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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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    1/ RQ G (but not as often as I wish) 2/watcha got?
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    near a once great river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...
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    music is all
    ellipses rock... !

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  1. We aim to release once a month towards the end of the month, circumstances permitting
  2. That was the sense I took it to mean, I thought the joke of my being cheeky on one hand (to Jörg) and claiming offence to being called cheeky on the other hand (by you) was obvious. Especially on the day of being a fool... Oh well... My bad... Perhaps we are all a little more serious these days.
  3. To late, I already read it. Oh you mean chronologically, not mentally
  4. @Trifletraxor Thirded, all hail his glorious beetle breeding self! Thanks for everything sir, you are terrif, Triff!
  5. Au contraire M. Meints. If you will pardon the humour in a very serious thread (In my defence, I will point out the date) one might say, beware the litigious City of Chicago... As one of my fave bands, the Chicago Transit Authority, er Chicago, might well attest!
  6. If the reason you are lost has to do with square coins and clacks, I can help. If the conversation that Jörg is involved in is the reason, yer on yer own. I surprised that g33k and Minlister are keeping up... From the Guide to Glorantha Volume one page 12 “Coins of Glorantha.” Note the square shape is representative of the Earth Rune and Esrolia is ruled by a Matriarchy devoted to the Earth. To continue this earth symbolism one step further, copper is sacred to the deities of the earth. Unlost yet? Oh no you don’t, I can run faster than you can... Please note, that despite the new global crisis we are still the best we can for the older ecological crisis!
  7. I KNOW people, what can I say, and no refunds, you knew that before laying yer square coins down...
  8. I don’t know about you but I am keeping my copy of episode one unplayed in the fancy sealed plastic wrap it came in. I figure one day I will be able to retire off the funds I get from the sale! Irreverence, excuse me?
  9. For the moment the topic is not only admirable but is certainly welcome here as it is a question about a topic from out of our podcast. Feel welcome @g33k and @Minlister, thank you for checking to see if you were guilty of thread drift (you are not), and for using spoilers. As I said, I expect Jörg to not only concur with what i said but to weigh in as well.
  10. Not to worry, as we sit before our screens, somewhere in a ruined building hidden in the Rubble and bent over a bronze-age laptop crouches an impossibly tall figure.. In the gathering gloom as Yelm slowly sinks to the lands of dusk for his eastward journey through hell huddles Jörg bashing away at ancient keys—crafting a wall of text to slam into that little problem on yers, Minlister. I am sure he will have a whole herd of things to say about the Cannibal Cult!.
  11. Thanks jajagappa, we’ll get if figured out soon enough, but definitely sooner with assistance like that to let us know what we are doing wrong. Merci Beaucoup!
  12. So error, not necessity, is the real mother of invention... (squints suspiciously) Did Zappa know about this?
  13. Are you calling me Miracle Max...Heck, I’ll take it... it couldn’t hoit!
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