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  1. Year 516 The knights of Salisbury enjoyed some much needed rest at their various estates. Sir Alfred returned from his long stay in the Kingdom Inapercu. ‘What happens in Inapercu stays in Inapercu’ is all he would say. Sir Edwin returned much later than everyone else from Merlin's quest for the Thirteen Treasures and was of dark demeanor for much of the winter, ashamed of having dishonoured himself, but refusing to say what had happened. Sir Blackmore settled in with his new wife, who bore him a daughter in the spring. In April, the knights returned to Carlion where King Arthur was
  2. And we conclude the Quest of the Grey Knight! 515 - Part II The knights took stock of the situation and noticed that Sir Alfred had not followed them back from the Elvin court – perhaps distracted by the company of some of Queen Arawn’s handmaidens. (I love how easy it is in Pendragon to write player absences into the flow of things, and they can easily catch up with some winter solos when they return. And to make up for this absence, we introduce a new player!) Also – they noticed another knight nearby. He introduced himself as Sir Blackmoor of Salisbury – another knight o
  3. I've been looking forward to this year - the adventure of the Grey Knight - one of my favorite of the published adventures. Definitely a bit 'cutscene' heavy, but lots of fun! Year 515 - Part I The realm enjoyed a fine harvest and a mild winter. Sir Ysabel Starling and Sir Bedivere spent their honeymoon training, as the two knights enjoyed testing each others skills. Sir Alfred concocted an elaborate plan to propose to Lady Jenna on a local hilltop overlooking Stonehenge one morning, but when the moment came, the blood rushed to Alfred’s head, and he fell into a faint – awakening on
  4. Although they are written up independently here, when we played I was jump cutting between the three.
  5. More set pieces this year, but everyone loves a wedding! The random rolls for feast courses could not have worked out better. 🙂 Year 514 Back in Salisbury over the winter, the knights kept busy. Sir Lucas appealed to Earl Robert to be matched with a wife suiting his station. Earl Robert, though, was apparently unimpressed with Lucas’ station (as happens when you fail a courtesy roll) – finding him wanting, when compared to his illustrious father. Lucas stalked off, angry at the Earl, and even more resentful of his father. At Imber Manor, Lucas received word that his father had reconc
  6. More battle fun this week, and many knights earn their glory. 513 The knights of Salisbury headed to Leicester in the spring for Arthur's court, happy to catch up with one another after a long winter at their manors. Sir Caoilfhionn had spent the winter negotiating with Sir Luc's former valet over back pay that was owed to him. Sir Lucas shared that Earl Robert had engaged a tutor for him to 'better educate him in courtly ways'. Though Lucas rolled his eyes in the telling, in truth, he did appreciate the Earl's attention. In keeping with King Arthur directives around knightly duties
  7. Yeah - I agree. I think in the GPC the player's might meet up with him again as part of the Wastelands adventures and the Castle of Joy arc, so that's all I'm currently planning for with him - just so he becomes a recognizable face instead of some other random knight (which there are a lot of 🙂 )
  8. Let's finish off the year...we added a new player - hopefully she enjoys it and sticks around for a bit. She's new to RPGs so I started her off as a household knight so she didn't have to worry about a manor as well as her character. Still lots of 'cutscenes' in this one, but they were good ones for building up the world. 512 - Part 2 What did King Pellinore do?!? As the knights set off for the ford that King Pellinore guarded, they were accompanied by a young knight - Sir Bellana. Countess Ellen had assigned her to Sir James when he was appointed chancellor and James was eager
  9. Things start getting a little 'cutscene' heavy at this point of the GPC. The players are still excited to be hanging around Arthur, though - so they haven't minded getting into the backstory - so far I've tried to interweave it with a regular court scene or as part of a feast. Sir James has entered semi-retirement, and I'm using him as more of an NPC now, as that player now has James' son Lucas as his primary knight. 512 - Part 1 Over the winter, rumours abounded that Queen Margawse was pregnant. Sir James, quickly doing the math in his head, frowned whenever he was near King Arthur.
  10. You could have them join Lot’s alliance. Arthur does have a habit of befriending those he conquers (Galagantis, Uriens, even Gawaine and the Orkneys). Might be interesting for this generation to fight on the other side.
  11. A bit of a quieter year after the battles of 510. Huzzah for the Book of Feasts! 511 As the knights returned home it became apparent that Salisbury had suffered raids from Saxon marauders while the army had been gone to the north. Most of the knight’s manors suffered relatively little damage. Though Fittleton Manor had suffered worse than others, Sir Penelope Starling's valuables were safe in her vault, which the Saxons did not discover. Sir Caoilfhionn returned to Woodborough Manor, now in charge of the manor after her father’s ‘absence’. She remained steadfast in her belief in
  12. This was my attempt at a boss fight. The five goddesses were all 'trapped' on this giant tree - they were represented by the five horse skulls. It was a bit of a tactical 'battlemap' kind of fight as an experiment - went over fairly well, I think.
  13. Yup - they went disorganized - it was hell! Yes - this is the same Saxon Laece that has been plaguing them all along - the same one that killed off Esmee. I wanted to do something more with the 13 Treasures in the campaign, so I'm loosely going with Merlin urging them to all be found and gathered before Badon (although the players don't know about that). Should also play into the Grey Knight which is coming up soon! 🙂
  14. Our epic year of Arthur continues...and then I threw in a little more Merlin. 510 - continued As King Arthur led his army on to the field outside of Carlion, his inexperience compared to King Lot could be felt by his knights. Nevertheless, Sir James led the knights of Salisbury as they charged some veteran northern knights and smashed through them. However, when James collected the unit, it was noticed that young Sir Caoilfhionn, in her first battle, had been knocked off her horse, unconscious. Sending a squire to find her, she was safely dispatched back to camp to seek medical atten
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