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  1. Cthulhu Dark Ages is basically this. I rip off a lot of their adventures and modify them to use in my Pendragon.
  2. They are great people over there. And very responsive. I’ve been asking for that calendar feature as well, so great to hear they are moving on it. I’m currently manually editing the age field every year. It’s a pain, but the pace of our sessions is such that it’s manageable. - I only have to do it every 2-3 weeks and it takes maybe 30 minutes.
  3. Anyone heard of “The Letter for the King”? Some kind of new Netflix series.
  4. I was actually just about to reply with Kanka as the suggestion. It's been great for the two campaigns I've been running.
  5. A couple more things I've added for this year: An illuminated manuscript (copy of an old Latin text revealing mysterious events that took place during the roman occupation. Takes 2 weeks to study. Succeed at a Read roll and receive a Faerie Lore check Fancy Feast clothes (+1 to App this year) Fancy Hunting armor (+1 protection) A Cambrian Steel blade (+1 to Sword skill in the first round of combat, not in battle)
  6. Reposting the translated version with the English cleaned up a bit. Also - I edited some of the results to make more sense for my campaign. Solos.docx
  7. Just casting out for ideas for gifts that a knight's lord could bestow upon them at Christmas. Typically my knights get a new set of feast clothing, occasionally a replacement horse if one died, and then sometimes something odd. Some examples have been; A large coat of arms for their feast hall (5 Glory), A pair of Saxon dice (Gaming +2, but caught cheating on a fumble), a wonderful cat to boost a flagging estates fortunes, a book of etiquette (yearly courtesy check). I'm looking to harness the collective creativity here and come up with 101 more gift ideas. Please chime in!
  8. On a tangent - is there a list anywhere of suggested prices for the arms/armor - the 5.2 rules cover the stuff that is available at the start of the campaign, but I haven't found a list for any of the things that become available later.
  9. I'm loving it - it took me probably a day to set up everything I wanted for the campaign. I did copy/paste a lot from other sources for some of the generic things, like county descriptions - if you like, send me a PM and I'll give you a link to check out our campaign.
  10. I've started using Kanka as my campaign's wiki and I'm really liking it. Pendragon campaigns quickly suffer from Location and Character bloat, so having somewhere players can reference them all is quite nice. And this site is free (I have no affiliation with it, just to be clear). https://kanka.io/en
  11. Just to add some really random items: This is a free family tree generator that I quite like and use: https://www.familyecho.com/ and a random heraldry generator: https://drawshield.net/random/index.html
  12. I'm really liking the Daring Tales of Chivalry adventures. Some of those are definitely going to come in to play!
  13. What other systems have you found that have easy to convert adventures, or at least adventure ideas that are easy to move to Pendragon? RuneQuest - Mythic Britain is great. I've especially liked their adventures around the 13 Treasures, and they are easy to convert as the system is a derivitive of Pendragon (or Pendragon is a derivitive of RQ, take your pick). Cthulhu Dark Ages was a natural one. Although set several hundred years after Arthur, they are also really easy to convert and provide lots of great ideas. Replace the mythos with the fae, mix with some Evil Cults, and a coup
  14. I don't believe this one has been linked yet. https://the-great-pendragon.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/the-newest-of-knights
  15. Adding one more: https://rollingboxcars.com/2019/08/27/the-great-pendragon-campaign-recap-480-481-2/
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