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  1. Gryphaea

    RQ Sorcery

    1st Century is pretty late though - I guess I forgot that Western Genertela is based more on the late Classical period rather than the actual Bronze age. That does to some extent apply to much of Genertela, but it's more evident in the West. Those early 1st Century Christian books were quite small - more the size of modern note books. The much larger book that is shown in the illustration of a Malkioni wizard in the old Gods of Glorantha box turn up in the 4th Century CE. The picture on p380 of RQG with the scrolls placed on sloped shelves reflects a more Bronze Age vibe, but would also represent a serious investment of time and money for its owner. I imagine the Abiding Book used by Malkioni liturgists as a large scroll rather than a large book, and therefor the ceremonial practices of the Malkioni as being more like those of Orthodox Jews in the RW. I have an image of important worship ceremonies featuring a group of elderly bearded gentleman dancing around with 1m+ scrolls covered in expensive cloth while chanting and singing discordantly.
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  3. Gryphaea

    Mini Scenario

    Had the opportunity to slot this adventure into a weekly campaign and it went reasonably well, or at least the things I would 'want to better with' were all on my side of the ledger and not with the adventure itself. I added to the adventure by having a Grazelander PC acting as a kind of Aide de Camp presenting Queen Leika with the black arrow, and then riding between the two queens with messages. The summary and time line made it easier to work out when things were happening and there were some strong, evocative descriptions. If you do another one - and I hope you do - putting these descriptions in a text box would make them a bit more accessible. I created a few crude graphics by cannibalising a map, these helped players get where everyone was going and some of the strategic points you were making. I can share those if folks would find them useful.
  4. Gryphaea

    OpenQuest what would you change?

    I would love to have a OpenQuet book hard copy. I would prefer option 3 I like the OQ2 rules and think that they are pretty sound as is... so revisiting them with new art and rule tidy ups would get my backing - so I would buy that one anyway. But on balance I prefer the three book approach. I personally want to use OpenQuest as an introductory game with the legs to go the distance for a long form campaign, if there is the take up. Having a free no frills players book pdf and a hard back with all the things you actually need to run the game is the ideal solution. It fits well with a world of tablets and smart phones with free dice apps and pdf readers. The World Builder Book would be a welcome addition as one of the strengths of OpenQuest is the way it was always supported by some evocative campaign settings - Life and Death being a case in point. The idea of a unified magic system is something that now that it has been proposed I like the sound of too. I don't know if it is even possible, but a unified magic system that can handle Glorantha lite, D&D 5e conversions and perhaps even a bit of grim dark would be wonderful. Not asking for much I know.
  5. Gryphaea

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    As we are still going on this... another thought arising from actual play Player occupations during down time. Players do not have to pursue their character occupation during down time, especially if that doesn't fit the story. If Sorala the Lhankor Mhy scribe spends two or three seasons travelling with Biturian Varosh the trader wandering through Prax, then as a GM you may offer her player the choice or even insist that Sorala uses the warrior profession as her occupation as she has spent her time as a caravan guard.
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  9. Just found these battle maps suitable for roll20 or other VTTs. They have a nice bronze age/gloranthan feel to them, which makes a refreshing change from the more medieval stuff artists tend to produce. There is a patron too if you want to support the artist. https://crossheadstudios.com/2018/06/05/forest-battlemaps/ (I have no commercial interest here - just liked the artists work and wanted to share it with people who may like it too)
  10. Gryphaea

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    I think there is a lot of truth to this, but I think we need to recognise that there are different styles of play and people have different needs and expectations in games. D&D is the quintessential game-ist game, it asks the questions such as 'What would it be like to be a... brave knight/powerful wizard etc' and gives them lots of rules to find out RQ is the simulationist anti-thesis to this it, it asks the question 'what would happen if... I started waving around this sharpened piece of metal/if the storm God did actually grant miracles' and gives you a rich and detailed world to find out in. I don't think it is a case of re-training your players to a different set of expectations but case of explaining that this a whole different approach - and they need to buy into this. Some of players intuitively get the simulationist approach, some players actually don't want it and that should be respected. But I think you should explain it not just let them pick it up by trial and error in the hope that this is a game style for them - that's just not fair.
  11. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Regular fortnightly game held November 11 with a moment to remember the designer who passed on
  12. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    A second game from AetherCon VII played Nov 11, 2018. There was a chance to talk and reminisce with some folks sharing their positive memories of meeting and talking with Greg Stafford
  13. Gryphaea

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    @drablak you seem to have it covered; start with the Quickstart, then let player either continue with the pre-gens or role their own. Then start working through published adventures in the RQG adventure book. I am using a similar route for a group and it is working well for me so I would support the approach you are proposing. Based on my experience of starting campaigns I would recommend that you reserve judgement on the initial stages of the campaign till you see what characters your players finally end up with and what bonds are created by their personal histories. I have found that the stories the players can create by trying to reconcile their backgrounds with each other can take the campaign off in interesting and unexpected directions. Plan time for character creation within the sessions and start with a really simple go here and get this/find this type adventure so everyone can work out who they are and how they relate to one another before starting the campaign proper. I had the players search the ruined lunar manor mentioned on the map in the quickstart guide and let them fight a few rubble runners. Keep it loose and vague in the early sessions while everyone gets caught up with the basics of the setting. Also I have two different games both with a Grazelander characters in them. While both of the characters are good strong characters that the players are enjoying playing, if you are playing in Sartar and Prax they add an additional level of complication to social situations. If I was planning to start a group to run the the Apple Lane/Dragon of TH stuff now, I would probably ask players to avoid a Grazelanders.
  14. Gryphaea

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Game played Nov 9 2018 on line through AetherCon VII dedicated to the memory of G Stafford
  15. OK your right, apologies about that - my roll20 listing has the wrong time though so need to check that out.