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    I've been playing RPG since I was 14 yo, so... a lot of RPGs!
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    Pendragon, Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu.
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    I'm a pathologist (MD). I love table games and RPG. I also like music (listen and singing) specially rock music.

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  1. Thank you! In which supplement will I find it?
  2. Apart from the White Horse what adventures do you recommend for a glorious and a squire in the 501 year? Preferably in Salisbury, as the knight is the seneschal...
  3. Ok, than maybe I'll choose any other adventure for the knight and the squire for the return trip to Salisbury, and run a normal feast during the wedding... 🤔
  4. I think I'll make some minor changes in the NPCs because I have two players and one of them is a squire of the other one. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  5. Then, I'm asuming you do not give bonus on Geniality for seating but you give it "only" for the APP (modified by glory) roll, right? What do you mean with "and if you are sitting at high table, you have an automatic +1 on top of this"? Automatic +1 on what? Also, if there's a fumble on the roll, what is the result? -1 or -2 Geniality?
  6. How did you introduce the rules of the BoFeasts in this adventure? I'm considering running it during Morgan's wedding at 501 (I think it's easy to change things to adequate it for two players: a glorious knight and his squire.
  7. How do you manage the "programmed death" of the NPCs? I'm asking because I don't want my players to know when their relatives are going to die, of course! Do you make secret rolls?
  8. Maybe I'll do that, taking their DF seems painful enough, considering the tributes during these ages. When does lady Jenna marry?
  9. What do you think (as you recommended not to use the Savage Forest during the Anarchy) to run some adventures related to the Forest of Gloom/Glamour? Maybe taking advantage of Glorious Knight being an officer of Salisbury (seneschal).
  10. It took two years, I accelerated the things a bit because I want to play Morgan's wedding next year (501). Apart from the glory (now I'm thinking it could have been more...) I rewarded them with gifted manors (one for each PK; should have been granted?), and also they became officers (seneschal and marshall) of Salisbury!
  11. I used the campaign of lordly domains, specially the beginning but I made a lot of changes during it. For example I made the abbot of deertown offering to help and then betraying them. Also, they got help from an aunt of the usurpers who got in love with one of the PKs 🙂 Glory, they got about 500 or 600 maybe (250 for accomplishing it, the rest from combats).
  12. I allowed because the player insisted he wanted to experiment with the role of a veteran and it was fun enough, which is the main objective!
  13. It's the end of 500, next year 501. Next year I'm planning to run the wedding of Morgan using for the first time the BoFeasts so I think it will be a nice chance for the squire to do things.
  14. A PK died while his heir was 14 y.o. so I encouraged the player to make a kinsman to play while the heir grows. He made a 50 y.o uncle and it was fun for all, but now some bad luck (major wounds and getting old) made his APP decrease to 3. And the heir is still 16... What to do now? I don't want to make him play another kinsman but he wants to play the heir as squire and don't think it'll be a good idea (there are only two players in my campaign and the other one plays a 8000 glory PK). Also there's the issue with the servitum debitum of the manor as the old uncle can't fight but still lives and there is no knight till the heir becomes knight 😱 What do you think?
  15. Then do they get Glory for those bonus £ as it is extra spend for the SoL? I'm using your House Rules giving them 10 glory for every £ spent on conspicuous consumption (SoL).
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