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  1. Roll20 can be found at roll20.net. It is far and away the more frequently used when compared to Fantasy Grounds, not least because it is free to use. But is also has a effective LFG system and it is pretty easy to link your friends into the game from outside. There are character sheets that have been set up for RQG, RQ3 an RQ classic, and these can be chosen from a drop down menu when you set your campaign up. There is plenty of support, demo vids and an active forum to discuss problems. There is also an integrated market place for VTT counters and backgrounds, though very little of it matches the RQ vibe and themes. Most people use Discord for audio, this gives a stable and easy to use platform for the audio and allows easy messaging out of game. Having said that I have always found that the audio on Roll20 worked reasonable well - but many disagree with this. There is a limit to the storage space that you are given on a free subscription - but if you are careful with your file sizes that shouldn't be a problem if you are just running three or four games. Drivethru recently took over another VTT provider and re-branded it Astral, it is also free to use. That is worth looking at, but is still in its infancy. What makes it interesting is that you can set up the PCs tokens with a link to an external URL - which can be an editable PDFs if you have that saved in Google Docs. To go back to the OP, I know that is it is a hassle to have two different accounts - but if you want RQG on a VTT I would suggest you at least look at Roll20. I can vouch for the system and have successfully run an RQG campaign there most weeks for about a year.
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  3. Sir Ethilrist wasn't dead when he went to hell, I don't think Argrath was either. In King of Sartar there is a list of Argrath's Companions, some of the entries about the companions end with the ominous line 'who did not return from it' which I feel implies that if you die in Hell then you can't come back
  4. @lordabdul You may find this useful as well... How Frog became a Frog. In the Green Age the world was so abundant, all you had to do was drop a seed on the earth and a tree full of delicious fruit would spring up where you stood. During that time there was a small creature that kept getting stuck in trees. Help me, the creature cried out and '********' helped him by stretching his legs to make them larger and teaching him to fly through the air so he could jump from tree to tree. When the lesser darkness came the little creature became hungry as all the insects that came up from hell with the Trolls had eaten all the fruit on the trees. Again the creature called out for help and again '******' helped him. This time ******* stretched out his tongue and taught the creature to use it to catch insects. And Frog grew large eating the insects, and grew to the size of a Buffalo. When Chaos came and the Greater Darkness fell, Frog was very hungry. Frog heard about the great compromise where men and animals would throw lots to see who would be herded and who would herd, who would eat the dry grass and who would eat them, and who ride and who would be ridden. Frog went to the meeting place were all the animals and the humans were and asked if he could join in. But all the Humans laughed at Frog as no one wanted to ride a Frog. So in shame Frog ran away to the swamps and hid there. I am not sure who ****** is in this tale. When I first drafted the story if left it blank and I have decided to leave it that way. Initially I was thinking Trickster, but a dead and now forgotten god is also possible. Genert fits well. But I also do like the helper being open ended. There is the possibility to extend the story to include that origin of the Storm Bullfrog, but I'll leave it up to you.
  5. I would say just go with it, find the type of stories that your players enjoy and you enjoy telling them. It could be said the story at the core of Glorantha is; Orlanth gets into more and more trouble and has to keep going till he fixes it. I posted something in the advice for Game masters' thread on how I have been dealing with XP roles. The Adventure is called War in Winter (not Winter War as I thought) and can be found here . I think that is a good question and posters should be called out on what there sources are more often I feel. However, as to where do I find out about the Storm Bull Frog cult is unfortunately that you can't, it is a silly improvised pun made by one of my players and it kind of developed a life of its own in game. Sorry. In my game it is a Spirit Cult for Newtlings in the Marshes south of Prax. It is a re-skin of the Storm Bull cult but localised to meet the needs of the Newtlings, who every so often have to band together to deal with a Chaos infestation taking hold of a part of the Marsh.
  6. I started an RQG campaign in April '18 on Roll20 made up of a group of people who I had played online with in other games and felt would be a good fit, we did our 26th session last week and aim to play each week but don't feel bad if we don't. I started off with a sand box type approach based around Clearwine, with the first adventure investigating the ruins of the Lunar Villa on the Broken Tower map. then rounding up some lost sheep that had got into the the Cinder Pit and finding out what had happened to the shepherd boys. At this point it was becoming clear I wasn't going to maintain seasonal adventuring and we would just have to follow the story arc where it took us. I re-skinned the adventure from River of Cradles with the Gorps, which did need to be reworked significantly. The Giant Catfish Zola Fell priest was morphed into a Giant Salmon, and the Gorp/Manlings got a 21st Century update (see below) We then spent a couple of sessions on the events covered in the Winter War adventure posted on this site, got distracted by some dinosaurs north of the Upland Marsh, had a Christmas themed special adventure in Sun Dome County - (which some day I'll write up the notes for properly and share with the community). I had been seeding the main campaign adventure from the GM screen pack with the players over the preceding weeks but at this point they decided that the Big Bad was somebody else's problem and stated looking for something else to do. We then did my own 'Clearwine must Flow' adventure from the Cult of Chaos competition, and then explored some of the politics of Boldhome under Queen Kellyr - the queen and the party ended up on bad terms as she blamed them for her loosing a bet with the Pol-Joni on a sporting match which was a Quidich/Polo mash up. The party are currently in the marshes to the west of Corflu to which they were magically transported. They have been restoring the lost Newtling Cult of the Storm Bull Frog, and are currently exploring the ruins just outside of Corflu where they have discovered a lost Zistorite temple/manufactury and have just begun to fight off the automated guards. They are also considering the possibilities offered by the unidentified magical prosthetics that can be found in the workshops. They have visited the Hero Plane twice - once when one of them accidentally had a heroic death and needed to find his way back to the mortal world, and the other time when they encountered grandfather frog and his founding myth - which unfortunately then resulted in the Storm Bull Frog mix up. I am rather keen to see the official rules for these rather my improvised approach to HeroQuesting. The group consists of a mixture of players who are completely new to RQ and Glorantha (I brought them over from WFRP) and some old Grognards who have been around since RQ2. They are all loving being in Glorantha. As you can tell, we are a little off canon now, so there is some ruling hacking going on to keep up - which is fine. The character advancement systems from the book is the area which is most under strain and really isn't fitting well with the needs of the campaign I am finding myself in. I am just giving characters spells and training as in kind rewards from the cults and communities they encounter as the XP rolls and particularly the POW gain rolls don't seem to give rewards that match character efforts. This isn't a complaint, simply an observation in keeping with the original question that started this topic.
  7. Nice piece of work, I thought it hung together very well
  8. Gryphaea

    RQ Sorcery

    1st Century is pretty late though - I guess I forgot that Western Genertela is based more on the late Classical period rather than the actual Bronze age. That does to some extent apply to much of Genertela, but it's more evident in the West. Those early 1st Century Christian books were quite small - more the size of modern note books. The much larger book that is shown in the illustration of a Malkioni wizard in the old Gods of Glorantha box turn up in the 4th Century CE. The picture on p380 of RQG with the scrolls placed on sloped shelves reflects a more Bronze Age vibe, but would also represent a serious investment of time and money for its owner. I imagine the Abiding Book used by Malkioni liturgists as a large scroll rather than a large book, and therefor the ceremonial practices of the Malkioni as being more like those of Orthodox Jews in the RW. I have an image of important worship ceremonies featuring a group of elderly bearded gentleman dancing around with 1m+ scrolls covered in expensive cloth while chanting and singing discordantly.
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  10. Had the opportunity to slot this adventure into a weekly campaign and it went reasonably well, or at least the things I would 'want to better with' were all on my side of the ledger and not with the adventure itself. I added to the adventure by having a Grazelander PC acting as a kind of Aide de Camp presenting Queen Leika with the black arrow, and then riding between the two queens with messages. The summary and time line made it easier to work out when things were happening and there were some strong, evocative descriptions. If you do another one - and I hope you do - putting these descriptions in a text box would make them a bit more accessible. I created a few crude graphics by cannibalising a map, these helped players get where everyone was going and some of the strategic points you were making. I can share those if folks would find them useful.
  11. I would love to have a OpenQuet book hard copy. I would prefer option 3 I like the OQ2 rules and think that they are pretty sound as is... so revisiting them with new art and rule tidy ups would get my backing - so I would buy that one anyway. But on balance I prefer the three book approach. I personally want to use OpenQuest as an introductory game with the legs to go the distance for a long form campaign, if there is the take up. Having a free no frills players book pdf and a hard back with all the things you actually need to run the game is the ideal solution. It fits well with a world of tablets and smart phones with free dice apps and pdf readers. The World Builder Book would be a welcome addition as one of the strengths of OpenQuest is the way it was always supported by some evocative campaign settings - Life and Death being a case in point. The idea of a unified magic system is something that now that it has been proposed I like the sound of too. I don't know if it is even possible, but a unified magic system that can handle Glorantha lite, D&D 5e conversions and perhaps even a bit of grim dark would be wonderful. Not asking for much I know.
  12. As we are still going on this... another thought arising from actual play Player occupations during down time. Players do not have to pursue their character occupation during down time, especially if that doesn't fit the story. If Sorala the Lhankor Mhy scribe spends two or three seasons travelling with Biturian Varosh the trader wandering through Prax, then as a GM you may offer her player the choice or even insist that Sorala uses the warrior profession as her occupation as she has spent her time as a caravan guard.
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