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  1. Is it possible to pay the mercenaries in render? I mean, if they are going to serve you for a year or two. Or do they only accept silver (treasure)?
  2. Yes it was a mission appointed by her, collaboring with de baroness of Rydychan and Duke Ulfius ^^ I give them the possibility to send the money to Rydychan, but they have to accept the risk of losing it hehehe
  3. I am tempted to make them support themselves there because although Salisbury isn't very far, it would be risky to send the render (or silver) from Salisbury as Rydychan is occupied by the usurpers and they could raid and steal the caravan. I want to create the feeling of a dangerous land to travel. And so, it is £4 to support themselves, and I will let them choose if they want to have a steward or not, having a total of 5 or 6 DF depending on that decision.
  4. The thing is, as Rydychan is at war, I don't think they would be able to use the resources from their manors in Salisbury once they are settled in Rydychan (remember I am using de adventure as written in Lordy Domains). Therefore, they will have to use the income from the manors in Rydychan to support themselves. They have brought mercenary soldiers, so I think they could use them to fulfill the SD obligations (they have lots of knights and foot soldiers), and letting them save 1 libram (for no children) and 1.5 libram for no soldiers (no saving from the wife as they'll have to hire a steward). I would like to know if I am managing it well, regarding BotE/BotW rules. Of course, these lands are still not granted nor gifted, but "on lease" or "by pleasure". They are "lended" by the baroness of rydychan to "protect and steward". Maybe I could use the rules for the "leased free farms" (p. 39, BotW) to simplify it, during the years (2-3) of the adventure. And after it, the manors could be gifted to the PKs.
  5. They hired about 30 mercenary soldiers and 10 mercenary knights... 😅 I was wondering if they don't want to upkeep more, if they could use the money to help them pay for the mercenaries the next year. And I think that when they are in Rydychan they will have to use the manor there to mantain themselves as Salisbury is far away.
  6. Is it possible to build things that your basic manor already have, like the armory and the herds? 🤔 I thought they were listed for replacement just in case the original was destroyed.
  7. Moreover, as they come with their own mercenary soldiers from Salisbury, how would the "servitum debitum" be managed on these manors?
  8. I was asking about the manors given to the PKs in the Rydychan adventure, but adapting them to the BotE system! Also, the PK who hosts the countess (baroness in my campaign) of Rydychan I think would not even have DF, because he would have to upkeep her and her retinue...
  9. Sorry but I don't understand 🙈 (I didn't read the rules for manor in LD, I am trying to adapt this adventure to the BotE/BotW system!). If they are regular manors then thay would be £10 manors... without wife and children then at least the could save £2, so £3 DF???
  10. Do the manors given to the PKs in the campaign described in Lordy Domains give them more discretionary income as they don't have to maintain court and family? 🤔 Well of course they will have to maintain the baroness but...
  11. Is it possible to reduce the price if the father is dead and therefore the knight inherits the armor, weapons and even horses?
  12. That's the thing. It would've been a great deal if she was his first wife, with the heir of his and her being the same person.
  13. But still, I (and my players) love this knid of game ala Game Of Thrones 🤣 You know, William thought he was fortunate to marry a heiress, but... he had a son from the previous marriage and after his death, all the land was again splitted between heirs! Isn't it funny? 😂
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