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  1. Just to add some really random items: This is a free family tree generator that I quite like and use: https://www.familyecho.com/ and a random heraldry generator: https://drawshield.net/random/index.html
  2. I'm really liking the Daring Tales of Chivalry adventures. Some of those are definitely going to come in to play!
  3. What other systems have you found that have easy to convert adventures, or at least adventure ideas that are easy to move to Pendragon? RuneQuest - Mythic Britain is great. I've especially liked their adventures around the 13 Treasures, and they are easy to convert as the system is a derivitive of Pendragon (or Pendragon is a derivitive of RQ, take your pick). Cthulhu Dark Ages was a natural one. Although set several hundred years after Arthur, they are also really easy to convert and provide lots of great ideas. Replace the mythos with the fae, mix with some Evil Cults, and a couple Orders for the players to join. I highly recommend it. I've looked through a few Harn adventures, and although they definitely have that medieval flavour, I haven't converted any yet. I've seem some discussions around Shadows of Esteren and Symbaroum, but haven't checked those out yet. Anyone familiar with either of those? Any other suggestions?
  4. I don't believe this one has been linked yet. https://the-great-pendragon.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/the-newest-of-knights
  5. Adding one more: https://rollingboxcars.com/2019/08/27/the-great-pendragon-campaign-recap-480-481-2/
  6. I've always just interpreted Luck as rolling on the Luck tables from the Book of Knights and Ladies.
  7. In case anyone is interested in something different, I just noticed a new comic series starting up. http://www.boom-studios.com/series/oncefuture/
  8. Is keeping squires past the age of 21 a thing? And if it is, what would their skills be? Rolling against their age as they continue to get older doesn't seem appropriate.
  9. I just noticed this note on drive thru rpg (on the book of records volume 2) , if anyone cares to comment. 'A third volume in the Book of Records series is planned, to help Player-knights run their manors and estates.'
  10. I'm surprised there's not a Saxon connection listed in the book of Uther... a Saxon witch, or something along those lines, seeking revenge for her fallen warriors might work. I've introduced such a character earlier in our playthrough, so I was thinking she might work to build up as a new baddie.
  11. Aargh - I think that's the one book I don't have.
  12. If you’re playing the GPC and don’t know the timeline...don’t read any further! Alright... I’m about to run 495 and the GPC never really spells out who’s behind the deed at the Infamous Feast. I’m wondering how others have handled this in their own games. Any unusual suspects?
  13. I have some things that confuse me about combat - specifically around multiple attackers vs a single target. A few instances (actually - it seems to have turned in to a plethora of situations): A Lance charge - 5 mounted PC knights charging a single knight A Lance charge - 5 mounted PC knights charging a single large target (i.e The 3 eyed Giant from year 486 of the GPC) A Lance charge - 5 mounted PC knights charging 5 mounted knights Can 2 (or more) PC knights combine to attack a single target? Melee combat - 5 mounted PC knights fighting a single mounted knight So just going toe-to-toe in melee, not a charge Melee combat - 5 mounted PC knights fighting a single unmounted knight Melee combat - 5 unmounted PC knights fighting a single mounted knight Melee combat 5 unmounted PC knights fighting a single large target (i.e. the same 3 eyed Giant) Thanks in advance for the help...
  14. I had a player ask for some suggestions he could watch to get a better understanding of the mood and themes and visuals of the timeframe for the GPC. Other than the obvious Excalibur (1981) - what other suggestions do people have for TV or movies?
  15. If you haven`t seen this one, after playing several campaigns with both, I find the sheet designed by Sir Mad Monkee much superior...
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