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Tradetalk Magazine available as PDF now (including back issues).


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This from the MRQ Board. He asked to spread the word so I am. This will be of interest to some members here.

Tradetalk is a Gloranthan magazine that has been around for many years.

Hello friends of Glorantha


Tradetalk goes PDF!

The headmen of The Chaos Society have decided that it is time for us to open new ways to spread the world about Glorantha, Tradetalk magazine, and The Chaos Society.

We are proud to announce that Tradetalk is now available also in PDF format through DriveThruRPG.com - The Largest RPG Download Store!

Our PDF line includes full searchable PDF version of Tradetalk magazine from the recent issue # 16 back to issue # 5.

We are happy to have the long out of print issues # 5 to 8 available for

gloranthan fans worldwide again.

We are working on bringing Tradetalk # 1 to 4 also into PDF, but

unfortunately these issues will be only non-searchable image file PDFs,

because the original layout files are no longer available.

To avoid confusion:

- Tradetalk will keep on going as PRINT magazine!

Tradetalk # 17 to 20 are worked on parallel, as you read this.

We expect Tradetalk # 17 to be available at TENTACLES OMEGA in June, and the issue after that at Essen Game Fair in October.

- We don´t know if other The Chaos Society stuff will become available as


The "Ye Booke of Tentacles" series, and the "Pavis & Big Rubble Companion" series might or might not become available. We are still not sure...

The same with the "The Path of the Damned" comic book series, and the two novels.

Please be patient. We will announce IF they become available, WHEN they

become available.

But for now:

Have fun with Tradetalk # 5 to 16 !

P.S.: Spread the world about this news to newsletters, mailinglists, etc.

other than this forum.


André Jarosch

(One out of three) Headman of the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society

Editor of Tradetalk magazine

Help kill a Trollkin here.

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