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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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  1. Have you any idea how hot plus 40 is? If naked was legal...
  2. The number of times that it hit 40 degrees in the summer on the Manitoba Prairies (The other side of the Upper Mississippi) is legend. You have not seen hot until your Jamaican bud is letting you know it’s too damn hot! Minus 40 in the winter to plus 40 in the summer. Wild!
  3. All the time, back in the day it added dramatic tension as the seconds and fatigue points ticked by and as the climb rolls continued to fail you would also note that a fumble was always waiting. Spoiler for Stealing the Eye demo scenario below...
  4. I didn’t do it, I was on the oner side of the continent at the time... You can’t prove a thing!
  5. Gak no never, desist, and halt, horrors... oh okay, if you were going to anyway.
  6. I’ve done a little farmwork when I was young, and I must say that by the end of the day, trance is about right... no outlay of RP or MP or intercession with Barntar required. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  7. Alas, I think you might have missed my attempt at humour, You said you should know, having written the book, I implied had I written the book I might not have been able to say as much due to dementia... sigh, the jokes just not the same when spelled out. But yes the info dump request was originally from g33k but I did want to know as well, so thank you.
  8. Now that depends, how old are you getting..? and while I have not written the book on aging, unfortunately, I am getting a pretty good idea, :) Cheers
  9. Thank you, enquiring barbarians... and all.
  10. Good question, I don’t know. Divine Intervention should be able to accomplish this though if the RAW do not. The critter is an initiate so I would imagine that in any way an animal or a staff, or a sword or whatever can, they act just like the real things because they are. They can participate and sacrifice in worship, have access to RPs and spells etc. 28 the +6 counts as another dice for the minimum number so 4 in place of 3 added to max of 24 for 28 I am not sure this is covered perhaps in GaGoG when it comes out. yes to spirit magic for rune levels do you mean rune points, if so this is just a guess so I could be in error, but it is late and i am tired so forgive moi. If they share the same cults for the RPS and spells I should think so, if one os initiated (probably the human) in a different cult I do not think these can be shared. Again I should thinks so, the unconscious one... not so much ') Again I am tired so I am not sure I understand, bear with me again. If I understand you the spirit should be able to learn spells from any priest (probably for free) and I wonder if it would take the full week it would take a ihuman to learn a rune spell. Can not remember how long it takes to learn a spirit spell but I wonder as well if the time would be required by a spirit. Cheers
  11. As Brootse says, and I will add that questions are almost as wonderful as answers.
  12. Your right Brootse, I sometimes forget that the new folk might not know about looking around, but really it is very simple to do. Until you mentioned it I did't even think of looking (just pointed DrDave in the right direction, and forgot about it.) but I just did a quick search (in the box at the upper right of page just below your name @DrDave) for the phrase "sword trance" and ended up with 5 pages of posts based off of that alone and the fourth post found was the start of the “Is Sword Trance Broken?” which goes on of another 12 pages with 288 posts. And I will bet there are other threads as well. Now we could start a new thread tis true and do feel free if wished DrDave, but perhaps everything needed is already here. Cheers
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