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  1. Gryphaea

    Three New Stars, Three New Gods?

    Thanks for the useful post. I have just used this as a seed for an adventure with my RQG group. It was as a foreshadowing of the main adventure in the new adventure pack where the Dragonrise is causing ancient powers to stir. All the young shepherd boys had run off, leaving only the shepherd girls (and any from the other 5 genders) to look after the sheep. The party had to investigate and ended up rescuing a small group of sheep from the ghosts of Star Fire Ridge. The Shepherd boys were all found at a local inn acting all manly and heroic (Wrestling, posing with their chins out and blowing hair in the wind etc) it seemed as though they were under some kind of spell or charm and it was only dispelled when their Mums came and scolded them for running off. Party have no idea of what caused it and I think i will leave it that way for a while.
  2. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    The Loomes Principle: Offer constant positive feedback and praise to players. Use short phrases such as 'excellent', 'brilliant' and 'love it'. It helps foster a co-operative attitude and the all important sense of fun. *Benjamin Loomes is one of the DiceStorrmers, a group of Australian Role Players who stream. He has a real mastery of giving enthusiastic feedback and worth watching to see how he does it. [Full disclosure: He also works as a partner with Chaosium to produce the official soundboard for Cthulhu, I mention this in passing not plug the product].
  3. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    Good piece of advice, I find it useful to prepare about twice as many opponents as I think is need so that extras can be brought in as reinforcements. Also allow monsters escape routes and the ability to enter the combat from behind or to the side of the the players. This means that if the players are breezing through the combat and you add the extra monsters, this adds to the drama of the encounter by giving the impression that the players have been out manoeuvred.
  4. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    While I don't want to deny you the credit for the idea by suggesting an alternative, can I suggest the following The Kermit Principle 'getting there is half the fun; come share it with me'.
  5. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    Will you be using or quoting the 5 Petersen Rules of Good Gaming? Rule 4 and 5 are about bad things should only result from player choices and giving fair warning if they are about to do something stupid. I think of these as important principles in my games, and I have had feedback from players who appreciate this approach in contrast to arbitrary and fatal rule applications by GMs. But I would want to add a qualified statement or two to the rules as they stand. Also the literary genre of Wisdom Sayings and Proverbs dates back to the very dawn of writing and I think adds to the 'Keeping it Bronze age' feel stressed in the new edition of the game. Teaching and improving the play of the game by the use of short, pithy phrases is a fine idea.
  6. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    For the Encounters Section There is no such thing as too many Chaotic Features... oh wait there is.
  7. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    Some GM Bon Mots would be good, how about The Frank Lloyd Wright Principle The doctor can bury his mistakes, .. an architect can ...only plant vines. A GM turns their mistakes into campaign seeds.
  8. Did you mean to have the Apple Lane graphic from pp70-71 included in the supplemental file called map of Apple Lane? Just as you have with Clearwine graphic which is on two pages in the booklet and in the separate file presented as a single image. If not can we make a request that you do, as it would be really handy
  9. Gryphaea

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    Magister Militum actually do ducks and goat headed beast men so we are half way home. I would also add Alternative Armies https://www.alternative-armies.com/ They don't have the very early periods, but they do fantasy monsters and their Dark Age range is usable and usually they will sell individual figures.
  10. Gryphaea

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    A bit late to the discussion, but... As my regular games are on VTTs I use counters rather than minis most of the time. My priority is for decent art that can be adapted into counters and for encounter maps that don't have the number keys or at least have them in a way that they are easy to remove or cover over. However, prepping for a convention game I have been giving the issue of minis a little more thought and experimentation. I have ended up choosing 15mm minis. The more compact scale makes things easier to transport and they are cheaper. 15mm also offers a couple of really useful benefits in its own right; You can use a scale of 1:100, which means measuring scale distances is really easy in metric. No multistage maths calculations required. Bison, Zebras, High Lamas... Chariots. RQG is generous with giving players mounts, which adds an extra layer of epicness. 15mm accommodates a PC on a charging bison or chariot in a way that isn't really practical at 25mm or larger, and I feel that we will (in my case already are) seeing this cropping up more and more in games. There is a reasonably good selection of 15mm 'Biblical' minis that complement the vibe and artwork of the new rules eddition, including a good selection of chariots. It is true that using wargaming minis mean that there is a lack of minis that directly portray women in the way that there are for the larger scale. But the scale is so small that, apart from beards and moustaches, sensibly dressed armoured women and men are indistinguishable. Minis of civilian types also exist if you know the key words to search for (eg Druids and wailing women). 25mm etc minis allow for more detailed, beautiful sculpts and 15 mm is more fiddly - there is no definitive answer here. And, as ever, Your Gloranthan Minis will Vary.
  11. Again, got the supplement and reading through it, and very much enjoying it. What is striking is that despite being a supplement of less than 40 pages it does not shy away from describing the diverse and complex cultural landscape that historians are speculating existed in this region during the 'Arthurian' age. It is able to do this because of the ground work laid by Mythic Britain and Longres, but adds a new level on top of what is there, rather than simply another annex. Bil' is right though Being familiar with the topography both of them, they are at times very similar. But the folk of these Waterlands would not think of themselves as Fenland folk, the Fens are the area surrounding the Wash Estuary, those of the land that border Humber Estuary have different identities. Its a minor point though, about what is really a rather good supplement.
  12. Gryphaea

    RQG Sorcery - Inscription Question

    I am imagining that Malkioni liturgists have personal copies of the Abiding Book which have the all 'official' spells contained in it which they then activate individually by sacrificing power. I wonder if there could be a communal 'ordination ceremony' for liturgists were they are inducted and the congregation sacrifices POW to activate their book for them so that they have all the spells their community will need - no doubt someone more learned than I will shoot this idea down. s
  13. Gryphaea

    The big list of D100 settings

    Nice list, well researched and well considered, as always. Taxonomy of marginal items can be very useful – I can see what yes to Pendragon but no to HeroQuest. But what about Warhammer 1st and 2nd Editions? I think there is an argument that they have enough 1d100 mechanics to count.
  14. Gryphaea

    RQG eTools?

    For the record there is a Character Sheet for RQG on Roll20 which does have some automated functions included including the ability to roll fumbles. This has been done by a member of the community and is a work in progress but it has pretty much all the elements you need to play a Human character, and can store all of the information from the character sheet. Roll20 is sensitive to the amount of play a system gets, and will support a game accordingly. At present all forms of RuneQuest account for less than half a percent of the games played in a Quarter, so RuneQuest is not on their radar, which seems fair to me to be honest. As Roll20 is free to use, perhaps more of the community could give it a try and raise its profile.
  15. Gryphaea

    Pregnant Adventurers

    Another thought on this topic is how long is human gestation in Glorantha? Is that recorded anywhere? As the Gloranthan year is shorter than a Terran year should human pregnancy be shorter too? Say about 4 seasons - or 32 weeks (rather than 40) With a Gloranthan year being 280 + 14 (sacred time) days it is pretty close to the roughly 280 days of Terran pregnancy - so perhaps all year, but what are the mythic/time consequences of getting pregnant? Can you get pregnant during sacred time? Can you get pregnant during a HeroQuest? Would bringing a fetus conceived in God Time into the mundane world have cosmic consequences? Is there a kind of Gloranthan Astrology - your fate is influenced by when you were born in the year? The original topic is important and needs consideration in the context of a wider, diverse game that respects and draws from different experiences, and I think we do need to seriously think about that. But, also, you know, whole new Gloranthan rabbit hole!!!!!!!!