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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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    1/ RQ G (but not as often as I wish) 2/watcha got?
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    near a once great river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...
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    ellipses rock... !

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  1. Just to make it that little bit weirder, if the tale wasn’t odd enough already... <grin>
  2. I know what you mean, but there is one other thing to make to even weirder. It seems that Greg Stafford may well have been the first customers for D&D (before it even came out). There are tales of Greg seeing a prototype while shopping around games himself and bought a copy,
  3. I hate to keep mentioning this stuff but I feel that some folk might actually be running this game. Spoiler tags are the respectful way to discuss details that players might want to avold.To do a spoilers simply type [Spoileroo] spelled as spoiler and place it in the brackets
  4. just a test ignore please.
  5. Not a worry, seeing as the clip came from a show usually panned by critics called Hee Haw, well let’s just say many might be called picky when it came to watching Hee Haw (but that was usually due to having taste). Salute!
  6. Spoilers please, seems a little over the top to give away the plot secrets.
  7. Alright boys load up that canon and let the g33k have it!
  8. Get used to doing stat blocks, They are a bear!
  9. Anytime I ever want to run such a setting back in the day I just used CoC (it was third edition at the time) and it worked quite nice.
  10. Editing a 40 page document which will be going into the Compendium and yes, I agree.
  11. In Pavis box the numbers are separate. from my notes so typos are mine... again... No notes on Pavis County but I would assume They are separate numbers again.
  12. Reminds me of my mother’s old chestnut: (I had much larger feet and hands then I shoulda had as a youth... gangly and dagerous!)
  13. Alas, you does, so does I!
  14. @lordabdul Just edited this as it seems that I had deleted the actual answer you sought. The Arroin are healers who follow a different path from CA From Cults of Prax CoP page 65
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