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  1. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    But aren't also stormbullsites, and even my humahkti are scary people.
  2. Sun County by Avalon Hill

    Could make a nice in empire campaign actually.
  3. Sun County by Avalon Hill

    OK i'm pretty sure anything from the RQ3 Renaissance era (which sun country is ) will see very minor changes if any when RQG comes out, they are generally held up there as some of the best RQ supplements to date. You may see some very minor rule tweaks between RQ3 and RQG but nothing that would make playing the published RQ3 material difficult. As regards Krarsht either RQ2 cults of terror or the RQ3 reworking called lords of terror. The first is now part of this supplement https://www.chaosium.com/cult-compendium-pdf/ which is well worth it if you don't have originals documents. As rehards Hazia i think sun country is the most detailed as it gets in publishes supplements, so feel free to free form. I use it as a dope like drug and haven't added anything else to it terms of game effects. I don't think its chaotic in nature, just chaos cultists tend to be drawn to illict and illegal activities.
  4. Do spirits require elemental runes

    fair points well made
  5. Do spirits require elemental runes

    Its the position id come to. I see the need to have a elemental rune comes with a physical body, spirits can and some should have elemental runes. Others it would be wrong for. I'd actually argue that all physical beings have an elemental rune association, but only appears on sentient creatures stats as its irrelevant to non sentient creatures.
  6. Do spirits require elemental runes

    I'm trying top get my head round this for WOD:Glorantha , specifically for allied spirits, but it does then roll out to all other spirits and thinking about it all other creatures. Stats wise runes will only need to be in the stats of creatures who can access there runic associations via the ability to do magic, so usually only intelligent creatures. I am planning to giver spirits runic associations as magic without them in the system is pretty weak. So is OK for an allied spirit of Humakt only to have associations with death and truth and no elemental rule? Would that be OK for ancestors and spirits of the dead? My current thoughts is the elemental part of a beings runes is associated with the physical body, upon death they are feed from the need to associate with elemental runes, and that part of the spirit usually(not absolutely) breaks away. Thus spirits , ghosts and other no corporal entities can have runic associations without the needs for elemental runes. Does that work and seem consistent with your understanding of Glorantha?
  7. Do spirits require elemental runes

    Do All beings require an elemental rune or is it just humans ? I'm think specifically of spirits and allied spirits here?
  8. New Balazar Fan Site

    Part 4 http://www.backtobalazar.com/encounters-part-4/
  9. Wind Child PC

    Cheers is section from RQ3 vikings still the best background on wind children? Has anyone ever done anything on the win children of the rockwood mountains?
  10. New Balazar Fan Site

    Part 3 of this Series http://www.backtobalazar.com/balazaring-encounters-happenings-part-3/
  11. New Balazar Fan Site

    Very Busy http://www.backtobalazar.com/balazaring-encounters-happenings-part-2/
  12. Wind Child PC

    Has anyone here ever allowed a wind child PC and how did it go?
  13. New Balazar Fan Site

    Hopefully alot leave questions which are loose threads, which when pulled on give a ref plot and story easily. My favourite is the abandoned campsite, and it leaves all of these questions open. Who was the missing lunar? Why was he in Balazar on his won? Who was the Newtlings tail for? What did for him? Had he not heard that newtlings tail is not be taken literally?
  14. New Balazar Fan Site

    Feeling busy at the moment http://www.backtobalazar.com/balazaring-encounters-happenings-part-1/
  15. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Are there part of Glorantha that you never use as either you don't like them or you don't understand? With me ducks never get a mention in games, i have not un-invented them and don't deny them. They just don't appear. Also Mostali never get used, just because i cant work our how to play them well or involve them in a campaign. anyone else?