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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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  1. On their own not that I can think of, buried in BRP, yes. They are well loved and remembered, Start a topic in Basic Roleplaying and you will have people chime in, guaranteed See. see got one already. Try a search and see whatcha can dredge up on either topic. Should be alot
  2. Returned after a little under 20 years and find the Core Books and Guide to Glorantha to be my modern sources, (I do not mind Glorantha Sourcebook and I own it but rarely use it) but all of my RQ3 and 2 products have or will see use and I love my affordable but definitely not canonical HW (Sartar Rises and Thunder Rebels) stuff I own. and the somewhat more canonical (but not by much artistically and cult-wise in the earlier products, it seems) HQ stuff as well. As they say, YGWV.... Mongoose is the edition that dare not be named by some.
  3. Not being a lawyer, I will not say for sure, but I believe filking (the art of singing a filk song for fun, at a con, etc, Duck,DuckGo is your friend here) is quite within the rules of fair play. In any case it is a time honoured tradition.
  4. So do ya know a couple of gorgeous blond women vocalists , a guitar player and a keyboardist (I am not sure they had a bassist, did they?) and would you consider recording that? :)
  5. This has come up before and a search for vampire might yield some results. I believe the consensus was an RQG cult writeup for Vivamort, the god of unlife was needed to round out the powers of a vampire (i.e. fear of a cross or Humakt’s death rune). Cheers
  6. Fer wot it’s worth... my barbarian side wonders wot's wrong with the tusker personality... ;)
  7. Thank you for this Richard, something was bothering me and my doddering age forced it down in my subconscious. unable to brought to the surface... well said! Well said! Force of personality and its its strange effect on the mundane and spirit world would be the reason that Charisma plays a role in the .adventurers interaction with the spirit world. We have explored Charisma in the mundane world, in the fora—extensively! Mayhap’s it is time to explore Charisma in the other realms. Cheers
  8. Oh, this is going to be truly evil, and man, I do apologize, but as of this second I can not tell you why I suggest that you hold off for a while with yer best... oh no you don’t... you won’t make me talk... not even the threat of Beat Pots cookery will unseal these lips. Still, may I suggest you warm up you talent here and save your best for later? You might thank me. Again a thousand apologies, I feel terrible asking. Anyway, listen to our 4th Podcast, coming to your usual bat channels at your usual bat times. Episode 4 will be available at the end of the month or early next month as per usual! So, set sail on the rivers of dreams, soar on the wings of imagination to windwords.fm for another teaser when we release our next episode or better yet—go now and subscribe and one of our enchanted spirit allies will send you an invitation to listen to us when were ready to open our hospitality to y’all! ETA @lordabdul and @Joerg. we will have to thank Sumath on air, for this horrible breach of etiquette. Cheers
  9. Not to steal yer thunder Sumath, but y’all might want to hold yer best jokes for a little while. Trust me. I will be back soon with more info....
  10. Tribal... I would rather not say more... yet! Joerg and I have a few surprises in the pipeline, and this is one. Oops, oh poo, did I say that out loud?
  11. Interesting, we almost agree here. Myself I would turn that around... but yes, the point is relevant. My take: People should try to use the rules as written (theoretically, they should/could be well thought out and balanced and hell you paid good money for ‘em), but always feel free to make up house rules or on-the-spot-calls for tricky situations. Point is, BRP Central is a great resource to get peer to peer support and advice. Might be wrong might be right but it could (should, if you give it a bit of thought) help you get the most of your game!
  12. And please do not forget to vote...
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