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  1. Jon Hunter

    New Balazar Fan Site

    Ok a few posts which haven't been shared on here http://www.backtobalazar.com/sun-dome-character-creation-runequest-glorantha/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/converting-gripping-beasts-28mm-dark-age-warriors-runequest/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/list-items-found-troll-trade-beetle/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/using-28mm-miniatures-for-runequest-plastic-or-metal/ http://www.backtobalazar.com/trollkin-minatures-by-mad-knight-castings-a-review/ I had got lazy and was just posting them of the RQ facebook group
  2. Jon Hunter

    Balazaar in 1625?

    With the Balazarings because are nomadic for the most part, they have the ability to migrate into good hunting grounds, probably with a lot of the game as well, there will be hardship, but nowhere near as hard as with farmbound individuals. Maybe the Windstop would create a full scale evacuation of Elkoi, but with good hunting lands being 5 miles away and its own agriculture not being significant at the moment, it may not be needed. If it is we may see the Citadel inhabited and taken over by all kinds misanthropes, Tusk riders anyone?
  3. Jon Hunter

    Balazaar in 1625?

    Some fair ideas.... Apart from monsters and encounters which will change; The trolls stuff is interesting, will read more The windstop will see a northern migration of the Balazarings in the south, and significant losses at Elkoi and the lunar villages Dykene tribes will have migrated north into danger ground, bear woods and this into greater conflict with trolls ands maybe elves I see post dragonrise the Elkoi garrison being withdrawn as the Provincal Army reorganises Therefore Glyptus becomes a weak vulnerable king and probably soon to be replaced Trilus is the strongest position and maybe becomes expansionist
  4. Jon Hunter

    Balazaar in 1625?

    OK my BacktoBalazar site Publishes a version of Balazar a few years on from Griffin Mountain, but its highly influenced by an previously personal campaign so isn't definitley is not cannon. However things will have moved on. All I have been able to surmise from official sources is Von Enkorth has been reassigned to Pavis. Apart from that change what else do people think would have changes in Balazar since 1617?
  5. Jon Hunter

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Maybe my response was too hard .... and a simple answer isn't easy to do as addictions have many causes , many triggers and many cyclic effects. The point i was trying to make is that for many people much of the time. there is a profound psychological element within addiction. To see it as a case that regard addictive substances and constitutional resistance reduces the nuances of the issues significantly, and possibly plays into the misconceptions about addiction. Addictions can be routed in the chemical, stem from attachment issues or be routed in trauma. My addictive behaviours are attachment based and triggered, so substance based systems don't reflect my experiences of addiction at all.
  6. Jon Hunter

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    OK there is an extreme lack of understanding on the nature addictions , the triggers and cycles of addiction being displayed with the thread.
  7. Jon Hunter

    Question about "Spell Trading" in RQG

    No there was a typo in my previous post that reversed my position entirely. The cult lists and example characters say its available to initiates, I would go with that. I think the use of priests in description is a hold over from the old spell descriptions which wasn't picked up and altered, probably needs jotting down in errata to be picked up.
  8. Jon Hunter

    Question about "Spell Trading" in RQG

    gut feel its that the spell description was not edited to reflect the change in who can have it.
  9. Jon Hunter

    Homebrew Creation : Going By the Numbers

    Have you looked at associated runespells with cults ?
  10. Jon Hunter

    Best figures for lunar troops?

    Just playing with some field of glory celts ..... they create very average or absolutely storming figures.
  11. Jon Hunter

    Question about "Spell Trading" in RQG

    There have been significant rule changes between RQG and Cults of Prax. Its been almost 40 years you know! In short very few spell are limited to priests or high priestess now.
  12. Jon Hunter

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    I think to see Pavis as a direct analogy of deadwood is misreading Jeffs intent, hes stated it as an influence, i'm sure there will be many others. Actually he has said numerous times he doesn't want Glorantha top be seen as a pastiche or any one civilisation, or situation.
  13. Jon Hunter

    Best figures for lunar troops?

    Anyway for RQ I like to mix max parts & mod so i've convinced myself plastics the way to go except for female figures and non humans.
  14. Jon Hunter

    Best figures for lunar troops?

    The minis are new. haven't collected or painted in a long time
  15. Jon Hunter

    RQ vs D&D

    but derailing is so much fun...