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AetherCon 2019 VIII Online Nov 15-17

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Invitations to GM at Aethercon VIII are now up so you can register a game and time slot.

If you are interested in running either Broken Tower or Stealing the Eye For RQG I have these games prep'ed in Roll20 and will very happily share a copy with you to minimise your prep. PM me and I'l arrange how we get you a copy.

I had a fun time playing RQG and AetherCon seems to attract a good crowd. They also give out prizes for participation and I have seen players win those prizes!!

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I would love to see your work @Gryphaea, I thought to start creating character sheets, and maps very soon but if you have this already done and do not mind passing on the work I would be happy for the help. Running Stealing the Eye in about 2 weeks at PaxAus Online and just found out so time is precious!


Thanks in Advance

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