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  1. Jon Hunter

    Art in the RQG Bestiary ?

    something tells me folks were hoping for a sneak peak
  2. Jon Hunter

    A sense of scale

    By ancient and European standard california is big, many empires neither covered the same area of would have had the population of California. All that throws you is that Kralorea and Teshnos are nowhere near as large as there closest real world analogies, if that space was comprised of unique or civlization analogous with the egyptians or summarians you wouldn't bat an eyelid. There is no reason for kralorea to be as large as china , or Teshnos as large as indian, for them to make sense in Glorantha.
  3. Jon Hunter

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    You may not believe it i'm not really arsed about stirrups either. I care little for barrels either I am bothered about the balance between game play and compliance with earths bronze age in defining glorantha , not with yourself but in some of the debates on here. The one that got my goat was that skirmish level units were unheard of in the bronze age so shouldn't appear in Glorantha. That one actually affects game play as skirmish level groups ( 6 -8 man ) are very good for a roleplay sessions, so need to exist really. I don't care what the romans/greeks/persians/hittites or anyone else did, or what archaeologists say. Game play needs them so they should be part of canon. The insights martin gives are well informed, fascinating and i learn alot in the discussions, but to my mind they should flavour and inform what glorantha is not define it.
  4. Jon Hunter

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    I'd agree with the general point and direction of the arguement, but there are levels of relevance and sensible places to limit the compliance to history. When you argue that praxians and pentains have stirrups and no else do. You are creating very odd and inconsistent argument to make Glorantha comply with earth bronze age technology, rather than saying if that is the case Glorantha differs from earth. I think internal consistency matters a lot more than compliance to earth. If two relatively primitive cultures have stirrups, it makes little sense that other don't. You can create a conservative Glorantha argument to support the position, but your only doing that to make Glorantha complaint with you well informed understanding of the bronze age, not the benefit of the world.
  5. Jon Hunter

    A sense of scale

    I don't know if your agreeing or disagreeing with me?
  6. Jon Hunter

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    My issue isn't that I disagree with you, I don't feel well informed enough to do so. You obviously know your stuff martin. But the fact its a tedious argument i don't want at a gaming table. If stirrups offend you massively don't have them in your Glorantha, if like most gamers its not a significant issue do whatever makes the game run smoothly. In trying to define what i'm reacting to, its a larger point. I'd like Glorantha flavoured by and informed by quality information about the ancient world. but i don't want Glorantha defined and constrained by it. The bronze age monicer that Glorantha has is very loose and there a large numbers of things from out world that would that would never fit into the bronze age description; For examples dinosaurs, cannon cults, Guilds, Pole Axes, Simildons, Balazaring Hunter Gatherers, need i go on? Flavour and information is one thing. Trying to retrofit canon onto every archaeological find, piece of research or new theory about the bronze age to my mind starts to loose sight of what Glorantha is and whats its here for.
  7. Jon Hunter

    A sense of scale

    Well Continental USA isn't small, and historically Europe had significant cultural diversity at many points in history. Look at the 9th century AD you have Byzantines, holy roman empire, the moors in Spain, Anglo Saxon cultures, some remnant celtic cultures,viking culture, the slavic peoples and whatever the steps culture to the east was at that point. Also looking at the early roman period around the Mediterranean you had Rome, Carthage and the Greek states. The successor kingdoms of Egypt , and the Secluids. Numerous Celtic Variants eg the iberians, thracians, dacians, Gauls and Britons. large amounts of variation in societies a continent the size of Glorantha isn't odd.
  8. Jon Hunter

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    There has been a bit on this, the conclusions i heard were, this pentians have them, praxians are only allowed one for mounting , no one else is allowed any. I may be being a little factitious.... but at my table they exists and are used because its easier and the game wont break down into a 45 minute debate on whether lances should pass mounts damage modifiers through if the riders not using stirrups.
  9. Jon Hunter

    Just some lovely figures for my game.

    I've only been painting again for about 6 weeks, but my stuff doesn't compare, much more for the gaming table. However i've been having fun.
  10. Jon Hunter

    Just some lovely figures for my game.

    You have a very good eye sir, I cant even see that level of detail on my model let alone paint it. Would you consider yourself painting to gaming table or display standard ?
  11. Jon Hunter


    I never realised there was such a notable size difference between the hoplite and phalangite shields, is this consistent are these just to examples?
  12. Jon Hunter

    Aldryami Zombies

    I just think zz's would like to animate any create associated with the life rune as it enjoys the wrongnness of it. I also found a 'woody' zombie did freak my players out, as it was just another zombie ....
  13. Jon Hunter

    Aldryami Zombies

    Ok whats peoples thought on would a Zorak Zoran, create zombie spell work on the corpse of an elf? An what would it create and would it have any special properties. My view is yes it would work, but im not sure what type of zombie id get.
  14. Jon Hunter

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Some frighteningly sensible posts recently. I think Ian's posts above gets to the point. Its about feel and its about create a vibe in your game that is something different from generic fantasy. But what that different thing is will change from group to group. What may get the goat of some is that those with a particular skilled or informed views on archaeology and history wish define Glorantha by what offends them, where for most gamers most of the time it doesn't matter, or may even make the game a little less playable. Or we turn away from very useful well documented sources that could enrich the game world because they do not fit the defined period, for example I spent a lot of time working on nick names for the Orlanthi recently, i used the Coming Storm as a reference point I also looked through lists of viking nicknames. the correlation was remarkable. We would probably reject viking sources as being 'too dark age', but seeing as it is a real example, ads flavor, is three dimension and we don't have the same level of documentation for the early northern European communities. The viking records are a great source, and creates the inspiration for a believable pattern, and in my opinion the game world is richer for using it as a source. I'm all for a rich, three dimensional, believable setting routed in antiquity, but i struggle with players and enthusiasts being told no barrels, stirrups, skirmish size units, only a 30 inch blade not a 36 inch blade, etc, etc. Let players and gm's define antiquity in manner that works for their gaming table.
  15. Jon Hunter

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    It would possibly be a sliding scale .... ones persons powerful; sorcerer another persons Demi-God.