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  1. The battle rules do get expanded on a bit in the book of battle, but I believe the general representation is the same. Generally each round of battle represents 1 hour of fighting with a single roll. The first charge is a chance to charge with your Spear Expertise/Lance skill, and possibly with a bonus, depending on if you're army's commander's battle roll beat the other army commander's battle roll. After that - options for each 1 hour round are dependent on the player's unit commander's battle roll - which then dictate whether or not the unit is in close combat (fighting with
  2. I was fully prepared to, but then James went and crit his Temperate. I think the players have been so invested in being top aides of Earl Robert that killing him off was a personal enough connection, and now having all of Logres fall apart and having to pay tribute to the Saxons is really grinding their gears.
  3. It might have been glossed over in a couple winter phase updates. She has had a strange tendency to roll 'Relations' on our random winter events table and then generally 'failed' her love of husband rolls, which has meant she's 'flirted' with someone. The players tend to think that Esmee has an unfortunate habit of getting carried away at the feasts over the winter. They used to think she had something going on with Earl Robert, as she spent so much time with him (as a prominent, trusted adviser), which became a bit of a running joke. Gotta love the random events tables and where they take thi
  4. And so we begin the Anarchy. It feels like this part of the GPC is way more freeform and it will be interesting to see what direction things take. The players have way more control over the fate of the county. 496 The year began with all of Salisbury still in a dark mood from the events of St. Albans the year before. Countess Ellen looked to those knights who had remained loyal for advice as well as her new marshal, Sir Esmee. Sarum needed new walls, both for the castle and the city as a whole. As well, the losses of St. Albans needed to be replaced – new squires needed to be brought
  5. The account of the Rydychan usurpers in the GPC is a bit limited. I drew more inspiration from the account of that adventure that is found in the Lordly Domains book, if you have that one. In my campaign where they dealt with the usurpers, I had them 'plan' out the military campaign, as one of the knights was Salisbury's marshal at that point. They didn't have enough troops by themselves and had to broker an alliance with Silchester. I don't think we really ran any sieges, but instead I had the usurpers come out to do battle with the PKs when 2 of the brothers came to aid their besieged brothe
  6. Here we go...this was a big one and took a couple sessions. 495 As Spring came, Sarum was picked as site of the royal court. Uther was there but remained sick and rarely seen, with Duke Ulfius remaining his go between. Nimue, Lady of the Lake, was also present and seemingly in charge of taking care of Uther. Word was that the army would assemble, and the combined forces of Logres would march to face the Saxon army as they came south. Other rumours swirling about. One whispered by a few spoke of Merlin working with the Saxons, but most seemed to dismiss it out of hand. Another th
  7. Cthulhu dark ages adventure. So much good stuff in that game that can be repurposed. Depends who you ask. They did manage to get a cure for Cedric. Sure, they might have ruined the baths for who knows how long now, but really it’s a small price to pay, right? This has been my favourite campaign I’ve run, regardless of system. A lot of that comes from the group and their reactions to events and each other. The personal interactions and humorous things that happen every session don’t come across in these transcripts. What my players and I have discovered is that Pend
  8. And we are full steam ahead, with the Infamous Feast on the horizon and my plans still swirling for how to handle it. 494 The year began with mixed news for the knights. Sir Esmee and Sir Willem returned from a diplomatic mission with Earl Roderick – they had gone to Malahaute to treat with the Centurian King. They spent nearly a week being led on as Roderick grew impatient for any kind of meaningful negotiations. It was Esmee who discovered Saxons in the castle - apparently with full knowledge of the Centurian King. She overheard talk of an alliance or some kind of accord - and one
  9. We continue - and I take some more liberties with Pictish culture/lore/geography. 493 The year began with the knights petitioning to Earl Roderick for permission to go in search of their lost colleague, Sir Cedric. Sir Willem spoke eloquently and the Earl was of mind to allow it but, he required Sir Willem and Sir Esmee accompany him on a mission for King Uther. This left Sir Reynard, Sir Luc, Sir Alder (Cedric's cousin), Sir James and Sir Archer left to begin the search, bringing along the potion they had concocted from their visit to Bath. First stop was Carlion to find their old f
  10. Another new player/knight joined us. Sir Archer - a young knight from a Salisbury family of some reknown (a nephew of Sir Hightower). Young and eager to prove his mettle in battle. 492 The knights spent the winter as part of the garrison at Castle Terrabil in Cornwall. Sir Esmee received word from home that husband Tathan had been managing the estate just fine without her, in fact expanding it and making a greater profit than they ever had before. Sir Luc and Sir Reynard found themselves seeking excuses to visit Tintagel in hopes of catching a glimpse of Ygraine. However, once t
  11. Another fun one! But first, I forgot to introduce our newest knight/player (someone brand new to roleplaying who wanted to join our group for a few sessions) Sir Garedos (and his cousin Sir Gared): Sir Garedos was a household knight and apprentice of Sir Amig - a zealot who was determined to stamp out paganism in Salisbury. He dispatched Garedos to keep an eye on Sir Willem and Sir Cedric after the discovery of the buried roman villa at Sir Willem's estate 491 The Rites of Spring The year began with Sir Luc sending out invitations to his friends to attend a Feast marking th
  12. Luc had generated an amor for Ygraine and I had him roll against that when the Handmaiden came to him. The player's haven't had any real hatred of Cornwall, and in fact you might recall that the knights of Salisbury and Cornwall all partied together in 489 when Gorlois and Uther came to terms. Apart from that, I think most of the players are struggling with their support of Uther because of the High King's behaviour (apart from Alder, whose rolls left him oblivious to Uther's lust). Luc was just the one that acted based on his personal honour and ideas of knighthood over top of any allegiance
  13. You seem to be getting very worked up about something that is a non-issue, as far as I can tell. There is no one saying that your game (or anyone's for that matter) is going to be forced to follow a certain ratio of male/female knights or adopt any particular form of inheritence, or anything else you might consider 'modern'. Remember, your YPMV. I believe it was articulated by Mr. Larkins that this 'change' (again - since it's been part of Greg's vision all along, I'm not entirely sold that this is a huge change) is being brought more to the forefront to encourage inclusivity. I'm not sur
  14. With the 6th edition quickstart, we've started to debate which rules we want to incorporate. I think I'm in favour of changing to the new passion rules right away. I'm wondering how the horsemanship cap for combat skills will play. I must read through all the new rules some more. On to our session report! 490 Fall and Winter saw the knights taking care of their family business back at their manors. At Seend, Sir Luc’s valet was confident that he had outdone himself this year, as knights from around Salisbury anxiously awaited Luc’s new feast outfit to be revealed. Even Rose did
  15. It's the year 519, and I'm thinking of letting one of the knights who has basically retired head up the royal commission that is searching for a new capital. Any problems you see with Camelot not being at Winchester? I was thinking of shortlisting a set of cities - each with advantages/disadvantages and letting the players run with it. Hopefully it will give them more of a feeling of engagement with Camelot in the game, as well as giving me another avenue for adventures if they choose somewhere with some disadvantages.
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