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    gaming since late 60s, RPGing since the 80s Fell in love with RQ playing a duck in the late 80s, had my heart broken when well AH, well its too soon to talk about it.
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  1. The Mexican stuff was great. but I have to say thanks for the inclusion of that last one from the NFB! A great use of our tax payers dollar, the NFB has been helping me (hell a great number of Canadians) to see the world just a little differently! Fantastic!
  2. So, the key for this map really was a... legend?
  3. We have been doing that at our RQG table since our game started late last year, and I have been doing this for decades in both RQ 2 and 3. Attacks and parries are only skills after all!
  4. Shit, I was looking to increase it in size, this puppy needs a thorough examination. Vey cool Ali. I am curious 'bout what @Joerg, who is currently upgrading his skills relevant mapping, would think of it. Brilliant topic and maps! ETA, where might I find a unscalable version of the map?
  5. Some of us are waiting to play the first one before buying the second one.
  6. The closest that I know of would be Mythras (RQ 6) and the continent of Meeros or perhaps Mythic Rome...currently. I have heard rumours of a mythic Iceland. Both of the last two choices are solidly in the iron age. Not sure about Meeros. Also, while Mythras/RQ 6 is BRP based it does do passions and runes differently. The Mythras area will have more info I would think and better answers as to whether these might work for you.
  7. I figured you to be a decent chap otherwise I would not have offered to be of assistance. Plus it seems to me that you have been giving to the community for a long time. Well, be careful and mindful in the future so you, your peers and Chaosium (and Trifletraxor for that matter) do not get in trouble. If you need a hand on something that won’t cause waves, give me a PM.
  8. Scotty ignore that last comment. Some of us might be very interested, indeed!
  9. That is an interesting thought and one that has appeal. Sounds like the possibility if a good HR (maybe a research/practice roll rather than an experience check though) and only for really good and important successes. This has precedence, in the old days a fumble (first one only) gave an experience roll. Hmm, no, again, it is a question of good role-playing vs min/max roll playing. I have no idea, how, but all the groups I have ever ran have truly enjoyed the story telling aspects of BRP/RQ and have had some or much experience at GMing. In the past, in RQ there were always chances to pr
  10. I usually ask for those who think they have the best chance to make the roll and I point out that some times too many cooks will ruin a soup. The folk I play with have all GMed so, asking them to role-play is not too difficult. Rather than rules we simply use common sense. Using the rues is not all that difficult either. Usually there are only two people with good skills in any given situation and there will be a lady or gent who can assist easily with an augment to the other persons skill. Of course, them succeeding is not a bad thing.
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