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  1. Good lord man, look at the hour on your home clock! Didn’t you go to bed after finishing the Story Notes for Wind Words 6th episode? Gadzooks! Oh and thanks for the great transcript and work, now off to your dungeon!
  2. Sounds pretty good, I like the idea of moving myth forward and meta gaming backwards. At least in RQ, the meta gaming actually works pretty well in d&d... I like to think the effort put into the little things that you describe help to make the myths the reality. Yes, as above... its the little things that make the world rich and rather than quoting @Joerg, let me simply say, yep!
  3. Baaaa dummmm............ Baaaa dummmm............ Baa dumm, Baa dumm..... Baa dumm, Baa dumm, Baa dumm, Baa dumm... —Hummed to the tune of the theme music for a certain shark movie....
  4. I have thought about this and discarded the thought. As Nick says, the players will never know and the game works rather well without having to change very much at all. Add in the passions and runes to taste and then have at it.
  5. Yep, the dreaded cut and paste error of the mind. I suffer from it too often.
  6. All who follow the way of Waha and Eiritha, as fas as I know, are members of the Great Covenant. I think they are part and parcel of each other.
  7. Don’t even get me started talking about the anti-zombie properties of the Guide to Glorantha (remember kids, head shots only).
  8. He is asking for 40 clacks, but so far have bargained him down to 35!
  9. Don't laugh bill, don’t laugh.. it will only encourage them.
  10. Agreed, but I think the ”World Logic” required for this game is myth. Having been editing your work for half a year I know you know this as well. Alas the game lacks a lot of those myths and as you say, unless one likes hammer-hits to the head, maybe a bit less will have to suffice. And of course it will never suffice, we all like the info (and maybe the pain) too much. So, on to point two... Now, if my comment above lacks full veracity, add to it a second view, more detail will be coming! Again imagine A D&D without a DMG or Deities and Demigods. Without the last two books you do not have a complete system. In reality, you will never have a “Complete System”, but still... I aver these will be needed to be able to evaluate how much was left out of RQ G and to easily determine how much needs to be fixed. Cheers
  11. Thanks, that is what I was referring to, once upon a time we had a much firmer grip on (Gloranthan) reality then we do today, It was because we were not told something was because it was we were told something was because Eurmal once stole something that belonged to... or one day when Larnste was out for a walk he got tired and set down his...
  12. This is of no help to the newcomers, but the old-comers have been saying for a couple of years now ( I have been one of them) that within Glorantha's "World Logic" myth is far more important than mere logic. Runes not atoms, Myths not theories... rivers run down his because once they did to satisfy an old story... gravity, what’s that? What I mean, is, we gloranthaphiles have know for 4 decades that Chalana Arroy could not, would not let sleep out of her protective hands, ever. If a critter was slept by a CA it also was under her protection through the proxy initiate or Rune Master.. I can not even recall where i read that but I am sure I read it more than once, maybe in Greg Says from Issaries, possibly a zine, mag or one of the great Web Pages/digests or dailies from back in the day. But I assure you we fans (an Orlanthi all) knew that only CA would have sleep. And if we didn’t , oh well, Home Rules, ya know? People let their Glorantha Vary even then. Now this is a fault I hope is corrected in GaGoG, that is Ludo’s comment about, "Make it clear which spells are indeed cult secrets”. Having this in the rules will help especially those not soaked in Glorantha myth. Again, I have just know that this one particular problematic spell we have seen discussed here really could not be a problem or Glorantha would have to radically different then is used to be. The Sun rises and sets (usually) in Glorantha, and communication is the Rune owned by Issaries and Sleep belongs to CA (now of course, I have been playing too long on the lozenge to say this will always be). Me, I am still awaiting the full RQ Glorantha FRP game. We have a good start but there are two pieces I will need to buy adn have in my mitts to finally be able to say "I have the whole game" The Gods and the Game Master books. Again, apologies, this is not fair and this should have been covered by now, but without those books it is quite like RQ 2 without CoP, Troll Pak, Griffin Mountain, RQ Companion, WF and all the supplements that made RQ great. I will note, and I think lordabdul might concur, there is a new movement of advancing Glorantha froward in the public conscious today, and it is the Jonstown Compendium crew of creators. I think we can be happy with our near finished game while we delve into Fan Goodness, no? The Chaosium crew have been doing mighty good work , I see no reason they will stop now and once the game is complete I think it will be easier to judge how well they did, Cheers all.
  13. II have always said, one can complain about a problem or solve it, looks like you are of the same opinion. Yeah, if something bothers me about a rule, I can often use it as a plot hook. Yeah this sounds good too.
  14. Now all you have to do is record this in an interesting manner et voila, an interesting entry to Glorantha Has Talent? (see elsewhere on this website)...I might be sick but i can envision a muppet news cast... complete with old farts heckling from the balcony.
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