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  1. But how are supposed to tell the difference between the game RQG (RuneQuest Glorantha) and the members of this board RQG (RuneQuest Grognards)?
  2. This. A pdf of the differences between RQ6 and Mythras would be awesome.
  3. I like just CRQ for Chaosium RuneQuest. Simple and to the point. The numbering is already messed up without Chaosium assigning a number. RQ RQ2 RQ3 RQ RQ2 RQ6 - no matter if they follow with RQ4 or RQ7 it is a mess.
  4. So will weapons go back to base chances based on the weapon? Where a greatsword is much harder to learn than a spear or club?
  5. They have new Bio pages for the new principals at Chaosium and Ben Monroe's page lists him as "Magic World/BRP Line Editor, COO, and Earth Ro-Man", which to me implies they are not killing the line. http://www.chaosium.com/ben-monroe/ The most ominous quote from I've read was that BRP "was not a priority", which has caused much speculation, including doom and gloom. I take as a good sign that there is a Line Editor (and that it is Ben). Chaosium is obviously not in the best financial shape right now, and MDP needs to focus on the money makers to get it back on track, but I for one doubt they are going to drop BRP completely, even if they push RQ as their primary fantasy line. "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even RuneQuest may return to Chaosium."
  6. Happy belated Birthday! You know, you are really not so bad considering you are a Darkness Worshipping Uz.
  7. Yup. What he said. Great news really. Congrats Loz and Pete. MRQ2 introduced the best and most revolutionary mechanic to the RQ/BRP rules with Combat Maneuvers since the d100. I have high hopes for RQ6 allowed to be developed as a true Labor of Love rather than rushed to meet external pressures.
  8. Rurik! What have you been up to? There's no sun left to worship in these parts.

  9. Other: Good Maps. Everybody loves 'em. I voted Gazeteer and Scenarios, but of course it kind of depends on the type of supplement. If a setting warrants it Skills, Backgrounds, spells and even equipment should be included if they are not covered by the BGB. But then if every supplement includes it's own magic/powers, backgrounds, and equipment there are a lot of unnecessary pages in the BGB...
  10. You could always try rewarding them in game for good roleplaying. Give them the things they want as rewards for roleplaying. Don't present them with tough NPC's with good equipment, present them with more numerous poorly equipped foes. The loot factor of 20 pointy sticks is not so much. Then set up situations where roleplaying leads to rewards - you must convince the shaman that your intentions towards the tribe are good before she will give you the magical doodad needed to kill the beast (which is tough but has no treasure). So you have combat, a quest, a beast, etc, but the most powerful rewards come from roleplaying - not killing. I personally haven't had the problem you have with your players in many a year - since before 'kill it and take it's stuff' was seen as a problem, so I don't actually have experience running a game like this way, but I imagine it could work. Positive re-inforcement and all. I agree that 'punishing' players for bad behavior will probably result in the game not being fun for them (or anyone involved ofr that matter). And the point of the game is to have fun. Different people want different things from their games. Hopefully you can find a way to give your players what they want while still getting what you want out of your games (it is, sadly, entirely possible that what they want to get out of gaming and what you want are incompatable - but hopefully you'll find a way to make it work. Good Luck!).
  11. Played it through? No. But I wish I had. It reads well and I'd love to run it if I had the time. It's a very good supplement.
  12. Rurik


    Though as I mentioned, it was pretty clear (though often missed due to the scattered rules snippits in MRQ1) that you could use IR's on skills you used during the game, success or failure, without any training or practice, while spending an IR on a skill you did not use in play required just such an investment. So skill improvement was not completely disassociated from skill use during play.
  13. So I have no experience organizing Cons but to put together a US BRP/RQ/HQ type con ala Tentacles/Kraken the steps would be: 1) Book a cool location 2) Ship Fabian over 3) Provide lots of beer (inferred from reading con reports of said conventions). And the rest will pretty much take care of itself?
  14. Rurik


    Ahh, I see. Arguing for the sake of argument's sake. Very good. Then there is the ALL MRQ=BAD! attitude. Which Mongoose kinda brought on itself with the initial release, but there were some changes that weren't all concentrated pure evil. Fully errata'd (as in the errata to the errata to the update to the clarified version) it was perfectly playable (not to everyone's taste, but no longer broken).
  15. Someone really needs to host a d100 convention here in the states. Preferably in the New England Area.
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