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  1. Mine qualifies as a "hack" that's not "publication ready" as well. For example, there's actually about 1 hex-width and 11 inches long of missing coastline adjacent to the Keniryan Sea. Obviously it exists in some form somewhere, but it gets lost between the pages of the Atlas. I used Photoshop's stamp tool to make a new coastline and tried to match smaller resolution images of that section as a reference, but it's still a hack.
  2. I'm more careful than most 😁 Your project sounds great, I know I'd be in the market for that! If it's a "transformative work" it's probably fine, but what I did likely falls under "copying" so redistributing without permission isn't as appropriate
  3. I'm happy to share my photoshop work but, even though the PDF is free, I'd still need permission from Chaosium to share the images/PSDs freely. To tell the truth, I would prefer if Chaosium themselves revisited the AAA source files and produced their own high resolution image update; however, I understand if they're not going to make that a priority. I wouldn't be opposed to making my LegendKeeper "world" public, but "invite only" is the only option available at present. I'm not certain it qualifies for Fan Material despite it being derived from free content and not charging for it.
  4. Roughly a year ago, I discovered LegendKeeper, a really cool tool that lets you zoom around your setting in a mad mix of Google Maps and a custom wiki. This is a private "world" instance that's shareable with my players. I don't actually upload much in the way of images, but I dug up this birds eye view of Jonstown and threw in some wiki article text so you could see how it works. A few months after my discovery, the Argan Argar Atlas was made free in support of Jonstown Compendium creations. I was dismayed to discover that AAA was a paginated PDF, and even more horrified to discove
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