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  1. Gryphaea

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    I think there is a lot of truth to this, but I think we need to recognise that there are different styles of play and people have different needs and expectations in games. D&D is the quintessential game-ist game, it asks the questions such as 'What would it be like to be a... brave knight/powerful wizard etc' and gives them lots of rules to find out RQ is the simulationist anti-thesis to this it, it asks the question 'what would happen if... I started waving around this sharpened piece of metal/if the storm God did actually grant miracles' and gives you a rich and detailed world to find out in. I don't think it is a case of re-training your players to a different set of expectations but case of explaining that this a whole different approach - and they need to buy into this. Some of players intuitively get the simulationist approach, some players actually don't want it and that should be respected. But I think you should explain it not just let them pick it up by trial and error in the hope that this is a game style for them - that's just not fair.
  2. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Regular fortnightly game held November 11 with a moment to remember the designer who passed on
  3. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    A second game from AetherCon VII played Nov 11, 2018. There was a chance to talk and reminisce with some folks sharing their positive memories of meeting and talking with Greg Stafford
  4. Gryphaea

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    @drablak you seem to have it covered; start with the Quickstart, then let player either continue with the pre-gens or role their own. Then start working through published adventures in the RQG adventure book. I am using a similar route for a group and it is working well for me so I would support the approach you are proposing. Based on my experience of starting campaigns I would recommend that you reserve judgement on the initial stages of the campaign till you see what characters your players finally end up with and what bonds are created by their personal histories. I have found that the stories the players can create by trying to reconcile their backgrounds with each other can take the campaign off in interesting and unexpected directions. Plan time for character creation within the sessions and start with a really simple go here and get this/find this type adventure so everyone can work out who they are and how they relate to one another before starting the campaign proper. I had the players search the ruined lunar manor mentioned on the map in the quickstart guide and let them fight a few rubble runners. Keep it loose and vague in the early sessions while everyone gets caught up with the basics of the setting. Also I have two different games both with a Grazelander characters in them. While both of the characters are good strong characters that the players are enjoying playing, if you are playing in Sartar and Prax they add an additional level of complication to social situations. If I was planning to start a group to run the the Apple Lane/Dragon of TH stuff now, I would probably ask players to avoid a Grazelanders.
  5. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Game played Nov 9 2018 on line through AetherCon VII dedicated to the memory of G Stafford
  6. OK your right, apologies about that - my roll20 listing has the wrong time though so need to check that out.
  7. I would love to have you on board if you can make it. Here is the listing that I see from AetherCon - which agrees with my times on Roll20. (Psullie you can DM me here or on Discord as I may have an alternative for that slot)
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  9. Next weekend (Nov 9-12 2018) is AetherCon and I have the honour of running a couple of RQG games there for the Cult of Chaos. There are still 5 slots open for a game of RQG - Stealing the Eye. Two slots on Friday and Three slots on Sunday. The slots are early evening UK time so that would make them afternoon in the US. The games will be played using Roll20 but you have to register using the AetherCon event, which is free to register with. There are also some CoC events listed and some seminar events. There are also some games that do not come from the Chaosium stable - but why would you want to play those? If you want to honour Greg Staffod's memory by playing RuneQuest on the weekend of November 9-11 but can't find a game, you would be very welcome to join me and my players. https://www.chaosium.com/blogplay-a-game-and-honor-greg-stafford-next-weekend
  10. Gryphaea

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    If you are thinking of playing something with a short life span - 4-6 sessions as you mention - the OpenQuest is a strong option, It incorporates all the standard fantasy tropes that you mention so can be run 'out of the box' or to fit your existing prep so all the decisions that you need to make for BRP about which option to use are already made for you and laid out in a rule set. It is also pretty simple to pick up and gives you characters that are reasonably competent from the start. It will give a game that is recognisable to D&D players but also sufficiently different, and there is a basic rules set available as a free pdf that players can access if they want to refer to the rules themselves. I have run generic fantasy with the rule set and think it is very fit for purpose for a more casual style of play. You may well need to do some quick house ruling to allow characters to everything they want - but it sounds that you are not new to gaming so this should be something you are comfortable with. Combats can bog down, but that would be an issue with BRP, as well so you need to think about how you will run combats and change them on the fly. Classic Fantasy for Mythras has a bit of a learning curve attached to it and you will need to spend time explaining rules and letting players work out strategies on how to fight.
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  12. Gryphaea

    Occupation for maritime areas

    Thanks for posting and sharing. One very quick comment is that Black Fang brotherhood I think has been tied down to Pavis and the Rubble and is not a general cult - it is very location specific. No doubt others have feeling about this and will comment. However, there is no reason why you can't re-skin the spirit cult and just change the name while keeping as many of the other details as you want. I think the re-purposing the bandit and the fisher is definitely the way to go. I spent a few hours looking at how I could home brew a wolf pirate for a player who was interested in playing one of those and was coming up with many of the same conclusions you seem to have reached. As we are still in the very early days of the publishing cycle for RQG we are missing some things needed for building maritime characters - one of the really key things is the cult of Dormal and the way it approaches sorcery and rune magic. The cult book is on the slate for publication so hopefully we should see some answers there. We already have a few of the pieces of the puzzle in the RQG book, with the important Open Seas spell on p397 and Lhankor Mhy as a model of how a cult could combine sorcery and rune magic. My guess is that based on some postings elsewhere the write up of the cult in Tales of the Reaching Moon no 10 will be a useful source. Also tales of the Reaching Moon number 17 has some useful information too - although I am well aware referring you to fan magazines from over 20 years ago isn't the most helpful of feedback.
  13. Gryphaea

    Minotaur PCs for RQG

    oooh thanks I will take the cow bell thing under consideration
  14. Gryphaea

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    The reviewer stopped by at the Alexandra Palace show in London last month and played in the RQG demo session I ran. Seemed like a nice guy and it was a really fun game.
  15. Gryphaea

    New to Runequest?

    To be honest the Quick Start is a pretty good, it works well as an introductory set of rules. New players can do a lot worse than starting with those then moving on the full rules if they like what they see in the Quickstart