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  1. Many thanks for all the answers and suggestions. I'll really bring this to the game table. Good idea to connect it more to the actual role-playing, which I like and also my players. My thought was first more like that what happens if the player just ignores the effect? You lose 18p of POW whatever. Overall, I find it exciting to use characteristics more in games (skills tend to take over most scrolls) and how they actually affect the role-playing of a character and the experience of the world in the game, also how NPCs experience the player. thanks again!
  2. Hi! I have a question, some magic have the effect of making players loosing POW. What happens when the investigator is loosing POW, what is the effect? Dread Curse of Azathoth for example, the investigator meets a cultist who is casting the spell, player rolls dice and looses 18 points of POW, should something more happen here? or is the investigator just continuing doing it's round like nothing happened. I told the player to make a CON/SAN roll to make sure he is still standing or? Loosing POW must feel like hell. I'm just curious how you people are game mastering this?
  3. Looks very good, I think Chaosium should use this format for thinner, cheaper products like this one. Must say, however, that the new Dead Light and Alone against the frost are not as good at all, the reason for that I think is the choice of paper, and when choosing black and white, the images must have more contrast. Missed Dues and Blackwater creek that come with Keepers's screen pack is very good in quality, softcover but good paper and all the pictures work fine. And Chris Huth, his pictures in Gateway's To Terror are absolutely right.
  4. I have been waiting for this, an exciting release and I will wait some more until the book comes out on the shelves
  5. Thank you for your help, but to clarify if I understand this right, Sticky Jack started his hunt for all 3 items, late evening on Monday 17, went back to his apartment early morning Tuesday 18. And what about the handouts, paper clips? handout 2 is the only one with the right date? because if it is Wednesday 19th the robbery's did not take place last night? Sorry If i'm being confused, thanks again for your answers
  6. Hello, I have some thoghts on the printed version of Backwater creek and Missed Dues, keeper screen pack. First, I really like these two scenarios. I have run them both, thanks. But there are some things, in my copy at least, I think is wrong or have vague descriptions. Maybe someone already have remarked on this, then let me know. 1. On the cover "Missed Dues and Blackwater creek", but inside the order is not the same, this is a very minor thing but it is a little bit "sloppy" 2. On page 4 the introduction, chapter 5 tells you to have all the handouts in the Appendices, there are no handouts in the appendices, they are spread out in the book, all good but should be clear in the text or erased from the introduction. 3. Where is handout nr 6, I realized after a while that it is the background text on page 5, maybe a small text telling it is handout 6 like the other handouts. 4. Grey read out loud text boxes are in wrong order on page 7, the Miskatonic Faculty option and the Bootleggers option should switch place. 5. In Missed Dues I have a question regarding the paper clips and timeline of events. Did Sticky Jack steal all the items on Tuesday night, October 18th. Handout 1, paper clip "double theft" is written Wednesday October 19th 1922, the text tells us "robbery occurred last night". Handout 2, paper clip "Ancient Dagger Stolen" Tuesday October 18, "Last night a thief" , Handout 3, paper clip "Papers stolen from home of professor" Wednesday October 19, 1922, "broken into last night" Is the date on handout 2 wrong, should it be Wednesday 19 like all the other clips? on page 61 Prof David is saying: someone broke into his study at home sometime during the night of Tuesday, October 17.is it just me or is this confusing? How I see it is: Monday is 17, Tuesday is 18, Wednesday is 19, the robbery's is taking place during the night Tuesday - Wednesday I big help is when you get a timeline of events in the scenario 6. My last request is an explanation on how the apartment house, ground floor on Curzon Street is looking like on the inside (floor plan). On the front it is a double door leading into the building or straight into Marge Hockler's apartment? I tried to draw it myself, I think it works but I would like to know. The rest of the house doesn't matter it is only the ground floor I'm asking for. I think this is very clear for someone living in America who knows this kind of houses. Kindly,
  7. Dodge starts with half dex, and you can increase dex through exp like any other skill. But can I raise my dodge during character creation, with adding personal interest skill points?
  8. Hello This may be a minor thing but I just want to check with you guys. The chase rules in the rulebook tells you to make a CON roll or Drive roll extreme suc = +1 reg suc = 0 fail = -1 On the keeper screen it tells you suc = +1 fail = -1 nothing about only extreme suc gives you +1 As I said nothing big only saying, because chaosium maybe wants to change it. Have a nice day R
  9. Ok first of all, yes this was my first post on this forum. However, I have been a member for almost 1 year. Second, no I did not intend to sabotage or upset anyone. Thirdly, I am a supporter of Chaosium and I love the game Call of Cthulhu, I do not think the pictures are ugly or I do not want to try so that books would not be produced etc. absolutely not. I feel I may not have been clear enough in my post. I do not mean that RPG books should not contain pictures and I am not against portraying monsters, in fact I like monsters (think most people do in this hobby) The only thing was that my opinion is that it can be done in different ways . And as many have commented on already, everyone has their own opinion on what that way should be. Social media and forums are great tools (sometimes) but also come with a lot of responsibility. We currently live in a society where everyone wants to say what they think, an opinion society, that has its advantages and disadvantages. I guess I fell a bit for that temptation to write down my opinion. The forum must give room for different opinions, but it may not be as productive if everyone only had an opinion on what they did not like, just as it would be just as wrong if it were the other way around. What I'm trying to say is, it's about how you formulate your opinion that is important and what does it intend to create, build, etc. I work with art and film so I have a certain interest in image. Was hoping that the discussion would instead be about if the gaming industry has a specific aesthetic tradition? How does is change depending on what genre? But that might be another forum for that. I think it's sad that the mood on the forum got so bad. I guess everyone's a little bit right in some of what they write. That said, I was not looking to make anyone annoyed, I only had one opinion which is obviously my own opinion, which I hope is a little clearer now. keep it up everyone
  10. I'm not a big fan of illustrations of monsters, it's rarely good. It's a bit like when the monster is completely revealed in a horror movie. The tension and mysticism disappear, falling flat. In the horror genre, it is extra important to think about what is not shown. (maybe even more when it comes to a Lovecraftian monster) For some reason, the gaming world forgets this. Everything should be displayed, big weapons, big monsters, stereotypical faces, tentacles, etc. It results in very graphically packed books but it has a tendency to overflow and the price thereafter. I should be honest to say everything that has so far been shown from the new edition of Malleus Monstrorum is not "bad" I want to avoid criticizing the pictures. But does it belong in a Call of Cthulhu role-playing game? The great quality of the first edition is precisely that one has chosen not to illustrate the monsters, it makes the book so much more frightening and creative for me as a reader and keeper. I was hoping that Chaosium would go in the opposite direction, today we are surrounded by so many different Lovecraftian games and all of them portraying Mythos monsters over and over again. Chaosium have always kept some level of weirdness but are now loosing some of that, you can be more daring and innovative? Roleplaying is mostly about storytelling, using your voice, your acting, building characters, it is about a group of people creating magic and images in our heads. But books are also important for most of us who play role-playing games (that explains why so many reacts on covers and new illustrations for new books), they set the tone and create the mystery surrounding the game. How that tone should appear and look is very personal and everyone feels different, but my advice is to hold back and keep the Mythos in the dark.
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