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  1. I also understand the best sue of design time and budget argument, one of the issues with RQ3 is it rehashed to much old stuff. If MRG spend its design time on new material that would be much better than another rehash or reprint of stuff available in 1983 -1987. This is what there doing I think its a great call.
  2. Im guessing each round takes a while, but combats aren't that long, rounds wise
  3. I see he also wrote the MRQ Aldyrami book, is this considered better than most MRQ works?
  4. I'm putting my head in the lions mouth here but Runequest wasn't one system it was an game using a number of different systems for a number of different things. the d100 skills and combat system is the core system as is elegant (thus it beign so successful for so long ), but has issues which need to be overcome; Difficulty modifiers Resisted actions High competency characters ( above 100%) But we then have a stats system that was a modified import from D&D, a good magic system which isn't d100 based, a HP and armour system which is good but is again a different mechanic. I don't think that is change able, and actually it can be treated as a strength rather than a weakness. Adding elegance to RQ imho is making those differing systems interact well and remove some of the steep steps which appear in RQ2. ( ie if you are using d100 use d100 and dont simulate d20 by doing everything in 5% steps ) There are sheets out there However i'm unsure how knowing stats as precise percentages helps speed up gameplay, just make your calls and use the system you are using. But in short when things get very difficult its not linear percentages and chances of botching become much higher even if you are very skilled, i'm happy with that sweet spot for difficult levels /TNs is 5 - 7. TN's 8 -9 get risky and weird and i'm happy with that mechanic. Arses are arses where ever you will find them. Game life balance with the cam thing did get a little fuzzy and the worst it got with my group was RL friendships lost over in game actions, With 20/20 hindsight v silly.
  5. However if that is balanced out over runes, lores, battlemagic, and backgrounds it slows down considerably. xp awards and spends are very much down to ref preference, after 12 month using the system i find its going too slow not too fast.
  6. Not sure what someone with english as a second language makes of that
  7. lol rants allowed, but maybe taken with a pinch of salt Of course WW wasn't 100% new, but it did flagship a development of gaming from the 70's and early 80's, D&D and BRP systems. I would also throw ars magica, shadowrun, cyperpunk, earthdawn, etc, etc into a period of gaming that probably isn't best described as modern any more(25 years ago **** me), but does reflect the -player design led characters and more elegant(simple) mechanic systems. I am good with numbers and probability, so the d10 dicepool and variable difficulty level things works well for me. As regards the fanbase im probably guilty of being both a victim and perpetrator of what you hated back in the day, but hey ho we were young(er) then.
  8. Four candles?
  9. 'Modern' was Not my word, but someone elses, but it did resonate with me. Trying to dig onto why... and whats meant by it. Looking at my experiences now ... Massive RQ fan and player in the 1984 to 1990 timescale, loved Glorantha by the end found RQ a little limited as system. Then a Whitewolf ( and a little bit of cyberpunk) player 1992 - 2003, so I would suggest I find anything closer to White Wolf systems as more modern. That's what I think resonated with me. So very broadly speaking I think the changes to character gen and experience that were more focused towards player choice than random roles seemed more modern to me. Also rules changes that simplified and combined systems, so simple game mechanics seems more modern. ergo imho modern is more player choice, and elegant and simple systems. One of the reasons I love the rune point system is that its elegant and simple. Not that there's a right or wrong. Its just how I see things.
  10. Jeff, just from your perceptions you would. You went through MRQ in real time and it sounds like it was a mare. Thus you have some perceptions which are very negative re MRQ. I pick it up a few years after without any emotional involvement or backstory, looking for a system to get back into Glorantha. I pick up MRQ2 and see something which is recognisable, is thin, has a few bits of polish i like which I like and can see some improvements system wise. Trying to define what was more modern that I liked and would have personally kept or worked in, Experience System Skills Character Creation Hero Points Now I opted to ditch and do my own thing instead, which may say something. MR6/Mythras I never went for and it sounded detailed, heavy and too simulationist for my liking, but that would not have meant there were not ideas worth weaving in. Jeff I really hope all of any of my fears are not founded, and i'm hoping to be proved wrong. There are some brilliant changes in RQG, and when you get it right I will shout it from the room tops, but the decision to ditch everything post RQ2 is not one i would have made.
  11. I think your bang on and that concerns me. A product fit for 1984 - 5 is going to seem a little clunky and dated when its released.
  12. The Aldyrami are a race that I would like still like a trollpack style approach to. Currently we have the Cult of Aldyra from CoPrax, The elder races from RQ3 stuff that is thin, and MRQ book that is more developed but possibly completely off point. Limited stuff from elsewhere. The guide again is a view from 20,000 meters. Any other sources which i have missed?
  13. Currently the games running are focused on lower initiate level characters so the focus is battle magic boosted by your runes; almost all the standard RQ spells and runes available.( I culled mulitmissile as i'm removing all multi attack spells form the game.) Cult write ups i use for relevant cults ( Seven Mothers, Found Child, Etyries and Yanafal Tarnis. ) Everything else i'm free forming at the moment as its a time sink, for time I don't have. However the plan is to have most standard RQ rune spells available dependent upon your cult and runes score; So for the moon rune with Seven Mothers; oooo Reflection, Summon Lune ooooo Mindblast, Madness oooooo Chaos Gift Are available using the rune point system RQG is going to use. For your seven mothers you rune points are the sum of your Moon, death and fertility runes. Casting dice are your runes and how many rune points you wish to spend. Yeah if i knew how big it was when started I probably would not have. Its been fun though. I'm running two campaigns with the systems through, and I believe other people have used it as a base for there attempts also. No, going for the WOD points based experience system. Player choice is my preference and it allows me to accelerate growth if I want to. It also means the games about the story not the tick. I think ticks was a weakness of runequest so im more comfortable with classic storyteller mechanics. Your runes of essence determine how high dots can go, so above 5 is beyond normal human ( rune lord levels ), this is done via runic associations. So when you move your runes and essence above 5 other skills can follow and match that level. I hope that helps.
  14. convention

    I have threatened to won a WOD:Glorantha game if we get players.
  15. I'd agree that there are multiple ways of playing games, but war gaming is war gaming and roleplaying is roleplaying, they cross over but they in fact different things with different goals. Now the reality is you can play at RPG as war game, and you can Role play at war game. The issue is if that isn't the expectation of everyone at the table it may cause stress Now in a RPG min maxing suits certain types of characters, its doesn't suit other types of characters. Warriors and combatants IRL tend to interested in efficiency and getting the edge, and min maxing is what they try to do IRL. However Sages, entertainers and more day to day people will less interested in it. Id guess a world like Glorantha pushes most people to mix maxing a little just to survive.