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Shaman Cults.


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Shaman Cults Has anyone used them?  I am not a fan of what RQ1 did.   Do you use spirit cults?

I have four cults in my game that allow shamans, but I want to get inspiration to what others have done with shaman cults.  

I have the new version, but I much prefer and use the Shaman is OQ2 Deluxe...

Also, is this a possibility for OQ3 Newt?






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OQ3 won't have Shamans as featured in RQ, where they are just a fantasy native-americian shaman. I'm loosely calling magicians who interact with with spirits, spirit contacters. and they will be quite a diverse group.

I'm still putting the rules together on this one. You'll be able to build these Specialist spell casters out from the spell lists. Therefore you can have Mediums who speicalise in contacting spirits and sucessfully asking them questions. Exorcists who cast out bad spirits. Artists, who have a small selection of spells to help them create their masterpieces, and who rely upon a friendly spirit for inspiration.

Also OQ3 won't have long drawn out spirit combat. Spirits who can possess humans will have a Possession spell, where the target gets a Persistance skill check to avoid either passive or dominant possession. And Spirit Contacters will have spells like Cast Out (possessing spirts must make a successfull Persistance test or leave the body they are possessing) or Imprison (which upon a failed Persistence roll sees the spirit trapped in an object specially prepared for the job). 

Right that's all I'm going to say for the time being ;)

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