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    Been gaming since late 60s, RPG ing since the early 80s Fell in love with RuneQuest after playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken
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  1. Gak! Make theeee eeevvill bahhdd man go away... me scared masta troll. Plleeezzze!
  2. Cool, jive hipster zoot suit wearing trolls, swinging pocket watches (taken from fallen Mostali (latest tech, split minute accuracy) wearing obsidian shades in a dark nightclub, wrong but... so right!
  3. By Crom, but that blew this barbarian's mind! And all I watched was the 34 second trailer!
  4. No, its from that cartoonist who left the company with all the comics about that grouchy, fowl mouthed druluz, his three nephews and his rich uncle. I think he is working for the writer of that Prince of Sartar cartoon, better gig imo. speaking of lawsuits if that company that owns the rich druluz finds out about this thread... 'nuff said! Excelsior!
  5. not sure that there really is a difference.
  6. Seems to me that an elven family history would be much different than a human one, The events that would matter to an aldryami would be on a different time scale "don't worry about that slight Elmanagic the Yellow offered, in 350 seasons (70 years) it won't mean a thing. You are but 250 seasons old (50 years). When you get to be my age, you'll see it all differently." Also of a much different nature I am sure are battles Are they as reverent to a long lived race (certainly not non- aldryami battles imo), If not what would be remembered that would matter and give context and passions as well as chances to increase skills to an aldryami's life and formative years other than battle. Bad winters, The coming of settlers, and axes... Using this as a stating place, why not give just as many examples as one would give a human but over a greater span of years and historical events that an elf would note?
  7. "Mmmm, roast Uroxi", says one troll to the other, "My Fave!".
  8. True enough, I loved Morrow Project and to say the graphics were, well... simple, not to mention how ugly some of RQ 3's graphics were, another system I loved.
  9. I think we are running down a gag..,. and beating it to a pulp. I was going to post something similar this AM but decided to double check the thread and came to the same conclusion g33k did. Otherwise the post made would have been a little different but keeping the above quote. Cheers
  10. ALL RIGHT, WHO GAVE ME A SAD FACE! You got some 'splaining to do, Mr Hibbs!
  11. Aye, and there's the rub. Caveats notwithstanding, in a world of magic what is mundane? A vrok halk from Balazar might do. Others have tries to obtain such and train them. Yes indeed. This is approaching that heroplane caravan service from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series... Both are very cool Nice. Ooooo! I'm on the fence as to very cool or munkinerry cool and the same with powering a teleport by Wyter. Precisely with the right kind of victims err players a GM need never buy a module.
  12. Based on the preceding posts I am very surprised that "the first take aways so far" is how sick, sick, sick the denizens of this "board" are. <gr>
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