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Book of the Estate Glory


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I'm a bit confused about the glory that comes with holding a manor in Book of the Estate, and have a few questions.

  1. According the KAP 5.2 p.236  a manor grants glory equal to it's standard income. Does this mean that a manor with a dairy would be worth 12 glory/year instead of 10, because the dairy provides £2 in come?
  2. According to the Book of the Estate page 79, glory is gained equal to the DV of the fortifications.Now the Manorial Hall all have a DV, and most have a glory award. For example a Large Stone Hall is DV 3 and 1 glory. Does this mean that the knight gets 4 glory for the hall (DV 3+1) or just 1 and the DV doesn't count? 

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1. I would use Customary Income = Glory, up to 100. Hence, I would not count the investments until the place is reassessed. The Player is already getting rewarded by the investment income as free income until then. But as I say below, a couple of points here or there doesn't matter. So my answer here: 10 Glory.

2. Up to you. You could read it so that only the Fortifications, not the manor house itself, provide DV Glory. However, it is probably easier to just calculate it all up. A couple of more Glory per year is not going to make a difference. So either 1 or 4, in this case. I'd say that if you have spent the money for a Large Stone Hall, you have earned the Glory.


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