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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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    near a once great river, no cradles yet, but I am hopeful...
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  1. Well awesome, we are getting near a game, Room for two more... So, I figure it is time to address a question I have already asked myself. What’s the score on sharing copyright material in google docs that belong to material you have bought. Were I at a table, passing around a pic is easy, or just holding it up, or putting it in the middle of the table for reference. But online, hmm? @Rick Meintsor @MOBcould you be of assistance with this question?, What good sirs are the rules governing the use for a Theatre of the Mind style Spype call game using materials like maps, pics of encountered
  2. One would assume that money had nothing to little to do with it, what the lunars promised I think would be something furthering Dragonewt goals. Just what those goals might be... Becoming Dragons,? Finding dragons (but not telling the lunars about it)? You know, that is almost twisted enough to work with Dragonewt strategem. Stretching and expanding the road system, or something not very straightforward at all in the end. Interesting to speculate on, though.
  3. SNAP Yeah, ,what he said...try as I might to eliminate humour from my posts and topics the subject seems to follow me... sigh.
  4. Aw cmon, now, lighten up man! I can only take so many stern emojis before snapping. πŸ₯°πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‡
  5. Just started a new Forum looking for a couple of new payers Rune Quest Classic Campaign
  6. Cricket bats! 5. Cover it with the body of a foe! ETA live or dead!
  7. So noted and totally deserved. I stand corrected!
  8. Just wish to congratulate you folk on you love for democracy, you are lining up in unprecedented numbers for hours (for some, several hours) just to exercise your franchise, Way to go, keep it up! there is no need to make this a mean thread There is not a touch of anger, irony or nastiness in this post just respect for those doing a good thing, so, let's just say thanks to those who are going out of their way to vote! Cheers
  9. I am still awaiting GTA 7 (Grand Theft Antelope) so I can try this manoeuvre at high speed! Now that is a statement, I had never thought to see in BRP Central in that particular context!
  10. If I was running the cult I would be using that wealth to play a political game in the :mundane realms that would make the Bene Gesserit look like pikers. It's a little extra assistance to help a pacifist cult survive in a war-like world, Oh, wait a minute, I do run the cult seeing as I world's organizer and GM. Bwahahahahahaha!
  11. So I do not givie anything away I will use white text for my SPOILER about the Feroda Adventure SPOILER begins next line. I believe that River Friends (sacred Railroaded River Guardians, so this is a special, are granted magic gifts for aiding the Zola Fel) I recall breathing water was there as a spell or special granted by the Zola Fel cult. Cheers
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