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  2. Gryphaea

    Roll20 Anyone?

    Yes that was me, I got a sense that they 'guy' may have had a few issues interpreting social mores - but it was contained and we moved on. However it was a learning experience and I have amended some of my practice to be a bit more explicit about the behaviour that I expect.
  3. Gryphaea

    Roll20 Anyone?

    For the sake of clarity I have just reached out and asked the question about Character Sheets so that we know were we stand. I'll update when I get an answer. Waltshumate - thanks for your contributions already with the mods to the character sheet. I was not aware of that, and will try to get access to the amended sheets. I made a comment of your sheet was 'far from an optimal solution' to play RQ:AG, I apologises if this inadvertently caused you any offence - I was not trying to disparage your work which is of high quality and far more that I feel I could achieve. I merely wanted the comment to make folk aware that none of the character sheets at the time of launch of the Quickstart enabled you to easily automate all the features of the game.
  4. Gryphaea

    Roll20 Anyone?

    It's nice to see some discussion about RQG and roll20 starting, I hope that more people feel able to chip in and that some kind of specific community can gather together. Pentallion, I was sad to read about your experiences with Roll20 and AetherCon, but you seem determined to persevere. I ran the Quickstart for Roll20 con and enjoyed myself and the game seem well received, but everything was improvised and it felt really rough and ready. I didn't feel motivated to try for AetherCon using my own dodgy set up and thought I would give it a miss. However... If I had know that someone else was trying I would have been more than happy to share the fruits of my own (very limited) labours and experience. (Hmmm... community) Reading between the lines of the revised publishing schedule for Chaosium, their staff resources seem pretty well committed to the jobs they have in hand (which is fair enough) - and that things like Roll20 character sheets and other materials will need to come from the community rather than Chaosium. I suspect that the ball is in our court.
  5. Gryphaea

    Roll20 Anyone?

    The old RQ supplements can be cannibalised fairly easily with a scanner and the liberal use of the Microsoft paint app eraser rubber (or something better if you have the skills). It not pretty and you may need to scrounge some additional artwork, but they are functional. Dungeon Paint Studio is on steam and though a little fiddly and still a work in progress you can get usable maps which you can use on Roll20. Also you can buy maps and supplements. I am a fan of Forge Studios and support him on Patreon, you can check out his work on DriveThruRPG. There is of course the amazing Dyson Logos as well...
  6. Gryphaea

    Roll20 Anyone?

    I would be happy to give it a go, I am on UK time and Sundays are OK. The best advice is to post a listing on Roll20 and just give it a try - I have found the community to be accepting and happy to support you and give technical advice as you learn the ropes and work out if you like it. The technology for Roll20 is simple but functional. I would suggest its a more visual medium than tabletop - but that may just be me. You need to work out how you will do the audio, many use Discord. I have had mixed results with the Roll20 audio, I know some people who don't have problems with it, others who refuse to use it. What ever you use for the audio be prepared to have a back up plan if it goes down. At least one of your potential players will have opinions on the best audio, and you may find that a good deal of the early part of the first session is actually devoted to getting everybody up and running on the same audio system The big potential difficulty you may have with running RQ on Roll20 is finding a Character sheet that works for you. Roll20 works very well if you are using an integrated character sheet as all the information is there for you as a GM and your player and on the best Character sheets the dice required for a roll are integrated into the character sheets as macros which roll the dice and work out success, failure and criticals etc. There are Character sheets for RQ3, RQ6 and Mythras, there are no sheets for RQ2 or RQAG. If you are wanting to play RQ2 this is means that you won't see Roll20 at its full potential. I have tried playing the Quickstart RQAG using the RQ3 sheet, which was the best fit, but is far from an optimal solution. Getting a workable character sheet for RQAG would be a important step forward and really good idea to have ready for the full launch (if anyone is listening...) If you post a invitation to players on Roll20 you will probably fill it before the week is out, but be aware that not everyone who applies will actually end up turning up for the first session and if you get more that 50% of your initial players beyond session 2 you are doing well. Its nothing personal, its just the way it works. Despite the vast majority of the players on the platform playing D&D I think you will find interest for RQ and Glorantha and goodwill from people on the forums for offering a game. I would strongly recommend asking a few simple questions as part of an initial application/screening process- eg time zone? do you own the books? have you played before? and also an open ended question, perhaps to facilitate an amusing answer (an example would be - If you could choose a chaos feature to have in real life what would it be?) If they can't be bothered to give the answers to a few simple questions they really aren't committed to making a commitment to a game. Also don't invite the first people who apply wait till you have a decent short list to make a choice from - don't panic enough will apply eventually, they always do. Good luck and I hope it works out for you
  7. Gryphaea

    Friends, Romans, countrymen....

    The Falco novels by Lindsey Davis are well written and fun, and there are plenty of them if you find that they are your thing. The BBC dramatised the first few books in the series and you can pick those up on Audible if you prefer to listen rather than read. The early books are a knowing pastiche of the Private Eye genre set in Rome in the years following the death of Nero, the series goes on to develop a life of its own but retains the crime/mystery theme. The characters travel to most parts of the Empire and the author has thoroughly researched the period and brings it to life in a very accessible way, most books have a chapter at the end where she discusses her sources and research. The Romano-British Arthurian setting has plenty of writers putting novels in the period, not least Bernard Cornwall who published a trilogy of books about it. Also there are RPG source books for 1d100 and other systems. The difficulty is that the history and archaeology is sparse and open to many different interpretations, so don't expect one writer's take on the matter to match up with another. This can be frustrating if you want to base your campaign on more than one source. If you want to watch some actual play The DiceStormers, an Australian group of Lets Play You-Tubers, have put out a short series of VODs of a CoC game set in Northen England a the very end of the Roman period. The Vids are of good quality and the GM is an academic who has published on the period, which shows through in his love of the setting. If you feel the need to consult an actual historian about Rome, you may want to have a look at Mary Beard's SPQR which is pretty recent (ie 2015) and has graced the best seller lists which is good evidence of how readable it is. Her book on Pompeii is also worth a look.
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