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    Been gaming since late 60s, RPG ing since the early 80s Fell in love with RuneQuest after playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken
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    edmonton (near the river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...)
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  1. Bill the barbarian

    Training time

    a side note, perhaps if your trade is being a full time student (trainee) maybe those 4 seasonal experience checks could be in skills you have been training. 'Course no income and money going out each season... Cheers
  2. Bill the barbarian

    Training time

    Personally I like the simplicity of RQ G A little odd for a RQ enthusiast to state, but... When one considers at the end of a year they can have easily pursued their trade for four experience checks, and adventured for 4 or more experience checks each season. That adds up to at least 8 skill checks per season or at least 40 a year That's not too bad. Now, I believe you can add one skill check a season or one Pow roll check or one stat check every 2 months. Works for me Cheers
  3. Bill the barbarian

    Spell Manifestations

    kinda/sorta [gr]... I followed many versions of spells manifesting arguments over the years and I must say I am a fan of how the effects are now incorporated into the rules but exactly how is left to the imagination of the GM and the players and I suppose the theory of MGF as well.
  4. Bill the barbarian

    Thank you

    jps, thank you for getting this off your chest so simply. Now I can get this off my chest. I have written (and tossed) three very long letters to express my feeling in regards to the great work Chaosium has done, continued to do under new names, companies and games, and now this incredible (though with sad undertones with the last goodbye from Greg) bringing together of the old band, some young turks and all those names I remember during the dark days that were only illuminated by the digest, great web pages and zines (Issaries, TotRM, all those fan pages... may I just say, WOW!). With my RQ 2 and 3 library, some classic Hero Wars/Quest resources and what little has now come out for RQ G, I believe I have the best game system known to man. Sigh, I suppose I should just have expected greatness and left it at that!. Cheers
  5. Bill the barbarian

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    It ain't necessarily so. Though I mostly disagree with the direction that RQ RiG seems to be taking in making characters so much more powerful that their daily counterparts are (D&D anyone?), I have seen many comments from people high up in the Chaosium organism who have said that the players are extraordinary and that the average initiate does not have at least 3 RPs minimum and 3 Rune spells as well as all the spirit magics, etc that come with the office. That is kept for the extraordinary PCs. On top of that, your game may vary so...
  6. Bill the barbarian

    Eleven Lights

    And thank you both! I read Pentallion's review and immediately bought the pdf. Have not had a chance to read a lot of it but I really enjoyed Red Cow despite never having played HQ (played RQ since '85). Knowing how much fun I had with RQ 2 and 3 I know I will enjoy RQ RiG just as much, and it is nice to know that the game that kept Glorantha alive throughout the dark days after RQ 3 collapsed still has much to give even to those who do not play it.
  7. Bill the barbarian

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    How does one get just the upgrade and not order a new copy? cheers
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