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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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  1. As are the 6 magical bridges of the God King—Belintar. Beaver privates, anyone? This is well in the verboten iron age, I would think. Of course anachronisms r us. Jus ask Steve and Ray and Greg! You have pointed out and I have found in further research that implantation of a new age does not make obsolete or irrelevant any older tech (the ending of the neolithic did not mean the end of stone tools) Epochs overlap on odd and wonderful ways is my thought. To which you can also add my addendum that new tech may take 100s of years to be implanted broadl
  2. Do you have RQ 3 Nozbat. There is a bit of good info, (Joerg says great, if I recall correctly) in the GMs book.
  3. Hey Richard, 56%, is that all the adults? Or would that be 56% of the adults?
  4. Late ’13 iMac, with Mojave, so while not cutting edge reasonably modern. Paying 1500 canadian bucks for a chance to play this sounds silly, even for me. I see in the upper right hand corner it says six ages... is this a 6 ages or KoDP game you are referring to? Judging by the screen shots it looks like old skool KoDP.
  5. No, I don’t think so. But we did touch on not killing folk, or wounding then badly for that matter
  6. Thanks gents (I think). Not the easiest to navigate with a headache.
  7. Alas, herring bone will not happen. There skis would be kick glide... that is, one is used as a skateboard and is larger and one would be to push and would be smaller. I would think this would make also schussing down the slopes very thrilling and deadly. I believe side step or momentum or taking your skis off will be what gets you uphill. Down, reasonably easy, except... easy control and stopping... almost impossible.
  8. Odd, might be the horrendous headache I have but I do not see a way to upgrade. Going to the PDF on Chaosium.com will have me buy it again in my shopping cart and in my account I see no way to update what I have already bought. Your update the other day (sans bookmarks I assume) by link the other day was smashing. Should I try it again and will it give me the bookmarks update this time?
  9. Well not all, just one... Olive. You know, Olive the other trollkin, the one that used to laugh and call him names...
  10. Yes, good old Aldryami wood and snow seem to be a thing. Folk do take advantage of the slippery interactiveness of the two substances.
  11. It’s winter and there is snow on the ground impeding travel, I will aver that should be sufficient. Ergo, most of Sartar should ski, I will say the Torkani with their loves of darkness and movement will most definitely do so.
  12. Well, I went and added some. You should link to this page here as well, for a great graphic representation of where they are.
  13. Normally i would and have agreed with you soltakss, this time I would suggest having a pencil and paper near at hand for making notes on the three runes you think the individual NPC would reflect while you go over the scenario to prepare for your game. Without giving too much away, this is definitely one that revolves around passions so.. [spoilerI remember it to be a table favourite in an old campaign for the Cthulhu like darkness. [/spoiler] Hm so just highlight the white text twixt the spoilers, which do not seem to work.
  14. Nice catch! I think you are on to something here. Good call.
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