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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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    1/ RQ G (but not as often as I wish) 2/watcha got?
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    near a once great river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...
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  1. Yep, I’ll buy that for a dollar. I think I bumped into a few shamans at the mall, yesterday.
  2. Well once pinged I suppose a quick answer won’t break my concentration on work too badly... Yeah, but what do they look like man. Oh to see an M Heldon treatment of the scripts of the Lozenge! Especially after Prince of Sartar showed me how the runes could look in spellcraft! Ah work calls, later.
  3. Like the topic very much and later when I have more time, I will have to return and read the collective wit and wisdom! Did not check to see maybe someone asked but what do they all look like and what is the usual means of marking the scripts (oh the questions! Bravo)! CHEERS
  4. I am hoping for no deaths but how is such counted. I truly feel for anyone outside tonight. But no, Australia is getting the worst of it. And deserves our thoughts. Still a thought for Canada’s homeless is not out of place. I am absolutely sure. All the best
  5. If I might offer my antipodean friends cold comfort, here in the great white north we are buried under. Victoria rarely gets snow and they are busy digging out. The prairies is socked under -20 to -40 celsius temperatures with high wind and our eastern cousins are in the midst of the worst blizzard (75 cm of snow!) in a generation or more. The local governments there has just requested assistance from the Canadian Government and the Armed Forces. Wow.
  6. Yeah, but had ya mentioned it had ducks, well, I would not have brought up that singular point. Have I said that it had ducks yet? Remember kids, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, stay away from drugs RPGs and....
  7. I was very pleased when I was invited into that project, for all the reasons you mentioned, although I note that you have not mentioned the number one selling point... Ducks!
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  9. Hmm thank you for this. Having got to work on it, I assure you it is well put together and fun. It would not be a bad choice for beginners as there is some great handholding with the rules (especially passions) as well. Ya nailed it and with a critical!. I have always felt that way as well about soltakss, but don’t tell him I said so.
  10. It’s far too late for that, lad! I’m afraid there is only one thing left for you... become a game designer or a critic.
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  13. ell now I have cried twice today,. once with news I mention in Goodbye Christopher... and here with the treatment of this outstanding scientist (Alber Einstein called her a genius) and the gent who got the seat she deserved said he was sashlmed ashamed. It really is hard to type when crying...
  14. And that is why I love physics, who is the narrator!
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