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  1. Our group handles it pretty much exactly as Morien describes. Except that one time, when the new player knight (son) made his bastard brother a vassal in exchange for murdering the old player knight (their father) in secret.
  2. I have it. I think it matches? Castle of the Crane is not in the kingdoms map of that book, but it is in the details map - and that seems to match the map in the adventure itself.
  3. Thank you both! Roestoc seems like my mistake (our knights have only ever passed through.) «Trane» is norwegian for «crane», so that is supposed to be the domain of King Garan from the quest of the Red Blade.
  4. Are you sure about starting with the bear hunt? I wonder if it‘s not the most inspiring start - it feels a bit like a tutorial to me. I think I would recommend dropping it, and jumping right to something more meaty. Or keeping it, but building it out to somehow making it more personal for the player knights. One obvious trick, if family history allows it: Maybe the father (or older brother) of one of the player knights went out to slay it, but has not returned. They can find him dead before they find the bear.
  5. He’s welcome. He can watch me having Teams-meetings all day.
  6. I see there’s an «export to psd» option, so I’ll try it. I don’t have Photoshop installed, so I can’t chech them afterwards - but I’m guessing it will work fine. *** I didn`t manage to upload them in this message - probably to large - but I put them here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aq2R2IgB_oCwiKZB4j-DArAg_yARFg *** The jpg-versions fit in this message, so I added them. The psd-versions, with layers for easier editing, are behind the link.
  7. Thank you both! And thanks for the tips. Yes, I’ve drawn the map - it’s mainly a mix of the ones in Blood and Lust and in Pendragon 5.x, with some small changes/modifications. It’s drawn in Procreate - I’d be happy to share a procreate version with the layers intact so that it’s easier to change, if anyone has a use for it.
  8. Not sure where to go from here, though - specifically, the grail quest is coming up, and I’m struggling a bit with how to make it personal and an integral part of the story of the player knights, rather than just going through the mystical motions. It should be a big deal, and the PK’s should be main characters in their own story. Extra wrinkle: One PK is extremely religious, two PK’s are only moderately religious.
  9. I’m really intrigued by this - looking forward to seing it. It looks beautiful.
  10. We finally resumed our Pendragon campaign yesterday, after a long covid-pause. I've seen some people sharing their campaign resumees here. Finally gaming again gave me such a boost that I wanted to do the same. So. The year is 550. These are the characters, third generation of their lines: PK1: Aston. Deeply religious. Spurned the love of his life to follow God. Son of a wicked and flawed father, clumsy and uncertain in his dealings with people and knightly ideals, but adamant in his will to do the right thing, if he only can find it. His squire is Elias, weakling youngest son o
  11. We’re closing in on the grail quest now, and I’m not sure how to handle it. I didn’t expect any of the characters to be especially grail-worthy, but now we actually have one who is extremely devout, although still no Galahad. One thing we HAVE done, is limiting the wasteland to Listeneise. In spite of Boorman it didn’t feel right to us to let it cover the whole map. (Galahads story seems a bit weird: He has lived his entire life in the grail castle, next door to the grail. The very first time he leaves his home as an adult, he just stays in Camelot for a couple of hours, before he
  12. In our game some vassals rebelled in Salisbury during Anarchy. Very treacherously, they struck Sarum at night without warning, from within. The PKs were there, but didn’t manage to stop it - they DID manage to escape with the child heir Robert though. The new count Bryn married Jenna to make his rule «legitimate». He also promptly swore fealty to Ulfius. The PKs were landless for some years, and had to search for homes for their large families, hooking up with Nanteleod. In 509 they helped a now grown Robert retake Sarum and behead Bryn. A second generation PK eventually ma
  13. Perhaps, but... in Malory, all the knights seem to be smiting each other with swords if on foot, or with spears if on horseback. And use shields. That’s my impression, anyway, even though I haven’t counted weapon occurences. In this case I think I would rather look for inspiration in the stories than in actual historical warfare - and then it doesn’t feel quite right to see the onehanded sword demoted to a fallback weapon.
  14. I’m curious about the armor values in 6th ed. In our campaign, we houseruled them a bit lower.
  15. I like it! It’s fine as it is, but I think I would want to tweak it a bit: I would let both do critical damage (6th ed crits, though, and no major wounds unless they go unconscious), to make sure that they actually take damage, but give them armor from their shields. This way it’s possible for them to reach their unconscious rating and take major wounds simultanously, like Ector and Percivale in the woods before the grail heals them, or even kill each other, like Arthur and Mordred. If they didn’t get armor from their shields, then that seems like an unfitting advantage for
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