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    I've got a First Edition D&D Players Handbook on my shelf. Hubby DM's Pathfinder, our shelves are full of ALL the books and supplements. Got into CoC at Origins 2018 and fell in love with the system - haven't looked back!
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    CoC - running Pulp Cthulhu for a group formed primarily from the Critical Role broadcast - they were excited, I offered and they jumped at the chance!
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    Brownsville, PA (Displaced Canadian!)
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    Author, Canadian, gamer.

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  1. A bit late to the show, but when I ran this campaign for my investigators the hybrid player was going to take the needle... but Billy had his arm chopped off before he could do the tattoo when another character took it upon himself to deliver justice. Needless to say, this led to some drama afterwards... In the definition of Deep One Hybrids, there's a note for a percentage of hybrids to NEVER manifest any of the Deep One characteristics - or as many as you want. In my case, I decided that since his bloodline was so far down the line from the original Deep One, that he wasn't going to change... at least, not for the duration of the campaign. I did give him some advantages, such as a Summon Fish spell, learned in a later adventure, and a bonus to cast it, but you're not under any obligation to have him Change if you don't feel it'd be right for the character. Again, a bit late, but just pointing out an option if you'd like to use it. Have fun! :)
  2. I've got a player who has a new Pulp Cthulhu character - Femme Fatale/Spy, and he wants her to be able to throw small vials of acid. Obviously it's be a Throw skill check, but I'm wondering if anyone's seen any stats for acid. I know there's a table at the back of the Keeper's Guide, but it only lists "weak" and "strong" acid - the same with poisons. Is this what everyone's using? Just wondering if anyone has seen anything else official. I can make this work, obviously, but if someone has some other sources, I'd appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks to the third Flotsam and Jetsam scenario, I now have a pregnant female investigator - is there, or have there ever been, any official Chaosium rules as to how to deal with a pregnant woman so as far as how long she can investigate and/or issues along the way? This is a Pulp Cthulhu build, so I'm assuming she'd be a bit tougher than the average woman. One of my players suggested Mallory Archer, giving birth in a bar in Tangiers while shooting at KGB agents... *laughs* But I"m wondering if there's any actual gameplay rules in this area, or if I'm on my own. All suggestions welcomed and appreciated!
  4. My game went... well, interesting. I used some of the suggestions above and trimmed the scenario down a bit - in the end, they killed Dr. Grey by ambushing him, but not before he cast the drowning spell on my hybrid investigator, after previously appealing to him to help the colony survive. The hybrid investigator didn't survive, but used his Luck stash (I allowed them to use their Pulp characters for this campaign) to survive and embrace his hybrid heritage a bit more, allowing him to up some skills and yet... more trouble on the horizon. In addition, my one female investigator is now pregnant, thanks to the hybrid investigator becoming infected and then the intaint spreading to the poor woman when she tried to render medical aid... so now we're dealing with that traumatic event in my investigator's life! Looking foward to the last chapter in the campaign and seeing how this affects the team yet again...
  5. I'm preparing to run this on Sunday, so the points are well taken - I'll be considering them and possibly adapting my gameplay to take them into account. Some excellent points made here!
  6. We ran ours in under four hours, but that was because after they fought with Chastity in the bank vault and came out through the caves, I had them sneak around and find their way back to the hotel with brawls and then a car fight to get out of town. Really depends on how your party rolls, I guess. Made up a cool prop - one of my fellows, the hybrid, took it home. heh, heh... can't wait to torture him in future eps about whether he's a full hybrid or one of the ten percent who's not gonna change - but he was keen on getting the tattoo, until one of the other investigators chopped off Folde's arm with a machete. Yeah. Surprised me too!
  7. Name: Sheryl Nantus Country: US Location: Brownsville, PA - running games in Monroeville, PA! Started up a CoC game at Mr. Nice Guy Games in Monroeville - been a D&D geekgirl for decades (points at 1st edition PH on shelf) and got into CoC courtesy of Rogue Cthulhu at Origins! Got a nice foursome presently running through the Flotsam & Jetsam series - thanks Chaosium!
  8. *bounces up and down* Can't wait for it to arrive this week!!!
  9. Really looking forward to this! Just started a new group, so they're chomping at the bit for some sort of campaign - running The Disintegrator for them in early Sept. to give them a taste of Pulp Cthulhu, then going into this! Yay!
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