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  1. http://www.backtobalazar.com/irish-blood-oaths-by-wargames-atlantic-miniature-review/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/rubble-runners-vol-2-preview-1/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/irish-blood-oaths-by-wargames-atlantic-miniature-review/
  2. Don't read to much into things like that.... maybe a mistake
  3. imho the only time not to give a role is if you think the players , using the skills just to get the tick ( ie golf bag combat )
  4. I think there are more more variables than that, but number of initiates will influence power per warrior and the wealth and prosperity per head of the tribe, that will affect its status, ability to grow and to find allies. In glorantha magical power affects every aspect of life.
  5. Hey Dave was with you on this kinda of approach which i thought was very interesting, until we start to look at initiates regained RP on weekly minor holy days. Then i think it unravels.
  6. That's a fair variation on it, but may limit the number of standard spells bought by initiates.
  7. You would be suprised. I object to OT legalism of the tithe, but when was active in church gave significantly to the church, and in the future will happily do so again.
  8. Anyway my view from a world building perspective the RQG RP rules would be outstanding and completely workable without affecting the longstanding nature of Glorantha if; Initiates regained rune magic twice a year (sacred time , High holy day ) as originally intended Allow initiates access to a number of specific or general spell for each rune point. ( ie buy access to heal wound, divination, extension ) imho this creates a situation Where we don't change the number of initiates in the world to justify the system. The great aspects of the RP change are kept ( i am a great fan conceptually ) Characters power gain arcs are much smoother and longer We get lots of NPC's with interesting magic, but they have to use sparingly and with thought We don't have a further power imbalance towards the large cults with many minor holy days & large temples ( there are already the most with most and powerful spells. )
  9. Its also consistent with the Glorantha we know form Heroquest , RQ2(could be argued), RQ3 and the guide.
  10. Which shows the willingness to rework/change/piss all over the 30 years previous development of the Orlanthi in Glornatha. Everything else previous to this point in the last 30 years says pretty much the opposite, and the standard is that most Orlanthi have been initiates from the point of adulthood.
  11. If they said that, it makes no sense, breaks world internal consistency and moves away from the long help RQ principle that PC's and NPC's work from the same rules, ie monsters are people to. It also does not match the NPC's which have been written.
  12. Another power boost for the major cults and yet another reason never to play a hunter cult.
  13. I thought the idea of initiates having limit regain of RP was a really cool idea, and would lead to interesting decisions and payoffs for both PC's and NPC's. and the RP system with this feature, dealt with the initiate trap beautifully, but still gave a step change for rune levels which i think is now gone. I sure many think the PC's always having full RP for every adventure is the best root the maximum game fun, but I'm not one of those.
  14. I think your looking at use of rune points by adventures, not by people in the wider community, its the 2nd that falls over. I think this adventure foscus may be our source of the problem
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