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    Been gaming since late 60s, RPG ing since the early 80s Fell in love with RuneQuest after playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken
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    edmonton (near the river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...)
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  1. and I am coming at it as a nasty GM looking for ways to foil players:)
  2. we are talking egregious munchkinerry here, right? :)
  3. Holy Crap (an obscure western saint of expressing shock), I had entirely forgotten about this site. I used to come here in the nineties, re-acquaintence time. Thanks lordabdul.
  4. Truly worth mentioning. Nothing as good or as inventive. Bravo!. I hope my players appreciated my feeble efforts.
  5. Oh hell, any and all Pratchett disk world books that I have read and a few others I have not read that have been lost in L-Space as well as those I have read that have also been lost... as well as the handful of movies that have come out for starring our fave disk world heroes, you know death and the Post Master General and of course the .Union Organizer in charge of Golems... and a few golems...
  6. Unless you wish to micromanage the wyter doing its day to day duty and spending points that it would have to expend if it was not a slave to a band of murder hobos instead of being a spirit guide and support to a larger community as well, that pretty much sounds like the rules as intended and as written. Cheers
  7. Not a great leap is it, I'll bet an Orlanthi all who see this, think that, before reading the text.
  8. and if you're like me, not the last. Good luck and happy reading! remember, libraries and comfy chairs are dangerous! The Stones had to cancel a tour when Keef fell out of his comfy chair reaching for a book. :}
  9. You know David Scott, when I was playing in the 80s I was using this narrative technique to bridge where RQ 3 rules had gaps (even a great game like that had holes). Describing Sacred times, initiations, spirit combats,you know, not quite made up because it has roots in shamanism, and of course, paradoxically made up because that is how to weave magic in real world shamanism, within the power of the story.
  10. on a more than one use basis anyway, never did run or play rune levels or powerful sorcerers I didn't create myself (non char-genned) back in the day.
  11. Spoiler ahead Dream dragons ahead! :}
  12. I would hate to have people's opinion of The People of the Air coloured by this description. It has little to do with the book except how reenactors would be buggered after the sh#t went down. As said, I have no problem with you not liking The Folk of the Air. Chacun á son gôut. Just making sure that there is no confusion with the quote you made about that fine author cited above due to proximity with your other quote about not finding Beagle's work to your taste. The cited complaint you had about the other gent's work does not apply to Beagle's tale. I did not want a good read (The Folk of the Air) that humanizes its heroes and gods to be read as being the exact opposite, painting the re-enactors as vainglorious. Seeking clarity Cheers
  13. Well thats not Gaiman that's Gaiman and Pratchett which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
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