing any giant size creates into any combat system designed for human to human size combat is going to be diffiult and require compromise. Remmeber susyems are easy abstractions to contain a story. I agree that the RQ3 system created pretty unkillable beast, the RQ 2 system makes them feel a little tissue page thin a times, and they could easily fall victim to a lucky peseant with a pitch fork. ( Hyoerbol used ). We aren't limited to those two solutions and there could be more. That again will be compomises but may scale better, within the effetcive range; One possibility that jumps to mind is to make the bonsu on HP bonus for size( and/or power) a gradient rather than linear, a couple of options below; Linear Progression Hybrid 13 - 16 +1 +1 +1 17 - 20 +2 +3 +3 21 - 24 +3 +6 + 5 25 -28 +4 +10 + 7 29 -32 +5 +15 + 10 32 -36 + 6 +21 +13 37 -40 + 7 + 28 + 17 There is obvious a place where this scales and becomes silly, but i think thats well oustide what we create rules for. I would note that HP location boundaries are set to increase every 3 extra hps, that probably does not translate to large monsters and ypu need to look at increasign ti every 4 or 5hp. The other less nuanced suggestion si to just give massive monsters an extra hp special ability where you add 5, 10 or 15hp as a special ability.
  2. I think 210 pages is enough for now, especially as we are hoping for POD. Some of these bits fill in gaps, and some will be brought into potential future supplements
  3. I'm going to be dropping some bits and bobs that didn't make it into the final version on here. https://www.backtobalazar.com/npcs-domio-katalin-redrock-orlanthi/
  4. I think its those Pesky retailer leaking stuff. I think after the flack they got for the Lunar Book Chaosium are within the right to remain stum, until much much closer
  5. Back to Balazar - A Griffin Mountain Companion for 1625 Is now Live on Jonstown Compendium at an introductory price of $20.00 going up to $25.00 later https://www.drivethrurpg.com/en/product/484904/back-to-balazar?affiliate_id=1427871 Feel free to turn this into a discussion thread as well happy to answer questions on why certain choices were made and not.
  6. I have no offical guidance, but i would say the sanctify spell is specific to the cult that gives the spell. That seems logical to me.
  7. Sometimes just apply common sense nad make a decent call in the moment. My expoerience on these forums tells me someone will always disagree with how you apply common sense and someone else will think your a genius.
  8. https://www.backtobalazar.com/myths-tales-of-balazar/ A little more content, teasing what is to come.
  9. Its with Neil G for layout, the text and art finished.
  10. Just out of interest which characters did you use, it would be great to know how people use the supplements.
  11. I appear infequentley, but thank you for your kind words.
  12. HI General, Allow me politely to challenge the premises of your question , which is that more is better. I've always thought that RQ gloranthan world with limited numbers of widely known foes is actually beneficial for a number of reasons. 1) it creates a much more believable game world than D&D's gaz billions of options. 2) Its creates room and need to GM inspiration, with new twists on old foes, new situationally unique foes 3) foes have meaning , with expansive lists that menaiung is lots if it ever exhisted
  13. I get the impression he is an NPC, just make him up and give him what is justified in game world and run with it, always give a couple of blind spots and holes even if he is powerful. Ensue he has the minimum requirements for his positions or a good in game reason he may have lost those requirements over time
  14. Something that has not been mentioned in the discussion so far about balancing combats. The behavior of your adversaries, this makes a lot of difference Some people like to play NPC's as maxed out, on the nose, top end performers, fully rested, mentally focused, with good intel, emotionally balanced and highly logical. Any student of military history knows this is BS, combatants make monumental blunders ( no its not just the PC's ), and NPCs can and in my view should be played as s such. Attrition, hubris, bad intel and emotional responses on the part of NPC's can all make difficult encounters very easy for the players. Inversely 3 well warned trollkin warriors on a choke point with missile and some magical support can become a deadly encounter. NPC intel, tactics, motivation, time to prepare, emotional state, the fog of war and current attrition should be bigger factors in NPC threat level than there stats.
  15. Ive justed edited an approach which sightly trimmed down for balazaar, expect it to be put 2nd half of the year.
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